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February 01, 2013

Syria: How to Respond To Israel's Attack?

On yesterday Israel's attack on Syria Al Akhbar writes:
The Israelis were also betting that Syria will not respond, as was the case with previous attacks, like the one against a “nuclear” facility in Deir Ezzor in 2007.

But the circumstances are different this time on a number of levels. At present, a lack of response on the part of Syria means that it is accepting Israel’s terms, something that Damascus may view as intolerable in the current situation.

If there is no response from Damascus Israel will have set an example for Turkey and others that they can directly the Syrian government without fear of reprisal.

I don't think that Syria can let that happen. There is too much at risk. It will have to respond to Israel's attack. It may be willing to do so. Unlike 2007 when Syria did not acknowledge the Israeli attack it now immediately published it and has thereby giving itself some right to respond.

But how?

This raises a number of questions as to how Syria will respond: Will it fire back openly, or will it carry out some sort of covert operation? Will it target the Zionist state directly or attack its interests abroad? And will it be done in such a way as to make an Israeli response inevitable, thus sparking a regional war?
My best guesses:
  • The response will be a covert operation,
  • it will target Israel directly and most likely strike at a military or political target,
  • the level of retaliation will be more or less proportional to the attack and without leaving a calling card thereby avoiding an Israeli response.

But can Syria really conduct such an operation on its own or will it need help from others?

Posted by b on February 1, 2013 at 16:10 UTC | Permalink


But can Syria really conduct such an operation on its own or will it need help from others?

LOL...whom do you mean by "others"?? :)

Posted by: pirouz_2 | Feb 1 2013 16:22 utc | 1

b, events cry for some kind of response by Syria, but, I'm afraid unless it's covert, It will be used by Israel to widen the war against Assad. I think the best response would be to raise hell rhetorically, and hope the world will finally see Israel for what they really are,bullies.

Posted by: ben | Feb 1 2013 16:24 utc | 2

I think Syria will openly attack Israel. It has to, if not they will lose credibility. Perhaps an air strike, perhaps a launching of missiles. Maybe even Iranian drones. But Syria will have to do something.

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 1 2013 16:29 utc | 3

A covert attack?
Why would Syria undertake a covert attack?
This would only reinforce the negative
They were attacked by Israel, that much is obvious and no one is claiming otherwise
It should be an open response to Israel's attack as is justified by Israel's unprovoked attack

Posted by: Penny | Feb 1 2013 16:43 utc | 4

"Israel will have set an example for Turkey"

Let's cross that bridge when/if we get there. Until then, the Syrian Government should continue its resistance to what is now clear to everyone - an insurgency supported by Israel.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 1 2013 16:48 utc | 5

The UN refugee agency has for the first time reached an opposition-held area in northern Syria, saying some 45,000 displaced people there are living in "appalling" conditions.

The operation was only possible because of co-operation between the Syrian government and the opposition.

Yacoub el-Hillo, the UNHCR director for Middle East and North Africa, told the BBC that the operation "could not have happened without the Syrian government", which had agreed to issue landing permits for UN planes and also to allow the convoy to proceed to Azaz.

The UNHCR also praised an agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition Syrian National Coalition which made the agency's "strictly humanitarian and non-political operation" possible.

Coupled with the Khatib's willingness to start peace talks, these are the sort of developments I prefer to hear about - both sides talking to each other. Hopefully this will lead to the marginalisation of militants who will be left to canibalise each other. Hopefully Israel's best attempts to exacerbate the violence will fail.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 1 2013 17:04 utc | 6

Let's see,

not long ago a drone approached Dimona taking many pictures and videos all the way thru it's journey in Israel. Hizbollah openly claimed responsibility and un-official but influent voices in Iran expressed satisfaction about that. Israel didn't respond immediately and never openely.

Last week a site in Syria was attacked. As far as I know no one has taken reponsibility for this so far, although everyone suspect Israel was behind it. Syria has legaly complained to the UN.

Why is it that Syria needs to overtly retaliate to such an act. Syria needs to posture as a law abiding citizen of the community of the nations. Not a gung ho, tit for tat cowboy. Israel is hiding and refraining to take charge because she knows this was an illegal act. Why should then Syria overtly respond with another illegal act.

Syria will wait and reply appropriately, in a covert way for sure. This is not loosing face. It's being smart.

Posted by: ATH | Feb 1 2013 18:13 utc | 7

Nothing is going to happen. Israel will get away with it as usual, the western community of common values will deplore Syia's criminal behaviour and nobody will demand any evidence, and that will be it. All animals are equal.

Posted by: k_w | Feb 1 2013 19:38 utc | 8

its actually better that Assad does nothing other than get Isreal to meddle. With the war effectively a stalemate, get those salafists away from aleppo and damacus and from Assad's point of view, who better for them to fight than the 'Auld Enemy'.

Posted by: heath | Feb 1 2013 21:31 utc | 9

international law is clear: there is no right to self-defense long after an act of aggression or attack. syria needs to be ready to respond immediately to israeli violations. otherwise, international law requires that syria approach the United Nations. it is for these reasons that the war in afghanistan was illegal, because so much time had passed after 9/11 and the US should have gone through legal and multilateral forums to deal with al qaeda.

who knows if syria cares about any of this. but if it does it will take the covert approach. but in doing so it will have to establish what nasrallah calls 'the balance of terror'. if syria fails to respond, it will only invite more aggression from israel, nato, and turkey.

Posted by: g | Feb 1 2013 21:34 utc | 10

If Syria responds militarily, I think they will go the route described by b. But I think there is a good chance they will go through the UN instead. Israel just lost a UN battle over their illegal land stealing in the West Bank. There could be further UN action over this attack. I also think that Israel's efforts causing sectarian strife among Palestinians and Muslims just took a hit. The Israeli quislings among these had been voicing opposition to the Syrian government and trying to sideline Hezbollah, while sucking up to Israel's ally Qatar. It's now more obvious that the attack on Syria is Israeli, and not a "civil war" and that the governments supporting these war crimes are doing it partially as a service to Israel. The Palestinians supporting this Israeli side, who shifted their HQ to Qatar, now may be exposed as Israeli corruptions.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 1 2013 22:13 utc | 11

How will Syria respond to this attack? Who cares (except for the inevitable casualties and their families, of course)?

