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March 08, 2013

Another Korea War?

After the UN slapped some new sanctions on North Korea for its third nuclear test, North Korea has nullified the armistice with the UN forces starting Monday March 11.

Today the official paper Rodong Sinmun carries some 15 pieces about war.  The main editorial: We'll Be Victors in the Fight to Defend National Sovereignty

If the enemy comes at us with a dagger we’ll draw out a big sword to slice him in pieces, if he comes with a rifle we'll turn a big gun to blow him off, and he threatens with nuke, we’ll face up to him with more powerful and accurate nuke strike means of our own -- that will be the mode of counter attack of Mt. Paektu type. The statement declared that the KPA Supreme Command would totally nullify the Korean Armistice Agreement and stop all activities of the Panmunjom Mission of the KPA.

The statement also demonstrated the heroic spirit of Songun Korea pressing forward to a bright future with the might of its people's single-minded unity.

Local headlines: U.S. And Puppet Warmongers Are Destined to Meet Final Ruin, In Concerted Efforts, All People Ready for Decisive Battle, With Power of Single Hearted Unity

Inter-Korean headlines: U.S., South Korea Start Joint Military Exercises, Is It "Defensive"?, Converted Version of "Preemptive Strike"

There is no doubt that North Korea is preparing for a bit of war. It has to raise its deterrence especially against a naval blockade. An over-interpretation of the latest sanctions could lead to such a move.

Starting Monday the U.S. and other countries will also be, in a legal sense, again at war with North Korea. Something will then happen that lets this war go from cold to hot. Such something does not have to come from North Korean. There are enough South Korean hawks who would like a limited or even a bigger clash to occur.

The U.S. and South Korea should stand down and call off their current maneuvers. If only, should the war go hot, to make sure that it is clear which side is the aggressor. Unfortunately the new South Korean president, the daughter of South Korea's former dictator, is likely too hawkish to do so.

For now I do expect some limited clashes. Likely at sea or on one of the disputed islands. But I do not see anyone interested in a longer war. The tricky issue for all sides will be to avoid incidents that could get out of control. One wrongly submitted command or one out of control local commander can screw up the intended limits of the clashes and ruin the day for millions of people.

One might hope that the Chinese keep some influence over North Korea. But as China joined in the new sanction round its influence of happens next is limited.

The new sanctions, useless as they are, will cost a certain price. Let us that it will not be too high.

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North Korean elites are just buying time until their nuclear force is less vulnerable to strategic attack, and then they will going to push ahead with full Chinese style authoritarian capitalism. They will get rich, everyone else will suffer, things will stay the same everywhere

Posted by: Crest | Mar 8 2013 17:38 utc | 1

NK probably wont start anything, but the Israeli-Americans might use this to intensify their "soft" warfare against NK. Maybe they will also set up a pretext for limited attacks - missile and air - against where they think NK might have their few nukes. Doubtful Israel-America will call off any exercises, but instead, they will use them to provoke NK more. The Israeli-Americans have been steadily working to intensify this conflict and prevent reconciliation between north and south - something that just a few years ago looked very possible. NK destabilisation is part of their anti-China strategy, just as it was in the 1940's, before NK kicked their arse in the 1950's.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 8 2013 18:09 utc | 2

@вот так Why did you write "Israel-America" when the situation in Korea has zero, nadda, nil to do with Israel? Stop such nonsense.

Posted by: b | Mar 8 2013 18:49 utc | 3

B wrote: "@вот так Why did you write "Israel-America" when the situation in Korea has zero, nadda, nil to do with Israel? Stop such nonsense."

But Israel claims the US and Israel are indistinguishable allies. Are you claiming there is daylight between the US and Israel?

Posted by: Yonatan | Mar 8 2013 18:53 utc | 4

b - 3

"Why did you write "Israel-America" when the situation in Korea has zero, nadda, nil to do with Israel?"

I consider Israel and the USA to be a single entity, from about the late 60's on, I think the oligarch interests called Israel and America merged and become a sort of working association of corporate interests. So I generally write Israel-America when referring to things this entity is doing. Prior to the 60's, I generally refer to them as separate entities. I also refer to them singly when the subject is of minor interests to them, or local and appears to be the actions of one of them. So when Israel attacks a Palestinian demo, I use Israel. When America attacked Korea in the 40's, I use America.

