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March 06, 2013


Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, is dead. There will be many false and hateful obits on him. Here is a decent one. Chavez did a lot of good for his people and he had planned to do more of it.

Elected with quite large majorities he was smeared as an anti-semite and dictator by the same media that lauded the U.S. sponsored military coup against him.

The U.S. will try to use the election for a successor to install a pliable neo-liberal figure. There is hope that the people of Venezuela will not fall for that but will elect someone who can continue the process to more social justice that Chavez initiated.

Posted by b on March 6, 2013 at 6:47 UTC | Permalink

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May El Commandante rest in peace. The satanic US-zionist forces of evil may poison one man and maybe also the other free Latin American leaders infected with this poison,to death, but not the hopes and dreams of justice and dignity of the Venezuelans the Latin Americans The Palestinians and the rest of the free world. The seed is planted and Chaves lives in our hearts. Enter Nicolas Maduro....

Posted by: La Semilla | Mar 6 2013 7:01 utc | 1

Very sad news.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 6 2013 7:41 utc | 2

he neednt have i recall his 'cancer' was benign before it was discovered during another operation.But when doctors began to treat it, his fate was sealed.
pity Chavez didnt know of alternatives:

Posted by: brian | Mar 6 2013 7:53 utc | 3

The people of Venezuela MUST remain vigilant. The Land Destroyer blog has already posted some interesting info on what the US may be planning to do. The people recently voted for six more years of Chavez, so it's safe to say that they'll likely be voting for the vice-president within the next 30-60 days per Chavez's wishes. We can expect the usual dirty dealing from the US when it comes to countries they want to of voter "fraud" a "crackdown" on so-called "anti-maduro forces" and possibly a coup waiting in the wings if all of the propaganda fails. Maduro has big shoes to fill, so I hope he's up to the task and most important of all, remains VIGILANT.

Posted by: RC | Mar 6 2013 8:10 utc | 4

Viva Hugo Chavez, La Patria de Siempre.

Posted by: hans | Mar 6 2013 9:12 utc | 5

I really dream of a MOA subject free of "zionist evil are to blame for everything / poison everyone yadda yadda" in the comments, alas these days seem gone for good... There are plenty rational reasons to spit on israeli governments policies already, hateful scumbags that can't make a post without blaming jews or arabs or whatever really should have no place here...

Posted by: rototo | Mar 6 2013 9:18 utc | 6

Zionists and Shaz party members like "Rototo" takes offence, of course, but has these supremacists and tribalists done any good for any non-jew, ever? No wonder why some suspect Mossad & Co, in tandem with CIA since they are the masters of extra judicial executions and gets away with it. No, 6 socialist leaders in Latin America infected with this disease is no coincidence and Chavez was no friend of Racists, fascists or imperialists...

Posted by: rot-oh-toto | Mar 6 2013 10:47 utc | 7

In Denmark, they said he was a "bulder basse" no need to translate, it means what it sounds like. He gave his life to the people, uphill 'cause the monied folk controlled the media, whatever faults he may or may not have, he was the opposite of that asshole, Berlusconi, in Italy.

Hugo Chavez stood op and spoke against power, was it a kind of hidden asassination as rot-oh-toto insinuates, could be, if they could get away with it, sure they would - shit, polonium works, but y' know, people get upset...

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Mar 6 2013 11:25 utc | 8

All Arabs and Iranians that I know who have spoken about Hugo Chavez see him as a hero.

Posted by: Amar | Mar 6 2013 11:38 utc | 9

Very sad news, indeed.
For his family and for the people of Venezuela.
Let's not forget all the impoverished Americans who would have froze in the cold, but did not, thanks to the generosity of Citgo.
No thanks to their own so called leadership


"Far more welcome news came from Citgo Petroleum Corporation, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, which announced that it would be continuing its six-year-old program of providing heating oil to poor Americans free of charge.

The contrast between the values displayed by the American and Venezuelan governments – the “good guys” and “bad guys,” respectively, of the American political consensus – could not be more striking"

A stark contrast indeed. Plunder of the poor via the neo-liberals = good guys?

Posted by: Penny | Mar 6 2013 11:47 utc | 10

I fucken knew it. I came in here to see if anyone had anything more than the usual hackneyed insights into Chavez's death somewhat reluctantly cause I had considered that the trolls n looney toons might even try & make this tragedy all about their judeophobia, then I thought "nah surely not over something as important as this".

Unfortunately the obscurantist whitefella propaganda tactics begin with the first post & continue on just as every thread on MoA does now.

The world's battle-lines have been drawn between the indigenous people who have lived in harmony with their environment for thousands of years and the ugly swathe of predominately whitefella thugs n thieves who, having blown their own piece of the planet to shit, now want to take everyone else's chunk & fuck that over too.
Chavez was a politician who made an effort to even the odds of for Venezuala's indigenous people - albeit just a little, but we aren't gonna talk about that here.
No, No, not when we can blame the whitefellas' gang of stooges for it all.

So the board will be tied up as it always is, in an ignorant & fact free screech against one of the primary groups who work as stalking horses for the ugly whitefella, the zionists.

Forget about the fact that they are currently pushing indigenous peeps off land in much smaller numbers than is happening in many other places. From Libya through Algeria to Mali Chad & Niger the traditional inhabitants are getting squeezed outta their homelands by Arab semites teaming up with whitefellas. Berber Tuareg and sub-Saharan Africans are being shat on and turned against each other so the sociopathic cultures can bleed em white as they are.

But lets not consider that, no, if we considered the truth of what is going on most of the whitefellas n arabs who come in here ranting about the evil 'other' the zionists, would be forced to examine their role in the slaughter of millions.

Can't have that much easier to weep crocodile tears for Hugo Chavez & insinuate he was murdered by jews than consider that if he was topped, it was most likely by whitey.
What the zionists do is bad yes, but this continual harping on about jews while ignoring the real instigator Fat Assed Whitey, obscures the reality of what is happening while it makes any factoids easy to reject as being anti-jewish racism.

Jews may have run the slaving ships from africa to amerika, but it was whitefelas who created the market and profited most from it.
Those zionists who do the bidding of wasp amerika are making a few dollars now sure, but when the shit hits the fan as it always does when empires get too greedy, Joe Whitefella will step back and let the jews cop the karma. Ten percent of the net will cop em 100% of the retribution.

