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March 04, 2013

David Sanger Is Now A Cyberexpert

Three NYT authors, including Judith Sanger, wrote on of the much an vogue cyberscare story. It is based on the usual scare-quotes from people, like the former secretary of homeland security Michael Chertoff, who profit from the scheme. Those people are, of course, not identified as such.

But what would any story written by Sanger be without another scary-Iran element. Here we have this:

While the skills of Iran’s newly created “cybercorps” are in doubt, Iranian hackers gained some respect in the technology community when they brought down 30,000 computers belonging to Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, last August, replacing their contents with an image of a burning American flag.
Now that is a bit interesting because, so far, no one else has attributing that event to Iran. Maybe Sanger and his co-authors should call the Saudis and let them know who attacked them. Neither they nor U.S. intelligence officials do know who its was:
Saudi Arabia blamed unidentified people based outside the kingdom for a cyberattack against state-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co. that aimed at disrupting production from the world’s largest exporter of crude.
Major General Mansour Al-Turki, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, declined to identify any of the “several foreign countries” from which the attack originated because the investigation is still in progress. “The attack failed to reach its ultimate goal, which was to stop the flow of Saudi oil,” he said at the conference.
Two U.S. intelligence officials said in interviews that the evidence implicating Iran in the Aramco attack is largely circumstantial, ...

Now Sanger is obviously THE expert in cyber-attacks. He knows all the systems involved, has debugged them personally and easily indentify who wrote the code for the attack and who used it. He and only has the knowledge to attribute an unattributable attack to Iran.


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David Sanger; keeping DC's enemies demonized in the minds of ignorant americans for 30 years

Posted by: heath | Mar 4 2013 13:26 utc | 1

Referring to David Sanger as Judith was a fortuitous slip. We all know what a bunch of pussies and Big Girls the neocons really are and it's only right that they be anointed with names which more accurately reflect their underlying (or perhaps OVER-lying) psychological a-gender.
If we can't agree on something like Davinia, or Devinea, then Judith it is.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 4 2013 14:12 utc | 2

Named after that other wonderful NYT writer, Judith Miller.

Posted by: MinnMouth | Mar 4 2013 15:42 utc | 3

RT reports that Iraqi and Lebanese Shia have joined together to
protect an amazing Shia shrine in Damascus, a major pilgrimage site.

Any day now expect the New York Zionist Times to announce that it's more proof of the expanding Hezbollah threat against the good, jihadi guys.

Posted by: JohnH | Mar 4 2013 16:35 utc | 4

I hope you all realise that Iran and the Shia control all the cocaine traffic out of Colombia and that they created the stuxnet and flame computer viruses...

Posted by: вот так | Mar 4 2013 18:30 utc | 5

@5 whaaaaat!!!? You are joking right? But even so I fail to see the humor or the point

Posted by: Khalid Shah | Mar 4 2013 20:19 utc | 6

Khalid Shah - 6

It was sarcasm, although I would not be surprised if the zionist msm ran some stories like that. They are that far gone.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 4 2013 21:18 utc | 7

@5: You forgot to mention the nuclear weapons smugglers from East German Shia Stasi agents via Cuba and Venzuela to Greenland and North Canada, which is taking place according to unknown government officials.

Posted by: k_w | Mar 4 2013 22:13 utc | 8

Carlos Latuff.

I also appreciate AIPAC's pitbull, Alan Dershowitz's logic, in which he argues that 'yes, the Sulzberger family owns the NYT and controls/owns the Boston Globe, but the Bosoton Globe remains 'the very un-Jewish Boston Globe...' Link

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 4 2013 22:44 utc | 9


Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 4 2013 22:56 utc | 10

Fight back [more or less]: Tell U.S. President Obama: No unconditional aid to Israel, because "As of this morning, plastered across the busiest Metro stations in Washington, D.C., there are 100 large back-lit ads with our message: “I am Jewish and proud and AIPAC doesn’t speak for me.”

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 5 2013 0:56 utc | 11

I cannot believe what I just read......

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 5 2013 1:03 utc | 12

In the true [and great] spirit of freedom of speech... this article was written under an assumed name.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 5 2013 3:28 utc | 13

@ 12: Thanks for the link. Never read so much ass-kissing in my life.

Posted by: ben | Mar 5 2013 6:09 utc | 14

Mr. Eric S. of Google declared (Dec. 2011 after Fox TV let everyone know, those evil Iranians did NOT get the US spy drone, that the Iranians are "unusually talented (....) for reasons that we do not fully understand"

See --

You would think, with all the expat talented engineers all over the world, someone would get understanding.

Posted by: Northern Night Owl | Mar 5 2013 10:35 utc | 15

OFF TOPIC - belongs to an earlier thread days ago, about Ratzinger - why the resigning, and interview with former Catholic theologian Matthew Fox - who says the current situation is like that of the Borgias. Reference to CIA influence, fascism, new inquisition,


Posted by: Northern Night Owl | Mar 5 2013 10:49 utc | 16

#12, #14. I have a premonition that he may come to regret that speech. It's all admisable.

Posted by: DM | Mar 5 2013 11:47 utc | 17

@17 you know, it was so very over the top that one wonders if something is up. They don't need to make speeches like that if everything was lovey-dovey.

Posted by: heath | Mar 6 2013 2:09 utc | 18

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