Zionist interests, economic and geopolitical, are so heavily intertwined with American corporate interests, and the west's, in general, that it is hard to tell which aspect of an action is due to "American" interests, and which is due to zionist or "Israeli" interests. Major actions, such as the campaigns against Syria, Iran and North Korea are the actions of this NWO combine working fully together. It is in both zionist and the older established fascist capitalist interests to dominate these countries. Same for the "great game" geostrategy of subverting Asia to NWO dominance, of which the destabilisation of Syria, Iran and North Korea is very much a constituent part of.

If one looks at the details of many so called American actions, one will find Israel involved. From zionist mega-banksters providing the funding, zionist media providing the propaganda, down to the Israeli mossad or special ops forces helping on the ground. Even American cops are now being trained in Israel, or by Israelis. And the Israeli penetration of American security, in general, from homeland security, which is essentially an Israeli occupation army, down to many local private firms doing mundane tasks, is quite complete.

Pretty much the same zionist influence can be claimed about countries of Europe and the old British Commonwealth. The zionist interests, American interests, local capitalist fascist interests are also so closely intertwined, these places can be considered as part of this NWO conglomerate, though local interests tend take a somewhat backseat to those of American and zionist as per the power pecking order.

I use terms like Israel-America to remind people it is not really single countries any more, but combinations of interests operating together, and that zionist interests are heavily involved in one way or another, either overtly and obvious, or there in the background with all of it. One of the major distortions of the history of nazi Germany is blaming all the aggression of this country on nazi government officials and ignoring the business interests, international and local, who actually were the facilitators, and major beneficiaries, of those nazi officials. Most histories leave out the corporate aspect, which was the actual power behind the nazi "throne". Subsequently, much history about this period is simplistic, inaccurate and logically confusing. This left those same corporate interests still in power and has greatly contributed to the problems we have today with the NWO fascists, who are essentially the same animal. Leaving the zionist power group, what Petras calls the zionist power configuration (zpc), out of the present day matrix of the international power plays similarly distorts reality and only gives a very partial and confusing picture.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 8 2013 19:51 utc | 5

@Bot 5 i disagree on Isreal and US being joined at the hip, Isreal is DC's cat paw in the middle east and given a long leash.
On NK, I see the US and South Korea first isolating the North,diplomatically, even from China then secondly attempting to push them into an invasion of the South.
The nuke test was pretty stupid as it annoyed the Chinese.

Posted by: heath | Mar 8 2013 21:18 utc | 6

@ BOT TAK [#5]

Much to my surprise, Noam Chomsky seems to agree with your stance/thoughts/ideas/philosophies, as I think can be found in this article. I see both countries [US/Israel] going down the drain very fast [public opinion/people I talk to] and somehow those inflicted [aka the home front] are oblivious to this current undertow sidelining both countries and those who live in it. Having been a perpetuate 'foreigner' for most of my life has given me insight [absolutely not meaning I 'know it all'] into the influence of other countries elsewhere [either forcibly or otherwise]. Both Israel and the US [whether their working meme is symbiotic/synergistic or plain idiotic] are seen/viewed as major instigators of mayhem and injustice to most people I talk to.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 8 2013 21:52 utc | 7

So it isn't Israel America combo but really a SoKoAmerica combo according to Bot Taks rule of a combination of countries. It's so simple a theory it's almost diabolical, I love it.

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 8 2013 21:54 utc | 8

@ heath [#6]

Personally I can't get enough of Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu and Zheng He, but how well do we foreigners know the actual Chinese?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 8 2013 21:57 utc | 9

@ Fernando [#8],

You seem to underestimate the role of the US in so many countries around the globe. Given Chomsky's admission of Israel's influence [and the role of their minions in the US] in the US' foreign policies, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between what's really in our interest and what's not. We should always be vigilant and prevent hearsay from trumping hubris and.., oh yeah, the truth.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 8 2013 22:09 utc | 10

Israel's on board with whatever strategy the US wants to get up wrt the eventual literal, or figuritive corraling of China. Despite the silly PR blurbs about China and Israel having some romantic future together, Israel is the US' baby and will live or die depending on its parents. Israel wont expend any fuel in an actual conflict even if one were to happen, so what do they care? There've been only low level phoned-in sorts of oppostion to NK in Israeli media, since even after those NK scientists were killed by that Israeli strike in Syria. So there is a sort of schoolyard rivalry that does exist, on the "world stage", but it's leaning one-sided; with Israel in the not-really-giving-a-fck territory.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 8 2013 22:37 utc | 11

heath - 6

I used to think that, but then I studied the extent of the Israeli/zionist/Jewish lobby. AIPAC is just the tip of the iceberg, it goes much deeper and is exponentially larger than just AIPAC. No colonizer would ever allow a colony to wield such a powerful influence over itself. I now view "them" as a partnership, probably more or less equal, with some variation given the area of influential power.