So what? Well unless the whitefellas & imperialist arabs are also held accountable, they will be back fucking people up long before the zionists have been 'sorted out'.
The net being what it is we can be sure at least some of the most rabid anti-jewish hysteria posted here is funded by the zionist lobby. What better way to demonstrate that all anti-imperialists are simply racist jew haters can there be than to drown every thread no matter how factually accurate it may be, in a sea of judeophobic rhetoric

For example Arab semites are pushing much larger numbers of indigenous people of much larger tracts of land right across North Africa.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Mar 6 2013 12:03 utc | 11

i've been harboring this thought when i first heard that chavez was inflicted with cancer.

fukus certainly has the motive,
a track record of previous convictions,

looks like it has the means to do it too

as far as im concerned
fukus, guilty until proven innocent

Posted by: denk | Mar 6 2013 12:11 utc | 12

Wish someone more erudite than I would blast Juan Cole for his latest column on Hugo Chavez. I know Cole should have been off my list before this, but this column cinched it.

Posted by: mrd | Mar 6 2013 12:13 utc | 13

"Hugo Chavez, mass murderer with mass graves" is already making the rounds.

Posted by: Jack Crow | Mar 6 2013 13:01 utc | 14

well , maybe he wasn't great leader but he was a good leader for Venezuela ..... RIP ...

Posted by: The End | Mar 6 2013 13:09 utc | 15

A rare man brave enough to tell the truth and do the right thing. Rest in Peace, brother.

I've seen "what about the billions he stole" along with some disinfo websites ( and and as I searched for those, I saw like seven new results pop up on the first page.

And the war goes on....

Posted by: guest | Mar 6 2013 13:27 utc | 16

as far as i'm concerned, it was good to see him give the finger to DC but i don't know about his doing wonders for the Venezuelan individuals>

but even worse the vultures are back, circling

Posted by: heath | Mar 6 2013 14:59 utc | 17

I will miss the Commandante. You don't need to be a communista to admire a man who is a real patriot. We need more men who love their country. Men like Chavez who are nationalists.

Let's not be deceived. President Chavez was not targeted for being a communist. He was targeted for the same reason that Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria & Iraq were targeted. These countries chose to go the independent, nationalistic path.

And that is never allowed.

Posted by: Hilmi Hakim | Mar 6 2013 15:00 utc | 18

"These countries chose to go the independent, nationalistic path."

Maybe I am too impatient, but I wish to see people who are looking for "internationalistic" paths rather than "nationalistic" ones. :)

Posted by: pirouz_2 | Mar 6 2013 15:12 utc | 19

Comrade Pirouz - I hear you. I really do.

Love, brotherhood for all humans. But, maybe you are a bit impatient.

My assessment is the human race needs 1,000 years of evolution before they can learn to live as brothers & sisters.

For now, all I can do is oppose the evil forces in this world who are clearly internationalists. I see evil - so I do the opposite.

Posted by: Hilmi Hakim | Mar 6 2013 15:27 utc | 20


Wish someone more erudite than I would blast Juan Cole for his latest column on Hugo Chavez. I know Cole should have been off my list before this, but this column cinched it.

You are right about that. Juan Cole is just a Democratic Party hack. I read him for years railing against the "Bush wars" only to see him embrace the "Obama Wars" pretty much the day Obama was sworn in. Proved that he is incapable of making a moral or principled stand and all that matters is whether the warmonger in charge has a D for Democrat or an R for Republican after his name.

In keeping with the saying "Even a stopped clock, is right twice a day" Juan Cole is capable of writing a good piece now and then on say Israel-Palestine but even on that you get the sense that most of his anger at Israel is not over the oppression of Palestinians but because NetanYahoo dared challenge his Party leader.

@ everyone

On the topic of whether Chavez's cancer was suspicious. Chavez himself mentioned that in December 2011:

"Would it be so strange that they've invented the technology to spread cancer and we won't know about it for 50 years?" Chávez pondered, one day after Argentina's president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and would undergo surgery in January.
Recent years have seen a series of leftwing Latin America leaders diagnosed with cancer including Brazil's current president, Dilma Rousseff, Paraguay's Fernando Lugo, and the former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In late June Chávez admitted he was also being treated for cancer, telling Venezuelans that doctors had removed "cancerous cells" from his body.
"I don't know but … it is very odd than we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was [presidential] candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina," Chávez said this week. "It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It's at the very least strange, very strange,"

Source: The Guardian

But in saying that Chavez himself said he doesn't have proof so for the meantime this is all speculation and conspiracy theory.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 6 2013 15:28 utc | 21

@Debs is dead;
You don't seem to hate Jews. Nor do you seem to be blaming them for all the mischiefs starting from the eternity. Besides it seems that you distinguish between Jews and zionism. Some how I have a feeling that you don't think that the Jews have an intrinsic evil quality which provokes them to take advantage of vulnerable, weak and innocent empires such as the 19th century British empire and the 20th/21st century USA. Next thing you know you will be claiming that Hitler was not a victim but rather he killed millions of Jews!!
Are you absolutely sure that you are not a paid agent of the zionists?? :)

Posted by: pirouz_2 | Mar 6 2013 15:32 utc | 22

Rototo @ 6, Debs is dead @ 11.

Get a life, dimwits.
MoA isn't Xymphora (for whom I have the deepest respect).
That tired old bs about...
"Sure 'Israel' might be bad, but there are plenty of worse crims than us"
"Everywhere Jews go they bring laughter and happiness." -
Note: they bring it, as in gloating. They don't create or inspire it.

That sort of crap wore out its welcome at Xymphora several years ago.
Btw, what did you guys call yourselves when you were making fools of yourselves trolling for 'Israel' over there?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 6 2013 15:49 utc | 23

I doubt "the revolution" will be extended for very long with the demise of Hugo Chavez. You can have it run on fumes for a while, but Maduro is a bland alternative. A man with the charisma of Chavez will not be easy to replace.

It will be pleasant to watch his hateful treatment of Jews, Israel and dissenters in his country as time marches on. Haters of Israel and the Jewish people have lost a dear friend. RIP Hugo.

