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February 23, 2013


I hold the opinion that the United States is one of the most corrupt countries. As usual the problem starts at the top.
Giving or raising $500,000 or more puts donors on a national advisory board for Mr. Obama’s group and the privilege of attending quarterly meetings with the president, along with other meetings at the White House. Moreover, the new cash demands on Mr. Obama’s top donors and bundlers come as many of them are angling for appointments to administration jobs or ambassadorships.
Obama’s Backers Seek Big Donors to Press Agenda

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In the US corruption is legal. So what's the problem?

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 23 2013 19:44 utc | 1

I agree, the USA is the premier banana republic. The corruption is so ubiquitous and extensive, I would estimate that over half the money spent in the USA, by government and private, supports that corruption. IE: is siphoned off by corrupt entities and individuals. In the past, such corruption was not so noticeable as it is now, because the country made so much money there was left over from the corruption. That is no longer the case, with 20% + unemployment and high costs of living sending the majority of Americans into poverty, or the borderline, where they are unable to maintain a situation of financial security any more. More people require government help, and the government is cutting back such help in order to continue feeding the corruption. This government money that is wasted feeding the corruption (bankster bailouts, rampant corporate crime, outrageous military bloat, crony backrubs, etc.) could have erased the poverty and rebuilt the economy to the point where scarcity no longer existed. The money and resources are there, they are just in the wrong, too few hands.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 23 2013 19:49 utc | 2

Posted this on another thread. Modern version of Orwell's 1984( as I see it). More than relevant in today's world. Food for thought.

Posted by: ben | Feb 23 2013 21:15 utc | 3


True. But, this is also the case for Western Europe, too. Starting with the Regan Revolution, the Plutocrats seized control of all the Western governments. It just did not become noticeable until the Bush II Administration and the 2008 crash. The corruption has continued unabated in the Obama Administration.

Government that was by and for the people has ceased to exist. Maybe because I am now sensitized, I am stating to see this appear in the media and conversation. Since Jon Corzine has not been indicted for stealing 2 billion dollars from American Farmers, the Plutocrats are now free to steal all they want from anyone that has any wealth left. This is the one and only purpose of Austerity and Sequestration.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Feb 23 2013 21:50 utc | 4

What's amazing is how 'good Americans' hear no evil and see no evil.

When I tell people that Hillary announced her run for Senate to represent Wall Street days after Bill signed the bill killing Glass-Steagall, they have no reaction. And 95% of Democrats are willing to cut Obama the utmost slack when he proposes cutting their Social Security.

Americans' ability to react to political outrage, not matter how egregious, seems have gone into hibernation.

Posted by: JohnH | Feb 23 2013 21:54 utc | 5

It seems to me that corruption is defined as giving illegal payments in order to achieve an aim. If the payments are legal, is it to be called corruption?

In the UK, there have been a lot of businessmen who have given to the political parties, and then been given the title of 'Lord', in order to have a seat in the House of Lords. Was it corruption? Yes and No. No in the sense that it is really Yes, but it has gone on for centuries.

The question is: where is the dividing line between standard political practices and corruption?

Posted by: alexno | Feb 23 2013 21:57 utc | 6

@ JohnH [#5},

Q: Americans' ability to react to political outrage, not matter how egregious, seems have gone into hibernation.

R: I disagree. I think middle/lower class America has been put on 'life support' because wealth = independence. When you're too busy living from paycheck to paycheck, with that vulture 'foreclosure' circling above your head, it's unfair to blame hardworking individuals of not paying attention to what's going on elsewhere. This is not to defend the ignorant. This a snapshot of the many stories I've heard over the past few years [from back home].

@ b,

I disagree, to a certain extent. My personal litmus test has always been this:

1) can I buy {illegal] drugs?

2) can I buy a gun?

3) can I buy a new identity?

4) can I bribe my way into or out of something

I've only been fortunate enough to travel to a small portion of this globe's countries [34], but, so far, the answer has always been 'yes.'

I do agree with the notion of the idiocy of having two candidates spending billions of $$ to get elected and [super] PACs funding incumbent uncle Toms [no reference to Obomber]. It's as repulsive as having to watch those proclaiming to be all for freedom of speech all over the globe and then see them turn around [and show their real faces] to enforce apply censorship the very moment they're confronted with something they don't agree with.

Money is the biggest culprit in most of the misery I've encountered [worldwide]. It perverts so much, that I'm still baffled at times.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 23 2013 22:52 utc | 7

I remember reading about the old days when the government (?) and the fbi fought against organized crime.

And I remember having asked myself the, so it seems, obvious questions what happened with those gangster (the big ones that went free), the "markets", the "goods", the sales and delivery structures and networks, aso.

Sure enough, their customers didn't just vanish and neither did anything else - it was there to be picked up (if ever the ties were really cut).
Furthermore I asked myself "What does a "businessman" with lots of cash, lots of relations, connections, and know-how do, when his business is declared criminal? Does he just buy a nice mansion on the Bahamas and enjoy lots of spare time?
And the bribed officials? Did they suddenly become nice, decent public servants?"

It seems the answers are quite obvious.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 23 2013 23:12 utc | 8

Off topic:

Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli custody. "He 'accidentally' banged his head against the wall..." -- anonymous IDF sauce.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 23 2013 23:14 utc | 9

"And 95% of Democrats are willing to cut Obama the utmost slack when he proposes cutting their Social Security. "

I don't know. I think we're pissed, but the corruption insures we have no voice at all.

Posted by: guest | Feb 23 2013 23:58 utc | 10

Daniel Rich @ 7

Not sure if I understand you -- You've mentioned before you're in Japan, would you answer "Yes" to 1- 4 there?

I don't know any country where a foreigner can safely do any of those things. You might get by with some of them if you're in the power structure, but not as an outsider.

What are some of the 34 countries you know where the answer to those four questions is "yes.?"

Posted by: Ken Nari | Feb 24 2013 0:04 utc | 11

@ guest [#10],

C'mon, dude. We've got 'Free Speech Zones.' What else do you want? True democracy and the right to be hurded heard?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 0:34 utc | 12

Would the most corrupt country essentially be the place you cant 'pay' to get anything done? Just a thought...

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 1:13 utc | 13

America has always been corrupt. That's not the problem. The problem is that punishment for the white collar criminal has never been more absent. Loopholes get them acquitted, fancy lawyers get them off, and judges are political pawns used to stage the courtroom drama much like Hollywood TV. The legal system has become a circus act. Without punishment, corruption simply is more visible.

Posted by: Cynthia | Feb 24 2013 1:37 utc | 14

ben at 3 : might be a good video ... but the sound track drove me away

dan at 7 : you could buy 1,2,3,4 in 34 ... it's 'cause you're rich:)

Posted by: john francis lee | Feb 24 2013 1:42 utc | 15

@ 15: Yes, didn't care for the sound or video for that matter, but, the message, at least for me, trumped both.

@14:Yes. The power of organized money is winning the day here in the USA. Hopefully, other countries can resist.

Posted by: ben | Feb 24 2013 1:54 utc | 16

@ Ken Nari [#14],

Yes, I live and work in Japan and the answer to your question is 'Yes.' I have a yakuza group sitting in a building around the corner. I know that, the cops know that. I found Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld, Expanded Edition a very interesting read. If possible [and if interested] have a go at it. Money does make the world go round and round and round [MIC's favorite tune].