The real question is, will Israel attack again, and what will Syria's response be? If Israel was seriously attempting to interdict the massive flow of arms between Syria and Hezbollah, one attack has only the tiniest of effects. Israel either needs to launch more attacks, or it has made arms shipments EASIER by shooting its wad (so to speak). Whether Syria overtly responds to the current attack hardly matters. Plenty of people in Syria, including the rebels, are already mocking Assad for not responding. If Israel attacks again, Assad will have to make an overt response, and that could start something neither side can control

Posted by: Bill | Feb 1 2013 22:18 utc | 12

"... the massive flow of arms between Syria and Hezbollah..."

Any evidence of this, Bill? Or don't you do evidence?

Posted by: bevin | Feb 1 2013 22:29 utc | 13

I should be surprised if Syria responds. The point for them is a domestic argument. Israel attacks us, therefore you should support the government. That argument will play well.

That was the reason the government sources identified a research centre as the target - I have no idea whether it is true.

On the other hand, the informal Israeli sources talked of an attack upon a transport of Sam 17s to Hizbullah. Sam 17s are big, vehicle transportable, missiles.

I have no idea what is true, but whatever the truth, Asad will be strengthened, as the Israeli threat replaces all else.

I thought that a mistake on the Israeli part, as their interest is to maintain Syria in confusion. Bring back the Syrians to think about their relationship with Israel, and they may think: why are we fighting?

Posted by: alexno | Feb 1 2013 22:36 utc | 14

Israel preemptively strikes Syria, why can’t Syria do the same? - interview

"And again the Syrian Government’s case is that Israel bombed well inside Syrian borders. This is comparable to for example the deployment by Turkey of a war plane inside Syrian air space, summer of last year. But I think also what needs to be seen here, is the fact that Israel has now exposed itself as being on the very same side as extremist elements, that is Wahhabi and Salafi elements, backed by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Persian Gulf monarchies in their attack against the Government in Damascus, against the Syrian Government."

Putin Discusses Syria with Security Council of Russian Federation

"Melnikov: Israeli Political Powers Arm, Fund Terrorists in Syria

First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Ivan Melnikov said that the Israeli political powers back the mercenary terrorists and the extremist opposition in Syria, adding that they are providing them with arms and funds.

In an interview with SANA reporter in Moscow of Friday, Melnikov said that the attack of Israeli warplanes on Syria is a gross violation of international law and the UN Charter, and a blatant aggression on a sovereign state, adding that the attack proves once again that the events in Syria are not an internal conflict but have morphed into a regional one.

''There is no doubt that Israel informed the US administration it was planning to carry out the raid on Syria, '' Melnikov said, ''and the US administration was capable of preventing the aggression but they didn't. Therefore, it is the US and its allies who are giving Israel full rein to carry out its aggressive acts.''

Melnikov said attempts to justify the Israeli air raid by claiming it targeted a military convoy are futile, as ''Israel has no right to launch an air assault on Syrian goals,'' adding he is convinced that the schemes for foreign intervention in Syria and some other Arab countries were actually put into effect, citing Libya that became a hotbed of terror.

He added that the US, Israel and their allies don't want a strong Syria that is a keystone for stability in the Middle East and seeks peaceful settlement and just solutions to regional issues, that's why they are trying to fragment and weaken it."

Israel is backing Arab terrorism, the Wahhabis and Israel are working together. This is now becoming an accepted premise.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 1 2013 22:44 utc | 15

This is all very suspicious, just as is was with the Turkish RF-4E Phantom incident.

It is even more suspicious because the Syrians are now, in possession of 9K37 "Buk-M2" mid range air defense system, its radar can detect an enemy jets flying as low as 100 meters at 35 kilometers. On top of all this there are Russians officers who are training Syrian's crews. There were at sleep, while country is in war!? It could be.

Or, the Syrians were about to deliver the latest generation of air defense system to Hezbolah, presumably without approval of Moscow? It couldn't be.

This Syrian crisis is five minutes of glory for Russian foreign policy - imperial one, and I think they are playing nasty. In same time they have an agreement with Zionists settler-state, on reconnaissance data exchange.

I do not buy this story even when Syrian have admitted it. Even if Syrians want to retaliate they will get нет from Russians.

All this is more than laughable and for NYT and Guardian's gullible readers.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Feb 1 2013 23:15 utc | 16


Israel has threatened to strike again

Posted by: nikon | Feb 2 2013 0:30 utc | 17

I'm sure Bashar has a lot of experience with toddlers testing boundaries. He has already been able to point to this incident as evidence that the region's problem child once again doesn't play well with others (and is supportive of the insurgency and instability in Syria). There are many ways to assert your boundaries with a spoiled brat short of violence.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Feb 2 2013 1:11 utc | 18

Are u suggesting Israel may not have attacked at all? It seems is possible in this twisted media-world-war. There are many theories as to what exactly the target was and why Israel might have struck it! But from a very objective point of view: It is said Syria has quite a state of the art air defense system, which alledgedly has been refurbished after the Israeli airstrike in 2007! So I assume, the air defense especially around Damascus should be capable of intercepting...a plane, wether it was flying low or not (This argument is just laughable btw). So even if im no expert this leaves to conclusions: Either there was no attack, or Syria hasnt any air defense systems.

Posted by: Kalim | Feb 2 2013 2:33 utc | 19

Goddamn it!. You're this battle hardened Jihadi, ready to cut the west's throat and now you've got Israel on you side. WTF's next? Count Dracula becoming head of all local Blood Banks?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 2 2013 2:44 utc | 20

make that 'your side'

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 2 2013 2:44 utc | 21

@ ATH [#7],

Q: Why is it that Syria needs to overtly retaliate to such an act. Syria needs to posture as a law abiding citizen of the community of the nations. Not a gung ho, tit for tat cowboy.

R: My sentiments exactly [regardless whether they're right or wrong]. As discussed in a thread elsewhere in this site, logically you'll bash a moron's head in when under attack, but in this Machiavellian scheme, whatever you [and I] see as light, might as well be cloaked darkness, hurrying in over the unbreachable walls on a carpet of deceit.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 2 2013 2:59 utc | 22

HF! What's wrong with me? Make that 'on this site.'

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 2 2013 3:00 utc | 23

U.S. embassy in Turkey hit by suicide bomb:

Posted by: China_Hand-2 | Feb 2 2013 3:40 utc | 24


Haven't rebels been attacking syrian air defense systems?

Posted by: nikon | Feb 2 2013 3:52 utc | 25

Like b, I too am only guessing. But I think it would be a bad idea for Syria to respond to the TWO "Israeli" air raids (the first+last = 2).

