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February 20, 2013

Nothing To Say

Found nothing to write about. Or nothing I feel I should write about. Whatever. This is the result.

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Additional evidence hacker group "Anonymous" is an Israeli-American front, or led by their agents:

Anonymous thrown into China-US cyberwar scandal

Posted by: вот так | Feb 20 2013 19:05 utc | 1

Syrian Army Downs Israeli Drone

"Reports are in that the Syrian Military has shot down an Israeli Drone in the "Deir Al-Ash'ar District...JA

- The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 20 2013 19:12 utc | 2

Eutelsat’s Zionist boss continues war on media freedom

"The European satellite provider Eutelsat, owned by the Zionist Michel de Rosen, has ordered Nilesat to pull the plug on Iran’s English-language news channel, Press TV, as part of his war on freedom of speech.

Eutelsat’s secretary Edoudardo Silverio has written a letter to Nilesat authorities, demanding them to stop broadcasting Iranian channels, including Press TV.

“We hereby officially request again that you discontinue the broadcast of these IRIB [Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting] channels within 48 hours of your receipt of this letter,” read the letter dated February 18.

The letter came in response to Nilesat’s refusal to pull the plug on Press TV.

In December 2012, a US intelligence analyst said the French-based satellite provider Eutelsat SA is a company whose agenda has been long dictated to it by Israeli extremist groups.

“Eutelsat is a person, not a company. Eutelsat says it is European, but it is actually Israeli. French sounding ‘Michel de Rosen’, an Israeli citizen, runs Eutelsat company with Israeli stockholders; a company long dictated to by extremist groups within Israel, the militant ultra-nationalists of the Likudist regime of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu,” Gordon Duff told Press TV at that time.

Eutelsat SA ordered media services company, Arqiva, on October 15, 2012, to stop the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels, including Press TV.

The company’s only press release stated that the decision was based on reinforced European Union Council sanctions and a confirmation by France’s broadcasting authority, but an EU spokesperson told Press TV that the sanctions contain no such orders."

Allowing zionists to control the world's media, like they do, is like allowing nazis to control it. In fact, zionists are worse, as there is less opposition to them and they are able to get away with much more harm.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 20 2013 19:20 utc | 3

I guess the "Syrian shoot down" of the Israeli drone is the brave Dr. Assad standing up to the dastardly zionist along with his boyfriend Mr. Nassralah. Two standup guys, so anxious to deflect the news to Israel... while butchering their Sunni brothers left and right. Or, perhaps the Jihadist Syrians are enjoying reading the writings of Menachem Begin in their spare time. I love the mindset of the anti-Israel, pro-Assad crowd and the mental contortions said mindset requires!

Posted by: David | Feb 20 2013 20:27 utc | 4

Chechen commander leads Muhajireen Brigade in Syria

I hope the SAA finds out Abu Omar's location and sends him to hell in a fitting way (since they're so fond of explosives) like this guy below. Too bad he's only wounded.

Missile blast wounds Syrian rebel commander: activists

The west can't deny anymore Syria is fighting against the same global jihadists they're fighting against.

Posted by: Gehenna | Feb 20 2013 20:33 utc | 5

Something terribly askew when the nation in Euroope with the lowest wages has the highest electreicity prices:

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 20 2013 20:39 utc | 6

gosh, I should use the preview neext time

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 20 2013 20:40 utc | 7

"...Dr. Assad standing up to the dastardly zionist along with his boyfriend Mr. Nassralah. Two standup guys, so anxious to deflect the news to Israel... while butchering their Sunni brothers left and right..."

David, it is important to remember that the Israeli "line" is to favour, or to pretend to favour, "gay" rights. This sort of homophobic smearing is counter productive: try to suppress your real feelings when performing hasbarah. You do a great job pretending to give a damn about sunnis, try and do the same, it surely cannot be any more difficult for you, when dealing with gays.

Posted by: bevin | Feb 20 2013 21:04 utc | 8

David just because you weren't invited to share a ménage with Dr Al-Assad and shayk Nasrallah, doesn't mean you have to sound like a woman scorned. The government in Syria is shield against the spread of Jihadism. A secular government that oppresses everybody equally, ok habibi? Plus, plus ill be more amenable to your pro Israel dribble once the Israelis knock down those walls around the Palestinian villages. Thanks Habibi, go run along and talk to your PM Nutjobyahoo.

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 20 2013 21:09 utc | 9

Oh for gods sake вот так did you even read the article you linked to? Anonymous dumped all the email data they found inside intelligence contractor HBGary's network. Included in the dump amongst thousands of other emails was a couple of phishing mails from UglyGorilla and SuperHard. These same phishes that Mandiant claim in their unsubstantiated un-peer reviewed attack on Chinese cyber defense.
One of many flaws in your unthought through attack on the diverse and un-coordinated group of individual humans called anonymous.
You repeat what Mandiant claim as gospel, this is what gets me about 'everything is a plan to subjugate us types - the way that you cherry pick pieces of 'fact' from the enemy when it bolsters yer paranoia -when it doesn't you call it lies.
Why believe what is said by one arm of US intelligence about a group of people who embarrassed another arm of US intelligence -that just doesn't seem very intelligent to me.
Why would you back what Mandiant an amerikan govt funded intelligence entity say about stuff? By your standards that must make you a double agent secretly working for world zionism, especially since your post didn't include any attack on israel. Once again by your standards; anyone/thing who doesn't focus all effort against zionism must be a zionist. The rights of all indigenous people are subsumed by the over-arching rights of Palestinians for self determination 'cept I'd be surprised if you recognised a Palestinian if he bit you on the ass.

Anonymous was a loose collection of mainly young people who had a fairly perverse world view as you would know if you had spent time on 4chan during its heyday. When they got caught a couple of the less courageous members dobbed the others in. Consequently amerikan intelligence has used the gossip and guesswork they have pushed outta their two-timing ventriloquist dolls to try and discredit the group as a whole. This is all standard unimaginative & trite bureaucratic ploys.
The fact that the alphabet agencies felt a need to do this shows that anonymous had been effective otherwise why bother? That kinda torpedos claims about them being a zionist front.
The fact that you lap it up and then post it here along with all the rest of your psychotic & paranoid garbage is an indication of the low this board has sunk.
The same old same old without any intelligent analysis is no different to what is pumped out on nyt or msnbc.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Feb 20 2013 21:14 utc | 10

Secular government in Syria. Sometimes secular is overrated. Stalin was secular and killed 20 million. Assad is staunchly secular and has butchered maybe 100,000 if you count the disappeared into jail crowd. He's a thieving butcher. At least the Jihadis do not pretend to be "western" with fancy haircuts, beautiful wives and families, proclaiming to be westernized while gunning down his own crowd.