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 2:44 utc | 17

@ Ken Nari [#17],

Forgot to add this:

The Gambia
Former Yugoslavia
Former Czechoslovakia

No worries, I don't do drugs [ask Paul McCarthy how well that went for him] or own a gun [here], but I have the necessary contacts to obtain them if I want to. Where ever I went, I encountered 'crime' and those who live off of it.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 2:51 utc | 18

@ john francis lee [#15],

off topic: every family has a 'black sheep' and you've just met the poor branch in what's left of this tree :o)

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 2:54 utc | 19

With so many multi-millionaires leading our great nation, how can b make such an accusation? Obviously these leaders have worked hard, wisely, and been rewarded richly for their labors. Its the American way, by gawd. Besides, being a Congressman is haaaard work. They deserve their annual raises, short work weeks, and obscenely bloated bank accounts.

(Oh my, how I hate these fuckers. They make a mockery of everything we purport our nation to be.)

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Feb 24 2013 3:18 utc | 20

@ PissedOffAmerican [#20],

Q: (Oh my, how I hate these fuckers. They make a mockery of everything we purport our nation to be.)

R: If one of 'em drowns, I'll wave back.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 3:42 utc | 21

Daniel Rich @ 7, 17, 18

I can tell having "been to" means a lot to you, but here at MoA a lot of us have "been to." If you haven't tried to buy drugs, get a gun, change your ID or bribe a public official, then you're flying on your imagination. I'm guessing you're young and have a part-time shuck teaching English at a juku. Your English isn't exactly American, so you're probably not in the occupation military. I say this because the times you post indicate you don't have a steady Japanese-style 9:00 - 5:00 job, which means at least 9:00-9:00 in Japan.

I too know Japan, and I wouldn't recommend going around the corner and asking your yakuza neighbors for any favors, like getting you a gun or drugs. They're nationalistic and hate your gaijin guts, and what they get by with, you can't. At best you'll get your feelings hurt and your nose flattened. Please let us know what happens if you ever try to change your "ID" in Japan or bribe a Japanese cop.

Maybe b would like to chime in here with how easy he thinks it is for an unconnected foreigner to buy a gun, drugs, change identity, or bribe a public official in Hamburg (Not exactly the law-and-order capital of Germany.) I lived in Stuttgart for 5 years and had to check in with the police every time I changed apartments or jobs. I probably could have gotten drugs for a short time. I wouldn't even think about the other things.

I know Greece too, and France and Spain, and I wouldn't try any of those things there either except for maybe a lucky score or two of drugs.

What b is saying is that the U.S. government is utterly corrupt, which is true. That's something quite different from saying there is a criminal underground in all countries.

Posted by: Ken Nari | Feb 24 2013 4:22 utc | 22

It is one thing when you pay a policeman $60 a month in a underdeveloped country where the cost of living has been tripled and double the pay scale since the UN has moved in, and then the UN chase corrupt police who take a dash out of necessity in order to feed the family. It is another thing when member states who generally have higher wages, and police those 'corrupt' police, yet are corrupt themselves out of nothing other than greed and power. It is most damming when then the correcting entities (Capacity building) teach unethical practices, manipulate and place key figures in position (Corruption/nepotism)and keep the 'soldiers' on $60 but provide shiny new guns and greater ability to be corrupt - USAID/Dyncorp etc.

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 4:57 utc | 23

@ Ken Nari,

You assume quite a bit, but this isn't about me. I'll give you three hints: Charles Bridge - '68 - 10 and leave at that.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 6:16 utc | 24

@Dan -Praha, lovely place...

Point is the need of corruption and the circles; the US you can just buy a gun, go to a gun show, hand over the cash, or just chat to a fella in a Bar who looks a bit strapped, tell him you want to go hunting, but short on the gut part, you will score. Not really doggy or dark, just the society and culture- Then again, you 'can' do the same in many countries.

If you want a gun in Germany, just ask a Albanian, if that fails a Turk; if you want to do a doggy deal in Spain, ask a Brit or a German, if you want to score some coke (Not the drink) in Sierra Leone, ask a Lebanese geezer; if you want some H in Kosovo, ask a Serb, if you want arms deals done or anything in NYC, take your pick: Russians, Italians, Serb's, Albanians, etc, ect, and the list goes on. When in Japan, be selective, sufficient "Gaikokujin Hanzai" and their networks, but rightly; don't ask the local Yakuza, you can look for a Brazilian or a Filipino, if your not in a comfort zone and want to get a bit whiter, NZ or Aus doing the Car export Biz!

Name one country where you cant corrupt the system and you cant get what you want, be it Alcohol in Saudi, a Tiger balls in Africa (Yes, I know, it sold by a India).

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 7:24 utc | 25

@ Kev [#25],
Thanks. My point was and still is, that I have encountered crime where ever I went/lived. As a foreigner [and all by myself] it is always good to get a 'feel of the land' and [if/where necessary] find means to protect yourself, next proficiency in the local language and then networking. Did you also pick up pigeon English or have you been 'refreshed?' No worries about the gumi: we good.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 8:29 utc | 26

My favorite proverb is "the fish rots from the head." It explains contemporary USA perfectly. The most lucrative crimes have been legal for a solid 35 years, and look what's happened to the country in that time.

Posted by: Crest | Feb 24 2013 8:43 utc | 27

@ Crest [#27],

Yeah, when you ask how many banksters have been throw in jail after their Casino Royall clusterfuck, the answer is: 0. As was mentioned above, it's very important to have the right connections/contacts, no matter what you want [as one of the grey masses, like myself or as part of the political echelon].

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 8:52 utc | 28

And UCSB, upon being accused of money laundering for drug cartels, was given a fine that amounted to a few months' profits because they are "too big to fail".

Which means, in essence, we have lost the War on Drugs, there is no moral authority to prosecute anyone for drug use or sales, just bullying the smaller people who have not grown big enough to be immune.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 24 2013 8:56 utc | 29

@Ken Nori, the Yakuza was in part formed because of corrupt Police in Japan, the yakuza developed in part from public reaction of the corruption and violence by the police squads who hunted them. Ironically the issue's were intrinsic to the yakuza culture and it's very roots. Most think Yakuza is a gangster and that is the meaning today, its original meaning was ‘useless’ the bottom of society. In the early 1900s the 'useless' banded to form the first yakuza gangs who were mostly day-laborers and migrant workers. These early gangs would have included Burakumin, socially stigmatized Japanese who are said to be descended from feudal outcasts.

A veteran officer Senba Toshirō stated "The largest organized crime gang in Japan today is the National Police Agency" sounds like the LAPD? All that has occurred is out goes the yakuza gang and in comes the Sakuradamon gang i.e. the Metropolitan Police Department, headquartered in Sakuradamon, and crime has gone underground, and expanded to outside elements.

As for Yakuza being the power, that has changed, times change, and Hollywood movies are not the best lesson. North Korean boat sank off the coast of Kyushu after exchanging gunfire with Japanese Coastguard patrol boats this was connected to a 'Korean-born' yakuza boss in Tokyo dealing crystal meth. The biggest robbery ever perpetrated in Japan, the ¥3.5 billion diamond heist from Ginza jewelers Le Supre-Diamant Couture De Maki was done by Serbia/Montenegro based gang ‘The Pink Panthers’. You have Iranian drug dealers, West African, Brazilian burglars, Turkish smugglers, Nigerian car-thieves, Peruvian drug-traffickers, Thai marriage-brokers, etc etc, then you have the Nationalistic split, Yakuza paying outsiders to do the dirty deed's AKA the Doragon members (Motorcycle gangs) who do clash with the major yakuza syndicates over territorial rights in entertainment districts. Police classify the Doragon as a ‘Chinese mafia’ and accuse it of extortion, drug-trafficking, and multiple murders... And what you do have; is corrupt police and officials, thus just as the Italian Mafia has accepted the presence of Albanian crime gangs in Italy and the yakuza have accepted the Chinese gangs, and the two sides have settled into a harmonious and mutually profitable coexistence because dealing with the police became a lesser share of the winnings.