Responding to outside interference in Syria's 'civil war' is Russia's job as both Lavrov and Putin have made crystal clear. That one (US-approved) sneak attack by the Kookie Little Paradise's cowards and parasites will have earned them a clear and unambiguous warning, from Russia, about the result of the "next" attack.

I was joking when I said in the previous thread that the Israeli air force could be shot out of the sky (Syria needs to keep its air defenses intact in case NATO gets too big for its boots). Israel's air force can be legitimately and LEGALLY destroyed on the ground by Russia provided Russia warns Israel first that this will happen if it interferes again. I'm quite confident that "Israel" has already been given that warning.
But time will tell. It's easy to underestimate the stupidity of the "Israelis".

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 2 2013 4:09 utc | 26

Just about any retaliation is better than nothing. A brief artillery barrage along the Golan or a few missiles at an Israeli airbase would be more than enough. Even if it did no damage at all. Syria could then absorb Israel's subsequent attack in silence and wait for Russia to try to deescalate. At least Syria would be able to say we stood up for ourselves. If they manage to shoot down an aircraft, so much the better. Capturing a pilot will be icing on the cake. But even without any of that, retaliation is important. Everyone respects a scrappy kid who stands up to a bully, even if it means another beating.

As for an actual invasion, if Israel was reluctant to get into a ground war in Gaza, they surely will not want one on the Golan.

Doing nothing would be a catastrophic mistake, IMHO.

Posted by: Lysander | Feb 2 2013 4:49 utc | 27

First I've heard of this:

FSA and Israel attack Syrian research center

"An unofficial Syrian source told Voltaire Network that a few days earlier the Syrian Arab Army had seized some sophisticated Israeli material used by the Contras, which it stored in the research center where it was to be taken apart and analyzed.

This is probably the material that the Israelis intended to destroy before being taken to Russia or Iran. The Center was first attacked by ground commandos of the Free Syrian Army who were pushed back. Then, the Israeli Air Force intervened directly to carry out the work that the Contras were unable to achieve.

Israeli planes flew in very low from Lebanon. They rose from the rear of Mount Hermon and penetrated Syrian airspace only very briefly."

That has happened before. In Lebanon, last year, when the Lebanese discovered some Israeli snooping (?) devices in their territory. The Israelis raided the place the Lebanese had brought the devices in order to destroy them.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 2 2013 5:31 utc | 28

@ Lysander [#27],

Personally I wouldn't hesitate, in fact I'd preemptively strike first. However, [and again personally]. how do you deal with this when other people's lives are involved. Can you ask a population to 'ride it out' after they've witnessed the onslaught in Gaza? It's not that I disagree with you, and I do hope the Russians will step up to the plate and bail the Syrians out [even if only to test their gear], but, as per your example, the little kid provokes his own beating by standing up to a bully, whereas an entire population has to suffer from this retarded bully's retaliation. As others have expressed in replies above this one, it might be that Russia's pissed off by now and won't have any of it, but as Russia has had severe, bipolar mood swings when it comes to the ME, the only reason they might do something at all is to safeguard their single port in Syria and that's it.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 2 2013 5:33 utc | 29

Just out of curiousity: if Syria *has* to respond for reasons of saving face then what, exactly, is the point of responding "covertly"?

However effective that covert response might be, if it's covert then it ain't necessary going to help Syria in the face-saving-stakes....

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 2 2013 5:49 utc | 30

@7 "Why should then Syria overtly respond with another illegal act. "

If they are retaliating against an attack launched BY Israel then it ain't necessarily true that a Syrian response would be illegal.

After all, following that 2007 raid this is now the second time that Israel has launched an unprovoked air attack on Syrian soil.

As such the Syrians would be perfectly entitled under Article 51 of the UN Charter to retaliate.

They could (say) launch a missile attack against the IDF airbase that these warplanes are being launced from *and* tell the UN Security Council that if it doesn't like the way this is heading then STEP IN AND TELL THE ISRAELIS TO STOP LAUNCHING THESE F**KING AIR RAIDS.

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 2 2013 5:57 utc | 31

Syrians are expert in covert retaliations:

Posted by: mang | Feb 2 2013 6:40 utc | 32

I don't think syria has to fear escalation, Israel really does not want to be dragged into the syrian war. So even if syria retaliate, israel would not want to escalate.

Posted by: nikon | Feb 2 2013 10:06 utc | 33

The Syrians have many issues to deal with short of worrying about how to retaliate to save face or to make sure Israel doesn't look like it has a free hand. The main issue here is the penetration of their air defense systems so close to Damascus, which is the most fortified city in Syria. Damascus is ringed with missile defense and air defneses, yet Israel had no challenge in getting through all these defenses. Syria should be concerned if it is to defend itself against any attempts to force a no fly zone in the future. The russians need to be concerned too, these are their systems and surely it is a problem if they did not detect such a deep penetration. Focus now needs to be to fix this problem.
Retaliation is not really important as Israel would respond making things much tougher, as Israel can NEVER show weakness. ISrael has no stomach to get involved in the Syrian problems and I am willing to bet they would only do this again if their own security is at stake. Focus needs to be on the fixing the air defense systems, otherwise others in the region would be tempted to try similar gambles.

Posted by: ana souri | Feb 2 2013 12:50 utc | 34

ana souri @34

Most of Russian armaments especially the S-300 variant is compromised. Iran did the best thing and started a design of it own. You keep forgetting that most of the fake Jews in that SLC are Russians or from the former Soviet Union, they own many parts of the economy. They have in that weasel Medvedev an ally. I think this whole attack stinks of traitors in the Russian arms industry, who probably helped decode the equivalent system sold to Cyprus and Greece. lets see what happens, what Putin does about it internally. In the mean time Iran and Syria should work rapidly to get short range radar fully functional.

Posted by: hans | Feb 2 2013 13:09 utc | 35

Syria will not retaliate. It doesn't have to give Israel the information it desperately needs:

1. We don't know if the Syrian air defenses worked or not, and Israel doesn't either. If there was any Syrian response during the raid, Syria would have opened its cards as to whether its radar and air defenses were capable of overcoming the ultra sophisticated radar jamming and signal suppression algorithms that Israel used during the raid.

2. Israel didn't care about the what it hit, it really cared about the where it hits. Israel was testing Syria's signal detection capabilities around the capital. The plane could have very well been a drone.

Syria succeeded in denying Israel what it was looking for.

Posted by: MikeA | Feb 2 2013 14:31 utc | 36

Hmmm - Prime minister meets with interior, foreign ministers, chief of staff and intelligence chief

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan organized a surprise state summit in his prime ministerial office in Istanbul.