Posted by: David | Mar 6 2013 16:09 utc | 24

Chavez was dear friends with Assad in Syria and a dear friend of Iran and bitter enemy of Israel. Maybe the zionist organ harvesters will not try to procure Chavez organs to give to some unwitting Palestinian, then drain his blood before Passover. Israel will soon be welcomed back in the land of Hugo. Like the Soviets... his hatred and stupidity will not last long. So sad =)

Posted by: David | Mar 6 2013 16:17 utc | 25

Would Chavez life have been extended in a US hospital, or is the Cuban oncology community really 'that' good? I haven't read that many peer reviewed publications coming out of Castro's Cuba. Chavez own conspiracy theories were ost likely his undoing. Hatred of America steeped in good old fashioned Jew hatred is one thing, but it limits your options in obtaining top notch oncology treatment!

Posted by: David | Mar 6 2013 16:21 utc | 26

Fuck off "David". It's not how long you live; it's how well you live.

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 6 2013 17:48 utc | 27

The sayanim presence here is larger than usual.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 6 2013 17:53 utc | 28

BT, I noticed that. It's not really an Israel thing. But it pulls those cockroaches like crumbs behind the stove.

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 6 2013 18:01 utc | 29

I regret the passing of H. Chavez. RIP.


One point that always bothered me was his attitude and actions towards crime.

I could not understand the tolerance, the shunting aside. He had the means (or maybe not? ..?..) to create a safer, more open, equal, society.

That the left is traditionally soft on crime is a stereotype, and has its reasons, some legitimate, yet there is crime and crime. Kidnapping and wild shooting which kills ten is *not* equivalent to stealing in the supermarket or jewelry from a rich neighbor or smoking crack or selling stolen motorbikes and weed.

Favoring or excusing the little guy who runs some kind of steal-deal crap is not the same as tolerating murderous gangs in a city that keep ppl so afraid they are terrified to go out on the street.

Now, one might argue that violent crime(s) or gangster preying - shootings, kidnappings, shop / other robberies, gang warfare, drug trade, for profit prostitution, coercion, blackmail, other... etc. - is simply a characteristic of some societies and nothing can be done about it, even with plentiful oil money... which could pay for a lot of police and an independent judiciary...

Great that children learn their ABC’s for free and get other stipends but if they are at risk for being shot or coming home to blood in the kitchen and a dead mom?

A serious failure in my book. Anyway.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 6 2013 18:14 utc | 30

Wow - @11

what a ridiculously sanctimonious and thoroughly racist rant from that well known moronic-dogma-spewing racist in NZ - He's clearly nothing but a white-guy with a Maori-fetish and an enormous guilt-complex, which he frequently tries counter by off-loading his obvious self-loathing onto others.

Hilarious thing is that he's completely blind to his own blatant racism - In the poor little dears head, everyone that disagrees with this fetishist (on any subject) is automatically a "whitefella" racist. Poor fool.

Posted by: yeah . . but | Mar 6 2013 18:26 utc | 31

A technology to spread cancer?

You're soaking in it!

Posted by: biklett | Mar 6 2013 18:26 utc | 32

@Hoarsewhisperer @bot tak/hubris/ro-oh-toto and other pseudos , you obviousbly have zero clue if you think I have the slightest thing in common with zionism or preaching for Israel, but sorry, I'm not yet dumb & monomaniacal enough to think all problems on earth are created by zionists, which is enough for the usual hysterics to repaint anyone as part of "them". It's of course a useless post for the maniacs concerned, I was just expressing a last hope in honor of good old MoA comments days. you won guys, rejoice, as many others, I'm out, and I'm sure b will finally notice who are his new kind of readers/participants at some point...

Posted by: rototo | Mar 6 2013 18:33 utc | 33

"A technology to spread cancer? "

70 years ago the US, among other methods, where trying to assassinate Fidel Castro with radiation. One can only imagine what they possess today. The Zionazis was about to kill the Palestinian leader Khaled Mashal in Jordan by holding a device to his left ear but was forced to provide the antidote. If Polonium did have a smell this case would probably be stinking.

Posted by: rot-oh-toto | Mar 6 2013 18:40 utc | 34

// debs ignore, no matter. have heard r giap is very sick i will send news to b if anything solid. noir. //

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 6 2013 18:42 utc | 35

@31 actually i bet he is of mostly euro ancestry but has some Maori blood and has claimed that to the exclusion of all else.

Posted by: heath | Mar 6 2013 19:28 utc | 36

@Debs is dead;

I remember once you said that the quality of this board has been deteriorating fast. I am really sorry to say that I agree with you.

Part of the reason -in my opinion- is the success of such sites as this, which draws the attention of good as well as bad.

However, if the quality of the comment section is deteriorating (as it most certainly is), don't you think that it is a bit the responsibility of people like you (ie. people of intellectual quality) to comment much more often and to offer something of substance in the midst of all the nonsense which is being posted?

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Mar 6 2013 19:44 utc | 37

"and to offer something of substance in the midst of all the nonsense which is being posted?"

addition: "instead of the racist ranting steaming pile of dogmatic-lefty racist bullcrap you posted above @11?"

There - fixed it ;-)

Posted by: yeah . . but | Mar 6 2013 20:10 utc | 38

"@31 actually i bet he is of mostly euro ancestry but has some Maori blood and has claimed that to the exclusion of all else."

hmm . . I initially thought so too - but his addiction to the phrase "whitefella" is the giveaway that he's probably NZ's local-version of what is known in the States as a "wigger". (A "Woari"?)

My bet is he's 100% genetic-Eurotrash, trying to big-up his "me luvs the noble savage so much" credentials.

The local Maoris probably laugh at his fairly obvious wigger-tendancies, behind his back

Posted by: yeah . . but | Mar 6 2013 20:17 utc | 39

I wish there were more like him....I wish we had more like him here in the states...The progressive movement is dead, but unlike Chavez was never alive....

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 6 2013 20:22 utc | 40

@yeah...but i don't know if he is even kiwi. Maori consistantly use the word pakeha to describe europeans neutrally and harshly.

Posted by: heath | Mar 6 2013 21:33 utc | 41

The rich elite Venezuelans are jumping for joy because Chavez is sadly no longer with us. He was a unique voice like Gaddafi's that has tragically gone silent. The rich elite Venezuelans are now jumping for joy, but the Venezuela they knew. The Venezuela where the people's of European descent looked and disdainful stepped down on the people. The people who are so poor, heinously poor in a country with so much wealth. People who had no health care, who didn't have enough to eat, no hope, no jobs. They weren't even considered people anymore. "Those people" those negroes, those Indians-indigenous people who live yonder in those hills. They weren't worth a damn.