Posted by: David | Feb 20 2013 21:23 utc | 11

David @11....where do you come up with your statistics??? and speaking of thieving butchers, please check your backyard.....

Posted by: georgeg | Feb 20 2013 21:38 utc | 12

Since the 1967 war when Israel took the West Bank from Jordan, how many Palestinians did Israel kill? And how many Sunni Syrians has Dr. Assad killed in the last 24 months? Is it even close? Have you ever examined that stat georgeg. But with Syria! it's all an evil, nefarious NATO, Mossad, CIA plot against the plucky Assad. Right. Moving right along, nothing much to see with those SCUDS crushing skulls in Aleppo. Killing arabs is ok so long as it's not a Jew doing the killing.

Posted by: David | Feb 20 2013 21:43 utc | 13

@Debs #10
Hear, hear.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Feb 20 2013 21:50 utc | 14

This looks interesting:
FSA burning ancient souq in Aleppo

Posted by: Michal | Feb 20 2013 21:50 utc | 15

The Latin American Exception: How a Washington Global Torture Gulag Was Turned Into the Only Gulag-Free Zone on Earth
The map tells the story. To illustrate a damning new report, “Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detentions and Extraordinary Rendition,” recently published by the Open Society Institute, the Washington Post put together an equally damning graphic: it’s soaked in red, as if with blood, showing that in the years after 9/11, the CIA turned just about the whole world into a gulag archipelago.
What’s most striking about the Post’s map is that no part of its wine-dark horror touches Latin America; that is, not one country in what used to be called Washington’s “backyard” participated in rendition or Washington-directed or supported torture and abuse of “terror suspects.”

Posted by: Maracatu | Feb 20 2013 22:06 utc | 16

lol, "David" doubles down. This is gonna be good.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 20 2013 22:07 utc | 17

A very humane Army.

The Israel Lobby

In the Cross Hairs.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 20 2013 23:13 utc | 18

@ David [#11]

Stalin's Willing Executioners.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 20 2013 23:23 utc | 19

Missile strike kills 31 in Aleppo, including 14 children

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 20 2013 23:33 utc | 20

"Fascism comes in several varieties without losing its distinctive structural-ideological-political features, all of which point to an hierarchical societal framework characterized by extremes of wealth and power, a system of government authority, its opaqueness shielding it from accountability in both domestic and foreign policy, and, because of its secrecy, able to hide its disconnection from the public interest, as for example a dereliction of responsibility to the working class in terms of job creation, the preservation of the social safety net, and adequate funding for public education, and meanwhile, able as well to hide its connection, rather, to ruling groups and upper social strata through beneficial economic and fiscal policies, subsidies, the wider geopolitical strategies for wealth accumulation in international affairs, and the protective cover of military strength and involvement to preserve order and a martial spirit at home and trade and investment opportunities abroad—ensuring the resultant generation of wealth will not be channeled inward to democratize the social order."

Sounds familiar?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 20 2013 23:37 utc | 21

I'm curious, David, if the palestinians were given the kindd of weapons Syria's insurgents have, how many do you think Israel would kill?

They killed 10s of thousands in lebanon in 1982 and thousands more in the following years.

Don't forget that for all it's faults, Syria is not a european colony on stolen land.

Posted by: Lysander | Feb 20 2013 23:37 utc | 22

#19 Warning neo nazi allert. Daniel boy cannot contain himself again.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 20 2013 23:39 utc | 23

Ill still take Dr Assad doing his job in Syria over slowly killing the Palestinians will and hope like many Israelis are doing everyday, it's pitiful I've been there the trauma in their eyes is overwhelming. A beaten people thanks to a a an oppressive racially supremacist system. In Syria, The Alawi is equal, the Shia is equal, the Sunni is equal and even the Christians were/ are all equal under the Ba'ath. No system is perfect, here in my country we burn down guys in log cabins. A man who has been ground down under the system and was able to fight back even in a limited fashion. The syrian government may be dastardly but if you don't mess around they won't bother you (much). Besides if the Sunni's win it'll be equal rights, for all Sunni's! Bashar and Stalin is a horrible comparison anyway. I'd rather say Andrew Jackson, yisseree old hickory himself. Him and Bashar putting notches up in that belt. Actually I think Jackson was nastier.

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 20 2013 23:42 utc | 24

@ ToivoS [#23],

Refute info, KaPo.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 21 2013 0:05 utc | 25


Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 21 2013 0:13 utc | 26

Rich @19
McDonald writes:

The main weapons Jews used against national cultures were two quint-
essentially modern ideologies, Marxism and Freudianism, “both [of which]
countered nationalism’s quaint tribalism with a modern (scientific) path to
wholeness” (p. 80). Slezkine correctly views both of these as Jewish ideologies
functioning as organized religions, with sacred texts promising deliverance
from earthly travail.

This is incorrect. Marx repudiated Jewish Nationalism, cf Jewish Question: The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism. "Sacred texts" is a sarcastic sneer on the lips of anti-communists. Marx, Lenin, Mao never promised deliverance from earthly travail.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 21 2013 1:27 utc | 27

Debs is dead - 10

Hey Israeli hasbara genius, who gave them the heads up the info they were looking for was in that "treasure trove"? Who told them what they were looking to find just happened to be in those reams of email hacks. Why would they bother to go through that stuff if somebody didn't advise them to? Also, why would Anonymous delete the info on the site, but then post it somewhere else? The whole thing only really makes any sense if it was a set up for Anonymous to look "innocent" while doing an israeli-America job. The guy who spilled the beans was an agent all along. Watch him get off and disappear.

I've been following the actions of Anonymous for several years now, and they have done a lot of questionable acts that have supported Israeli-American interests over that time. Especially their timely attacks on Iran and Syria.

"Dr. Assad standing up to the dastardly zionist along with his boyfriend Mr. Nassralah."

Don Bacon - 14

"@Debs #10
Hear, hear."

They usually work in groups...

David - 4

"Dr. Assad standing up to the dastardly zionist along with his boyfriend Mr. Nassralah."

David, I've seen very few Israeli hasbara trolls who were not gay, and probably most of them were probably bi. You seem obsessed and projecting about your preferences. And also your lack. If you spend less time working for Israel (for peanuts) and got out once in a while, maybe you wouldn't be so lonely. Remember, al;l work and no play, makes David an, well.

Daniel Rich - 19

Kevin MacDonald (I'm tempted to write Ronald McDonald) makes a comfortable living playing at being a professor, while promoting white supremacy and white power at the expense of non-white folk. He peddles a bit of dubious ego masturbation called "bell curve" as one of the "proofs" of such bigotry. One suspects, if he's married (to a woman), that he's deathly afraid she might have an affair with a black man (or woman), and find out what she's been missing all these years. But in a more serious vein, it's his anti-Jewish ranting that gives him away as a paid fraud or a dupe, and most likely a zionist asset.