Daniel Rich - 7

I think Chomsky leans more towards the position heath is at. I've been following Chomsky's work since the early 80's, but not really the last 10-15 years or so. But I don't think his views on the Israel-USA relationship have changed any since the 90's. Chomsky is in almost total denial about the influence of "the lobby".

There have been worldwide polls done the last few years that have confirmed your belief that most people in the world view Israel and the USA as the #1 trouble makers. These two have consistently competed for the #1 and #2 spots in those polls. I don't remember who did the polls, but it was one of the major poll taking firms. The poll question was about the country viewed as the largest threat to peace, I believe.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 8 2013 23:01 utc | 12

It has it's mix, like what was posted -On September 6, 2007, the Israeli Air Force conducted an airstrike on a target in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria. According to Media and IAEA investigative reports, 10 North Korean nuclear scientists were killed during the airstrike. This shows that Israel is a US sidekick that seems exempt from blame in actions.

Thought process and in line with US policy -In May 2010 the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman labeled North Korea as part of an 'Axis of Evil', he stated; "This axis of evil that includes North Korea, Syria and Iran, it's the biggest threat to the entire world".

A new litmus test of progressive geopolitics seems to have developed an anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism attitude, and one is generally clumped with the other and it seems for very clear reasons. But while the two countries (US & Israel) are strong allies, Its (The US) most trusted allies are Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Together, the “Five Eyes” agree not to spy on one another, while sharing sensitive information. The issue here is simply 3 of the eyes do not see eye to eye with Israel (Do not trust) and the US is the balance to mediate this imbalance, and even that has mistrust within the agencies.

The relationship between the US and Israel is known as “Friends on Friends,” AKA ‘Friends don’t spy on friends.’ That pact has repeatedly been broken as each have joint ‘umbrella agendas’ but different reasoning and specifics.
Israel for the US is also very much a R&D arm of the US, giving the US a flexibility that can’t be done on home soil.

Each play a game, the only problem is that it ‘seems’ the game is all about War & death’s, and the money, not a healthy partnership or a ideal for humanity as a whole.

I always tried to fathom why Jews have been hated so intently throughout history; there must be something in that?

Posted by: Kev | Mar 8 2013 23:55 utc | 13

@ b [#0],

"By its own - and Western - standards, China's capture, trial, and execution of Naw Kham appears a model of legality. According to China's Global Times, the PRC was tempted to assassinate him via a drone strike in his foreign hideout, but declined. Neither was he shot in the head by special forces and his corpse secretly dumped in the ocean, as was done with Osama bin Laden. Nor was he torched in his hideout with incendiary grenades, as the San Bernadino Sheriff's Department did to alleged murderer and cop killer Christopher Dorner just a few weeks ago."

I'm not privy to internal Chinese machinations, but do adhere to Sun Tzu's strategies and Lao Tzu's philosophies. Never, ever underestimate your opponent. Imo, China would not want to see its buffer removed [North Korea] and be replaced with more US instigated color crap close to its borders. China doesn't move in mysterious ways, but its reasoning might be a mystery to most [including myself].

I'm still not convinced NK has real nukes. You can blow train loads of explosives in underground mines and declare it to be first grade A-bombs.

"A cat can have kittens in the oven, but that doesn't make them biscuits" - [Frasier]

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 9 2013 0:02 utc | 14

"One might hope that the Chinese keep some influence over North Korea. But as China joined in the new sanction round its influence of happens next is limited."

Everyone is handling this in the worst imaginable way. And it's all due to America's culture of insane dishonesty toward NK.

I smell an ambush of the US, by China.
It makes no sense for China (or Russia) to endorse US-inspired sanctions on poverty-stricken NK. Having been the main opponent of the US in the Korean War, China is acutely aware of just how cowardly and dishonest the Yankees can be. And if, perchance, they'd forgotten then they've been reminded by Obama's 'encirclement' policy.

I'm quite confident that China has decided to take a leaf out of the US's Structural Bullshit Playbook and, when the new Chinese President is sworn in, will 'forget' the undertakings of the previous Chinese Government. We're about to find out if the Yankees have the balls to back up their indignant, self-righteous, bluster with several tens of thousands of Yankee lives.

