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March 09, 2013

Kenyatta Wins Kenya's Election

The election commission of Kenya declared Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the presidential election. He won 50.17% of the valid votes thereby avoiding a run off election. Voter turnout was a high 86%.

The Kenyan people have elected Kenyatta despite threats from the U.K and the US that to do so "would have consequences". Kenyatta, as well as his vice president William Rutu, is accused by the International Criminal Court of instigating violence after the last presidential election. The proof for that accusation seems rather flimsy.

The candidate favored by the "west", Raila Odinga, won 43.3% of the vote but has not yet conceded his loss.

Under these circumstance Uhuru Kenyatta is unlikely to look favorable towards further international interference in Kenya's and Africa's affairs.

The "western" media had been waiting for rioting or other violence to occur like it did during the 2007 election after Odinga claimed vote fraud. Kenyans were quite aware of this and offer their apologies for disappointing these expectations:

[M]y apologies on behalf of all my fellow ‘natives’. We, Kenyans have disappointed you greatly. It is completely unfair for media houses of great esteem, such as you are, to spend all the money to send their reporters to come and report on the post-election violence in Kenya – only for them to return home empty handed! As ‘natives’, we may not know exactly know how that feels but we have learnt to identify with the afflictions of many! May you find it in your hearts to forgive us for maintaining peace as we chose who among all our ‘corrupt African’ leaders would ascend to the various positions of power. However, this mistake was a deliberate one, the kind that we intend to repeat over and over again.
Good luck to Uhuru Kenyatta and all Kenyan people.

Update: The U.S. State Department congratulates the Kenyan people for the successful and quiet election. But it doesn't congratulate the man who won the election. It does not even mention him. Given such snide, how much longer will Kenya keep its soldiers in Somalia where it is a proxy force for the U.S.?

Posted by b on March 9, 2013 at 13:04 UTC | Permalink


The "west" likes to spread its favours around: when Jomo Kenyatta was President and Odinga Odinga (what Americans called a communist) was running against him, Odinga was proscribed.
Uhuru is long overdue; it will begin by emptying the Highlands of settlers and using the enormously fertile lands there to feed Africans rather than provide exotic delicacies to be airfreighted to the hotel dining rooms and expensive restaurants of Europe.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 9 2013 13:16 utc | 1

People often forget that media institutions like the BBC, which has a very large audience in Africa and the Middle East, is the British army's propaganda arm. You gotta give it to them, though, their version of propaganda is very slick and clean - unlike the American Fox, sorry, F*cks News, in-your-face, you-know-we're-lying-to-you version.

They salivate at the sight of tensions and even sometimes go as far as instigating tensions in countries they've primed to loot or destroy.

Funny thing is, they don't even hide it anymore. Times are hard. The people are waking up to this fact and things are not looking too good for these "international observers".

Can you imagine Kenya, India or any other country, sending in observers to the UK or US or any of the self righteous beacons of democracy during their elections, sorry, "selection"? Fat chance!!! The brown people only have to watch what they do and do as they're told.

Over the years, I've developed the instinct to be suspicious of any candidate favoured by Washington, London or any of the self righteous beacons of human rights and democracy. In Egypt, as soon as they all begun to sing Mursi's praises,against Ahmed Foutouh, I knew something was up. I couldn't be so wrong. Mursi is now dancing with the IMF.

Posted by: Zico | Mar 9 2013 14:06 utc | 2

Here ya go b, the Western media has begun to trash Kenyatta already. This piece was picked up from the Guardian.

Posted by: ben | Mar 9 2013 14:37 utc | 3

P.S... Being trashed by the ICC means little, at least to me. If the ICC wants credibility, let them indite George Bush, and Dick Cheney et al.

Posted by: ben | Mar 9 2013 15:00 utc | 4

I have to admit that I don't know enough about what is going on in Kenya. But I was readin the Guardian (sorry no link) and they were describing the late Hugo Chavez as a "brutal" dictactor. The man was elected to his post, the man presented amnesties time and time again to his foes. This is the type of news the NWO presents to people currently and it is merely lies. Just like this news about Kenya, sheer nonsense.

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 9 2013 15:05 utc | 5

"Debauched by charity
Africa spreads her thighs" --Unknown Poet

Posted by: Ruralito | Mar 9 2013 18:54 utc | 6

Odinga has long standing connections to the NWO. This article provides some background info about those connections to the American chapter of the NWO. It also brings up his earlier promotion of atrocities and connections to "international terrorism", both apparently now prerequisites to get into the NWO club. The article is rather flawed, though, and probably best used as a source for material for further investigations of the NWO-Odinga connections.

Obama and Odinga: The True Story

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 20:22 utc | 7

am not sure what to make of this guy by will post the link anyway from sept last year.