Enter Chavez, the USA denied him help to bring in medecine, he brought in an army of Cuban doctors and dentists, cavities and rotten teeth, infections and pain treated and cured.
The private tv networks waged war on him, your brazen treacherous asses are now going to be nationalized to serve the public good.
The army was a pawn of the USA, it is now patriotic and loyal to the people and not to Washington.
The poor were secluded and isolated in the mountains, now public trams, rail cars take you to the city and you now have a chance to find a job and get an education. The transportation is quick and efficient not slow and tedious as before.

No the poor wont go back to where they were before, so David your dead wrong. The reactionary conservative forces are rearing they're 150 dollar haircutted heads. But they are in for a fight.
Will this be another Arbenz? Will it be another bay of pigs?
Lets wait and see.
I have not bashed any ethnic group, I have not insulted anybody (even though I really wanted to insult David's dumb @$$) so I hope I have helped in restoring the level of discussion some prior posters have listed previously.

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 6 2013 21:37 utc | 42

I thought Jimmy Carter best said it...!

Posted by: CTuttle | Mar 6 2013 21:58 utc | 43

Amen, @ CTuttle. One of the few times in my adult life that I have been proud of a U.S. President.

Posted by: neek | Mar 6 2013 23:13 utc | 44

@ george [#13]

Q: I wish there were more like him....

R: It seems that 'true justice' fancies 'discolored mutants' [Like Bush and Blair] over comrades like Chavez. Once you've got 'your' real alphabet in order, it tends to make more sense or does it? As I don't know Hugo personally [or rather knew him] I've got to derive thoughts based on a variety of sources and might miss thoughtful clues, because of a lack of undeniable facts to support other angles. I sincerely appreciate attempts to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, even if treacherous elements of corruption and dismay stride in unison along with it, so when the so called poor rise up and demand Chavez's return [2002], I think they did so, because he did something that pleased them.

"If you plan to remove 'cancer' don't bring band aids, bring knives and 'suck it up." [I had some brutal uncles, sorry].

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 6 2013 23:20 utc | 45

#21 colm otoole.

The ability to kill someone using cancer as the weapon is simply not there. We can treat 100 people with a variety of chemicals, isotopes or ionizing radiation and three or four may die of cancer over the next 20 years of life. Give too high a dose and the person will die of radiation poisoning or its chemically induced analog. Injecting cancer cells from one person into another does not work. In principle one could imagine using recombinant retroviruses to target some susceptible cells in ones body that could then grow into a malignancy. Right now, that technology in not quite there, perhaps in a decade or so.

Without any question Hugo died of complications from treating a malignant tumor. There is no reason that Cuba would participate in such a conspiracy. I think we can safely accept that Chavaz died of natural causes.

Posted by: ToivoS | Mar 6 2013 23:21 utc | 46

@ ToivoS

And you have a degree in ...?

Having a friend who's trying to battle leukemia in kids has given me insight into a world I never knew before, but to claim I've therefore the insight to all the workings of it would be simply ridiculous.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 6 2013 23:36 utc | 47

From RT

“Despite his lack of charisma in comparison to Chavez, Maduro is in many ways a very, very popular figure in Venezuela and one who would naturally win election... were it not for meddling from the United States,” geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

And that meddling is now embodied in Chavez’s main opponent in the past election, the 40-year-old governor of Miranda State, Henrique Capriles Radonski. He “coincidently enough was in Miami and New York within the last 48 to 72 hours. Obviously, they are going to be gearing up for a battle royal [at the snap presidential elections within 30 days],” author and historian Gerald Horne told RT.

Preferred travel destinations can sometimes tell a lot about one’s political views. For Maduro it’s Cuba, whereas Capriles favors the US.

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 6 2013 23:54 utc | 48

Much that debsisdead says is right. It is sad that it has given rise to so much junk psychology and cheap speculation as to his motives. His motives are of little concern and best investigated by those who know him, like himself.

Where I think he is in error is in failing to stress the colonial nature of the Israeli nightmare. Zionism is the ultimate expression of the racist ideology that the thieves and rapists, mainly as he notes 'whitefellas,' who organised imperialism used as an excuse for their crimes. The "villa in a jungle" description of Israel by one of its current architects (Barack or Sharon?) is a very old one. Macaulay used it in India, I expect that Heydrich used it in Poland, while the SD orchestra played Beethoven quartets.

The anger that is directed at Israel and the Zionists is quite proper: it is the mirror image of the intense affection that my Canadian government, which sends its Foreign Minister to AIPAC conferences*, feels for Israel and its fascist regime. It recognises that what is happening in Palestine is just a levantine version of what it is, and has long been, doing in these lands whose indigenous peoples are reduced to living in squalid "reserves" upon which bantustans were modelled and the west bank and Gaza are planned to resemble.

Underlying the struggle against imperialism is the understanding that it is based upon crimes for which reparation must be made. The land on which the indigenous once developed economies in which hunting, gathering, horticulture and other activities developed over centuries has now, in the colonies, passed though periods of ruinous exploitation to the point where semi-desertified tracts are being turned into housing for speculators to blow bubbles with. And that is happening to Palestine too where the "miraculous" development of flowers in the desert, of which the Zionists always made much, is turning into an ecological disaster as rivers run dry, ancient lakes disappear and aquifers are pumped into swimming pools for fat arsed bigots with carbines by their deckchairs.

* John Baird MP at AIPAC, think about that as an example of extreme colonialism, these Tories love America so much that they lick the boots of its parasites.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 6 2013 23:55 utc | 49

Fernando, when you talk about the elites of the country, a serious, not tongue-and-cheek question to you is regarding Chavez' personal fortune, estimated at 2 billion dollars. Is that just CIA crap or is he just another politician who talks a good game, but then pockets the money??? Putin is also estimated to have a gigantic fortune.

So while they talk a great game against the big bad CIA and the ugly USA, if Chavez is pocketing oil money on the side, then he's a bigger con man than his "evil" capitalistic opposition. Isn't it just the same con as goes on in the USA, Russia, Egypt, Israel, North Korea ect..ect...ect... I'm surprised you really buy his act; are the Castro brothers also pure? give me a break.