They haven't got the balls and they won't risk provoking China (you never know who'll come in on China's side).
This is an important chapter in the demise of the American day-dream.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 9 2013 2:24 utc | 15

Chomsky believe US is just playing the Jewish minority against the majority Arabs, however for this kind of divide and conquer strategy to work, US cannot show itself as excessively biased towards one side.

Posted by: nikon | Mar 9 2013 3:31 utc | 16

@daniel rich #14

under my scenario, China would have to accept a united Korea in the US orbit as no one would accept their right to have a buffer state in place of (you can hear the MSM)"uniting a divided people separated by years of.....blah blah blah". It would put chinese diplomatic relations back 30 years and really the only reason they intervened in the 1st korean war is that they were a newly established communist state facing off against a nation who had allied with the previous regime. Things are bit different now. And with a United Korea, many people in Korea and Japan would wonder what the US presence was for.

with AIPAC most of its funding comes from 5 or so super rich Americans who are Jewish and have strong ties to Isreal but that money power is generated in the US and is transmitted via from DC to Tel Aviv (and reflected back to other parts of DC) but it clearly originates in the US. Israel doesn't generate enough cash to demand attention of DC on its own. And its those super rich Jews funding the right wing Likudniks unlike the the vast majority of Jewish people who I'm lead to believe would like nice social democratic state.
its amusing that Bibi has had to ask Shimon Peres for extra time to piece together a coalition, since the tv dude and the bennet guy won't work with the jewish religious parties. Calling an early election was meant to give him additional power. Instead just given him a giant headache.

Posted by: heath | Mar 9 2013 4:44 utc | 17

@ heath [#17],

China should take lead on North Korea and China's short-lived North Korean shift might be of interest. It seems that what China says and what China does differ. I think China sees the US as a 'has been' and as they hold the TM of 'Death by a thousand cuts,' I guess they'll try to keel uncle Sam over without lifting a finger [see China homes in on Pacific air supremacy]

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 9 2013 5:02 utc | 18

@ Kev [#13],

This might be one of the reasons: Edict of Expulsion.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 9 2013 6:01 utc | 19

heath - 17

Your post is a good example of why I use terms like Israel-America. It is because many still think in terms of America, Israel, UK, Germany, France when discussing what the corporate oligarchies do. Mali is discussed as a "French" operation. The Iraq war as an "American" operation, etc. These are international policies not decided at a country level, but by groups of corporate oligarchs who operate internationally. Oligarchs whose loyalty is to their own class and interests, not to a country. They are not really loyal to any one country at all. Most of them. There is a major exception, and possibly another somewhat smaller exception, which I'll get to below. These oligarchs use the governments of the countries they operate in to further their own interests and power, not the interests and power of the countries. When it serves their interests, they suck the country dry and split it up, destroying it as a country. If it serves their interests to make the country a powerhouse (totally loyal to their interests, of course), then they do that. Tomorrow, if that country's neighbour fits that bill, these oligarchs will then use that neighbouring country as their main base of operations. A well known example of this is a major chunk of the corporate oligarchy replacing the British empire with the emerging American empire in the early part of the 20th century.

The main exception are the zionists. The other notable exception may be the Japanese, who may have a bit of nationalism still left among their local ruling oligarchy, and enough clout internationally to keep some semblance of independence. The zionists have that same class loyalty as the others, but they are also loyal to Israel - the zionist ideal. In that way, they differ from the majority of the international oligarchs. That loyalty also makes them more united than most of the rest. It's that unity that makes zionist power so strong. Also, they are spread throughout the world more, there are loyal zionists throughout the power structures of the capitalist west. That zionist unity is what sets them apart from the others, in that they do have a country. That country is Israel. Right now, the various oligarchs, zionist and not, in the capitalist west use the USA as their main strong arm, but should their continued use of the USA cause that country to fail to be that strong arm, these oligarchs will select another to replace it. Like they replaced Britain with the USA 100 years ago. But no matter who the enforcer country is, and which countries are sucked dry and allowed to decline, Israel will undoubably remain protected. If the zionists get their way. Other countries get thrown under the bus when better ones come along, but not Israel, Israel is eternal and untouchable - the 1000 year reich - in the eyes of the zionist branch of the NWO. In that sense, these zionists are a separate power block of the oligarchy, and they maintain enough power to keep their independence.