Erdoğan met with Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Özel, Interior Minister Muammer Güler, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, intelligence chief Hakan Fidan and Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay, Doğan news agency reported.

The surprise meeting was called as a "special security meeting," according to prime ministerial sources, the report said.

Posted by: b | Feb 2 2013 15:57 utc | 37

Nice try "hans", your Russophobic "israle uber alles" drivel is just ridiculous.
Sure you have already but peddle it to Jerusalem Post, that is the kind of audience you are looking for.

Posted by: mang | Feb 2 2013 17:56 utc | 38

MikeA - 36

Good point about Israel attempting to "light up" Syria's AD systems, so they could use the info at a later date, and pass on filtered bits to their American allies.

b - 37

RE: the Turkish security meet.

Is it Turkey's turn to take a stab at Syria provocation?

Posted by: вот так | Feb 2 2013 18:34 utc | 39

The response will be not clearly militay , but more modern and ecologically based. Israel is very sensitive on this issue , small teritory - easy to be contaminated and venomed , so if for any reason the water from the Golan mountains and lakes will be cutoff or radioactively trheated, or with some type low speed venom activated , Israel will be in a very depending situation. I really think that Syria conspiracy already is working on that issue ( culd be with a russia special developments and diversion unit arms help)

Posted by: Bent Jabail | Feb 2 2013 19:38 utc | 40

Bent Jabail - 40

Great name you chose there, Israeli.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 2 2013 20:31 utc | 41

If you were Assad here is your situation, I think. Air defenses may be compromised and can be overridden by jamming, Israel is sending a clear signal that it can get involved in the syria war on the wrong side if it wants, which is what I think the message is from the US and its client Qatar and the Saudis, although you can count on Israel to think of its own security and not want to see a MB or other extremists in power on its northern border, so it will not go too far, but will expect some obedience. Turkey is already goading Assad for not responding knowing any response would make Israel go further which would help the terrorists and weaken Assad further. I doubt turkey would try anything as this would make them look like the enemy of Syrians and weaken their position.
So, what would you do in his shoes.
Damascus is a great place for felafel and hummus, I would just go get a good helping of both and wait. If another attack takes place, I doubt it will, then it is a different war, otherwise, it's back to fighting the battle you're already winning.

Posted by: ana souri | Feb 2 2013 22:05 utc | 42

Bent jabail, please go get bent

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 3 2013 0:20 utc | 43

R2P and Genocide Prevention
The Good Intentions That Pave the Road to War

"Opposing genocide has become a sort of cottage industry in the United States.

Everywhere, “genocide studies” are cropping up in universities. Five years ago, an unlikely “Genocide Prevention Task Force” was set up headed by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former defense secretary William Cohen, both veterans of the Clinton administration.

The Bible of the campaign is Samantha Power’s book, “A Problem from Hell”. Ms. Power’s thesis is that the U.S. Government, while well-intentioned, like all of us, is too slow to intervene to “stop genocide”. It is a suggestion that the U.S. government embraces, even to taking on Ms. Power as White House advisor.

Why has the U.S. Government so eagerly endorsed the crusade against “genocide”?

The reason is clear. Since the Holocaust has become the most omnipresent historical reference in Western societies, the concept of “genocide” is widely and easily accepted as the greatest evil to afflict the planet. It is felt to be worse than war.

Therein lies its immense value to the U.S. military-industrial complex, and to a foreign policy elite seeking an acceptable pretext for military intervention wherever they choose.

The obsession with “genocide” as the primary humanitarian issue in the world today relativizes war. It reverses the final judgment of the Nuremberg Trials that:

War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

Instead, war is transformed into a chivalrous action to rescue whole populations from “genocide”.

At the same time, national sovereignty, erected as the barrier to prevent strong nations from invading weaker ones, that is, to prevent aggression and “the scourge of war”, is derided as nothing but a protection for evil rulers (“dictators”) whose only ambition is to “massacre their own people”.

I recommend that one would do well to think about what is written in this article every time they hear somebody on a supposedly progressive site, or from a supposedly progressive organization, promote American or NATO intervention in another country for "humanitarian" reasons. Or those who stop short of advocating a NATO intervention, but help pave the way for one by repeating the propaganda to make sure the victim will be suitably demonised in the eyes of progressives so they wont be inclined to object much to an American attack on them.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 0:53 utc | 44

@ MikeA [#36],

During the 'cold war' there were these esteemed 'thinkers' who proclaimed:

1) The fact that we can't detect the commies' stealth sub only shows us how far their technique has been developed.

2) The commies blew up that missile on purpose to make us believe their entire missile program sucks.

I like a good laugh, but the above is based on true sentiments.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 3 2013 2:02 utc | 45

Syria does not need a response.

Because israels attack was clearly an illegal act. THAT is their best response and that is what weakens israel most.

Furthermore Syria can currently not afford a response. First, they must clean their house from those nato-sponsored terrorists.

And they don't need a response because israel is moriturum anyway. The us line crumbels. They still make a lot of noise, of course; after all, they are american scum.
But actually they crumble, they start to give in. Don't forget that this is the very reason for israel being in trouble. Currently pretty everything israel does is to try to keep the us a no-questions-asked loyal go-for.

Bye, bye israel.
I already have bought a good bottle of champagne for the occasion of your destruction. And that bottle will be openened. No doubt about that.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 3 2013 2:33 utc | 46

@ BOT TAK [#4]

Off topic: Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier by Paul Eisen + The Fate of Jews in German Hands. Nothing beats a scholarly approach to find the truth [or get as close to it as possible].

As to Syria, given what has been going on the past 2 years in that country + the absence of any reaction -besides rhetoric- after the 2007 bombing raid by IAF planes I think it is safe to conclude that there will be no retaliation whatsoever [besides UN, more rhetoric, etc.]. As I expressed earlier last week, if I were Russian, I'd like to show the world how great my gear really is, not by sitting on my hands, but by nailing those planes right there and then [not some vague future date or by 'not showing my hands yet.'].

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 3 2013 2:37 utc | 47

Daniel Rich - 47

"@ BOT TAK [#4]"

I didn't post #4.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 3:10 utc | 48

Daniel Rich (47)

"... if I were Russian, I'd like to show the world how great my gear really is, not by sitting on my hands, but by nailing those planes right there and then [not some vague future date or by 'not showing my hands yet.']."

No. That's american thinking. Show-off isn't Russia thing, nor do they need it.