Posted by: David | Mar 7 2013 0:01 utc | 50

Some folks just have Jews on their brain. It really doesn't matter if some tin-horn creep dies of cancer. If he hates Israel, disses the Jews, it doesn't matter how bad a creep he is to his own people... he becomes a hero. Very similar to Assad, who has murdered and butchered over 100,000 of his own people, possibly more in the past few years, but he is beloved by some here for "standing up the zionism/CIA/NATA" so his "sins" are ignored. But it's the Palestinians who really suffer. Right. Hugo is probably in a very warm place now, perhaps smelling Lucifer's sulfar fumes to paraphrase the tin horn stooge a few years back.

Posted by: David | Mar 7 2013 0:10 utc | 51

#50 David -

The story of Putin's gigantic fortune is pure "bunk." Forbes has done thorough investigations into this and found it baseless (they've just issued a list of the richest billionaires with quite a few Russians on the list and the name "Vladimir Putin" is nowhere to be found). I believe Al Jazeera did a documentary that touched on this and came up with nothing. It turns out that this was a tall-tale concocted by a so-called "opposition" politician in Russia who has since recanted. Since the story has been given traction by the western media (and since they loathe Putin to no end), they continue to repeat this story as fact even-though its been debunked by several reputable sources.

As for Chavez, this is the first I've heard of this, but would like to see some hard proof to back up these claims - which are basically coming from anti-Chavez venues. If he has this kind of worth, it should not be difficult to prove and dig up.

Posted by: RC | Mar 7 2013 0:17 utc | 52

@ RC [#52],

You're wasting precious time, good sir. 'David' drives colossal fata morganas over Eretz's deserts, in the hope some will be distracted and confuse figs for facts. 'He's' not concerned with the well being of all, just those whom belong to the tribe. Check all his musings on this site to see 'his' true agenda.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 0:26 utc | 53

For the record: If you compare pictures of Hugo from the early '90s to some of mid 2000, you'll notice he's got a tad bit 'barrel chested' [love euphemistic news outlets] over time. Being overweight/fat/obese has been proven to shorten lives. Does this mean I know or am certain how or why Hugo got his cancer? No, I don't. I know many would've loved to see him dead [many middle/upper-class countrymen for starters], but in the end, only medical specialists [as far as they're unbiased] will have answers to questions raised. {Sorry, Ken. I'm having a way too early coffee break now. It's all so damned tempting when you're your own boss].

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 1:12 utc | 54

I really hate that people are spreading this rumor of him pocketing money. You google it, there is absolutely nothing serious about it at all - two celebrity sites (of course now it is growing like a fungus). As if the CIA/US MSM wouldn't have used that against him in the respectable media if it had a shred of truth.

It sort of like people asking Gandhi how you use non-violence against someone willing to use ultra-violence like Hitler. How does one try to make any sort of case at all when the US and other western media are willing to use the most baseless lies?

Venezuela isn't going back to how it was. I hope beyond hope there isn't a war, but Randonski doesn't have the support of the military or the majority. No bag of tricks is going to put the rich elite's humpty dumpty dumbasses back together again. I'm just afraid that they will try and kick off some fighting like Syria (though I doubt even the US wants something like that just a couple hours away...).

Oh and this David joker - Nice how he's already has boosted Assad's murder tally up by 40k. At least when these clowns lie it makes them easy to spot.

Posted by: guest | Mar 7 2013 1:37 utc | 55

I am sad to hear that our longtime comrade, rgiap, is very ill at this moment. In his eloquent way, he could speak best, and in the most informed way about Chavez; for he always appreciates the new Bolivarian revolution, and recognizes that these new movements in Latin America are a vibrant work in progress, and the best examples of people power and justice for indigenous people, to be found anywhere.

RIP to Hugo Chavez. Long live the Bolivarian Spirit!

Posted by: Copeland | Mar 7 2013 2:08 utc | 56

The workers of Venezuela will sorely miss H. Chavez.

Noirette @ 35: r'giaps presence on MOA has always been elightening. Hope the sickness is brief, and passes quickly.

Posted by: ben | Mar 7 2013 3:45 utc | 57

Chavez had an infallible sense of smell.

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Mar 7 2013 3:51 utc | 58

What the Statistics Tell Us about Venezuela in the Chavez Era - November, 2012. Let facts defeat fiction.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 4:03 utc | 59

@59: Mmmmmmmm-Think the spinners in the U.S. media would deceive us? Interesting link, thanks. Bet the malignant rich in Venezuela are dancing in the streets.

Posted by: ben | Mar 7 2013 4:24 utc | 60

This from RT:

Posted by: ben | Mar 7 2013 4:28 utc | 61

And this:

Posted by: ben | Mar 7 2013 4:34 utc | 62

@ ben [#60],

When they're sick they've got to go to spin doctors, that's for sure. It also seems some individuals here sat at Hugo's deathbed and rummaged through his medical records. I sure as hell hope the Venezuelan populace won't pay a price for Hugo's untimely death. Credit where credit's due: I found the link over at Pepe Escoabr's article El Comandante has left the building.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 5:33 utc | 63

Forgot this: Hugo Chavez on Syria (12 Aug 2012)

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 5:37 utc | 64

Rich is perplexed:
"@ ToivoS

And you have a degree in ...?"

PhD in biochemistry followed by 30 years of research in molecular genetics. Worked in genetic engineering and taught both graduate and medical students.

Posted by: ToivoS | Mar 7 2013 9:16 utc | 65

I keep hearing that Nicolas Maduro is not Hugo Chavez, of course he is not, he does not have Chavez charisma. But Nicolas Maduro is a revolutionary, he is committed to the Bolivarian revolution especially the ALBA Alliance. He is more anti USA, pro Syria, pro Iran. Don't forget the humiliation he received in the USA during his first visit to the UN as foreign secretary. There was never any formal apology from the USA or UN.

If anything his fight will be more open and more intense.

Posted by: hans | Mar 7 2013 10:01 utc | 66

us plots conquest of venezuela in wake of chavez' death

Posted by: hans | Mar 7 2013 12:53 utc | 67

Chavez’ congress passed in a law in 2001 requiring untilled land to be sold to the landless. It was a program long promised by Venezuela’s politicians at the urging of John F. Kennedy as part of his “Alliance for Progress.” Plantation owner Heinz Corporation didn’t like that one bit. In retaliation, Heinz closed its ketchup plant in the state of Maturin and fired all the workers. Chavez seized Heinz’ plant and put the workers back on the job. Chavez didn’t realize that he’d just squeezed the tomatoes of America’s powerful Heinz family and Mrs. Heinz’ husband, Senator John Kerry, now U.S. Secretary of State.