I have a NZ mate, spitting image of Richard Gere, sitting he attracts the ladies, but when standing they choke (5.3' such is life). He lived and worked in Japan, and believe me he had to pay his way to the popo, and bureaucratic corruption of officials and always on his case, where the Yakuza largely ignore you, he even got apologies if they partied a little to hard and made a noise.

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 9:36 utc | 30

@Ralph-29, did we loose the War on drugs? Or thought the cost of rehabilitation of all our addicts would break our Health systems? We seemed to assist drugs in a few countries...
@Dan, revert to pigeon when using my pad, call it lazy or just that virtual KB's are designed by races with small fingers yet it reads "Made in the USA (Korea)".

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 10:12 utc | 31


we are stuck fighting the war on drugs because of an unholy alliance between boneheaded moral absolutists ("everything that we consider immoral should be illegal") have banded together with drug cartels whose profits would be slashed if drugs were legalized.

The result is an even bigger, bloodier and more expensive travesty of justice and waste of resources than Prohibition.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 24 2013 11:41 utc | 32

@Ralph #32 - Prohibition was very much a power play by Oil and the Cotton industries against the Hemp and Ethanol industries, it used supposed ethical and moral standing including religious undertones enforced via Law ( to sway the balance. Even the agents of the Prohibition Bureau (the former Federal Prohibition Unit), which was formed to enforce the new law, were mostly corrupt. From 1933 to 1939, various oil companies and the American Petroleum Institute argued that tax incentives for ethanol would hurt the oil industry, reduce state treasuries, and create a bootlegger' atmosphere around fueling stations. They also claimed alcohol fuel was inferior to gasoline. Likewise Hemp, 10 times stronger than cotton, more uses (some 20,000) including resins and molds (Used by H. Ford) and can grow from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

This process has been repeated 71-73, in 1988, even during George H.W. Bush administration proposes a clean up of “air toxics” in gasoline, focusing on replacing benzene octane boosters with ethanol. The proposal leads to one part of the 1990 Clean Air Act.
In the late 1980s and 1990s, an oil surplus drives gasoline prices down as low as $12 per barrel, driving most of the ethanol industry into bankruptcy. In 2007, United nations Food and Agriculture Organization Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food urges five-year moratorium on food based biofuels, including ethanol, saying its development is a "crime against humanity." Guess what, we are in the cycle again, Bush/Clinton Agri land-grabs (South America, Haiti etc, and now Obama ensuring instability.

Drug cartels of today are also a source of black money for black ops that are not seen in budgets; a strange alliance, in bed with the enemy so to speak.

Posted by: Kev | Feb 24 2013 12:28 utc | 33

Yes, the u.s. is a banana republic... pretty much always has been. The difference is what a poster above stated; that america is now so broke the graft isn't hidden.

People want to believe in the united states, and that's why even now there are so many willing to defend the way we do business. Truth is... well, at least what I think the truth is that for most of u.s. history the white 'middle class' man was king (or so he thought) and so it was easy for him to smile as people he thought were like him stepped on the rights of others: blacks, foreign governments, women ect. They'd smirk thinking they were on top, never realizing the PTB considered them (despite their color and all) as nothing more than useful cattle.

Go have a look a real slave history in the u.s. – in the 1600's whites and blacks both revolted against the slave owners – before the slave owners got smart and made those that looked kinda like them into middle management. Whites men are thugs (I should know I'm one of them) and they are finally starting to understand how used they've been. Well some are. I guess most are willing to do what ever it takes to keep feeling powerful and they're the ones cheering the war parades and are calling for liberal's heads on a platter (never realizing their head is gonna be the next course)

Until the majority of average American realize they are no different than the Iranians, Egyptians, Russians, Libyans, Chinese they want to hate, nothing is gonna change.

And trust me, it's like talking to a wall when trying to explain this to the average u.s. caucasian male

So I just sit back and wait, knowing that soon this is going to change. We'll know it's here when the KKK and the NAACP are both rallying together against the government and its corporate masters.


Posted by: DaveS | Feb 24 2013 14:34 utc | 34

"Starting with the Regan Revolution, the Plutocrats seized control of all the Western governments ... This is the one and only purpose of Austerity and Sequestration."

Are you serious? It all started with Raegan? Not FDR, Hoover, Wilson? What about Grant? Heck, are you even familiar with Lincoln and his land buying, while POTUS, where railroad tetminus was to be built, not to mention the Shermans?

It all started when the States seceded from the Articles of Confederation and established a consolidated national government.

Posted by: JaimeInTexas | Feb 24 2013 14:39 utc | 35

The USA is famed for cracking down on what it calls corruption abroad, always in its self-interest.

Corruption, broadly defined, is making payments or accepting them outside of the ‘legal’ system, to obtain privileges, contracts, favors, and avoid tax. (OECD.) The USA has the most ‘legally’ corrupted system ever post WW2 (Rome was pretty bad; The Ottoman empire lax and common-sensical, old style..)

sidebar: Amusing ex. Until last year, bribes in CH were legal, and *tax deductible.* The idea always was that transparency keeps it in check, paying too many bribes is revealed on the tax report, and back-channel back-bribes will show up. The US coerced the Swiss into mitigating and then canceling this legislation. (Nothing in the media, all went on sub rosa.)

The USA no longer has a Gvmt in the ‘democratic’ sense of the term.

It is run by an oligarchy / plutocracy composed of Corporate Actors, Banking and Finance, and Elected Officials, the last being low man on the pole, they have to scramble for staggering funds in return for promises to the lobbyists. The funds go in large part to Media Conglomerates.

> Corporate, widely defined, includes Military and Defense Contractors, Health Industry, Education coming up, as well as Gvmt-Private partnerships such as the Prison Industry, and some still more-or-less Gvmt. controlled branches such as Big Agri, which is heavily subsidized, in part to provide cheap /affordable food for the poor.

Food stamps – TANF - is electronically run by JP Morgan who take a huge cut, commission. A good ex. of profiting from the poor with Gvmt. approval, it is just 'biz' (see link)

The extremely rich, 1% of the 1% say, as individuals, have tremendous influence (as money buys laws), but don’t belong clearly to any ‘group’ or ‘political orientation’ except for being against taxes and their own superiority, etc. Koch brothers and so on. They buy ppl like Paul Ryan. Bill Gates does deserve praise as an exception.

The media potentially has power but follows along, has lost all independence is subject to varying demands, strictures, that are not spelled out explicitly.

from max keiser:

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 24 2013 15:37 utc | 37

@ 36: "Corporatism, which can also be called crony capitalism, is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous forces at work in the United States and the world."

"It works to turn governments against the people they are supposed to be working for while not only reducing the standard of living for those who aren’t manipulating the system but also destroying the environment for future generations."

Thanks for the link denk...More TRUTH from Chris Hedges.

Posted by: ben | Feb 24 2013 15:40 utc | 38

@ 37: Another fine example of American Corporatism. Com'on folks, listen to these links. Kudos Noirette.