Why would I claim that, you might wonder? He still has his job. Look at what has happened to professors who criticise Israel and zionism. Take Norman Finkelstein. He's the son of Holocaust survivors (I've read), he was critical of Israel, the Holocaust "industry" and what happened to him. The zionists got him sacked. MacDonald's criticism has been far worse in the eyes of zionists, and particularly main power in zionism, Jewish zionists. Yet for some odd reason, Jewish zionists have no interest in getting MacDonald sacked.

Now why is that?

He works for them, whether he knows it or not.

Zionists are every bit as much white supremacist as any MacDonald disciple. Lokk at Israel, if you doubt it. MacDonald's job is to spread the white supremacist gospel, his anti-Jewish views are the icing on the cake. Zionist Jews need antisemitism. Most of the antisemitism around is zionist Jews doing false flag numbers, or using paid or duped proxies to run them. Much like they run their "al Qaida" numbers.

If MacDonald was not of use to Jewish zionism, he would have lost his job long ago.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 2:53 utc | 28

Typo - the first instance of the quote from David was in error. Ignore it.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 3:11 utc | 29

What’s Causing the Epidemic of Gun Violence?

"...America is so blatantly waging illegal wars of aggression (and see Update II) on a perennial and global basis – and so obviously and disgustingly using illegal techniques to fight them – that the message Americans receive is that the law of the jungle controls, might makes right and killing to get your way is a-okay."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 3:48 utc | 30

@ 22: "I'm curious, David, if the palestinians were given the kind of weapons Syria's insurgents have, how many do you think Israel would kill?"

Excellent question, and here's another.. If Occupy Wall Street had acquired weapons from foreign sources and used them, what would the American response have been?

Posted by: ben | Feb 21 2013 3:54 utc | 31

Deranging America

"...Violence, always violence. From infancy, Americans are conditioned to enjoy violence, then lured or pressured to support it at every stage of life. Merely by voting, Americans sanction carnage against foreigners, and to have a healthy stock portfolio, one should also invest in mass murder. Even holding on to a job can mean implicit or explicit participation gratuitous violence. Let’s say you’re an honest and mild-mannered cop, but if your colleagues were kicking a prone suspect, LAPD style, you’d arouse suspicion and ridicule for not joining in. What are you, a snitch? Who do you think you are, Christopher Dorner? And in war, massacres and mass rapes are initiation rites and bonding rituals, what bona fide heroes indulge in, for to abstain is to be a queer or pussy. What are you, a snitch? Who do you think you are, Bradley Manning?

With preemptive wars, drone hits, extrajudicial killings and torture, illegal violence has become institutionalized in the USA, and as we normalize such outrages against humanity, we become more corrupt on every level, for if one can justify greed-driven, random or even recreational or therapeutic killing, what Limbaugh called “letting off steam” in regard to Abu Ghraib, then one can justify any other immorality.

In all spheres of our public life, governmental, media, entertainment, sports and even academic, violence and corruption have taken over. CEOs bankrupt millions, while TSA flunkies lift cash and electronics when not fingering nuts. To watch bouncing balls, we must thank the troops repeatedly. Our jocks are lying junkies. Gotta gain that edge, you know. To keep their jobs, even elementary school principals and teachers fix grades. In such a foul swamp, the honest man or woman is a fool, at best, and may soon be out of a job, if not already.

Corroding individuals and nations, corruption weeds out the honest and competent, while abetting the ruthless yet servile, towards inferiors and superiors, respectively. With so much corruption in high places, even the bought media must acknowledge that there is unprecedented mistrust in the entire system, but feeling impotent, all the hoi polloi can do is cheer when one of their own fight back. Seventy-year-old private contractor Arthur Harmon was hired by Fusion Contact Centers, and when it tried to stiff the old man after he had done his work, he shot its CEO, Steve Singer, and Singer’s lawyer, Mark Hummels. Harmon then committed suicide.

With public trust plummeting, poor Capitalism will suffer, the media lament, but what about the contagion of so much lying, cheating and unchecked violence? Our grinning Prez continues to kill so casually, so often, after joking about drones. Our Secretary of State gleefully chirped, “We came, we saw, he died!” It should come as no surprise, then, that hardly a week goes by without at least one multiple shooting where innocents are killed for no reason, beyond the fact that the shooter may have had a bad day, week or life..."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 3:56 utc | 32

I rest my case. The tens of thousands dead Syrians do not count if they were murdered by Assad. Check out the beautiful Syrian Girl on youtube for the rational. Secular Syria is beautiful. All those youtube videos showing non-stop government murder of her citizens is false, Assad is an enlightened, secular, anti-zionist resistance hero who is simply being hated on for his resistance to Tel Aviv and NATO, coupled, of course, with succor from the CIA sponsored Bin Laden types.

But what's 60,000 confirmed Syrian dead compared to Israel and her colonialist project. LOL.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 4:16 utc | 33

@ 32: Thanks for the article, sooooo relevant.

Posted by: ben | Feb 21 2013 4:18 utc | 34

One of the least noxious Syrian videos showing Assad's love for his fellow Syrians. But, it's not so bad because Assad is legitimate and secular. Most important, he's not a colonial usurper. LOL.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 4:21 utc | 35

Some simply wrap themselves in the flag.

Beautiful Baathist in denial.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 4:26 utc | 36

Professor McDonald could find good work at one of the remaining Assad universities. Dr. David Duke has been welcomed by the warm arms of Assad's government.

But in a delicious irony, all of Assad's hating of der Juden and his Zionist resistance will not save his skin among his own people.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 4:32 utc | 37

Twenty-First Century Imperialism: Militarism, Collaborators And Popular Resistance

"...Imperialism, Militarism and Zionism

If we compare US imperialism to the expansion of Chinese global power, we will observe profound differences in the modes of operation and on-going trajectory. China’s overseas expansion is fundamentally economic – large scale investment in raw materials, markets for its manufactured goods and large scale infrastructure projects to facilitate the trade flows in both directions. It provides financial incentives, low interest loans and bribes to collaborator elites to propel economic expansion.

US-EU imperialism has emphasized and relied on military intervention, operates over 700 military bases, has military advisors in dozens of countries, is engaged in drone wars against Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere. Military conquests have enlarged the US military presence but at enormous economic cost, leading to unsustainable fiscal and trade deficits and hundreds of billions of losses for the private sector. The Iraq and Libyan wars and economic sanctions against Iran have undermined billions in oil profits. As the US economic empire declines, Chinese global economic power rises: and their conflict and competition intensifies.

The key to the rise of a military driven empire and the eclipse of the economic component of empire building can be attributed to three inter-related factors: the extraordinary influence of the Zionist power configuration in harnessing US imperial power to Israel’s militarist regional goals; the ascendancy of financial capital and its subordination of manufacturing and resource capitalists; the increasing importance of the military-security apparatus in the imperial state as a result of the ‘global war on terror’ ideology.