Watch that Khazaar jackass Kerry create mayhem in Venezuela.

Posted by: hans | Mar 7 2013 13:34 utc | 68

Hans @ 67

It is a given the US will plot against Venezuela
Not that this is anything new, but, with Chavez gone
The plotting will hit a peak

Interesting, so there is a troll from New Zealand here?
And this is debsisdead and dave?
What is it with New Zealand?
I have one from there also, that skulks around my blog, spouting filth and insults.

A definite follower of of the Khazarian descendents, no doubt.
I took the time to do some reading on the "chosen ones" in New Zealand and they appear to be descended from the eastern European Khazars that converted to Judaism

Curious and Curiouser.....

Just thought I would let those interested in some Syrian news.... there has been much ongoing, you can find it here

The rebels have kidnapped UN peacekeepers, no they rescued them, my bad
An interesting piece from the Hindu etc

Posted by: Penny | Mar 7 2013 13:52 utc | 69

@ Toivos,

Q: "@ ToivoS

And you have a degree in ...?"

PhD in biochemistry followed by 30 years of research in molecular genetics. Worked in genetic engineering and taught both graduate and medical students.

R: Please humble me with your {online] thesis so I can be proved so utterly wrong. You're not a tribal man, are you, Toivo?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 14:55 utc | 70

Penny @69: No Penny, Debsisdead is no troll. He/she? is a long time contributor to MOA. An excellent and colorful writer, the contributions made here, at least for me, have been more than welcomed. The great thing about this blog, is the fact that many points of view are tolerated by b.

Posted by: ben | Mar 7 2013 15:17 utc | 71

I try to follow the Tao te Ching's teaching to "never overesteem great men." Chavez was almost certainly a flawed guy, we all are. Let's not make him a Saint. Neither should be believe that we was as awful as some would have us believe. We are correct to be skeptical of "the one true narrative" that we're getting.

All that is immaterial. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a world leader. To run your little country, what liberty do you really have? Can you drive a hard bargain for your resources? Will the US let you? Is there not a de-facto dialectic that pulls you to one pole or another? What if you're just independent, and want to do business on the free market as it were; would you be allowed to do so unmolested? I've always been oriented that way, and found it safe to walk the ghettos of America, and the casbahs of Algeria, despite being a blonde headed, obviously Anglo-American. I've been most rudely treated among my own kind, I've been assaulted by their ignorance, lack of decorum and aggressiveness. Simply asking "why" is deeply offensive to them.

Posted by: scottindallas | Mar 7 2013 15:54 utc | 72

"You're not a tribal man, are you, Toivo?"

This shit is lame. I don't understand the point of it.

I understand the foulness of right wing Israelis using the holocaust to their own genocidal ends. I understand the disgusting fact that flinging the term "anti-semite" is used to shield racist actions of the Israeli government or the bad actions of individual Jews the world over. I also understnad that it is pretty hard to make a case that the thing exists or is even damaging when the targeted group is, on the average, successful, and their nation state is among the very worst actors (ever) on the world stage.

But it does exist and it is damaging, this keen interest in knowing someone's ethnic, racial, or religious background in order to make a "judgement" about them is just plain stupid. And real racist in the sense of the Klan or like minded groups. Just because some scumbags pervert a term to use it for their own immoral purpose, doesn't mean the thing doesn't exist - kind of like the difference between Christianity and the thing that GWB practices.

So yeah, there is such a thing as racist anti-semitism and, unless I've misread something, this "you a tribal man..." is right there, along with other comments pointing out "this Khazar" or that "tribal". What are you going to do if someone comes along with a real serious commitment to all the values you hold who is not on your list of approved groups? You are going to tell them to get lost? Or you suggesting it isn't even possible? You wouldn't accept that thinking with any one else. And frankly I don't see the difference between that kind of thinking and the thinking that allows people to invent lies about Chávez or kick a Palestinian farmer in the face or feel fine about doing bad things anyone else.

I mean, as if John Kerry's stupidity (and his right to it, lol) isn't bad enough to stand on it's own or something... as if his utterly dull dipshittery has anything to do with anything other than his pampered lifestyle, his position of power, his being surrounded by yes men and sycophants, and his sole obsession of making sure nothing threatens it.

Posted by: guest | Mar 7 2013 15:59 utc | 73

@ ToivoS #65

"PhD in biochemistry followed by 30 years of research in molecular genetics. Worked in genetic engineering and taught both graduate and medical students."

Thats very respectable, but have you ever worked with biological weapons? In this very thread was mentioned Cornelius Rhoads from U.S. Army Chemical/Biological Weapons Division: "In 1931, Cornelius Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, purposely infects human test subjects in Puerto Rico with cancer cells; 13 of them died."

That was 80 years ago. Since then biological/chemical warfare VASTLY, and I mean VASTLY improved. There are many ways to kill someone, depending on target's body/health and how quickly he should be dispatched. It doesnt always have to be cancer, it can be untraceable poison or specific medication to cause heart failure, or induce brain aneurysm and so on. Not only bullets kill people, for unwanted personalities removal there are more subtle ways to dispatch them, without making them martyrs.

For example: Alexander Litvinenko was quickly assassinated with polonium-210, probably by KGB. Yasser Arafat was presumable assassinated by Israel, maybe also with polonium.

Those were with fast acting "ingredients", but again it doesnt have to be - for thousands of years people knew various poisons with different outcomes. In current times it can be made very specific, even before tapping into DNA. I'm more than confident any prominent secret service could kill you or me from "natural causes" if they chose to, and it would be very hard if not impossible to prove foul play. Litvinenko stands out not because its actually proven case, but because it was a warning to traitors. There are much cheaper, easier and untraceable ways to kill someone.

Speaking of Chavez, he himself said he doesnt have proof, but basing on circumstances (sudden wave of cancer among anti-US leadership in Latin America) and a LONG history of US-led assassinations of leaders standing in its way, along with immense scientific progress in recent decades, its not a stretch by any means to suspect foul play. Since properly done assassination from "natural causes" is nearly impossible to prove, induced Chavez cancer will be filed under "conspiracy theory" and thats it. Common sense basing on context and history suggests it probably wasnt an accident, but we'll probably never know for sure.