Posted by: ben | Feb 24 2013 16:03 utc | 39

I know that this is completely off topic, but I have nowhere else to go. More from Syria: 'Nuclear' Site Capture

Abu Hamza, a commander in the Jafaar al-Tayyar brigade, said in a YouTube video taken at Kubar that various rebel groups, including the al Qaeda linked al-Nusra front, took part in the operation and that U.N. inspectors were welcome to come and survey the site

If I wasn't rendered speechless by the absurdity of this remark, I'd laugh. Who'd have thought that those Al Qaeda infested militias would be so obliging? What a bunch of thoroughly decent guys they must really be. Let's buy them guns and stuff..

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 24 2013 18:39 utc | 40

DaveS - 34

"Until the majority of average American realize they are no different than the Iranians, Egyptians, Russians, Libyans, Chinese they want to hate, nothing is gonna change.

And trust me, it's like talking to a wall when trying to explain this to the average u.s. caucasian male?"

And females, they are just as indoctrinated. In fact, in my experience, American women are more indoctrinated with the fascist/zionist rubbish than American men are.

Great comment, BTW.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 18:43 utc | 41

JaimeInTexas - 35

"It all started when the States seceded from the Articles of Confederation and established a consolidated national government."

Nah, the pestilence was in its old age by then. It started when some parasite sod named Columbus realised he could enslave and slaughter the inhabitants of Cuba and Haiti with impunity.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 18:48 utc | 42

Great post Noirette but I wouldn't praise Bill Gates just yet, he's been busy bopping around, paralyzing the 3rd world with his deleterious vaccines.

India on a massive scale


and now many thousands in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, and probably elsewhere, a narcolepsy that strikes when newly vacc'ed children try to eat, and a general cognitive regression to the point where the children need 24/7 care.

And at the base of this, his population control 'philosophy' that 3rd world mothers won't breed as much if the health of their children was more secure. Yeah eff this guy for real.

Posted by: L Bean | Feb 24 2013 18:58 utc | 43

Dan'l Rich, there's only one word for you: 'picaresque'. You're like a guy who knows they have names for the winners in this world, but wants a name when he loses.

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 24 2013 19:04 utc | 44

"You're like a guy who knows they have names for the winners in this world, but wants a name when he loses."

That's not from a country song. A bit out of character...

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 19:16 utc | 45

@ Mooser [44},

I'm very skeptical of people who've never met me, who pretend to be able to map out my character as if they're privy to inside info about me, I've never heard of, on internet forums. I appreciate all this personal stuff when discussing foreign disasters and the dying of innocent civilians worldwide. So, keep up the good work, and focus on ME.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 19:22 utc | 46

@ BOT TAK [#45],

Q: A bit out of character...

R: What? You mean there's something going on when the 3rd Mondoweisser get's all up close and personal? I thought going after a messenger rather than going after problems is the solution to...

Is that you, Mandela?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 24 2013 19:46 utc | 47

Daniel Rich - 47

Out of character in that he quoted from a song that isn't an American country song. "You're like a guy who knows they have names for the winners in this world, but wants a name when he loses." That's paraphrasing from the song called Deacon Blues, by Steely Dan, a group towards the opposite end of the pop music spectrum than American country noises.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 19:59 utc | 48

One might think this is off-topic, but the Israeli/Jewish lobby is at the centre of corruption, in every country they are allowed to operate.

Pro-Israeli AMIA linked to any new terrorist attack: Argentina pres.

"The Argentinean president has accused head of a pro-Israeli lobby in the country of being aware of a planned terrorist attack against Buenos Aires over its agreement with Tehran on the AMIA probe.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner hinted on Saturday that the head of the AMIA Jewish center, Guillermo Borger, is in contact with a foreign espionage agency that knows of a new terror attack planned against Argentina.

Kirchner made the remarks in response to Borger claiming that the Argentina-Iran agreement to set up a committee to investigate the 1994 bombing of the center “will allow a third bombing in Argentina.”

Fernandez Tweeted, “If there was an attack planned related to the agreement with Iran, who is the mastermind and the material author?”

A member of the Buenos Aires Jewish community says Kirchner’s comments seemed to accuse Borger of being in contact with foreign spy agencies which are supplying him with information.

On January 27, Iran’s Foreign Minister and his Argentinean counterpart Hector Timerman signed an memorandum of understanding for the two countries to shed light on the 1994 bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people.

The Israeli regime reacted angrily to the deal a day after it was signed. “We are stunned by this news item and we will want to receive from the Argentine government a complete picture as to what was agreed upon because this entire affair affects Israel directly,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Yigal Palmor, said on January 28.

In a statement on January 30, however, the Argentinean Foreign Ministry said Israel’s demand for explanation over the agreement, described by Argentinean President Fernandez as “historic,” was an “improper action that is strongly rejected.”

Under intense political pressure from the US and Israel, Argentina had formally accused Iran of having carried out the bomb attack. The Islamic Republic has categorically denied any involvement in the terrorist bombing."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 20:04 utc | 49

This is another example of the corruption perpetrated by the Israeli/Jewish lobby, though in a much more stealthy manner.

BDS takes stance against George Galloway to please its Zionist masters

"...On Wednesday, MP Galloway walked out of a debate at Christ Church, Oxford. Galloway was upset to find that he was about to be in debate with an Israeli. "I was misinformed" he said. "I don't debate with Israelis. I don't recognise Israel." Galloway later wrote on Twitter "No recognition, No normalisation. Just Boycott, divestment, sanctions."

Now surely, Galloway’s reaction, though impulsive, must be accepted or at least understood by Palestinians and their advocates. Not so, it seems. The ‘Jews in the movement’ were really distressed, so much so that Israeli BDS enthusiast Rachel Shabi confirmed on The Guardian yesterday that the BDS national committee was quick ‘to issue a statement’ to disassociate itself from Galloway’s attitude. It looks like the BDS Committee in Ramallah has, once again, had to bow to its paymasters.

On The Telegraph Toby Young maintained the exact same line. “Following George Galloway's dramatic exit from an Oxford University debate” Young wrote, A leading Palestinian organisation (BDS) has issued a press release saying it doesn’t condone boycotting individuals.” Young concludes, “It seems the Respect MP hasn't simply lost the respect of his political opponents after his antics at the Oxford debate. He's losing the respect of his political allies, too.” Somebody in Ramallah better advise us why did BDS joined the Hasbara campaign against MP Galloway. Seemingly in the BDS committee they are yet to grasp the notion of solidarity..."

The corruption of the long standing capitalist fascists is obvious and easy to spot. Likewise, the neo-con sort of zionist fascist corruption is right out there in all its excremental glory. Nobody really questions role of these political influences in bringing down society to the level of the virus. We know what we are up against, and can take appropriate measures against their fascist corruption.

But what about when one's allies against this fascist/zionist corruption are just stealthy zionists and fascists? What about those whose loyalty to "the tribe" causes them to put this before anything else? What about the fascists who are good at pretending to oppose this malaise? The stealthy infiltration of zionist and other fascist leaning elements into the left and other groups opposing the Isreali-American oligarchy (NWO) actually is more harmful that the buggered Rush Limbaughs and Jeffrey Goldbergs. They debilitate the opposition to the fascist NWO from the inside and render it innocuous.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 20:23 utc | 50

Additional examples of corruption. Using the courts to further profits of corrupt corporations and further the careers of criminals in government.

Feds Used Aaron Swartz’s Political Manifesto Against Him

And disregarding the law of the land as set in the constitution to pursue the goals of fascism and to operate as a police state.

13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 23:07 utc | 51

Further examples. Submitting the public to harmful radiation and toxic waste so criminals can make more money.

Washington nuclear leaks renew concerns

"YAKIMA, Wash. — Federal and state officials say six underground tanks holding a brew of radioactive and toxic waste are leaking at the country's most contaminated nuclear site in south-central Washington, raising concerns about delays for emptying the aging tanks..."