To the contrary: *Because* I know that I can handle it easily, I'm ptient with that youngster looking to provoke me.

Let me show you what I think is in Russias (Putins) mind:

The us is dead meat. Period. Yes, they make a lot of noise but then, a 70 year old Ex-Diva also behaves as if every male aound her was crazy about having sex with her.

The usa is dead meat because they failed to keep their dominance working. Attacking Iraq didn't help and both, the Iraq and Afghan wars very much diminished respect and fear of the us.

Well understood, the us tried hard and used every dirty trick to stay upside. But they failed. Piece by piece, step by step.

Their allies have more than enough problems themselves and, worse, they know that those problems come from the us and/or their loyalty to the us.

Of course, the Russians could kill of the americans. Actually, however, they don't. Even more, they try to make it easy and to invite the americans go off-stage without loosing their face completely. Why? Easy. The Russians have understood that 300 mio. can be an attractive market. Furthermore, while they could kill them off that would not come cheap; it would cost billions of dollars and many, many lifes.

But, this can be seen over and again, they strongly resist the usa/nato and they even provoke the usa along a line like "Don't talk all day. Do it or shut up" while, at the same time, they invite the europeans to make more and more compromises.

And this makes sense. There is a point, where Europeans will not any longer stand firmly with a looser while a rising star - and increasingly important market - lures them.

All in all the Russians try to avoid war and to get over the "american century" nightmare in a reasonable and adult manner - however, with not too much patience and no willingness whatsoever to tolerate arbitrary american bullsh*t.
And, no doubt, if the us could only be stopped by challenging their loudly und unnervingly claimed "superiority" the Russians and Chinese would do it - and win. Albeit at an extremely heavy price.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 3 2013 3:32 utc | 49

I've seen news reports of some of the terrorists acting against Syria saying the Assad government should attack Israel in response to Israel's attack. They want Israel brought into the conflict because that will open the door for NATO to enter, as well. That is pretty hard evidence in my book that the main reason Israel attacked was to get Syria to respond so they would have a "reason" to bring in overt NATO support of the terrorists there. This attempt by these terrorists to score "face" points against the Syrian government makes even more obvious they are nothing more that tools being used by Israel-America.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 3:42 utc | 50

Interesting timing:

Brazil interested in Russian-made air defense systems

"The Ministry of Defense of Brazil intends to discuss with the Russian leadership acquisition of Russian-made air defense systems.

According to a high-ranking Brazilian source, the purchase is to be discussed with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 3:56 utc | 51

@Daniel Rich [#45]

Yes, these sentiments are true. I still believe that the Israeli raid was not to destroy something, but rather to pick up something. What they wanted to pick up is the alert signal that connects Syrian radars with the advanced S2A systems Syria recently acquired from Russia. Israelis love to have that signal picked up and reverse engineered, in case a nice NATO-led "slam dunk" operation is conducted against Syria.

I recall back in 73 when I was in Syria how Syria sacrificed 80 or so (can't recall the number) of its air force jets and didn't use a single SAM to protect itself against the Israeli onslaught. Those SAM and their their communication signals sure came in handy later during the October 73 War - much to the munchkin-state surprise.

And what Syria gave the Russians during this ordeal is invaluable and nothing short of its complete satisfaction: the crash and fizzle of the US and its allies in their standing in the world today. Gone are the days of the unipolar "coallition of the willings" and hello a bipolar or multipolar world where Russia is a major player.

No further response from Russia is needed. Just the fact that Biden is talking and sending his pet over to meet Lavrov is enough for Russia, for now.

Posted by: MikeA | Feb 3 2013 4:36 utc | 52


Q: I didn't post #4.

R: My bad. It should be #44. Sorry.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 3 2013 4:47 utc | 53

@ MikeA [#52],

Do you have any clue why Russia drags its feet with regard to Iran's air defense systems?

@ Mr. Pragma {#49],

I agree, unca Sammy is hooked up to an iron lung and it will all come crashing down one day. When, I don't know, but as both China and Russia are my neighbors I really wonder why the Japanese PM Abe is convinced that behaving like a cocky, shortsighted nationalist, and rely on the 'special relationship with our dominatrix friend the US' to get Japan's economy out the discombobulation it's been in for as long as I can remember, so striking up 'friendly relations' with countries that are currently blooming would be the ideal thing to do. But fortunately, I'm the village idiot. Wuahahaaaaa...


Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 3 2013 5:05 utc | 54

Lavrov is also meeting with the Syrian opposition leader in Russia, this was on the BBC, what is the take on this, just Politics (A non head of state going to Russia) or a deal?

Posted by: Kev | Feb 3 2013 5:12 utc | 55

Daniel Rich - 53

"R: My bad. It should be #44. Sorry."

RE: your links.

That an interesting story by Paul Eisen in the first link. The second link just brought up a blank page. I've never understood why Holocaust study is so controversial. The purpose of the study of history is to learn, and record, what happened in the past. Arguing about history is one of life's little pleasures.

About the rest of your comment, I disagree with what your say about Syria and Russia. Israel-America is literally drooling for Syria to strike Israel back. I think they were hoping for the same sort of opportunity after the Turks tried an incursion last summer, but that one fizzled pretty much before it got started. See this article just published:

US Green Lit Israeli Attacks on Syria, Approves Future Strikes
Panetta: US 'Fully Backs' Israeli Attacks

The USA is essentially saying they would like the Israeli attack to be the start of an escalation of Israeli-American attacks on Syria. This makes it clear they are dying for any excuse to continue attacking. If Syria "bites", the outcome will be another Libya, this time with 100,000's of dead Syrian people. There is no way Syria could stand up to them, they are way too far outnumbered. There is also no way any of their allies could materially change the situation for them, either. Against such odds, Syria can only go for a moral defense.

The people of the USA are not in the mood for another Iraq war, Israel-America is using every trick in the book to try and manipulate Americans, and the people of their allied puppet nations, into the same naively suckered state they had them after the 9/11 attacks, so that they will keep accepting their countries fighting these wars. Really, the only way Syria can defend herself is by continuing to appeal to people's desire for peace. That means they cant be seen as an aggressor. As soon as they respond in kind to the Israeli-American provocations, it will be easy for the zionist propaganda machine to talk people into "just one more war of liberation" and Syria will lose the one viable strategy they have left.