Posted by: Harry | Mar 7 2013 16:24 utc | 74

Hugo Chavez;A hero in a world of zeroes.May he rest in peace.And f*ck Israel and all its wacko adherents of alleged superiority unseen by the rest of the world,as the only thing I see them superior at is stealing.And remember the best thieves have the greatest number of locks and devices to keep their stolen goods,among them the ability to control the narrative,ala the MSM.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 7 2013 16:32 utc | 75

Yeah, making an accusation without having solid proof makes people look like complete dumbasses. Not that that stops most people.

Even if you believe something absolutely with no doubt but can't back it up (say, to a jury) you're better off just to keep your mouth shut - in public at least.

Posted by: guest | Mar 7 2013 16:36 utc | 76

Someone above was complaning about Juan Cole's criticism of Chavez and noted that Cole was a Democratic Party stalwart who only opposed imperialism when it manifested itself under a GOP administration.
It's worse than that, as I have noted several times on this and other blogs.
Despite his anti-war left reputation, Cole approved of Bush's attack on Iraq on the day before it was launched-after having expressed misgivings for several months previous. He predicted it would leave Iraq a better place despite many objectionable motivating factors and encouraged the troops to believe in their on balance righteous mission.

Sure, when the war went wrong, he jumped on the antiwar bandwagon.

Posted by: amspirnational | Mar 7 2013 16:37 utc | 77

I note that "David" above snuck in a comment to the effect that the Palestinians were suffering while Chavez and Assad were being defended.
David appears to be a professional anti-anti-semite and it doesn't take long for them to present inner contradictions.
David, the Palestinians themselves have been split on the virtues or otherwise of Baathist Syria for decades, some approving,some not. Assad has always supported some Palestinian anti-Zionist factions, besides affording many a temporary home.
Now, if you made your arguments above,even objections to what you consider excessive criticism of Jews,while advocating a One State Solution, with right of Palestinian return implemented and an ensuing plebiscite held to determine how the stolen land would be governed, one could almost sympathize with your complaints.
Something tells me however you are not in favor of the only real solution to the theft of Palestine.

Posted by: amspirnational | Mar 7 2013 16:54 utc | 78


"this keen interest in knowing someone's ethnic, racial, or religious background in order to make a "judgement" about them is just plain stupid"

Not sure you've interpreted #70 correctly. It is unfair to base one's judgement of another's character based on these factors, but is it wrong to make a judgement of one's opinion (or the reason why someone might hold a certain opinion) based on these factors? I'm not so sure, although perhaps I've interpreted him incorrectly.

But, yeah, Viva Chavez!

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Mar 7 2013 16:56 utc | 79

Ben @ 71

thanks for clarifying

Posted by: Penny | Mar 7 2013 16:57 utc | 80


don't use my referral to the troll that has sullied my blog
as proof of some kind of "racist anti-semetism"
To continue promoting the eternal victim meme
That is complete and utter shiite
Your using some real sleight of hand/razzle dazzle with that comment
Not every one is going to buy into it
Especially someone who has been subjected to extremely foul verbal attacks against oneself and against others that leave comments at my place

"Atheist Asshole" being one of the kindest attacks
But, you get the idea, I am sure?

Posted by: Penny | Mar 7 2013 17:13 utc | 81

- sorry for not policing the comments but I do have other things to do too
- I again banned a bunch of IP addresses of those names that are obvious sockpuppets and the big servers of the TOR network that some other haters used. I hope that will help.

@Daniel Rich - stop picking on and/or annoying other commentators here. This is the last warning to you.

Posted by: b | Mar 7 2013 17:18 utc | 82

US Embassy Officials Expelled from Venezuela, Government Warns of “Conspiracy Plans”

"Vice-president Nicolas Maduro today denounced destabilisation plans by the international and Venezuelan right wing, announcing the expulsion of two US officials for threatening military security. He also implied that Chavez’s cancer was “caused by enemies of Venezuela”...

Posted by: вот так | Mar 7 2013 18:10 utc | 83

Got distracted, but meant to add that it appears that Maduro is taking a very pro-active role. This is welcome, because the Israeli-Americans are taking advantage of the passing of Chavez to promote their "regime change" ops, and Venezuela needs a very active and focused leadership now to counter these guys.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 7 2013 18:23 utc | 84

"To continue promoting the eternal victim meme
That is complete and utter shiite
Your using some real sleight of hand/razzle dazzle with that comment
Not every one is going to buy into it"

It wasn't directed at you in particular.

I think I laid out my thinking as clearly as I am able, no "razzle/dazzle" at all. Especially on the issue of "the eternal victim" meme which I tried to make clear that it is generally only used for the purposes of obfuscating current crimes. Though like I said, the existence of criminals and racist morons in one group doesn't excuse those same in another.

But like you said, now comes the part where everyone else makes their own decision.

Posted by: guest | Mar 7 2013 19:48 utc | 85

Harry | Mar 7, 2013 11:24:58 AM | 74

The issue with Cornelius Rhoads raises two questions.

One is did he indeed do the experiment of injecting cancer cells into other patients. There is no evidence that he did, other than a letter he wrote claiming he otherwise. He may very have done it, but there is no scientifically valid evidence.

The second issue is let us assume that he did, in fact, do so. The result based on known human genetics and tissue rejection, is that a tumor would not result. I saw a poorly documented claim that such experiments were done in the 1950s (on prisoners if I recall correctly) and nothing happened.

Litvenenko died of radiation poisoning from Po210. There is no way in the world that the Cuban doctors would mistake that for cancer. In such poisonings the patient lives just a matter of weeks, not the two years post-diagnosis that Chavaz lived.

Posted by: ToivoS | Mar 7 2013 20:05 utc | 86

@ b [#82]

Q: @Daniel Rich - stop picking on and/or annoying other commentators here. This is the last warning to you.

R: ToivoS called me a 'holocaust denier light' despite having a [biological] dad who spent [almost] 5 years on the run from Germans and 27 family members who didn't return from the camps. If that's OK with you, then ban me. I can live with that.