The subordination of US imperial power to a small, economically insignificant and isolated state like Israel is unprecedented in world history. As is the fact that US citizens whose primary loyalty is to Israel, have secured strategic policy-making positions in the power structure of the imperial state; including the Executive (White House), Pentagon, State Department and the Congress. The 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish organizations exercise power via

million dollar funding of legislators,parties and electoral campaigns; appointment of Zionist loyalists to strategic government posts dealing with the Middle East; private consultants to the government (housed in Zionist funded “think tanks”) and their influence in the major mass media outlets.

Although the population identifying as Jews has decreased (the only major denomination to decline by as much as 14% over the past two decades), representing less than 1% of the US religious population, the wealth, organization, tribal zeal and strategic institutional location of Israel Firsters has magnified their power several fold. As a result Zionist policymakers played a dominant role in driving the US to war with Iraq, formerly a powerful supporter of the Palestinians, and staunch opponent of Israeli colonial expansion into Palestine. Because of the political power of the Zionist power configuration, Israel extracts $3 billion a year in aid and a total of over a $100 billion over the past 30 years – in addition to having the US military engage in wars against Arab , muslim and secular regimes which materially support the Palestine national liberation struggle. Never in the history of modern imperialism has the foreign policy of a world power been subject to tributary demands and served the colonial aspirations of a second rate state. This historical anomaly is easily understood through the role of its powerful overseas networks which wield power in the Imperial State at the service of Jewish colonial settlers in Palestine.

In sum, US imperialism has sacrificed major economic interests including hundreds of billions in petroleum profits, by engaging in destructive wars against Iraq and Libya and imposing economic sanctions on Iran – a telling statement of the power of Israel in shaping the US imperial agenda. Militarism and Zionism have dictated the direction of US imperial policy, greatly weakening the domestic foundations of empire and hastening its economic decline...."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 4:39 utc | 38

BOT TAK, I hope your not including Mel Brooks among the evil chosen ones.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 4:50 utc | 39

One for David....

Hundreds of thousands march in Puerto Rico against gay rights

"More than 200,000 religious Christians marched against gay rights in Puerto Rico on Monday in the largest such demonstration in the history of the US commonwealth..."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 4:50 utc | 40

The Israeli-American terrorists in Syria now are being given their own designer body armour emblazoned with the Free Syria Army logo. How quaint and Manhattan yuppie. Doubt the designer of these hot fashion items was John Galliano, I believe he's fallen into disfavour as of late...

Краткая сводка о ситуации в Сирии за 19-е февраля

The video records a terrorist stash captured in Syria, the designer body armour can be seen at about 1 minute in.

I was just thinking that it is too bad those luxury Hummers were discontinued. It would be American yuppie heaven to be able to drive about whiteyville in one's brand new Hummer, wearing designer body armour and everybody riding armed with an genuine Israeli made Uzi. The Joneses next door would be so impressed.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 5:15 utc | 41

BOT TAK, But Asma cares for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 5:24 utc | 42

Female Syrian refugees in Turkey being sold to Arab states: Turkish politician

"The deputy chairman of the Turkish opposition Republican People's Party, Faruq Logoglu, says female Syrian refugees in Turkish camps are being sold to rich sheikhs in Arab countries.

Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, the Turkish official criticized the violation of human rights in the refugee camps in Turkey, saying women and girls are being sent to neighboring rich Arab states in exchange for money, Turkish Taraf daily reported on Tuesday.

He said refugee children from Syria are also being trained to use guns and are sent to Syria to fight against Syrian government forces.

Turkey is home to 180,000 of the Syrian refugees in camps in the south of the country.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 75 percent of the Syrian refugees who have taken shelter in Turkey are women and children.

The Turkish Republican People’s Party has repeatedly pronounced its opposition to Turkey’s stance on Syria, calling for an end to the Syrian conflict and a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis in the country.

Since the start of the unrest in Syria, Turkey has thrown its weight behind the militants fighting the Syrian government.

Syria has been experienced unrest for almost two years, which has claimed the lives of many people, including large numbers of security forces.

The Syrian government says the chaos, which began in the country in March 2011, is being orchestrated from outside and there are reports that a very large number of the armed militants are foreign nationals."

No doubt there is also an Israeli human organ trafficker, or three, working this "open market", as well.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 5:42 utc | 43

History come full circle:


"On September 13, 2012, the Dept of
Homeland Security graduated its first class of FEMA Corps youth, aka the Homeland Youth. Image courtesy of

The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany . Regardless of their name, Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth! Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s “Youth Corps”, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country!

On September 13, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security graduated its first class of FEMA Corps first-responders, “Homeland Youth”. While the idea of having a volunteer force of tens of thousands of volunteers scattered across the country to aid in times of natural disasters sounds great, the details and timing of this new government army is somewhat curious, if not disturbing!

DHS raising an armed army!

The first problem one finds with this ‘new army’ is the fact that they are mere children. Yes, 18 is generally the legal age a person can sign a contract, join the military or be tried as an adult. But ask any parent – an 18, 20 or even a 24 year-old is still a naïve, readily-influenced kid.

The second problem with this announcement and program is its timing. Over the past two years, Obama has signed a number of Executive Orders suspending all civil and Constitutional rights and turning over management of an America under Martial Law to FEMA!

Also in that time, domestic federal agencies under DHS, including FEMA, have ordered billions of rounds of ammunition as well as the corresponding firearms. Admittedly, these new weapons and ammunition are not to be used in some far-off war or to fight forest fires in California , but right here on the streets of America !

Strange Armored Fighting Vehicles

Individuals around the US have begun reporting the site of strange, new, heavily-armed FEMA fighting vehicles.What would a disaster relief agency like FEMA need with 2,500 brand new GLS armored fighting vehicles?According to the agency’s own mandate, as well as Obama’s recent Executive Order, the answer is‘population control’ during a time of Martial Law."

Anyone care to speculate on which group will be rounded up first and sent to "the camps"?

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 5:50 utc | 44


My uncle used to say, "If you go shark fishing, don't break bread over the waves, bring bloody bait." I'm trying to figure out who're fake liberal/democrats here, and I must say, the picture's getting clearer by the day. It's amazing to see people wave banners of a free/democratic/multicultural society everywhere, but can't seem to extent that ideal to all corners of the planet.

As to Syria, the west's hands are as tainted as Assad's. The fact that foreigners operate on Syria's sovereign soil would unleash all hell in the US [see the fate of Christopher Dorner] as well as in any other country I've lived in.

Before I forget to mention it, you were right in your assessment about Israeli planes entering Syrian airspace: it was a very brief in-out op. If you speak Russian, can you confirm whether the translation of Putin's words are correct in that youtube clip?