Exposure to radiation, many years running, might explain why there is an overabundance of sayanim in Washington state. It's possible this longtime exposure created genetic mutations that made a larger number of people susceptible to zionist influence than is usual in that backward American provincial region. The long term radiation could have created alterations in brain function that caused important parts of the thinking process to be blocked somehow.

Corruption at it's worst. Israel-America creating, running, supporting terrorism.

US Blocks UN Resolution Condemning Damascus Bombing
UN Envoy Issues Personal Statement Calling Attack a 'War Crime'

"Yesterday’s massive bombing attack near the Ba’ath Party headquarters in Damascus, an attack which left 100 people dead and 250 others wounded, the vast majority civilians, was a “war crime,” according to UN Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.

In a personal statement, Brahimi said that “nothing could justify such horrible actions that amount to war crimes under international law,” and said that he “strongly condemns” the attack.

Brahimi’s personal statement is going to be the closest we get to a UN condemnation of the killings, however, as the US has blocked a Russian resolution from moving through the UN Security Council condemning the attack."

Using terrorism like this is the ultimate corruption of the soul to where the soul ceases to exists, and all that is left is an empty shell.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 24 2013 23:22 utc | 52

@ BOT TAK [#45],

Paraphrasing without referencing isn’t lazy, it’s lame. So much for corrupt entities corrupting everything else they touch. Of course, there are lots of people suffering all around the globe and at home because of it, but hey, let’s do the yak-thing and piss in the wind [is it OK if I write this during my coffee break, Ken?].

You should talk to NY cops about the 'Russian mafia.' It's quite educational. Christopher Dorner thought he could expose the [LAPD's] corruptness as he saw it: guess that didn't go down the rabbit hole all that well.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 25 2013 0:55 utc | 53

Daniel Rich - 53

I wouldn't put much confidence in something said by a cop, especially a NY cop, who essentially play a local role as enforcers for the Jewish/zionist mafia. There is no such thing as the "Russian mafia". It's one of those zionist obfuscation fictions designed to misdirect eyes away from those really doing the nasty. The so-called "Russian mafia" is just criminals with Russian backgrounds, and was invented with the self-destruction of the USSR. Any organised aspect of these goons is under subservience to the Jewish/zionist mafia, the same way the "Italian mafia" is. These goons owe their good fortune mostly to being lackeys of Israel. It was Israeli money (or Israeli directed western money) that made them what they became.

As Gorby proceeded to set in motion policies and practices which would eventually send his country to the scrap heap, the Jewish/fascist/zionist network (mafia and otherwise - they are thoroughly interconnected) sought out those nice Jewish boyz there who would be willing to exchange servitude, for untold wealth. Hence, the creation of the Russian oligarchy that ran things during Yeltsin's quislingship. They still have a great deal of power in Russia, and perhaps explain why Russia still treats Israel with kid gloves, even though the Russian government (and a very high percentage of Russian citizens) knows that almost all of the terrorism, debilitating drug abuse and western demonisation of Russia originates with planners in Tel Aviv.

About Christopher Dorner, he took the one route that would probably guarantee the corruption of the LAPD would remain unaddressed. He probably set back the work of others quite a ways, because now work exposing their corruption can be associated with CD's personal revenge killing spree.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 4:09 utc | 54

This is something I did not know about Mali.

Israel playing dirty in troubled Africa

"The 12 African nations that still refuse diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv do so out of conscience

Israeli commentators are making much of the ‘diplomatic opportunity’* afforded by France’s military intervention in Mali.

Israel has long been keen to establish a foothold in parts of Africa, for strategic as well as economic reasons. The vast continent offers relatively accessible (and increasingly fought-over) sources of energy and water, as well as emerging markets.

While Israel has been able to establish diplomatic relationships with most non-Muslim African countries, nations such as Mali and Niger have so far refused to formally recognise it.

Clearly, Israel would like to convert these nations of the Sahel into friends and a potential rear guard against hostile Arab nations in the north. Part of the way it hopes to do so is by creating, or exploiting, anti-Arab feeling. Feelings Mali’s new leader, President Dioncounda Traoré, has taken to voicing in the past weeks.

At the end of January, Traoré told the African Union summit in Addis Ababa that he felt “betrayed” by the Arab nations. While the Arabs had criticised France for its military intervention, he said, they had failed to help Mali oust the Islamists who had taken over the north of the country. Certain Malian newspapers went even further, with an article in Le Matin claiming that the Arabs – and Iran – were actively backing the Islamists; Le Matin singled out the Palestine Liberation Organisation ambassador to Bamako for particular criticism..."

How convenient. I had not realised so many African countries didn't recognize the Israeli squatters. And I also should have realised that any western intervention in Mali would be for Israel as soon as heard "Al Qaida" and drug traffickers were mucking about there. The regions resources were simply the icing on the cake, and trotted out front and centre as the reason behind the conflict in order to obfuscate the Israeli angle. The fact this site's sitting hasbara spammer took such an active interest in Mali should also have been a clue to how strong the zionist connection was.

Perhaps a good way to determine which countries Israel-America, or its European colonials, are planning on attacking would be to start with finding out which countries still don't recognize Israel, or are intelligent enough to recognize the corruption and keep it out.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 4:38 utc | 55

@ BOT TAK [#54],

I thought placing the words Russian Mafia between '...' would be an indication of something being wrong :o) The guy I talked to said he/they knew it was a misnomer and shrugged his shoulders.

This page has some interesting links at the bottom.

As to CD, yes he shouldn't have gone on a rampage, but if I [try to] look at it through his eyes, I wonder what I would do/have done if all my buttons had been pushed way beyond their limits. For whatever reason, it reminded me of the flick "Arlington Road."

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 25 2013 5:32 utc | 56

Daniel Rich - 56

"I thought placing the words Russian Mafia between '...' would be an indication of something being wrong :o)"

Yikes! I'm getting old and blind. Hopefully I'm not at the point where I start wearing knicks on the outside. I'll have to remember to look at the mirror tomorrow before going out. I better write that down right now.

In relation to Israel link you posted, you might find this article of interest:

An Argument in Defense of Haredim Jews and Against Secular Zionist Militarism

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 5:50 utc | 57

@bot, Israel has long been in Diamond/Gold lands, it's Business. They were also part of the Arms dealers in Sierra Leone during the conflict, and yes, selling to both sides! Here is a link to a good write-up,

It is related to China, China has given loans, guaranteed loans to some African nations. China has also speedily executed some key projects in some African nations, where the US and AFRICOM seems to be the slow paced focus.

End results or outcomes are seen by the Africans. China has, in loan grants and loan guarantees, been acting for some African nations the way the United States acted on behalf of Israel when the US single-handedly made a $10 billion loan guarantee for Israel in one single year.

And this excludes the $5 billion yearly financial aid to Israel with no strings attached, with no meddling and interference with Israel domestic and foreign policies.

The amount of US foreign aid to all of the 53 countries in Africa during the last ten years is less than $10 billion. This, despite the presence of over 900 million people in Africa and this, despite the recognition that the need in Africa is greater than in Israel with her 5 million in population. Then again Africa has the assets and everyone is after a piece of the pie.

Posted by: Kev | Feb 25 2013 7:33 utc | 58

Kev - 58

I've known about Israeli interest in Africa, they try to sink their hooks into everything. What they don't do on their own, there is always taking a cut what the USA and Europe is involved in. My main surprise was so many African countries didn't recognize Israel. Thanks for the link.