Please help Pfc. Bradley Manning, who believed in true justice. Thank you.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 7 2013 23:47 utc | 87

@ ToivoS #86

*"One is did he indeed do the experiment of injecting cancer cells into other patients. There is no evidence that he did, other than a letter he wrote claiming he otherwise. He may very have done it, but there is no scientifically valid evidence."

He wrote two letters about it, first one was made public, and second wasnt. "Most prominent among his (social scientist P.Vazquez) findings was a 1932 letter that Governor Beverly had written to the Rockefeller Foundation's associate director stating that Rhoads had written a second letter "even worse than the first" and which, according to Beverley, the [Puerto Rican] government had suppressed and destroyed."

At least 13 Rhoads patients died (that we know of), but hoping for evidence from US or Rockefeller investigations would be unreasonable, they wanted such experiments/data and would whitewash or even destroy anything incriminating Rhoads if there was anything to hide. Lets not forget US themselves did questionable experimentation, and gladly hired and protected Nazi scientists who did the same.

Sure, one could hope Rhoads never did anything like that, and was a model doctor who never crossed the line. But do we seriously assume such angels work in U.S. Army Chemical/Biological Weapons Division? US wasnt any better than Nazis were in this regard, and even if such experimentation wasnt done by Rhoads, it was done by someone else.

*"Litvenenko died of radiation poisoning from Po210. There is no way in the world that the Cuban doctors would mistake that for cancer. In such poisonings the patient lives just a matter of weeks, not the two years post-diagnosis that Chavaz lived."

You missed the point, my friend. There are MANY ways to kill someone, not just Po210, and Litvenenko was an example of very public assassination kind. You dont choose such way on leaders like Chavez - it would only make him a martyr and people would rally around his ideas even more. In such case clandestine kill from "natural causes" is preferred.

Did quick google search, and on CIA website they write about Russian tactics: "On the other hand, assassinations of some emigré leaders have been carried out so skillfully as to leave the impression that the victims died from natural causes."

Do you think CIA would never do that? ;-) We all know the answer, if anything - US was much more pro-active in assassinations than Russians were (even recent Magnitsky's death from "natural causes" is attribute by US to "the slow-motion assassination"). US is also getting more subtle about it, and advancement in many scientific fields allows them to pick and choose how to do it, without overly raising the suspicion. There are literally thousands of ways, and maybe you as scholar never thought about such science application because its so dreadful, but make no mistake - superpowers always crosses the line if it suits their agenda.

Posted by: Harry | Mar 8 2013 4:56 utc | 88

Strange, no bravado talk from the Khazaar Zionists wrt Chavez? Have they bitten more then they can chew with his murder? Nicolas Maduro looks like a man on a mission. I think they have underestimated his resolve. He is from the same barrio stable as Chavez. After all they tried to get their Khazaar brethren elected and failed. I am not sure there is much there will be able to do in this round of elections.

Posted by: hans | Mar 8 2013 13:14 utc | 89

What many people don't remember or recall is that Chavez was held by USA supported forces for hours during the 2002 coup and USA forces were also present. Perhaps, maybe, kinda sorta, they might've, coulda messed with, done things to him that he wouldn't remember. Medical injections that took their toll on him and finally led to his mysterious "cancer" arising?

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 8 2013 14:56 utc | 90

@ hans [#89]

You might appreciate this The Venezuelan Minister of Correctional Services, Iris Varela, has announced on her Twitter account the expulsion of a French citizen known as Frédéric Laurent Bouquet, December 29, 2012. Keep your real enemies as close as you can, eh?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 8 2013 14:58 utc | 91

Very interesting Daniel. Probably will be missed on this dying thread. I bet b picks it up.

I still don't get why you deny the holocaust when your relatives were in it. Probably explains your funny sense of humor. lol.

Posted by: scottindallas | Mar 8 2013 16:11 utc | 92

From the article posted by DR in 91:

"During his trial, Mr. Bouquet admitted he had been trained in Israel and was an agent of French military intelligence service (DGSE). He admitted planning an attack to assassinate Constitutional President Hugo Chavez."

That seems the standard for western terrorist ops, their security thugs are given training in Israel, or by Israelis.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 8 2013 18:21 utc | 93


Is there a way to reach you, via other means, privately? I agree with Copeland about brother Christoper. Beautiful website
btw, Copeland.


Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 9 2013 9:25 utc | 94

Stupid auto speller on my tablet... grrrr... love and light to rgiap.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 9 2013 9:28 utc | 95

Craig Murray nails it

Chavez’ overwhelming achievement was to apply succesfully in a developing country the international law doctrine of a state’s inalienable right to its mineral resources, as declared by the UN General Assembly in 1968. One of the fundamental reasons that the developing world is so poor is that states have been unable to take a reasonable share of the economic benefit from exploitation of their mineral resources. The main reason for this is that multinationals have bribed corrupt politicians for the rights at little purchase cost and low taxation and resource share.

#11 Debs is dead, I share your concern that some people mistake this blog for a right wing conspiracy platform. I agree with your rant that people's cultural differences and prejudices get exploited for a reason, however it does not make sense to connect good and evil with race from neither perspective left or right, which is evident in Latin America where it is hard to find anyone not of mixed race.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 9 2013 10:06 utc | 96

"Elected with quite large majorities he was smeared as an anti-semite and dictator by the same media that lauded the U.S. sponsored military coup against him."

I'm sure most of the sentient humans on the planet now realize that "the Truth is anti-Semitic" and that being elected with huge majorities discredits the idea that Chavez was a "dictator".

Only idiots and liars could claim anything different.

Posted by: stephan williams | Mar 10 2013 3:55 utc | 97

... no matter what "David" claims is true.

Posted by: stephan williams | Mar 10 2013 4:26 utc | 98

Where is America’s Hugo Chavez? Who Will Stand Up Against the Military-Oil-Banker Mafia? No matter where I live or work, I always see and hear the same kind of political BS [the extent may vary, but the outcome mostly does not]. Sick to the teeth of it. Sick to the teeth... I don't know Hugo Chavez [personally], but deeds speak louder than words. Check out What the Statistics Tell Us about Venezuela in the Chavez Era and draw your own conclusions.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 4:37 utc | 99

Uncle Scam and others:

Noirette =

andrea black 140 at hotmail dot com (no spaces)

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 10 2013 15:34 utc | 100

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