Imo, if a person doesn't criticize Apartheid Regimes, that person supports them.

The US' foreign policies are killing America and literally kill Americans and some seem to have no problem with that sad state of affairs.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 21 2013 6:12 utc | 45

Daniel Rich

Sorry, cant help you with confirming the translation, my knowledge is only a few swear words. I rely upon online translating.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 6:29 utc | 46


I remember a while back you covered the Pussy Riot case in Russia. Recently, a similar phony protest group called Femen did a similar number at the Norte Dame in Paris. This is a video of it:

Femen - No more Pope!

The similarities with the Pussy Riot stunt and what happened after are interesting. This otherwise overly uptight write-up explains some of these similarities.

Femen act in the cathedral – French politicians in fury – similarities to Pussy Riot

Be interesting to see how this develops.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 6:40 utc | 47

@ BOT TAK [#44],

Q: Anyone care to speculate on which group will be rounded up first and sent to "the camps"?

R: Anyone with more than two functioning braincells.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 21 2013 6:47 utc | 48

some news:
1. palestinian filmaker made to feel at home in US at US checkpoint:

2.israels ally FSA..threatens Hezbollah

3.another member of Free 'Syrian' Army bites the dust: #Chechen terrorist Abdul Karim Entered Syria through...

4. the Reluctant Fundamentalist...or how to make a terrorist: … #film

Posted by: brian | Feb 21 2013 7:00 utc | 49

obama just enacted a law which says that cyber attack is an act of war,[[sic], stuxnet anyone ?] the perpetrator is likely to get a *nuke down their chimney*

china take note, u r a legit target now !!

Posted by: denk | Feb 21 2013 8:09 utc | 50

Just for the record, me david isn't him David.

вот так@32, that's an awesome article, in south africa right now, people need to read that.

Posted by: david | Feb 21 2013 12:09 utc | 51

2 David's? It's like an episode of Star Trek, two Kirks!! The 60,000 Syrians wouldn't be dead if they hadn't picked up weapons to fight against the government Dave. The Fake Syrian Army and the assorted foreigners are simply in the business to destroy. Also they strip down everything and sell them. That's all they've done, the Syrian Arab Army doesn't even booby trap the installations it abandons.

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 21 2013 15:26 utc | 52

Just to get into the spirit, here is George Galloway leaving a discussion meet at Christ Church (Oxford) as he doesn’t debate with Israelis.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 21 2013 17:11 utc | 53

George is still smarting from the fall of his beloved Soviet Union, the upcoming fall of his beloved Assad's Syria... cut the guy some slack; you expect him to be in the mood to speak to a fire breathing zionist now?

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 18:58 utc | 54

Syrian rebels to Hezbollah: Stop fighting for Assad or be eliminated from Lebanon
The Free Syrian Army gives Hezbollah 48-hour deadline to stop shelling 'Syrian lands, villages and civilians from inside the Lebanese territories', according to statement posted on Facebook and carried by various media outlets

This is breaking from earlier today. Who are the bad guys again?

Posted by: David | Feb 21 2013 19:03 utc | 55

at 47, FEMEN, which is Ukrainian originally, is a *show-protest movement* in a new form.

Taking on a protest mantle, they do street / trad venues, intrusive etc. shows using relative nudity / sexuality / feminism for attention. They do demos all over the world.

A way of carving into the mainstream - specially via TV which slavers for such stuff - to further other careers, from porn star to elected deputy to wife of industrialist. Or just, having a fun time and low pay, be sexy and travel. A step in leading to a step up...

They borrowed from demos, sit-ins, outrage here and there, from W history, and upped it, to get into media.

Their stance against prostitution is that of upper class gals or hopefuls who aim to sell pix of their bodies - and not their flesh - for more money than any lowly sex worker.

Then they mix it up with politics in a calculated way - some vague left wing stances - all good. Whatever they yell about is immaterial, it could be anything, like against Gazprom, as they did, as outrageous as possible, or against the Churches, as if they could do anything about all that.

Polish prostitutes demonstrated agains FEMEN but got no press.

These are 2012 troubadours, if that image speaks. There is money, fun, self-actualization in it. Show time! No expensive booking of theatre venues! No entry tickets, it’s for free! Supporters and the Media will pay for the spectacle. In that sense, it is ‘new’ and quite clever. Who the managers behind the scenes are is kept carefully hidden.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 21 2013 19:09 utc | 56

Yesterday, the NYT posted an update on Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, a 24-year-old with (supposedly) ties to Hezobollah, who's now facing criminal charges (*not* terrorism) in Cyprus:

Trial Offers Rare Look at Work of Hezbollah in Europe

Rummaging past the paper's usual lack of uncritical thinking and skewed interpretations, devised to condition the average reader to the author's viewpoint (also known as 'manipulation'), two things found in the article that should be of concern.


In written testimony read in Greek by his interpreter, as he sat quietly beside her, Mr. Yaacoub described how he would be picked up in a van to meet with his handler, Ayman, and used code words to confirm his identity. “I never saw the face of Ayman because he was always wearing a mask,” Mr. Yaacoub said.

So the accused doesn't even know the client, and by extension the organization he's working for, that's been giving him these useless assignments (checking flight numbers and jotting down a couple of license plates... for 600 euros per month), let alone give us an actual name to an actual Hezbollah operative or even point the investigation to 'some' meaningful direction.

Ultimately, the case will be concluded based on no substantial evidence, sans for a written testimony which leads us to concern #2:

Mr. Yaacoub held up the red notebook, which a court clerk took to him as he tried to explain how he ended up noting the license plates. He described himself as “threatened, scared and confused,” during his initial interrogation, complaining that the police had warned that he would receive life in prison if he did not cooperate and made him submit to a polygraph test.

The whole thing is stupidly simple; the guy has been set up (won't speculate by whom). A 24-year-old Lebanese vendor, in need of some extra coin to kick off a fruit juice importing business, somehow got in contact with an always-masked-man going by the name of "Ayman", who'd offer him 600 big ones every month if he'd travel to said parts of Europe and write down stuff in a notebook for him.

Today, the NYT had this to say:

Hezbollah Operative on Trial Describes Himself as ‘Pawn’ for Group

No s***.

Also from that article (just to strengthen concern #2):

The prosecutor, Athos Kannaourides, said that Mr. Yaacoub had admitted to police during questioning on July 14 that he had learned to use C-4 explosive. But Mr. Yaacoub denied ever having received such training, saying that the police had added that fact without his knowledge to the statement he signed.

Posted by: never mind | Feb 21 2013 19:30 utc | 57

ben - 34 & david - 51

Linh Dinh writes a lot good material.

Noirette - 56

Femen is the new face of co opted "radical" protesting. Voine used the same MO. They were trained jointly by the zionist "left" and the fascist right, and show how zionism (of all pretended political leanings) is now one with old time fascism.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 21 2013 21:12 utc | 58

It is odd to see someone leave a public discussion like that, until you remember that representatives of great and powerful nations and all their sycophants regularly do the very same thing at the United Nations.