Posted by: heath | Mar 9 2013 20:25 utc | 8

Odinga also has the usual connections to the Israeli chapter of the NWO. While sometimes reported on, usually on the "back pages", these sorts of connections are generally kept under the radar in pundit analysis of current events. Amusing photo in the first article. Again both of these articles are flawed and best used to provide material for further study on.

Israel to help Kenya fight terrorists

“Kenya got the backing of the top leadership of the State of Israel in its war to rid its territory of fundamentalist elements,” said a statement from Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s office."

Raila launches Sh 20 billion irrigation project in Todonyang

“In November 2011, during my official visit to the State of Israel, I entered into an agreement with Israeli Minister for Industry, Trade and Labour to develop Kenya’s dry land into national food baskets,” said the Prime Minister."

It should be noted Israel never helps anyone, unless there is some kind of pay-off that furthers their interests and influence - these always accompany the obvious simple profit making incentives. As the 2nd article fails to mention Israel's pay-off, the article is missing at least half of the story.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 20:41 utc | 9

Bot Tak wrote: "It should be noted Israel never helps anyone, unless there is some kind of pay-off that furthers their interests and influence - these always accompany the obvious simple profit making incentives."

My guess - Oil - the vultures are circulating looking to loot Kenya's oil.

Posted by: Yonatan | Mar 9 2013 23:19 utc | 10

Somalia just opened for Business, the mining sector has just opened it's doors, with a German lead!

This is quite worrying, not sure if its linked to some agent used?

A coronavirus that experts say had previously never been seen in humans has been reported in the United States. The flag: The CDC has advised anyone visiting countries in or near the Arabian peninsula, including Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to see a doctor if a fever or symptoms of a lower respiratory illness develop within 10 days of their travels. If you don't; you Die!

Posted by: Kev | Mar 10 2013 1:06 utc | 11

@ Zico [#2],

This might seem to be off topic, but I think it fits in the bigger picture [of BBC and MSM's appalling role in misinforming people]: Nestlé finds horsemeat in pasta meals, because Hospital boss steps aside over death rate concerns is something nobody should be concerned about whatsoever.

It's darn hard to find something that's true and having been lied to [constantly] and 'reassured' of all those 'thorough investigations' to come, has lost its charm as well.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 1:20 utc | 12

So again the Kikuyu have stolen the election against the majority Luo (everyone votes for their own tribe in Kenya) so they get to lord it over the rst of the country including the coastal muslim tribes arond the port of Mombassa who tradittionally had more to do with Zanzibar than Nairobi and who aren't happy with the Kikuyu elite owning vast areas of the coast then of course you have the Kenyan Somalis being sympathizers for Al Shebab whom the Kenyan Government has 500O troops over the border based in the Somali port of Kismayu. Could it turn out badly? Maybe. We shall see.

Posted by: heath | Mar 10 2013 3:04 utc | 13

heath - 12

"So again the Kikuyu have stolen the election against the majority Luo..."

A quick bit of fact checking found this:

Demographics of Kenya

"The 2009 census figures give the ethnic composition as follows (out of a total population of 38.6 million): Kikuyu 17%, Luhya 14%, Kalenjin 13%, Luo 10%, Kamba 10%, Kisii 6%, Mijikenda 5%, Meru 4%, Turkana 2.5%, Maasai 2.1%. About 9% of population consist of smaller indigenous group below 1% each, and Non-African groups (Arabs, Indians and Europeans) are estimated to total to about 1%.[5]

5. ^ CIA - The World Factbook - Kenya"

The first sentence was factually wrong, I wont bother checking the remainder of it. I wonder how closely such biased views match those of "western media" described in b's piece at the top of this page?

Posted by: вот так | Mar 10 2013 3:55 utc | 14

"Our approach seeks to address the near-term threats to our national security while simultaneously building partnerships and fostering regional cooperation which contribute to achieving longer-term U.S. objectives in Africa." - U.S. Africa Command, Army Gen. Carter F. Ham

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 7:57 utc | 15

Maybe well see an ivory coast situation.

Posted by: guest | Mar 10 2013 8:07 utc | 16

I think it is unlikely that we'll see a situation similar to Ivory Coast, where it was impossible to determine who won due to the overwhelming irregularities in the voting and counting. See analysis by Nfor N. Susungi.

Everything I've read so far indicated the election results in Kenya were reasonably reliable and credible. In following Kenyan comments on Twitter, I read that if Raila challenges the results in court, the decision has to be made within 14 days according to Kenya's constitution.. So it shouldn't be possible to drag it out or make a UN-fukus coup at this point. I hope I'm not too optimistic here.

Posted by: xcroc | Mar 10 2013 21:43 utc | 17

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