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May 08, 2013

Syria: Al-Nusra With "Chemical Weapons" Sourced From Turkey

One of the three alleged "chemical weapon" attacks in Syria was done by chlorine on a checkpoint of the Syrian army. Fifteen soldiers died.

Two other attacks which Israel, Britain and France alleged were done by the Syrian army were somewhat mysterious. With collaboration of two bloggers and a photographer the incidents are now likely to be interpreted very different than Israel, Britain and France alleged.

Eliot Higgins, who blogs as Brown Moses, analyzed pictures of ammunition debris found at the two alleged attack sites.

The photographer Jeffry Ruigendijk photographed a salafist Al-Nusra fighter carrying a riot control gas canister that looks very similar to the ammunition debris found at the attacked places.

Small arms expert N.R. Jenzen-Jones identified the producer of these canisters and the likely way they found their way into Al-Nusra hands:

[T]he munitions do appear quite similar to those produced by the Indian Border Security Force’s Tear Smoke Unit (TSU), at their plant in Tekanpur, Madhya Pradesh. Several of their production items appear to share physical similarities with the unidentified grenade, but the closest visual match is their ‘Tear Smoke Chilli Grenade’, seen below. This grenade contains a combination of CS gas ( 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) and ‘synthetic chilli’ (likely a synthetic capsaicin, such as nonivamide) – both common riot control agents.
Riot control agents like tear gas or pepper spray can be deadly when, for example, used in closed rooms. The symptoms vary (pdf) but there are usually respiratory problems just as those described by the  people who were under the alleged "chemical weapons" attack.

So how did the Al-Nusra fighters get their hands on a Indian Border Security Force’s Tear Smoke Unit grenade?

This Indian news article notes that Turkey purchased 10,025 munitions from TSU in 2007, which may indicate a possible avenue of supply, particularly if the grenades were in the hands of rebel forces, as the image at top appears to indicate.
The "chemical weapon" attacks were not done by the Syrian army. They were done by so called "rebels" with chlorine and with riot control agents by jihadist insurgencies who sourced the chlorine gas by stealing it from a Syrian factory and somehow obtained riot control agents from official Turkish state stocks.

The Israeli, the British and the French government tried to instigate a wider war on Syria by making false allegations about "chemical weapon" attacks by the Syrian army. The U.S. nearly joined them in their allegations. Will all those op-ed writers that tried to use the "fact" of chemical weapon usage now call for all out war on Al-Nusra?

Don't bet on it.

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I think this is more plausible version of an event:

Posted by: neretva'43 | May 8 2013 19:59 utc | 1

Interesting, didnt knew about Indian tear-gas. This would be yet another smoking gun red-flag UN will do nothing about, because "the wrong side" used it. With chlorine its also no-brainer, its literally retarded for terrorists to blame SAA for using it against their own soldiers.

UN chemical weapons investigation also dead because of UN absurd conditions. US probably killed investigation because they know they wont find anything incriminating SAA (and they cant plant evidence if Russia/China experts are on board), therefore its much better to create an illusion its Syria who doesnt want to be investigated while US and co happily repeat same lies over and over again.

Posted by: Harry | May 8 2013 20:42 utc | 2

The powers that be just continue to blunder and trip over another. There's just too many black eyes to go around, whosoever fails to see the wickedness at work. The sheer nastiness and mean spirited sore losers who just can't seem to win against that tough nut to crack which is Syria?!?
Is dumb, blind and deaf!!

Posted by: Fernando | May 8 2013 20:47 utc | 3

1.Small arms expert N.R. Jenzen-Jones identified the producer of these canisters
2.Eliot Higgins, who blogs as Brown Moses, analyzed pictures of ammunition
3.The photographer Jeffry Ruigendijk photographed a salafist Al-Nusra fighter carrying

and last but not least itzik identified a new chemical marker that remains embedded on human skin for up to 6 months which can be identified by drone or satellite-this chemical has been painted on almost all weapons flowing into syria to help identify who is who in the zoo

Posted by: wes | May 8 2013 22:09 utc | 4

Posted by: china_hand2 | May 9 2013 1:11 utc | 5

Posted by: china_hand2 | May 9 2013 1:11 utc | 6

A interesting piece of propanews provocanda in The Guardian tonight.

"Syria's main armed opposition group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), is losing fighters and capabilities to Jabhat al-Nusra, an Islamist organisation with links to al-Qaida that is emerging as the best-equipped, financed and motivated force fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime...."

What the story doesn't explain is why it is, given that NATO, Jordan, the United States and Turkey-not to mention Alice Walker, Tariq Ali, Richard Seymour and Gilbert Acchar- are supporting the Free Syrian Army, that the al Qaida front is the best equipped, best paid, best trained and most fun to be with outfit competing in the car bomb, sniping, beheading revolution, that has all Aleppo hopping?

And if it is because Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the CIA are behind it what is going on that is not perfectly obvious?

The regime change, zionist media machine has finally gone crazy.