About the Russian, Mr. Pragma already covered that one. I can only think to add that Russians are more interested in the success of their actions, than they are in the appeal of base emotional effect. They are a patient people and willing to forgo immediate gratification for a better reward later.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 5:35 utc | 56

Daniel Rich

See also this article I posted in the earlier "Blink" thread about Syria:

Russia opposes humanitarian corridor in Syria, citing int'l air intervention fears

Biden arrived with a no fly zone plan to push. It's clear this was coordinated with the Israeli attack and timed for proposal right afterwards. If the Syrians had responded, that would have been used to give the no fly proposal more "weight", perhaps backed by the threat to attack Syria unilaterally if the no fly zone wasn't accepted by Russia. But since Syria didn't respond to the Israeli attack, the Israeli-Americans could not make that threat and have it look credible to the folks back home.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 5:45 utc | 57

I'm afraid it's much more complicated than we'd like to think.

And it gets even more complex because while everything has to be seen in the full context the major human players also play a role.

An example: Quite everyone thinks that Putin, being an Ex KGB man, is very smart and has certain resources at hand. Quite probably true but in my minds eye something else and usually overlooked is even more important: As a KGB man Putin could see the truth; his view wasn't limited by "pravda", the official truth. Secondly, he has long lived in Germany and so had a chance to learn about outside perspectives.

Also we must not forget that when we speak of americans we do not really speak of americans but rather of a quite thin layer of a cancer-like tumor. Those people may have american sounding names but it's the same people who acted quite similarly with russian names, german names and possibly even chinese names. Whereever they arrived, they quickly adapted (or seemed to), changed their names and second language and acting strategically took over control. The official reasons have been and are different, the crimes and victims seem different, sometimes more on the massmurder side, sometimes more on the Orwell 1984 side, sometimes more about money and financial control.

Now assume you understand that - which is already rather uncommon. What do you do? They control the media and the finances and they are in power of whole nations.

One can't just cut out that cancer because they have legions of war materials and soldiers. And one can not simply take control of e.g. tzhe american military. Whoever tried that even the slightest bit ran against a wall or vanished.

One needs a plan that most carefully and skillfully knows about, includes and considers their weak points. And one needs patience, lots of it.
There is no way to simply confront them. The only chance is to - in small and "innocent" steps - create a situation where you can suddenly and surprisingly hit them. It is comparable to a military situation where your only chance is to bring in your men disguised a civilians and have their cars prepared in a way that looks normal and innocent, yet allows to e.g. mount a machine gun within minutes.

One important step is to wear them out or at least weaken them through too many operations at the same time. Also - extremely important - you must bring the ordinary people on your side. That is why, if acted wisely upon it, the attack of israel on Syria can even be useful and to our advantage. Sure, you can oppress people, you can create a situation, where almost noone speaks out openly. But you can not control what people think.

I remember when (in Europe) one criticized israel in the slightest a large majority came up and called you "Nazi!". In just ca. 10 years this has changed dramatically. Today the majority agrees; not yet loud but rather careful but it's strinkingly clear that they know the truth.

The press in Europe pushes israel lies, of course. And some people believe it. But the majority doesn't; they have at least serious doubts.

I am almost certain that Mr. Putin has had plans since a long time. yes, sometimes he smiled to israelis and he said the neccessary usual words concerning israel - but he sure enough convinced Iran to go through all the pain incl. the pain of being neglected or criticized officially, simply because it was necessary and the only way.
The very fact that usrael terrorizes Iran since many years yet did not openly attack them tells me that a brilliant mind must be the designer of Irans line. Actually they managed to even weaken usrael because what many now say concerning israel holds also when applied to the multiple times "provoked" or bluntly ignored usa. Making a lot of noise and complaining and condemning Iran didn't change the fact, that millions and millions of people thought "Well, obviously the usa is too weak to attack Iran".

Also a war in Syria would have an advantage in a certain situation: It would necessarily involve its direct neighbour israel. Again: If you went directly against israel you would sign your own death sentence. But being there anyway with a seemingly very different purpose would offer the chance to strike dimona (to deny them the samson option) and then to decapitate israel (yes they have those submarines but rest assured that Russia knows quite well and precisely where they are ...).

Along this way one should not not forget that the zionist cancer brought Russia the sowjet phase and close to 100 Million dead people. And sure enough, whoever *really* wants to rebuild Russia to prosperity and adequate power will have - and want - to cut away the cancer once and forever.

Right now there are basically two options concerning Syria:

- They do not attack it overtly and israel can not arbitrarily again and again strike israel. Then Syria with the help of Iran and Russia will find a solution. Killing a couple of thousand payed terrorists would satisfy the people in Syria, solve a problem and allow everyone in Syria to keep their face.
Of course this would also mean that the usa again - and this time big way - lost face and was very seriously weakened.

- They do attack it overtly and Hezbollah and Iranian elite troops as well as Russia (sure enough they could find 1 dead Russian in Syria officially allowing them to enter legally) take the challenge and a) put the usa back at its real place and b) terminate israel.

Of course there are possible variations but in the end it comes down to those two options. Either america shuts up being in the corner and either really fight or concede, go home and shut up - or - america dares (possibly along a "nothing to lose any more" line) to light up the region and a potential world war and gets defeated.

Either way, it will handsomely pay off if the Syrians do not counter attack israel quite simply because that gives them (and Iran and Russia) the moral high ground (which is not just "nice" but important because the american population will not easily nod "ok" to an obviously illegal and unjustified war, particularly as they are drained after two not at all victorious wars anyway. At the same time Russia and Iran will have their people largely behind them).

As for the S-300 don't worry. They will be where they will be needed in time. After all they are self-propelled and can be moved around (even by air, if needed) or just drive out of an innocent looking garage where they have been "forgotten" a while ago ...

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 3 2013 7:10 utc | 58

Mr. Pragma - 58

"Along this way one should not not forget that the zionist cancer brought Russia the sowjet phase and close to 100 Million dead people. And sure enough, whoever *really* wants to rebuild Russia to prosperity and adequate power will have - and want - to cut away the cancer once and forever."

So just another red hating fascist...I suppose the "Hitler was just misunderstood" lines will soon follow, along with "the real enemy was the USSR, once we reached Berlin, we should have kept on to Moscow". You lot are just as depraved and deceptive as the zionists who pretend to be leftists or progressives. The latter promote a mild form of anti-zionism designed to defuse anti-zionist sentiment (or blame it on non-Israeli or even sometimes non-Jewish interests/actors). The Mr. Pragma sort use well founded anti-zionst feeling to promote old style anti-Jewish bigotry. Both serve the powers that be faithfully with their corruption.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 7:55 utc | 59

Offical Syrian government video of the Zionist attack

Posted by: hans | Feb 3 2013 16:06 utc | 60

Bot Tak (59)


I do not in way hate Reds.

