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July 27, 2013

Open Thread 2013-15

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Life didn't rule him -- he ruler his life.

Don't see it from his biography. What he proved - as any writer does - is that you can always escape by your mind.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 30 2013 18:09 utc | 101

Being a liberal interventionist often mistaken as an anti-imperialist means never having to say you're sorry. Not even if you
predicted a relatively peaceful "transition" as you enthusiastically pushed for overthrowing yet another Arab government, a prediction which you now sweep under the carpet.

"And no, these problems of transition would not justify having kept the totalitarian and murderous dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi in place. In fact, many of the extremist fundamentalists were provoked to a life of violence by his oppression.

I have a bad feeling about this."

Posted by: Ken Hoop | Jul 30 2013 18:10 utc | 102

@wtf #100
The rest of the story on the Syria massacre -- Syrian Permanent Representative Bashar Ja'afari said these executions were to eliminate witnesses to the rebels' use of chemical weapons there. UN reps are in Syria now on this issue.


When the Syria Commission of Inquiry's chairperson Paulo Sergio Pinheiro briefed the UN General Assembly on Monday morning, it had the feeling of a ritual, one that the UN made it difficult to cover. . .His fellow Commissioner Carla Del Ponte, who previously spoke of strong suspicions the rebels used chemical weapons, was again not with him.

So it looks like a(nother) US-engineered UN coverup, involving the offing of witnesses dangerous to the US policy of arming terrorists because allegedly (no proof) the Syria government used chemical weapons, when actually it was the terrorists who did.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 30 2013 18:10 utc | 103

@somebody #101

Thoreau: "I love my fate to the very core and rind."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 30 2013 18:13 utc | 104

104 - "freedom is recognition of the necessity" :-))

Posted by: somebody | Jul 30 2013 18:25 utc | 105

news report-

WASHINGTON — A military judge on Tuesday found Pfc. Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, but convicted him of multiple counts of violating the Espionage Act.

The Espionage Act of 1917 (Pub.L. 65–24, 40 Stat. 217, enacted June 15, 1917) is a United States federal law passed on June 15, 1917, shortly after the U.S. entry into World War I. It has been amended numerous times over the years. It was originally found in Title 50 of the U.S. Code (War) but is now found under Title 18, Crime. Specifically it is 18 U.S.C. §794 et seq. It originally prohibited any attempt to interfere with military operations, to support U.S. enemies during wartime, to promote insubordination in the military, or to interfere with military recruitment.

Among those who have been charged with offenses under the Act are German-American socialist congressman and newspaper editor Victor Berger, former Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society president Joseph Franklin Rutherford, communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Cablegate whistleblower Bradley Manning, and alleged NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Espionage was codified in the Hague Convention of 1907, the first multilateral treaty that addressed the conducts of warfare, specifically within "Laws and Customs of War on Land" (Hague IV); October 18, 1907: CHAPTER II Spies." Article 29 states that a person is considered a spy who, acts clandestinely or on false pretences, infiltrated enemy lines with the intention of acquiring intelligence about an enemy force and communicate it to the belligerent during the time of war. Soldiers "not wearing a disguise who have penetrated into the zone of operations of the hostile army, for the purpose of obtaining information, are not considered spies" but lawful combatants and entitled to be treated as prisoners of war upon capture.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 30 2013 18:50 utc | 106

Last year I recall reading about a study on how much leaders of nations lie. The finding was that when dealing with other leaders, leaders tend to be truthful; however, when dealing with their own populations, leaders tend toward lies.

Thus, allowing and providing the truth to be known by a population must be punished.

Power wants to continue in power and will do all that it can get away with in order to do so.

Posted by: jawbone | Jul 30 2013 20:06 utc | 107

Newspaper forced to apologize over anti-Semitic clue in crossword puzzle

Tribune Media Services newspapers printed a crossword clue where the three-letter answer for Shakespeare's 'Shylock' was 'Jew'

In response the Anti-Defamation League asked the paper to print an apology and refrain from using clues that perpetuate negative Jewish stereotypes

The paper issued an apology and promised not to print the clue again

Read more:

Posted by: Crone | Jul 30 2013 20:34 utc | 108

These two Germans walked into a bank vault and . . .

nsnbc ínternational

The German government has been storing about half of its gold supply with the US FED, apparently in the NYC FED vaults. Germany decided to bring home all its gold, but the FED has said that isn’t possible to do, and it would need until 2020 to be able to accomplish the transfer.