It can no longer get its own story straight, after two years denying that the "rebels" were CIA/SAS/MOSSAD agents, from the same stable that al Qaida came out of, and insisting that they were sober, constitutionally inclined secular democrats trying to recreate Olaf Palme's Sweden in the Levant, we are now told that, somehow, the maverick wahhabi fanatics who are definitely unconnected with any allied governments, (and are most certainly not Saudi policeman on assignment or Qatari mercenaries) are running rings around Tariq Ali's comrades and have endless supplies of ammunition-in contrast with those reduced to living off NATO's sparse resources.
Will Norman Finkelstein please explain?

Posted by: bevin | May 9 2013 2:00 utc | 7

This is the kind of thing that makes your blog unique. Great work! Thanks.

Posted by: FB Ali | May 9 2013 3:09 utc | 8

Told you so: May 1 2013

"@23 - looks more like the handle and nozzle of a CS canister - similar to that seen in the the infamous Davis spray scenes"

Posted by: Yonatan | May 9 2013 8:41 utc | 9

It all reminds me of the vial of botulism found in some guy’s home refrigerator. (Iraq.)

The difference being that Bush and Powell called this ‘evidence’, in public, and with a straight face.

Posted by: Noirette | May 9 2013 11:53 utc | 10

The dog and pony show continues to Syria's detriment because of statements like this:

The empire will NOT relent.

Posted by: ben | May 9 2013 14:08 utc | 11

Obviously there's a lot blah blah going on especially since Kerry had to wait 30 min. at the airport lounge and another 3 hours for an audience with Putin, who was pissed off by puerile American amateur diplomacy:

But ultimately, a Russian flotilla parked in and outside Syrian waters, the black sea fleet coming and going, and every piece of relevant aid the Syrians can get, speaks a language hot-headed American inbreeds understands perfectly well. What does the ZATO/ZUSA has to play with? various bunch of retarded Wahhabi´s they don´t have any idea how to control and they are on the loosing side as well. Syria (and Russia) has everything intact and are practically mopping up the last remnants of terrorists as we speak...

Posted by: mann | May 9 2013 14:52 utc | 12

Will Russia backstab Syria on S-300 just like they did with Iran few years ago?

Posted by: Anonymous | May 9 2013 15:35 utc | 13

"Will Russia backstab Syria on S-300 just like they did with Iran few years ago?"

Dream on Schlomo. Russia gave the zionazis a bloody nose in Georgia and besides, Syria already HAS S-300 and, according to enough sources to make DEBKA-file nervous, Iskanders manned by russian experts as well.

Posted by: Zio baiter | May 9 2013 15:42 utc | 14

Wes @ 4 -- What is the source for the information about chemical markers?

...tzik identified a new chemical marker that remains embedded on human skin for up to 6 months which can be identified by drone or satellite-this chemical has been painted on almost all weapons flowing into syria to help identify who is who in the zoo.

I'm assuming the last paragraph is a quote, given it's in italics? Or...? Thanks much. This is very interesting information.

Posted by: jawbone | May 9 2013 17:26 utc | 15

re: 2nd graf in #15 -- I thought I'd put in blockquote tags, as I was quoting from wes's commnet at #4. Shoulda checked preview, fer sure.

Posted by: jawbone | May 9 2013 17:28 utc | 16

sauced from turkey
as the gravy keeps flowing-this article on water resources explains syria,s problem acccurately-syria is desperate enough to try and regain the golan for its water supply hoping for a pincer movement between hezbollah and syria to cut off the golan at the base of northern israel
hezbollah to launch from cheeba farms area and syria from bet jen area
but first syria will launch a diversion from jamlah area -one of the reasons syrian forces are building up in the south on the road to jordan
over 50 % of fsa will change sides and fight alongside syrian forces
attack set for july onwards
the so called "game changing" weapons are missile systems that can counter israels air superiority
some of these missile systems could already be in place is southern lebanon especially in the rachaiya and upper golan area

Posted by: wes | May 9 2013 22:04 utc | 17

" desperate enough to try and regain the golan for its water supply "

So what? I wouldn´t call it "desperate". They got more water than the zionazi abomination ever could dream of but Golan is VERY MUCH Syrian territory, occupied by the squatting cowards exactly for it´s water resources and Syria always wanted it back.

With a battle hardened army, tons of weapons and support from Russia BRICS and the rest of the free world AND a possibility to re-direct ZATO´s Al-Qaeda apes as cannon fodder in the front line, i say the got a good chance to get it back. Oh and add Hezbollah into the equation who are on the zionist target list anyway...

Posted by: Zio baiter | May 10 2013 4:04 utc | 18

Moral expediency. The US, Israel and Al Qaeda in Syria.
Posted on May 6, 2013 by Phil Greaves
Recent Israeli airstrikes on Damascus have once again shed light on a defining western-led policy when it comes to the Middle East: strategic moral expediency. Once again, the counterproductive, and age-old policy of: “the enemy of my enemy: is my friend,” crops up in the realm of western foreign policy in the Middle East.