I do not think that Hitler was just misunderstood.

I'm definitely not of the opinion that Moskow was the enemy or that whoever should have went against Moskow.

What I was referring to is simple historic knowledge. It wasn't "the Russians" who wanted communism and they definitely didn't want Gulag and mass-executions.

My point was that we shouldn't think, that the zionists/zionism exist since 1949 or 1967. No, the existence of israel is not the cause but the consequence of zionism (albeit a consequence for which to reach a lot of dirty things were done).

Whereever they were there is a trace of murder and blood. And whereever they were, they took over control of government and finance (if they did not already had gained it). Whereever they were and in whatever disguise and political colour there was a process towards centralism as centralism is the base for control and manipulation.

Concerning Russia, I think that it should be quite evident that I have positive feelings towards Russia.
But, as you happened to mention it: Probably, I'm afraid, it wouldn't have made that much difference (politically, not in terms of human lifes) if the western allies had went towards moskow. Either way, the Russians were victims; only the colour and outward style of the cancer would have been different.

And rest assured that I do not promote a mild form of anti-zionism. I'm waiting for the day that the plague gets terminated once and for ever.

Please, have a closer next time before attacking someone that harshly.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 3 2013 16:33 utc | 61

The response?

Assad said that the incident "unmasked the true role that Israel is playing" and exposes the opposition militants as being Israel's useful idiots.

A perfect response. Did I hear that some rebels are mocking the Syrian Government for not reacting militarily? Well, the Arab world is mocking the rebels for fighting for the Israelis.

the air strike has strengthened President Bashar al-Assad's regional credentials as the standard-bearer of Arab defiance to Israel

That'll do for now.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 3 2013 17:28 utc | 62

Yes, Pat Bateman,

that was smart from the Syrian government.

Being at it: biden offered negotiations under, so it seems, more realistic terms than until now.
Iran has accepted the offer and has some friendly words.

I expect israel to go into berserk mode ...

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 3 2013 18:32 utc | 63

I don't know if this has been posted or not, I hope I am not posting and already posted link.
A very interesting interview with Mr. Salehi (The Iranian for. min).
Apparently he has had "fruitful talks" with the Mt. Al-Khatib (head of SNC).

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Feb 3 2013 18:44 utc | 64

Mr. Pragma - 61

Your spiel in comment 58 up the paragraph I quoted is a part of the standard "history" presented on the web by neo-nazi and white supremacist pundits and sites. You just toned it down somewhat from the usual way it's presented. The far right fascists use this sort of finger pointing at Jews mostly to scapegoat Jews for the very things these fascists are promoting and doing.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 3 2013 22:37 utc | 66

@ Pirouz_2,

Way off topic. If you live in France and are interested in doing business, please contact me @ and please écrire en français.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 3 2013 23:49 utc | 67

This is an interesting story and video about a Russian journalist in Syria who got shot by one of the terrorist snipers while covering a Syrian military operation. Story:


The video shows the sniper attack, followed by his hospital stitching up. There is a content warning at youtube, and one has to sign up an account to remove it, but one can watch the video at the first link normally - it's part of the article. The journalist's name is Sergei Berezhnoi. His partner is Marat Musin. He also got hit by that sniper attack in his hand. Here is a short google trans of part of the article:

"VIEW: Why are they shooting at you?

SB: Perhaps this is a situation where a journalist is more dangerous than men. What is happening in Syria: the genocide and obscurantism - Hides, does not talk about our press. It destroys the color of a nation, culture, and science. If you - a scientist, teacher, doctor, You must be destroyed. Such approach. This reason, do not speak. And this is indeed the case. If the person is known, He must be killed, raped, cut off his head. Student - should be blown up school. That's the approach these people.

VIEW: Who are you working on?

SB: Operate. Shoot, write, try to understand the situation. I ran away from the hospital the next day. We are still working, and yesterday, and tomorrow will work. Now we just became very hard work, because we're all under the gun.

VIEW: Are you saying that what your name will appear in all the news, will serve you a disservice?

SB: Of course, we have been the object of hunting - particularly because of the Russian media. Announcing my scout, general, spy world of intelligence, saboteur, replicated all this, the media played in the destruction of our group. Imagine the interest expressed to us now.

I am an ordinary Russian people. I'm just a writer, and went here as a writer. What there can be intelligence? That explore for?"

Rather garbled trans. He is talking about the Syrians the terrorists are attacking in the first part. In the second two parts, he talks how he and his co-worker were specifically targeted by the terrorists. He says the reason is because they are trained to attack Russian journalists because the Russian media exposes their crimes.

ANNA, the video producer, is the Abkhazian Network News Agency. Abkhazia, for any who might not have heard of them, is a small region that broke away from Georgia.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 4 2013 7:27 utc | 68

Bot Tak

"You just toned it down somewhat from the usual way it's presented."


I did not "tone down" something whoever said. I told about my view and I did that for a reason, namely, to show that we must not be too fixed on some detail only. If we want the massive and again and again repeated crimes of the zionist state to stop, we must be aware of a larger frame.

If anyone else, white, black, red, yellow or green martian, supremacist, milita, whatever church or your local baker happens to say similar things and hating reds that has nothing to do with me.

I'm not even engaged in any party (don't trust any of them; they all seem to be the same thing, merely dressed up in different colours) nor am I engaged or member of any group with political views or agendas.

I'm here to read intelligent views on - in my minds eye - important matters and to share and discuss what I happen to know or to think.

If this is welcome, great; I like this place here. If it is not welcome, I will leave without making trouble. But I will not allow anyone to subsume *me*, the person, the living being, under any headline defined by any groups whatsoever. If I liked any political group, I would say that.

Just in case you didn't notice it, Bot Tak: I did not make or tell any negative assumption about you. And I'm not here to judge persons. If at all I will judge what someone here has to say.

Enough is enough Bot Tak.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 4 2013 7:33 utc | 69

This video is a couple of days later, same two journalists. This one has working English CC through most of it. This, and the one earlier, are shot in the Damascus suburbs and show how things look there. This one documents a sniper's nest that had been cleared (different spot from where the journalists had been previously shot). The news videos by this site provide a very different view of this war on the Syrian people, than the "Hollywood" rubbish the terrorists and their handlers mass produce.

Снайперы и Сергей Бережной вновь из Дарайи.