Why is Susan Rice or any of the other ambassadors to the UN never accused of Racism as they get up and leave when Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, or Ahmaninejad speak?

Posted by: dan of steele | Feb 21 2013 23:12 utc | 59

@ never mind [#57],

And we also don't know where he was interrogated and by whom. So many 'rendition' flights to keep track of [and so many names to change to make it sound a lot better: torture = enhanced interrogation techniques | keep the printing presses running at full speed = quantitative easing | etc]. One thing is for sure though, we've got to be kept running on that hamster wheel of fear and it doesn't matter who has to be sacrificed where and how to keep us going.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 22 2013 1:19 utc | 60


I haven't been here for a while. I haven't seen your posts before today. I glad for that because too much of the kind of poisonous Hasbarabotualism you bring to any conversation is not good for anyone's mental health.

Do you know how to do anything other than lie about everything in the interests of despicable, criminal, racist Israel?

...I thought not...

Posted by: arthurdecco | Feb 22 2013 2:50 utc | 61

Good on Galloway. Attempting to dialog Israelis is like trying to have a meaningful conversation with Charles Manson. It's completely pointless to engage Israelis.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 22 2013 3:06 utc | 62

Re: "Noirette, Feb 21, 2013 2:09:50 PM 56"

Thank you for your insightful and sensitive post. It's heartening to see smart people posting.

Posted by: arthurdecco | Feb 22 2013 3:11 utc | 63

I didn't mean to suggest in my last post that most people posting here weren't smart people. I only meant to convey the idea that Noirette's comment transcended the usual level of brilliance displayed by the majority to those posting comments here on the best forum on the net. wink.

Posted by: arthurdecco | Feb 22 2013 3:15 utc | 64

Where's this heading?

"There were about 12 stock-sale announcements over the past three months for every purchase by insiders at Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) companies, the highest ratio since January 2011, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Pavilion Global Markets. Whenever the ratio exceeded 11 in the past, the benchmark index declined 5.9 percent on average in the next six months, according to Pavilion, a Montreal-based trading firm." - Insider Sales Reach 2-Year High as S&P 500 Nears Record

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 22 2013 3:36 utc | 65

56) you are right, Noirette, presumably it is the most effective fund raising

"NGOs, mostly funded by the E.U., continue to support the majority of research and social projects on pre-defined notions of “gender” and “women” in Ukraine. Differentiation, described by Sarah D. Phillips as a process in which activists and the state prioritize, and respond to, socio-political issues within a shifting distribution of needs across varied populations, continues to shape the funding structures of social projects in Ukraine. With this dynamic in mind, it may be worth remembering, while some of the activists in Phillips’ study were able to position themselves as agents of differentiation, other projects lost funding within a shifting social and economic stratification that privileged western donors’ predefined discourses of need. These privileged discourses were those that tended to table more localized articulations of need for projects that more directly resonated with the priorities of western funding agencies"

Posted by: somebody | Feb 22 2013 4:24 utc | 66

anon is just half the story
anon-wiki works as a tag team

Posted by: denk | Feb 22 2013 9:40 utc | 67

*The New York Times, functioning once again as a conduit for the Pentagon and the CIA, has taken the lead in the latest provocation against Beijing. On Tuesday it published a bellicose front-page article headlined “China’s Army Seen as Tied to Hacking Against US,” and carrying the ominous subhead “Power Grid is a Target*

if fukusans believe in this crap they'r really fucking pathetic

Posted by: denk | Feb 22 2013 12:06 utc | 68

*Obama raised the issue of cyber war in his February 12 State of the Union address, accusing US “enemies” of seeking to “sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems,” and insisting that action be taken against such attacks.*

sabotaging power grid is an act of war, never mind attacking air traffic control systems
hey people, murika is at war with china now !
so wtf is an appropriate reaction ...sending nukes down their chimneys ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 22 2013 16:33 utc | 69

denk - 67

RE: "Anonymous (aka National Security Administration) Operation Iran"

Anonymous is so loosely set-up I imagine all the major security services have their own chapters recruiting dupes to do Israel-America's dirty work. Like the "color revolutions" these zionists/fascists stage, they are led by professionals who specialise in recruiting dupes.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 22 2013 17:43 utc | 70

"Additional evidence hacker group "Anonymous" is an Israeli-American front, or led by their agents:"

I hate this kind of...stuff. This is a real group, so raw it barely has any agenda at all except to screw with the powerful. You can't make up the dumps it has performed. It is certainly not "lead" by anyone's "agents". Note all the members the UK and US are arresting/harassing.

The fact is, the powerful don't like any group that have too maverick attitudes, for the same reason they don't like Iran. They don't want people to think you can get together in independent groups like Anonymous and take on the FBI or the CIA or State Department. Someone else might do it! Worst of all , someone in Iran might do it! Notice the color revolutions are so profoundly local, and so completely lead by people trained at western universities. No, I think you're just gravitating towards a simple answer to the phenomenon.

I'll leave your reasoning for doing so to yourself.

Posted by: guest | Feb 23 2013 3:06 utc | 71

All in my humble opinion of course. But the idea that wikileaks and anon are "lead by agents" is as dumb as Webster Tarpley suggesting Mike Bloomberg "calls up the black bloc on the phone and has them break some windows so he can crack down..."

It is just nonsense by an old man who doesn't understand organizations of young nuts devoted to general anarchy and not part of an institutionalized, bipolar, cold war world.

Someone could very well attempt to do stuff in their name - hell, you could at least cause some questioning of their motives by making some youTube clips and opening a twitter account - but the real group, you have to look at their youth-culture, anarchic history.

Posted by: guest | Feb 23 2013 3:12 utc | 72

The operative phrase, guest - 71/72, is professionals recruiting dupes. Which is the better Kool-Aid, that which one adds sugar, or the kind already sweetened?

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 3:44 utc | 73

Foreign Meddling Ahead of Malaysia's Elections

Xenophon: The Not-so Impartial Observer

"Malaysia’s decision to detain and deport Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has become a hot topic of discussion across the nation’s blogosphere. Xenophon came to Kuala Lumpur as part of a seven-member international team of election observers invited by de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Xenophon attended the Bersih 3.0 street rally during a previous visit to Malaysia and criticised the government for being “authoritarian” in handling the demonstrators. Xenophon was barred from entering Malaysia under the Immigration Act 8(3), and the state’s official statement claimed that Xenophon was deported as “a result of his participation in an illegal street protest in Kuala Lumpur last year,” referring to clauses in the Peaceful Assembly Act which prohibits non-citizens from participating in unauthorised public gatherings.