China has been involved in Africa at least from the 70's. I remember reading a book about Chinese-African relations in the later 80's that had China already deeply involved there. China is also involved in business in many other places now all over the world, including in Europe. The loans and development projects are how China does business. That book I read 25 years ago covered that, as well.

The west working to boot China out of Africa is definitely part of it, as well as the resource grab. But the Israeli's desire for no opposition has been a part of the Libyan, Syrian and Iranian attacks by the west. Now with Mali, another anti-Israeli, it seems these are following a pattern. As I wrote, China has been in Africa since the 70's, and there has been past western attempts to boot her from specific regions, under various pretexts, but the timing of these new western "adventures" with that of the phony "Arab Spring" follow on "revolutions" leads me to think the triggering of this is Israel wanting to remove all its opposition. Probably so they can finish their Palestinian genocide with a minimum of outside opposition.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 8:30 utc | 59

BOT TAK@54 (and further above)

If you want to see the " " mafia in action you should see what's happened in Colorado since about 2000... lots of ruskies out here with lots of money. They've moved into the med cannabis field as well as buying some sweet real estate in the Aspen/Snowmass ski areas. Their american counterparts had previously invested all their stolen loot into those ski areas, ruining them in the process. At least in my opinion.

Funny thing is how everyone complained about all the Arab money that moved into Pitkin County back in the '80's, (one of those rich fuckers built the former ritz carlton in aspenhole which is pointed to as the beginning of the end of old ski town aspen) But the A-rabs barely touched the place compared to what came after '95.

Bunch of fuckin' investment bank billionaires decided to shit all over the place and... ain't nothin' ever stays the same. Tips went down and whining increased dramatically. I eventually moved and I still thank the gods for helping me see the light. What happened there happened all over Colorado... and not all the assholes call israel their second home. Plenty of greedhead goyim out here too.

Talking to a buddy running a public radio station who was very happy to be gifted a few thousand dollars recently by a member of the elite... but I know the amount given was the sort of wad they carry all the time. When I worked over there I'd see them casually pull out a chunk of hundreds to pay me for their cab fare... and they rarely tip. How hard would it be for that same rich freak to set-up a million dollar endowment or something like that for a lil radio station?

The super rich are assholes, all of them. They may convince you they're not, but only if you never have to deal with them. They are freaks and mostly sick, sick people. Living amongst them finally cured me of my megalomanic desires.


Posted by: DaveS | Feb 25 2013 14:59 utc | 60

A bit OT, well not really.
An extension of US corruption has always been it's imperialism dressed up as do-goodism

Just wanted to share the latest Syria news
Figuring bottak, ben and couple of others might enjoy it
b, it's a continuation of the plan b theme, you discounted, wrongly in my opinion. Plan b looks to be in the process of being implemented

But, then what is that saying about opinions??? ;)

For those interested
check it out

Plan B for Syria: Preparations, Part 2

It ends with a quote from WP

Although plans for an offensive on Damascus are being readied.....

Posted by: Penny | Feb 25 2013 15:16 utc | 61

Ralph Nader- America's Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama

Also see, Afra Raymond: Three myths about corruption

In her Tikkun article “Decolonizing Restorative Justice,” Denise Breton asked the same question of her own Minnesota history: “Here in Minnesota we colonizers have not been held accountable at all for state-sanctioned, citizen-supported crimes against humanity,” namely the humanity of the Lakota peoples. She goes on to the radical suggestion that, by restorative principles, “every Minnesota realtor should be imprisoned for dealing in stolen property gained through murder.”

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 25 2013 16:35 utc | 62

DavesS @ 60 that was interesting. it sent me thinking about the russian mafia in switz. heh.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 25 2013 17:05 utc | 63

DaveS - 60

"The super rich are assholes, all of them. They may convince you they're not, but only if you never have to deal with them."

It's the nature of the beast. Capitalist society encourages it, and then further facilitates the parasitism by coming up with self-serving intellectual crap such as social darwinism to justify it.

Penny - 61

RE: "Plan B for Syria: Preparations, Part 2"

I agree, that Israel-America is not letting up, even though they are making false noises to lead one to believe so in the diplomatic sphere, and have probably increased the amount of support for the terrorists, including the heavy weapons. But their terrorists are getting their arses whipped daily. They are losing ground, not gaining it, and suffering very debilitating casualties. Not only that, their ability to feed more "foot soldiers" to make up for these heavy, daily losses is now being severely hampered in Lebanon (this was part of the reason the sods impotently and laughingly threatened Hezbollah). Jordan has also cut the influx across their border, and Iraq are slowly doing the same.

Don't believe anything you see or read in the zionist media. Their material is wholly propaganda and literally of the same accuracy as the WW2 reports from Goebbels propaganda ministry. In fact, the current zionist media is probably even less honest with the facts. There is usually a daily summary of the fighting at SANA, example for today:

Army Units Confront Terrorists in Several Provinces, Destroy their Equipment

Also, ANNA is good source for the daily events if one doesn't mind translating, home page:

(interesting, and typical, if one uses the google translator, in the translation, the Daily Show video isn't there, and it says "domain is banned", yet it is watchable at the site without google's interference)

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 18:20 utc | 64


Also, a blogger called Syrian Perspective recently wrote up a report of his view of how things have changed in Syria during the last few months:


This blogger's style of writing is rather harsh, along with his views, but he also does a daily report of the fighting (along with listing the names of terrorist casualties - when known), along with frequent listings of news articles and material that's often useful.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 25 2013 18:31 utc | 65

Hey Bot tak

Indeed the mercs have been getting their arses kicked
Which is why the move for heavier weapons is being made
As for the Israeli media..
It is like all other NATO media.You just have to sort through it with an extremely critical eye.
None of the western media can be held up as paradigms of anything other then spin, lies of omission and corporate whores

I have five years of practice.sifting through the dregs of the media..
So far my batting average is pretty good

Am very familiar with SANA
Thank you kindly for making me aware of the second resource
and taking the time to respond :)

I moved my link up to b's latest post
The two posts seemed to compliment one another

Posted by: Penny | Feb 25 2013 18:34 utc | 66

@ DaveS [#60]

Q: Talking to a buddy running a public radio station who was very happy to be gifted a few thousand dollars recently by a member of the elite...

R: is currently running a campaign in which they beg for money. What's your take on those unseen, unmentioned donors who'll match every single dollar anyone contributes?

Most of the stories I've heard [or listened to] over the past few years, border on horror stories [lost jobs, foreclosures, money, banks, misery, etc.], so I hope you're more or less absolved of any of it.

Middle class America used to be a playground for happy kids, but nowadays its resembles more of dissected and rotting carcass, where the stench of capitalist corruption shoves its fingers happily up your nostrils.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 25 2013 19:13 utc | 67

Penny - 66

"Indeed the mercs have been getting their arses kicked
Which is why the move for heavier weapons is being made"

I'm not so sure more powerful toys is going to help those sods:

150 террористов подорвались на собственных СВУ

It's one of those short and sweet articles, so I'll post a translation (google):

150 terrorists blew up on their own IEDs

In Al-Aziziyah, located in the Al-Marjah city of Aleppo, there were two powerful explosions. As it turned out, the first - was the result of an error terrorists who were trying to establish an IED in a car. The second explosion was caused by the detonation of explosives in the other car, ready for a terrorist attack. The accident killed 150 militants, whose corpses, according to eyewitnesses, the blast was pulled for a considerable distance in all directions.