And here is ANNA's youtube index page with the rest of their news videos:

Posted by: вот так | Feb 4 2013 8:00 utc | 70


Lesson one for every marksman: shoot and relocate. Whomever this was or these were, they're no professionals, that's for sure [see for example the IDF marksmen shot to kill ratios] and the fact that [most likely] others didn't kill both men.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 4 2013 8:46 utc | 71


Sorry, abit off topic.
Couldnt agree more with u, when u mentioned most ppl in Europe have had enough with this amazingly persistent whingening about "Jews and their horrific past!" which Zionists use to justify their every action, be it in Gaza or elsewhere. As if human cruelty reached its peak in the 1940 and then declined. What about slavery? What about Iraq, Afganistan? What about Palestine? And even if today, in Germany, most people do not dare to talk about any of this issues in public, they do with close friends!Also in France u can observe a shift going thru the entire society. For example Dieudonné, an excellent comedian, has almost been completely destroyed by a certain mafia, for saying aloud what many ppl think. He was forbidden to appear on stage in major venues and also has been persecuted by the judiciary system. Nevertheless, never stopped in his efforts to come back, which finally managed to do. thru internet and thru privately owned venues. Although there is a total media blackout concerning his person for the last 2 or 3 years, he has 200k fb followers, and is still counting. People in France will tell u they know "who" is responsible for his "TV-Death"!
Btw, totally agree with u on Syria

Posted by: Kalim | Feb 4 2013 11:30 utc | 72

Interesting commentary. I'll post a translation of the 1st part to give an indication of the flavour:

«АдЪ и Израиль»
Анатолий «Эль Мюрид», специалист по Ближнему Востоку, блогер

"Israeli air strike on Syria raised a number of very serious questions. Clearly, not all. On Israeli Internet forums are now trash, ad and Israel. "Only the hardcore" - screaming in a patriotic frenzy inhabitants of the Promised Land. It is not entirely clear who bombed the bombs, and most importantly - why bombed, but a bloated toad of pride for the glorious Falcons Israeli electorate is not interested in such trifles."

The commentary goes on to describe the attack, and why Israel did it. He thinks the failure of the terrorists to gain an upper hand, the offer to negotiate by the "leader" in exile, confirmation of Kerry, Israel (Netanyahu) wanting to provoke Syria and Iran into a response that Israel can use to get the Americans involved in more open hostilities with Syria and Iran.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 4 2013 19:31 utc | 73

This guy isn't mincing his words here. Hope he's got good security against the Israeli reprisal.

Minister of Defense: Syrian Army Strong, Syria will Remain United

"Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, stressed on Monday that the Syrian Arab Army has proven to the whole world that it is a strong and well-trained army, and Syria will remain united.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel, Gen. al-Freij said that the Israeli enemy instructed the armed terrorist groups to attack Syria's air defenses because the Israeli enemy knows that Syria has air defenses that cover the whole country and prevent its aircrafts from carrying out any violation without the knowledge of the Syrian Army.

He added that when the General Command of the Army viewed that the air defenses are being greatly focused on, a decision was made to deploy them in safe places that the armed terrorist groups will not be able to attack them with mortar shells.

Gen. al-Freij asserted that the Israeli attack on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside was carried out in coordination between the Israeli enemy and the armed terrorist groups after it was attacked several times by these groups to seize it and destroy it.

He pointed out that the failure of the armed terrorist groups to attack this center pushed Israel to intervene and carry out the attack through its warplanes to respond to the heavy losses inflicted upon its tools.

Concerning Taftanaz Airport, Gen. al-Freij said that the airport is located near the Turkish borders, and it is for helicopters only that hosts a number of broken-down helicopters, and its staff are technicians who are not prepared to fight under such circumstances.

He added that when the armed terrorist groups exerted heavy pressure on the airport for months, the General Command decided that it is not necessary that members of the airport staff remain in it, so its equipment was transferred while the broken-down equipment was left.

As for Al-Bukamal agricultural airport, the Minister noted that the airport includes agricultural aircrafts and it does not host any warplanes or helicopters, so the airport is not important as it is an empty land.

Regarding al-Yarmouk Camp , Gen. al-Freij said that the Syrian Arab Army did not enter the area at all. The armed terrorist groups, instructed by Israel, planned to enter the area to embarrass Syria and expose the Syrian Army as entering the area to attack the Palestinians.

He added that the armed terrorist groups are targeting the infrastructure of the state, including hospitals, schools and factories which means that they are targeting the Syrians in the first place.

The Minister emphasized that the Armed Forces will exert all efforts possible to protect the economic and service institutions and deliver supplies to all citizens who are invited to cooperate with the army through informing the army units about the dens of the terrorists.

He added that the main task of the Armed Forces is protecting the borders and confronting the Zionist entity which is occupying Syrian land, but when large numbers of terrorists were recruited to carry out the conspiracy against Syria, the Armed Forces' duty was to pursue the terrorists.

The Minister concluded that the failure of the plan to subvert Syria from the outside pushed the conspirators to try to subvert it from inside, so the U.S., Western and Zionist administrations planned for that and the Arab regimes, unfortunately, funded their plans, whereas the tools were the armed groups that they brought from outside Syria which hold the Takfiri thought and Jabhat al-Nusra on top."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 5 2013 6:46 utc | 74

Yes we we wont...

Syrian National Council rejects dialog with authorities

"The Syrian National Council (SNC), which is the largest group in the opposition coalition, has confirmed that it rejects any dialogue with the authorities.

Earlier, Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, head of the National Coalition of opposition and revolutionary forces, of which the SNC is a part, stated he was willing to engage in dialogue with Syria’s Vice-President Farouk al-Shara.

Previously, al-Khatib had voiced readiness to start talks with the Syrian authorities under the condition that 160,000 prisoners in Syria be released."

Al-Khatib has also now demanded that Assad must step down, making it obvious that negotiating with these guys is like negotiating with Israel, the USA, or the mob. That is not negotiation at all, but surrender.

Fortunately, the Syrians long recognised that, and are putting their effort into cleaning out the Israeli-American terrorists inside Syria instead.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 6 2013 5:55 utc | 75

They keep pushing...

Israeli Commander: Invasion of Lebanon Would Mean ‘Lasting Calm’
Insists Israel Ready for Another Invasion of Neighbor

"The commander of Israel’s Nahal Brigade, Col. Yehuda Fuchs, gave a press conference today in which he pushed for an invasion of neighboring Lebanon, insisting his brigade is “ready” for a ground invasion and would mean a “lasting calm” along the border."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 8 2013 8:03 utc | 76

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