The German government then asked to visit the FED vaults to inventory the gold and determine its actual existence, but the FED refused to permit Germany to examine its own gold. The reasons given were “security” and “no room for visitors”. And nothing else.

Germany did finally send some staff to the FED, and they were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as representative of their holdings, and were permitted nothing else.

They apparently came a second time, and the FED did open only one of 9 rooms and let the Germans look at the stack of gold, but were not permitted to either enter or touch. And they returned home.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 31 2013 0:11 utc | 109

Here's a map of Sinai, showing US military base and terror incidents.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jul 29, 2013 10:39:44 AM | 84

2 crows will fly south,mfo sharm al sheik.a wave of stones,a city shaken.

Posted by: jub | Jul 31 2013 10:40 utc | 110

@Don Bacon | Jul 30, 2013 8:11:17 PM | 109, that saga has been ongoing for a while about 5 years, it's nutty. Just as nutty, BH (Snowdens ex employer) shares
are going up, surging! up from $19 to $21 yesterday. @110, ???

Posted by: kev | Jul 31 2013 11:33 utc | 111

109) :-)) Do you think anybody tries to start a gold panic? Money is tied to gold no longer, you know.

This here are the facts

The following table shows the current and the envisaged future allocation of Germany’s gold reserves across the various storage locations:

2012 2020
Frankfurt am Main 31 % 50 %
New York 45 % 37 %
London 13 % 13 %
Paris 11 % 0 %

Posted by: somebody | Jul 31 2013 11:36 utc | 112

Has the Fukushima “China Syndrome” begun?
Source: RT (The Big Picture)
Date: August 7, 2013
Has the Fukushima “China Syndrome” begun?
At 2:45 in
Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: The crazy thing about Fukushima is we don’t really know the status of Units 1, 2 and 3’s core, or the reactor pressure vessels, or even the radiological containment structures […]
What’s to account for 100-fold increases in cesium, strontium, tritium, in the groundwater, in the bay, off the coastline, just in recent months? […]
So something is changing, and questions start to need to be asked: What has given? Have one of these containment structures given way, allowing the flow of the radioactivity to increase dramatically?

Posted by: bevin | Aug 8 2013 18:57 utc | 113

What about that "Lebanese source" that seems to believe Putin has just thrown Syria to the lions? Hahaha, keep dreaming.

Posted by: Hilmi Hakim | Aug 8 2013 19:17 utc | 114

Since keeping people's eyes off the bloated, craven superelite douchebags behind the curtain actually is doing his job, I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to President Obama for his latest batch of Medal of Freedom recipients. You've got a talk show host, aspirin factory bomber and North Carolina's Dean Smith who makes people bounce a ball across a court for funsies. I don't know how our society would continue to function without these brave folk having done nothing in the face of overwhelming nothing as they have. They will be awarded this distinction by a guy who was given the Nobel Peace Prize for bravely having promised he would show up to work.

In the meanwhile, Snowden and Manning will continue to be vilified by corporate interests for risking their necks to serve the public interests. Just another day in Bizarro world.

Posted by: Monolycus | Aug 9 2013 5:22 utc | 115

If you have time to peruse an 84-page pdf, this is good on Ergenekon. The portrait of the main source of prosecution ‘evidence’ is devastating. It’s one of those confused, self-aggrandising young men with no particular grasp of reality who merely reading about makes me feel diminished. I ask myself, “How do I know I’m not just like him? A total fantasist and maladjusted loner? If I was like him, would I know it? No, I wouldn’t. I’d think I was an unusually perceptive and potentially important person”

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Aug 9 2013 10:28 utc | 116

Rowan #116

confused, self-aggrandising young men with no particular grasp of reality who merely reading about makes me feel diminished. I ask myself, “How do I know I’m not just like him? A total fantasist and maladjusted loner? If I was like him, would I know it? No, I wouldn’t. I’d think I was an unusually perceptive and potentially important person”

I ask myself a similar question quite frequently Rowan. It’s almost automatic with me by now that when my statements/thoughts are questioned or I find myself in confrontation/conflict, I attempt to look back inside and ask “where have I fucked up?”. And when I can’t find the answer within myself I resort to questions similar to what I Bolded in your quote. Sometimes it is difficult for me to come to the conclusions that I am ok and the others are guilty of closed minds and lack intellectual discrimination. It is so easy for me, and I believe every human, to be completely blind to my/their own faults or shortcomings. It is the essence of fundamentalists ideologies. We/I struggle to do our/my best and honestly see our/my own blind spots. A tough practice at our/my stage of evolution.

Posted by: juannie | Aug 9 2013 20:18 utc | 117

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