The various lobbies the zionists maintain throughout the west are there to maintain independent zionist power, and while the majority of powerful zionist oligarchs live outside Israel, Israel is home. Israel is central. These lobbies are used to maintain zionist power locally, and to maintain Israeli influence in those countries and among the other oligarchs. The following essay provides a good overview how this works in the USA, but it should be remembered that the zionists maintain similar influence structures throughout the capitalist west, and in some countries, their influence is even stronger than it is in the USA.

The State and Local Bases of Zionist Power in America

This is getting off topic and I don't want to further hijack this discussion about recent Korean events. My original post was a response to "b" explaining why I use the term Israel-American, I intend to get into an extended discussion about it. Unless "b" is interested in further discussion, which I would be happy to, I think it's best I should stop here.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 7:57 utc | 20

"I intend to get into an extended discussion about it"

Evidently I proofread every sentence, but that one.

I didn't intend to get into an extended discussion about it

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 7:58 utc | 21

@вот так - your conflating of U.S. and Israeli interest as one and of Zionists as some rulers of the world is nonsense. Keep it away from your comments here or go elsewhere.

Posted by: b | Mar 9 2013 8:44 utc | 22

"@вот так - your conflating of U.S. and Israeli interest as one and of Zionists as some rulers of the world is nonsense. Keep it away from your comments here or go elsewhere."

"Agree with me, or go away" - very mature.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 9:03 utc | 23

- your conflating of U.S. and Israeli interest as one ...

What planet have you been living on?

Posted by: DM | Mar 9 2013 11:43 utc | 24

deleted and banned - b.

Posted by: yeah . . but | Mar 9 2013 11:50 utc | 25

Do whatever is mandatory on this site to avoid being thrown out and keep on the good job of giving hints and leads. Your comments are pertinent and elaborate and are highly valued by the better part of the visitors.

Posted by: soporta | Mar 9 2013 13:03 utc | 26


Thank you for those kind words. Very much appreciated.

Posted by: вот так | Mar 9 2013 19:32 utc | 27

Just to note, those who feel safe with the US, even it's seen as allies are under the probability of an invasion.This is not contained to developing or 3rd world, the best example; Canada, was just such a Country and this was in 1935

Posted by: Kev | Mar 10 2013 5:21 utc | 28


According to Israel: A De Facto Member of NATO your assessment of of an interconnection [militarily and perhaps otherwise] between Israel - Europe [NATO] and the US [head of NATO] is a fact, not fiction.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 8:18 utc | 29

@29 Be careful. You might get deleted and banned. I don't keep track of who is pushing what line - but what I recall of the deleted #25 is that there were a couple of links to MSM articles of both UK leaders professing their total loyalty to Zionism. I don't recall any nasty words. So why was it deleted? Whisky Bar my arse!

Posted by: DM | Mar 10 2013 10:07 utc | 30

@ DM [#30],

That's odd, because this is the Haaretz's headline Tory leader calls himself 'Zionist'; U.K. Jews campaign against boycott. Was the person in question disrespectful in any way that you know of?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 11:11 utc | 31

Israel controls US.Why else would we commit suicide for their interests?They own the bully pulpit in which every one of our national pols is subject to the power of the Ziomedia to kill any pol out there who questions their idiocy;Howard Dean,Kucinich,Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan come to mind.Since 1948,and counting.And limiting discussion is a sure fired way of making this site irrelevant,like all the other sites that have gone belly up to Zionism.Sad.Bo Tak is totally correct.
Edward 1 probably owed a lot of dough to the Jews of his day,in financing HIS endless war of hegemony over the French.Probably a main factor in his decision.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 10 2013 15:59 utc | 32

@ DM [#30],


I thought "deleted and banned - b." was 'yeah . . but's' contemporary attempt at being funny. Now I also realize you mention 'UK leaders' [plural] and am confused. Plural = ?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Mar 10 2013 20:38 utc | 33

North Korea cuts off hotline with South Korea

Posted by: b | Mar 11 2013 19:12 utc | 34

New set of US sanctions against DPRK, this time aiming at DPRK Foreign Trade bank.

Some people never learn.

Posted by: Rhysa | Mar 11 2013 23:22 utc | 35

You can blame Israel-America for most of the world's troubles and you'd be partially right.

It's the money power of the international bankster gangsters, the ones who DOJ AG Holder is scared to prosecute that are really calling the shots.

Posted by: Lese Majeste | Mar 21 2013 17:43 utc | 36

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