Local analysts have criticized Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s de-facto opposition leader, for his alleged history of appealing to foreigners to legitimize his positions. From the hardline Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated theologian, Yusuf 'Abdullah al-Qaradawi, known for controversially inciting sectarian divisions throughout the Muslim world, to the likes of Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz – Anwar is widely credited in the Malaysian press with harnessing foreign influence to bolster his own political talking points. Ibrahim previously called on the Australian government to monitor Malaysia’s upcoming general elections, although Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr declined to send observers, stating that Australia had no intention of influencing Malaysia’s elections..."

Another fake Australian. The Israeli-American corruption of other country's opposition movements into opportunistic fascism continues...

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 4:34 utc | 74

bot tak 70

wiki's mission statement is all about china's censorship, , it
boasted resident *ex* google [1] expert to undermine china's
assange even declared openly china as public enemy no 1.
while its allegedy on the run from *persecution* by the obama
junta, its day job continues to be working in tandem with anon ,
hacking into china's network n spread inflammatory msg [2]

Hello, we are Anonymous.
All these years the Chinese Government has subjected their

people to unfair laws and unhealthy processes.
People, each of you suffers from tyranny of that regime.

Fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for democracy!

In the defaces and wikileaks in this day, we demonstrate our revolt to the Chinese system. It has to stop! We aren’t asking you for nothing, just saying to protest, to revolt yourself, to be the free
person you always want to be! So, we are writing this message

to tell you that you should protest, you should revolt yourself
protesting and who has the skills for hacking and programming
and design and other “computer things” come to our IRC: channel: #GlobalRevolution .

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

wiki , anon is clinton's wet dream. [3]
cyber war without accountability



[3] *the US State Department, Department of Defense, and the
Broadcasting Board of Governors are all funding technology
companies and NGOs (amusingly referred to as "human rights
groups") who are providing protesters across the Middle East
and North Africa with means to facilitate their online activities
including circumventing cyber-security measures employed by
target nations.*

Posted by: denk | Feb 23 2013 4:36 utc | 75

denk - 75

Wikileaks started out as an anti-Chinese asset. But I wonder if there was a falling out along the way. The betrayals of the zionist media, the way the U.S. orchestrated the Assange witch hunt, and recently, Anonymous turning on them. All these seem to be saying that whatever role Wikileaks may have been playing before, now they are in the dog house. Could be they passed their "sell by" date, like most assets of these fascists do, and have been replaced. By Anonymous, no doubt.

That Anonymous motto:

"We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us."

Is pure zionist ego-wanking. It's the exact motto of Israel/zionist Jews in the "We do not forgive We do not forgive" part.

The persecution of Assange has ramifications far beyond Wikileaks and Assange's person, and should be opposed. This persecution may also be a role assigned this outfit, they get to play the role of target for a broad sweeping clamp down on internet freedom and that of whistle blowers. So noxious as Wikileaks may be, those working to shut them down are the real enemy.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 5:00 utc | 76

"It's the exact motto of Israel/zionist Jews in the "We do not forgive We do not forgive" part."

Er.... It's the exact motto of Israel/zionist Jews in the "We do not forgive We do not forget" part.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 5:02 utc | 77

bot tak 76

*recently, Anonymous turning on them*

i dont know about that ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 23 2013 5:53 utc | 78

You would find those Anonymous statements about almost any censorship or political topic in the world. You'd even find them about people torturing cats on the internet. They go after anyone, it seems to me. I don't see why a group of kids would sign up on the Chinese side of things.

And true, wikileaks mission statement does go after China. Why wouldn't it? Is China some kind of angel in the realms of political freedom? Note though that there haven't been any huge data dumps on China, just the US. Note that it isn't China that has Assange holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy (or is Correa in on the scam too, that US-stooge?).

Anyway, my point is this: hard as it might be for some people to believe that a grass-roots effort is possible, that some smart people might pop up and do their own thing against what they see as wrong (in this case being censorsip in china, or pussy riot, or aaroan schwarz), that it may not follow traditional ideas or world views (it does appear to be mostly middle class western kids with probably not a super deep concept of the battle between great powers - or probably not a care about it) is a misunderstanding of the continuing power of the individual.

So, like any traditional anarchist, they strike out at whoever is attacking what they see as "their interests" in this case "freedom of speech" and secrecy, mostly. That includes our pet heroes as well as our traditional enemies.

I'm not saying they are to be trusted or a friend, but until they stop doing clearly useful things for the world, we shouldn't reduce them to "agents of the zionists" because it is ridiculous and doesn't it with any real analysis except to say "oh, on one occasion they attacked x, they must be y" instead of looking at all their actions, enemies.

That's just my concept of them anyway. Maybe you are right. Maybe the Dept of State handed them all those millions of documents and slammed Manning in jail and cornered Assange in an embassy - took all that bad press, embarrassment, and potential of future examples of real defiance - all for the purposes of.... what US-zionist end exactly?

Posted by: guest | Feb 23 2013 14:20 utc | 79

And as for their motto being "we never forgive. We never forget." does the Mossad or CIA do that a lot? Invent front groups and then call them "Nossad" or "Jossad" or the "BIA" or something? Do they make clear simple obvious links back to themselves with groups they want most of the world to perceive as their enemy?

Its a powerful motto that, as western middle class kids steeped in post-ww2 propaganda would have, by your own admission, heard a million times and taught to feel is powerful. It something I can see them coming up with on their own because they think it "sounds cool" - the main attraction for teenagers.

Anyway, they could easily be infiltrated. They have been by the FBI already. But it was for the purposes of catching them, not trying to control them. And if that was the purpose... then that is the strength or weakness of the group and it may change over time and the group may change. You have to watch and analyze them because they are an independent player (and that could change) but you can't dismiss them as someone's "agent" wholesale.

Unless you are trying to discredit them for your own reasons. That I can't say.

Posted by: guest | Feb 23 2013 14:27 utc | 80

Guest and others...

My two cents on Anonymous is that they are probably a little bit of everything! I imagine there are agents using them as a cover as well as a lot of disenfranchised smart computer types who just want to do something, anything, to fight back against the system.

I like a lot of what Anonymous does... but I am also very suspicious of them too. Part of the problem being a freedom-loving individual during these times is that it's hard to tell your friends from your enemies. This is why the system is able to continue to screw everyone.

Whom do you trust? There are times I don't even trust my own thoughts because I'm not sure if I'm thinking them or if they have come from the deep programing I've received as a child in u.s. public schools.

Yeah, I'm a freak. But at least I'm willing to admit that I've been programed by society (just like everyone else) and I do my best to try to separate the wheat from the chaff of my thoughts and beliefs.


Posted by: DaveS | Feb 23 2013 15:27 utc | 81

Guest and others...

My two cents on Anonymous is that they are probably a little bit of everything! I imagine there are agents using them as a cover as well as a lot of disenfranchised smart computer types who just want to do something, anything, to fight back against the system.