What is so counterintuitive for most, or, what most of the western “news” media are subverting or pretending not to recognise: is the recent Israeli strikes prove outright that Israel, acting on behalf of the US, is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria. Western efforts to bolster supposed ‘moderate rebels’ have clearly only bolstered what has always been the main demographic of the militant ‘opposition’: Salafi/Jihaddi inspired and fomented militias, that do not espouse anything close to democracy. Apart from the obvious clash of religious ideology, strategically speaking, actually ousting Assad is where the radical Islamic militants and Bibi may differ. Bibi and Co. would no doubt be more than happy to see a much weakened Assad Government stay in some sort of power, and allow the Syrian conflict to rumble on for twenty years. Ideally, for Israel and the US the aim is a ‘Balkanized’ array of weak statelets. What Israel and the US do not want, is a strong and stable Syria, or Levant, or Greater Middle East for that matter; unless those ‘strong’ states fall under the auspices of the USA. (eg: KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Turkey et al)

This is another blatant example of western Government’s moral expediency when it comes to strategic objectives. Let’s not forget, it was the CIA that enabled the creation of Al Qaeda: in US attempt’s to “give Russia its Vietnam” during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In this instance it has also been proven that the CIA, through mainly Saudi Arabia and the ISI, (Pakistani intelligence service) fomented, exploited and manipulated young, unemployed conservative Sunni muslim men from across the globe, to go and wage a holy war against the US’ number one enemy. This was not to enable any form of democracy or self-determination in Afghanistan, it was simply a war game: to bog down the Soviet Forces and ultimately bring about the end of the Soviet Union. Inevitably, the US and its clients enabling such radical anti-western ideologues to play as pawns in its geopolitical strategies, is where blowback comes into play, but is this ultimately a desired outcome? To create the perpetual enemy? One that is no real threat to ‘the homeland’, (or the elites that comfortably reside within) but can be exploited and manipulated to both leverage and attack US enemies. Or be used as a tool to suppress domestic populations and civil liberties, under the false guise of “National Security” and “the War on Terror”.


Posted by: brian | May 10 2013 18:09 utc | 19

Will Russia backstab Syria on S-300 just like they did with Iran few years ago?

Posted by: Anonymous | May 9, 2013 11:35:32 AM | 13

please dont use REUTERS as a source..also being ANON does not do much for your credibility

Posted by: brian | May 10 2013 18:19 utc | 20

BLOCKQUOTE>Will Russia backstab Syria on S-300 just like they did with Iran few years ago?

As this comes up again and again from time to time:

First, it may - or may not - be a reasonable step to proceed such weapons deals, depending on the situation.
In the then given situation there was no urgent need to deliver S-300 to Iran; they were, no matter what noise zato made, not actually in danger. At the same time, such a step could have actually increased the potential for real problems for Iran.

Second, there are more ways to help Iran than to physically provide missile systems. Considering that Russias Missile systems are years ahead of zato systems, even "leaking" information on older generations of Russian missile systems, would be extremely valuable for Iran.

Last but not least one should not exclude the possibility of Iran just asking quite noisily and later complaining noisily about non-delivery for a show, as a red herring for zato. Looking at the facts one can see that Iran actually has very capable missile systems, some of them on par with zato technology. Their loudly publicized need for S-300 may quite well been merely a psy op.

Furthermore the decisive point were not missiles or AD systems but the development of peacefull nuclear capabilities. In that regard the Russians went along with and supported Iran.

So, in the end Iran made a lot of progress in what was strategically important to them (as well as in military technology) and zato has what in their hands to demonstrate? Nothing other than lots of hateful noise.

Being at that it might be insightful to look at the developments in that region in a more general fashion.

Syria can, now more than ever, be considered a loyal and strong ally of Russia. The people in it's neighbour, Iraq, hate nothing more than zusa, except israel. Iran again is certainly not on zusa side. And Iran neighbour Afghanistan detests zusa and joyfully kills americans wherever they get at them. Depending on the outcome of the current elections one might continue that series and add Pakistan to the more or less BRIC/SCO friends, too.

Let's face it: zusa didn't win that extremely important region as friends or allies nor did they succeed in forcing them militarily. If they reached anything at all then into drive those countries in BRICs/SCOs/Russias/Chinas open arms. And incurring insane costs of over a trillion dollars.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | May 11 2013 0:23 utc | 21

From the site of - Russian news site

Russia is not planning to supply Syria with any weapons beyond the current contracts that are nearing completion, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said refuting speculations that Moscow was going to sell S-300 air defense systems to Damascus.

“Russia does not plan to sell,” Lavrov told reporters on being asked on S-300 air defense systems rumors. He stressed that Russia has only been fulfilling contracts that have already been signed with Syria for defensive weapons

Posted by: curious | May 11 2013 5:54 utc | 22

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