A similar case occurred in the village of al-Bashir Idleb province, where the manufacturing process missiles artisanal took its explosion, which resulted in 18 more dead bodies of terrorists, 9 - were injured.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 26 2013 2:47 utc | 68

Noirette - 63

But what about the SUV Mafia of LA?

Or the Oyrish Mafia of NY? Here is some rare archival footage of their early days:

Posted by: вот так | Feb 26 2013 2:55 utc | 69

"So, keep up the good work, and focus on ME."

Work? Why, this ain't work!

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 26 2013 18:28 utc | 70

Mooser - 70

What's the difference between a white supremacist ad hominim troll and a Jewish supremacist ad hominim troll? I mean other than which alphabet soup government agency they work for, or internal branch therein?

Posted by: вот так | Feb 26 2013 18:53 utc | 71

Boycotting Israel Galloway-style

...“I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled, sorry,” said Galloway putting on his coat. “I don’t recognise Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis,” he added and left.

The following message then appeared on Galloway’s Facebook: “The reason is simple: no recognition, no normalisation. Just boycott, divestment and sanctions, until the apartheid state is defeated. I never debate with Israelis nor speak to their media. If they want to speak about Palestine – the address is the PLO.”

Galloway’s point was that BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), in his terms, means “no purchase of Israeli goods or services, no normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel who support the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism. That’s what I mean by boycott. That’s what I do. Israelis who are outside of and against the system of Zionism are comrades of mine… My opponent at Oxford University did not meet this test.”

A lot of people have criticised Galloway for his behaviour in this matter. However, anyone arguing against an immediate end to the brutal and illegal 65 year-old occupation and offering silly excuses for prolonging the misery – like more lopsided ‘negotiations’ when international law and UN resolutions have already spoken – deserves to feel the cold blast of boycott, Galloway-style.

The attacks on Galloway seem to come mainly from people in the BDS movement itself who are supposedly on the same side. Press reports mention cries of “racism”. But notice that Galloway said he doesn’t debate with Israelis, not Jews. Others may not wish to debate with North Koreans or Afghan tribesmen. Our own foreign secretary apparently has no intention of chatting with his Iranian opposite number while turning the sanctions screw on the Iranian people. Obama when he visits the Holy Land to pay homage to Netanyahu won’t drop in on Haniyeh in Gaza to discuss football.

And it is pretty rich for a national of a racist state to call anyone else a racist.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), which claims to set the guidelines for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, says it does not call for a boycott of individuals because she or he happens to be Israeli or because they express certain views, but adds: “Of course, any individual is free to decide who they do and do not engage with.”

OK, so why is Galloway getting flak?"

The answer is very simple. It's because of zionist infiltration of the movements opposed to Israel and the subsequent corruption of these movements by those closet fascists into petty soap opera squabbles of who is kosher, and who is "harem". This is all in the service of Israel and the various fascist interests outside Israel working to keep Israeli-American (NWO) hegemony in place. Some of these zionist infiltrators are very clever at their use of deception as they turn groups opposed to Israel into harmless "in crowd" clubs concerned with meaningless rubbish. Their "how to make friends and influence people" training being being very extensive.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 26 2013 19:23 utc | 72

Argo‘s Oscar Win: Hollywood’s “Coming Out”

"Foreign policy observers have long known that Hollywood reflects and promotes U.S. policies (in turn, is determined by Israel and its supporters). This fact was made public when Michelle Obama announced an Oscar win for Argo – a highly propagandist, anti-Iran film. Amidst the glitter and excitement, Hollywood and White House reveal their pact and send out their message in time for the upcoming talks surrounding Iran’s nuclear program due to be held tomorrow – February 26th.

Today, whether Hollywood follows US policy or whether it sets it, is up for discussion. But it is abundantly clear that Hollywood is dominated by Israelis and their supporters who previously concealed their identity. According to a 2012 Haaretz article:

From the 1930s until the mid-1950s, Hanukkah never appeared on screen. This was because the Jewish studio heads preferred to hide their ethnic and religious heritage in attempting to widen the appeal of their products[emphasis added]. Jews were thus typically portrayed as participants in an American civil religion, whose members may attend the synagogue of their choice, but are not otherwise marked by great differences of appearance, speech, custom, or behaviour from the vast majority of American.

This is no longer the case.

In sharp contrast to its past, Hollywood “celebrated” Israel’s 60th “birthday” [occupation] with a Gala called “From Vision to Reality”. Israeli TV blog wrote of the Gala: ‘Don’t Worry Israel, Hollywood is behind you’. Actor Jon Voight said: “World playing a dangerous game by going against Israel”.

As Hollywood and the White House eagerly embrace “Argo” and its propagandist message, they shamelessly and deliberately conceal a crucial aspect of this “historical” event. The glitter buries the all too important fact that the Iranian students who took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, proceeded to reveal Israel’s dark secret to the world. Documents classified as “SECRET” revealed LAKAM’s activities. Initiated in 1960, LAKAM was an Israeli network assigned to economic espionage in the U.S. assigned to “the collection of scientific intelligence in the U.S. for Israel’s defense industry.2

As it stands, the purpose of the movie and its backers was to push the extraordinary revelations to the background while sending a visual message to the unsuspecting audience – to lay the blame of the potential (and likely) failure of the upcoming negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program on the Iranians — the gun-wielding, bearded Iranians of Argo who deserve America’s collective punishment and the crippling, deathly sanctions."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27 2013 5:25 utc | 73

According to PBS, the Senate has confirmed Hagel 58:41 as Obama's DefSec.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 27 2013 7:17 utc | 74

Bot Tak, you have forced my hand. I wasn't going to do it, but now it seems necessary to recall the implicatory verse:

"I crawl like a viper, through these suburban streets,
Make love to these women, languid and bitter sweet"

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 15:51 utc | 75

"From the 1930s until the mid-1950s, Hanukkah never appeared on screen. This was because the Jewish studio heads preferred to hide their ethnic and religious heritage in attempting to widen the appeal of their products[emphasis added]. Jews were thus typically portrayed as participants in an American civil religion, whose members may attend the synagogue of their choice, but are not otherwise marked by great differences of appearance, speech, custom, or behaviour from the vast majority of American."

Bot Tak, it seems to me you are trying to blame American Jews for simply showing some common sense. How would it look if we went around bragging about getting presents for eight (yup, EIGHT, count 'em and weep, Gentiles) days, instead of just one lousy day. Not to mention the safety aspect. Ever seen a Christmas tree catch fire? (Sparks from a Lionel Train often start the conflagration.) Those fires are so intense, they are often mistaken for drone strikes! Menorah's are much more safer, already. Menorah-based house-fires are almost completely unknown. You can look it up!

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 16:22 utc | 76

Q: How would it look if we went around bragging about...

R: ... not killing USS Liberty personnel, eh?

We as in 'us Jews,' fucking-dual-fucking-Israelites-...fuck!'

Not in you, as a self-ashamed 'fucking Jew,' but as us,'real-fucking-Jews', uh, eh link

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27 2013 16:45 utc | 77

"As usual the problem starts at the top."

Not always. As I remember, my arches fell to earth (I know not where) before alopecia set in.

Okay, and some of the kids in my neighborhood were so rich that when I asked them "Did you get a Walk-man for Hannukah?" they pointed at the guy carrying their portable cassette player!

Look, I have principles! I'm real big on that right-to-life stuff. It's a joke, not a choice! And, by God, they all get delivered!

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 16:46 utc | 78

Bogus science put to the service of the NWO. Corrupting both the scientists and the science itself.

An Interview With Marshall Sahlins
The Destruction of Conscience in the National Academy of Sciences

"Last Friday, esteemed University of Chicago anthropologist Marshall Sahlins formally resigned from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the United States’ most prestigious scientific society.