I like a lot of what Anonymous does... but I am also very suspicious of them too. Part of the problem being a freedom-loving individual during these times is that it's hard to tell your friends from your enemies. This is why the system is able to continue to screw everyone.

Whom do you trust? There are times I don't even trust my own thoughts because I'm not sure if I'm thinking them or if they have come from the deep programing I've received as a child in u.s. public schools.

Yeah, I'm a freak. But at least I'm willing to admit that I've been programed by society (just like everyone else) and I do my best to try to separate the wheat from the chaff of my thoughts and beliefs.


Posted by: DaveS | Feb 23 2013 15:27 utc | 82

Please invest the time to watch this short movie. Massive food for thought.

Posted by: ben | Feb 23 2013 15:47 utc | 83

Wikileaks and the like are typical of (say) W under-30 geekiness.

A sort of global, confused, uncoordinated, young ‘rich’ ppl’s movement, which sometimes serves as a model for others (Arab Spring, for ex.)

1) They are democratic and believe that ‘citizens’ have the right to free information, more ‘truthful’ and better information, and by extension, propaganda and lies should be revealed, but only thru ‘correct’ info. Assange, after all, was the darling of the Guardian and the NYT for a while - sort of new journalism scene. With other arguments, they are against copyright (a recent invention in any case), patents, the corralling of the Movie/Music industry (Pirate Bay), etc. All this is in line with free-flow of cultural and info goods, contra monopolies, corporate power, etc.

2) They are libertarian in the sense that the individual should decide, be free to act; and appear to be anarchists , against invested, institutionalized order. The arguments here are very much oriented to a ‘free society’ (whatever that is) and ‘democracy’ - again, the emphasis on the individual, etc.

They don’t suggest political organization, and when they do, it appears ‘leftist’ or ‘socialist’, such as, last time I read, the Pirate Bay Germany was calling for a Citizen Salary for all. (They say nothing about War, Hunger, Finance, Disease - not their remit.)

They are idealistic, even mildly utopian; narrow in outlook, or, in other terms, focussed on one topic.

While the ideology is totally congruent with ‘democracy’ and ‘the free market’, their actions have in recent years alarmed Corporate and State sections of the PTB (release of diplo cables, challenges to the entertainment industry, etc.) enough to provoke a crack-down, showing up the contradictions and inconsistency of the discourse of W ‘democracies’, particularly the US.

What else is there to see here? What agents could be piloting Wikileaks? To what end? (Serious qu. not argumentative.)

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 23 2013 16:03 utc | 84

Hilarious read: Satire: The real reason the Pope is quitting - a disposable penis?

Posted by: b | Feb 23 2013 18:33 utc | 85

DaveS - 81

I essentially agree with that.

Noirette - 84

I wouldn't classify Anonymous as having any set views, political or otherwise. They are like a sampling of society, as any large group of people will usually be. Such as the fans of a particular performer tend to be. They have a similar interest in internet activism, but how to apply that activism, and for what reasons, are as varied as any other group brought together by a similar particular interest. This is why Anonymous is so easily used by establishment interests, who take advantage of people's desire to do something to affect problems in their world, but who are not really very knowledgeable on the subjects they are activated about. This is how "color revolutions" worked. People's desire for change being professionally manipulated by specialists highly trained in "making friends and influencing others" with massive budgets and armies of experienced researchers behind them. The way the establishment manipulates people, and public perceptions, is an advanced science.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 20:07 utc | 86

Another prize of peace prizes perfectly synchronize with Orwell’s prophecy; first we had Obama (Lubricious) and now Hollande, equally on par! A crazy decision on the part of UNESCO to award a Peace Prize to Hollande who has not been in office long, a political career since being in office as president of France and intervention in Mali, but it did clinch the fighter plane deal worth billions (Mali). Then again the same umbrella Org decided Robert Mugabe as ambassador for tourism for the United Nations, but needed to back track. I really feel I am living in a parallel world, a mirror that is the reverse. Do we have a comedy Award for Organizations that are blatantly comical?

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 1:05 utc | 87

Thx for your response Bot Tak. That sorts it out somewhat. I didn't mention Anonymous at all, and I (deliberately) melded together Wikileaks
and Pirate Bay types. Going further requires more separations / definitions etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 24 2013 13:26 utc | 88

*And true, wikileaks mission statement does go after China. Why
wouldn't it? Is China some kind of angel in the realms of political
freedom? *

u miss the point,
wiki manifesto is so clinton/freedom house/cfr like, i could've
sworn that the mdm sec drafted it herself !
talk about an agenda !
it u need further proof, wiki adversory board consist of tam
veterans, tibetan activists.
like bot tak says, wiki definitely started out as an anti chinese
outfit, i'd add that wiki adversory board points to ned/soro.
this is an irrefutable fact that so many choose to ignore.

only god knows whether assange is now pass his *use by date*
n *put in the dog house*, if its true, take care assange.
*they* might even take u out to martyrise wiki n silence all the
*conspiracy theorists*

*Is China some kind of angel in the realms of political freedom?*

like i say, u miss the point but....
hell yes.....when compared to fukusi !!

*Note though that there haven't been any huge data dumps on

u havent been paying attention !
so many murikan smear jobs on china has been *verified* by wiki

* just the US.*

wiki the one hit wonder ?
nuthin of consequence after that video debut
n did that *block buster* halt the us imperial juggernaut ?
fat chance !
they said reagon is a *teflon prez*....nuthin sticks.
u can call murika a *teflon crime syndicate* for the same reason.

murikan propaganda on chinese *colonism* in africa, chinese
military *threat*, chinese *cyber war* on good ole usa etc have
all been buttressed by conveniently timed *leaks* .
so u dont trust the pentagoon, but surely u believe in wiki dont u ?

* Note that it isn't China that has Assange holed up in the
Ecuadorean embassy (or is Correa in on the scam too, that US

i dont discount even that possibility
if u think u know how cunning fukus are, well, u aint seen nuthin yet !

*Anyway, my point is this: hard as it might be for some people to
believe that a grass-roots effort is possible, that some smart
people might pop up and do their own thing against what they
see as wrong (in this case being censorsip in china, or pussy
riot, or aaroan schwarz), *

white hats [aka *ethical hackers* ;-)], especially if they'r
murikans, who spend all days banging their heads on china's
firewall while murika is *wasting* peasants all over the world dont
seem particulary *smart*, or *ethical* at that.
*how about *brainwashed* , *morons*, witting or unwitting
patsies, or , god forbid...... intel shills ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 24 2013 14:04 utc | 89

This discussion is very focused on the topic and I’m satisfied with the researched material as is is authentic and unbiased

Posted by: Malaysia Residency | Mar 11 2013 10:01 utc | 90

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