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May 04, 2013

U.S. Financed Independent Polls Are Not Independent

Final Push Made Ahead of Tight Malaysia Vote
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian politicians are making a final push on the last day of campaigning as an independent survey showed Prime Minister Najib Razak's long-ruling coalition running neck and neck with the opposition alliance ahead of Sunday's general elections.

A survey released by polling house Merdeka Center predicted Najib's National Front coalition will win 85 Parliamentary seats, while a three-member opposition alliance led by former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will take 89 seats. It says 46 seats are too close to call and that two seats will go to smaller parties.

Such tight independent polls usually carry the smell of U.S. interference.

A tight independent poll will show the U.S. favorite candidate may win. When the election then goes against the U.S. favorite the tight independent poll will be used to claim election fraud and to instigate riots to then somehow wrestle the U.S. favorite into power.

We have seen this scheme in various color revolutions in eastern Europe, in Thailand and recently also in Venezuela.

Indeed a short search for "Merdeka Center NED" immediately brings up data that lets one doubt the independence of that polling outfit. It is the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy is financing the Merdeka Center poll:

Merdeka Center for Opinion Research
To provide policy makers and civil society representatives with public opinion research that can be used to formulate policies and programs in Malaysia. The Merdeka Center for Opinion Research will conduct four public opinion surveys across peninsular Malaysia in an effort to gauge the Malaysian public's opinion on a variety of public policy issues.
The NED is funding several other so called Non-Government Organizations to push for its policy objectives onto the Malaysian public. The openly admitted total of U.S. money to U.S. friendly NGO's is over $1 million. It is likely that is more money behind this.

Part of such fraud is do saw doubt about the integrity of the election commission as is already happening in Malaysia.

Malaysia will have to brace itself for some unruly weeks to come. It should, as soon as possible, push out such foreign financed political influence.

Posted by b on May 4, 2013 at 7:43 UTC | Permalink


Is what they want with Malaysia the strait of Malacca and more encirclement of China? Or is there more?

Posted by: Crest | May 4 2013 7:48 utc | 1

Kudos for Evo Morales, he kicked out USAID. They are the worst agents of empire, they destroy a country from the inside. The people who they indoctrinate are quislings in the making. The BRICS must come up with alternative institutions that can prevail against the subjugation that western NGO's bring about.

Posted by: Fernando | May 4 2013 7:51 utc | 2

Is Tony Cartalucci an actual person? Has anyone ever actually met and spoken with him?

Posted by: john francis lee | May 4 2013 8:52 utc | 3

Correction in spelling -
Part of such fraud is do saw doubt
should be "Part of such fraud is to sow doubt"

Posted by: Northern Night Owl | May 4 2013 10:15 utc | 4

@2 Absolutely. Evo is very heroic to do that. Someone needs to step into Chavez's shoes now more than ever.

As for Malaysia, the script seems to be the same again and again with only the name of the country changed. The US is expending all of its political capital though (along with its actual capital as well). Just give the world a year to watch the way Bolivia and Russia are clamping down on foreign NGOs and follow suit. The US won't have access anywhere, all while having destroyed the very concept of an open society. In using its key values as simple trojan horses for its neoliberal agenda, it is quickly destroying every freedom it claims to want to bring to the world.

What a disgrace the United States is.

Posted by: guest | May 4 2013 11:09 utc | 5

On the money again, b, this from The Guardian (of imperial interests)

"Malaysia's governing party has been accused of a series of dirty tricks to ensure it keeps hold of power after Sunday's election.

The prime minister has denied chartering planes to move tens of thousands of voters into marginal constituencies.

Najib Razak's party, the United Malays National Organisation, said the flights had been paid for by supporters and not by the prime minister's office and were a routine effort to help people get back home to vote.

The opposition allege a number of other abuses in the lead-up to the closest election since independence in 1957.

One researcher found a suspiciously large number of voters over the age of 100 in the eastern state of Sabah. Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, says there are nearly 5,000 extra voters registered in her constituency in Kuala Lumpur whom she cannot trace.

The official election commission says it has done everything it can to ensure this is the cleanest election in Malaysian history.

A survey released by the Merdeka Centre, an opinion polling firm, predicted that Najib's National Front coalition could win 85 parliamentary seats, while a three-member opposition alliance led by Anwar will take 89 seats. It said 46 seats were too close to call while two seats would go to smaller parties.

The National Front holds 135 seats in the 222-member parliament, while Anwar's People's Alliance has 75 seats after some MPs left in recent years to become independents.

If the opposition wins, it will mark a remarkable comeback for Anwar, a former deputy prime minister who was sacked in 1998 and subsequently jailed on corruption and sodomy charges that he claims were fabricated by his political enemies. He was released from jail in 2004 and now leads the biggest threat to the National Front.

"They are in a dead heat. Both are enjoying equally strong support. It will be a very tight contest," said Ibrahim Suffian, the head of the Merdeka Centre."

Posted by: bevin | May 4 2013 13:16 utc | 6

@ 3. Is Tony Cartalucci an actual person?
I'm pretty sure he's as actual as b, john francis lee and Hoarsewhisperer.
I've never met or communicated with him, but I don't need to. I know how he thinks, and why.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 4 2013 16:40 utc | 7

So-called liberal online organs such as COMMONDREAMS.ORG are suckers for these NGO's..........

I was banned from this site after only 3 posts for defending Putin several months ago during the "Pussy Riot" fiasco. I was civil and never once insulted anyone, so I can only assume that it was the actual content of my post which got me axed.

If you read the comments section of Abby Zimmet's article, several people in the thread attempt to inform her that she's acting as a propaganda organ for USAID and that the only "freedoms" these NGO's are interested in are "free markets."

Posted by: RC | May 4 2013 17:47 utc | 8

By the way, USAID pays it's people in foreign countries very handsomely, perks, visas.

Posted by: Fernando | May 4 2013 18:24 utc | 9

According to Voice of Russia, the citizens of Banias say the city is calm and nothing is out if order.

Posted by: Fernando | May 4 2013 19:38 utc | 10

Classic color revolution. The opposition candidate Anwar Ibrahim declares to have won before the counting is over.

Posted by: b | May 5 2013 12:16 utc | 11

Reuters on early election results: Malaysia's ruling coalition takes early lead in poll results

With less than a quarter of parliamentary results confirmed in the Southeast Asian nation, the National Front was leading with 37 seats to the opposition's 13, according to the country's Election Commission. A count by the independent Malaysiakini website gave the seat tally as 29 to 21 in favor of the coalition.

The "independent Malaysiakini website" is or course also financed by the NED and other foreign sources.

More Reuters:

Before most votes were counted, Anwar declared victory in a surprise statement that appeared to be a tactic to whip up support. "PR has won," Anwar wrote on his Twitter account, urging the ruling party and the country's Election Commission "not to attempt to hijack the results".
The rest is propaganda blah--blah ...

Posted by: b | May 5 2013 16:38 utc | 12

He lost: Anwar Ibrahim vows to challenge 'stolen' Malaysia election

The loss is so big that his claims will have no chance of challenging the results. Notice the "Regime change" sound bit right of the western playbook: "lost its legitimacy"

The National Front won 133 parliamentary seats, seven fewer than previously, while the opposition People's Alliance won 89 seats, the final tally by the elections commission showed.

Mr Anwar said today his Malaysian opposition planned to contest the results of the bitter weekend election battle and that the 56-year-old ruling bloc had "lost its legitimacy".

Posted by: b | May 6 2013 12:58 utc | 13

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