Sahlins states that he resigned because of his “objections to the election of [Napoleon] Chagnon, and to the military research projects of the Academy.” Sahlins was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1991. He issued the below statement explaining his resignation:

“By the evidence of his own writings as well as the testimony of others, including Amazonian peoples and professional scholars of the region, Chagnon has done serious harm to the indigenous communities among whom he did research. At the same time, his “scientific” claims about human evolution and the genetic selection for male violence–as in the notorious study he published in 1988 in Science–have proven to be shallow and baseless, much to the discredit of the anthropological discipline. At best, his election to the NAS was a large moral and intellectual blunder on the part of members of the Academy. So much so that my own participation in the Academy has become an embarrassment.

Nor do I wish to be a party to the aid, comfort, and support the NAS is giving to social science research on improving the combat performance of the US military, given the toll that military has taken on the blood, treasure, and happiness of American people, and the suffering it has imposed on other peoples in the unnecessary wars of this century. I believe that the NAS, if it involves itself at all in related research, should be studying how to promote peace, not how to make war.”

Napoleon Chagnon rose to fame after his fieldwork among the Yanomami (also known as Yanomamo) in the rainforests of northeastern South America’s Orinoco Basin in the 1960s and 70s. He wrote a bestselling ethnography used in introductory anthropology classes around the world, describing the Yanomami as “the fierce people” because of the high levels of intra- and inter-group warfare observed during his fieldwork, warfare that he would describe as innate and as representing humankind in some sort of imagined natural state..."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27 2013 18:14 utc | 79

Mooser - 75-76

There isn't any real difference between your hostile trolling of this site and that of "Mansur":

From your writing style, I realise you see yourself as some very clever and funny guy, and the feeding of your ego should be seen as a very important cause, but, unfortunately, this is how other people see you:

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27 2013 18:17 utc | 80

Further example of how science and education are subverted to the interests of monopoly seeking corporate power, and facilitated by a thoroughly corrupt legal system which institutes this fascism into "law".

The University of California: a University, or a Biotech Company?
Monsanto University

"Last month the University of California intervened in a high stakes U.S. Supreme Court case on the side of the agribusiness giant Monsanto Company by filing an amicus brief stating that the university would be materially harmed if Monsanto doesn’t prevail. On the receiving end of UC’s legal argument is Vernon Bowman, a 75 year-old grain farmer from southern Indiana who has been battling Monsanto in court for several years now. It was already a David v. Goliath kind of fight, pitting an elderly guy in overalls against a global corporation with a bottomless pocket for legal expenses; the entry of UC into the court’s deliberations makes that two Goliaths..."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27 2013 18:22 utc | 81

"There isn't any real difference between your hostile trolling of this site and that of "Mansur":"

Gosh, am I being hostile? You really don't like being reminded about that 8:1 thing, do you? Or else, WHY ALL THE LIGHTS? It's really sort of sad, all those tiny light bulbs. And this year, all the Gentiles had LED's, for chrissake. Because they consume 1/8th the electricity of incandescant?
You don't fool me a bit. There's no 12 days, just one, instead of our eight-days-a-week. Oh noes! Et tu Fab Four?

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 18:40 utc | 82

"From the 1930s until the mid-1950s, Hanukkah never appeared on screen. This was because the Jewish studio heads preferred to hide their ethnic and religious heritage in attempting to widen the appeal of their products[emphasis added]."

Oh yeah? Then where did all those "Charley Brown Hannukah Specials" I watched on Yiddish TV come from? Who could forget:

"I never thought it was such a bad little Menorah. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love."

Look, as Sally so poignantly said: "All I want is what I... I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share."

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 18:51 utc | 83

Clever folk, Israel's boys are. Naturally, the rest of us get the honour of paying their way.

Facebook pays no income tax

"It is known that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The only problem that the today’s America is the home of corporations which are free from paying income taxes. It is also the home of the bravest tax evasion schemes in the world. Also, the US is the country with the biggest corporate welfare program that has ever existed.

According to the US Census Bureau, one in two Americans is either poor or in the “low income category” and at the same time one the biggest American corporations pays no income taxes at all. American corporate watchdog Citizens for Tax Justice discovered that Facebook Inc. found a way to use a tax exemption scheme in order to pay zero dollars in income taxes. The whole situation should be outrageous as it is but the situation is actually worse, because Facebook’s tax optimization consultants have found a way to make the government pay Facebook.

Judging by the figures mentioned in Facebook’s 10K report, the corporation will receive 429 million dollars from the government for the fiscal year 2012. The government is also set to dish out an additional amount of 5.8 billion dollars because of “NOL tax loss carry forwards created by stock compensation”.

Just like the banksters...

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Okay, Bot and Daniel, the tangent into the media suppression of Hannukah was very interesting, but we should get back to the main point. I still contend that Daniel Rich's comment (#7 ) reminds me of, as you so perceptively perceived, the Steely Dan song "Deacon Blues".

You can disagree if you like, but where I come from, that's high praise.

"I'll rise when the sun goes down
Cover every game in town
A world of my own
I'll make it my home sweet home"

C'mon, that doesn't say "Daniel Rich, comment #7" to you?

Posted by: Mooser | Feb 27 2013 21:09 utc | 85

America Never Really Ended Slavery

"The new form of slavery has the same intent and purpose as the old: to rob us of our labor and to keep us powerless.

"The Abolitionist" is an historical documentary about the struggle to end slavery. The ending of the most brutal war in American history and the passage of the 13th Amendment were supposed to be the definitive ending of that period in American history. However, when I look back from the perspective of the present I am confronted with the question -- what has changed? I can’t avoid the answer: very little.

The 13th Amendment states, “involuntary servitude and slavery is abolished except for those duly convicted of a crime.” The “exception clause” leaves slavery still in effect for those convicted of crimes. Today America, with 5% of the world’s population, has 25% of the world’s prisoners. Those prisoners have been “duly” convicted of crimes and are therefore slaves. There are presently 2.5 million prisoners in the United States of America and another 5 million under the control of the criminal justice system.

These numbers are unprecedented in the history of human beings on the planet earth. There are more black men under the control of the criminal justice system than there were in slavery in 1850, 10 years before the civil war. African Americans continue to occupy the base of the social and economic pyramid. You can see them lined up outside of the criminal courts in every state in the country. You can go into those courtrooms and watch them processed as though they are on a conveyor belt into the prison system, or to the clerks office to be stripped of their meager wealth by imposition of fines and surcharges and sent to perform unpaid labor called “community service.” What has changed?..."

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Media corruption. Debunking the latest ziofascist propaganda out of the neo-con rag, the Guardian:

Chávez Haters Not “Limited by Truth, Reality or Common Sense”

"A new op-ed in the Guardian by Ricardo Hausmann portrays a dystopian fictional Venezuela, one in which the Venezuelan government has run the economy into the ground despite abundant oil wealth, but yet its charismatic president continues to be re-elected through some sort of sinister trickery.

Sound familiar? It should: it’s the same tired story repeated in the U.S. and U.K. media almost every day, but in this case Hausmann was apparently given free rein to present his own set of “facts.” It isn’t surprising that Hausmann would write something so divorced from reality; he went to elaborate lengths to invent a conspiracy theoryabout supposed fraud in Venezuela’s 2004 recall referendum by relying on fake exit polls. An independent panel of statisticians selected by the Carter Center determined that Hausmann and his colleague Roberto Rigobón had in fact found no evidence of fraud. [PDF]..."

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