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February 09, 2013

BBC Editors: Stop the blocking now

If he were not a hypocrite Peter Horrocks, the director of BBC World Service, would opine:
PRESS TV audiences in United States and Europe are experiencing disruption to their PRESS TV services. That is because there is heavy political interference with satellite providers PRESS TV uses in the United States and Europe to broadcast the English PRESS TV signal.

Satellite technicians have traced that interference and it is coming from the United States. There has been interference in Europe since October, but this is the heaviest yet.

It seems to be part of a pattern of behaviour by American authorities to limit the reporting of the aftermath of their wars. However, the availability of witness material from the United States is enabling international news organisations to be able to report the story. Viewers of PRESS TV have been in touch (in English), sending videos, stills and providing personal accounts.

It is important that what is happening in the United States is reported to the world, but it is even more vital that citizens in the United States know what is happening. That is the role of the recently-launched PRESS TV which is fulfilling a crucial role in being a free and impartial source of information for many Americans.

Any attempt to block this channel is wrong and against international treaties on satellite communication. Whoever is attempting the blocking should stop it now.

This is another reminder that "freedom of the press" is nothing but the right of 200 rich people to have their opinions published.

Posted by b on February 9, 2013 at 18:07 UTC | Permalink


Hmmm...its not fun when the channel you want to watch is blocked is it? Now you now how Iranians feel when the regime blocks all of the foreign channels.

Finally, the West is getting smart and giving these guys a taste of their own medicine. And besides, didn't Press TV air the confession of someone who was being forced to do so? That is illegal, doesn't matter if the BBC does it...or Press TV.

I challenge you to make a principled stand: either BOTH countries should allow these channels to be accessed without any problems, or BOTH countries should be allowed to block them.

But seeing as to how you are a typical Leftist enjoying the fruits of capitalism in the West, I would not expect such a thing.

Posted by: Double Standards | Feb 9 2013 20:15 utc | 1

Iranians know who to blame for the uncivilized "crippling" sanctions.

Posted by: Amar | Feb 9 2013 20:40 utc | 2

@1, lol, Mr Principles, no doubt you'll agree BOTH countries should have military bases on each others borders, or BOTH countries should suffer sanctions equally, or BOTH countries should allow overflights by spy craft, or BOTH countries should cruise each other's ports with carrier groups...come on make a stand!

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 9 2013 22:45 utc | 3

One hardly need mention that by using the link one can essentially circumvent the denial of satellite service, at least for the time being. Moreover, whether or not Iran (or North Korea, or China, or any other "villain du jour") censors its satellite and internet service is irrelevant for those residents of "Western democracies" who desire to be informed citizens rather than passive consumers of governmental pablum. One need not be a Roman Catholic to find it useful to know what L'Osservatore Romano is publishing, nor a convinced Marxist to glean insights from a perusal of the People's Daily. Thomas Jefferson would be heartbroken that the government which he so ably helped to launch now pursues a policy aimed precisely at denying the citizenry its right to be informed and impeding each citizen in the exercise of his duty to inform himself on the affairs of state.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Feb 10 2013 0:20 utc | 4

Ruralito, nice try, but you are involving other parties here. The US has bases because they have been invited by the countries that host them. The day Canada or Mexico invites Iran to have a base on their land, Iran should go for it.

Posted by: Double Standards | Feb 10 2013 0:41 utc | 5

@5, from a random US base

"Reports indicate that Agent Orange was stored and used at the base in the 1960s. The US government denies that the toxin was present at the base and the Japanese government has declined to investigate."

Yeah, right, invited.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 10 2013 1:24 utc | 6

OT but did you see that the former "Camp Liberty" in Iraq which now houses our friends the MEK has been attacked? Blame Iran of course.

Posted by: L Bean | Feb 10 2013 1:49 utc | 7

Why does Israel-America insist nobody should be allowed to watch PressTV? Here is the latest headline line up from PressTV's website:

Blizzard kills 7 in North America
1.5m British kids need food, care daily
Deutsche Welle misquoted FM, Iran says
Bahrainis stage mass sit-in in Manama
Horse meat scandal widens across UK
Guantanamo jail: American hell on earth
Tunisian PM to quit if cabinet bid fails
‘Israel plans future attacks on Syria’
French-led war damaging jobs in Mali
‘Iran to unveil stealth drone in April’
‘Americans must resist US policy on Iran’
'Afghans have right to resist occupiers'

Now the zionists, and other fascists, try and block access to alternative sources of information. The next step will be to begin prosecuting people who bypass their censorship.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 10 2013 1:52 utc | 8

"The US has bases because they have been invited by the countries that host them."

Don't be silly.

In almost every case the bases gave birth to the governments which, after the fact, invited the US to stay. The most obvious examples being Germany and Japan. The same is true, of course, of Afghanistan where the old pattern is being repeated. It is almost invariably the case that a country in which the US has a base is teetering on the brink of puppet status. And once the US is there it is very hard to winkle it out.

The good news is that the programme of maintaining large garrisons- that in South Korea is about 50,000- is ruinously expensive, politically counter productive (ask Okinawa about 'over here, over paid, oversexed') and strategically obsolete. The Military Industrial Complex does what it pleases but it is very short on brains. It pursues short term profit, immediate gratification, following its basic instincts like a dog in heat. Pity its poor owner, at the other end of the leash.

Posted by: bevin | Feb 10 2013 3:21 utc | 9

@ Double Standards,

Q: But seeing as to how you are a typical Leftist enjoying the fruits of capitalism in the West, I would not expect such a thing.

R: Double Fallacy. Go educate yourself, come back and start over, perhaps then we can discuss your ramshackle thesis.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 10 2013 4:19 utc | 10

"But seeing as to how you are a typical Leftist enjoying the fruits of capitalism in the West, I would not expect such a thing."

Should I engage this guy? well....what the heck...

So what "fruits" are you talking about? Can you name a few of such "fruits"?

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Feb 10 2013 4:57 utc | 11

"... enjoying the fruits of capitalism in the West ..." which are produced mostly in the communist East.

Posted by: Bob Jackson | Feb 10 2013 7:39 utc | 12

Why now, the answer is because of him

Actually, there was an initial explosion in the basement seconds before the plane hit. I spoke about it - they didn’t want me to talk about it,” said William Rodriguez, a janitor working for 20 years in the North Tower of the World Trade Center buildings.


Posted by: hans | Feb 10 2013 10:59 utc | 13

, almost all of Iranian have access to satellite receivers ( I'm an Iranian ) .... but westerns are blocking the channel from satellite , from the source ...

so simply Iranian government should face sanctions , economic pressure , military threats and .... while all of western channel are available in Iran but western and USA even can't withstand an opposition TV .... and most of Iranian saying Press TV is semi professional TV ...

viva western's freedom of speech ....

any way .... open your eyes and find the pics of "Iranians rally for 1979 revolution anniversary " to see some truth ... most of Iranian people supporting IR ...

Posted by: End | Feb 10 2013 12:46 utc | 14

@11 - probably antidepressants :)

Posted by: JJ | Feb 10 2013 13:10 utc | 15

The BBC, a paragon of integrity...

BBC set for complete overhaul after shock resignation of director general George Entwistle

"The British Broadcasting Corporation is heading for a “thorough, radical structural overhaul” following the resignation of director general George Entwistle after a second sex scandal in as many weeks rocked the TV corporation’s reputation."

Yeah, the sort of “thorough, radical structural overhaul” the LAPD periodically goes through after public outrage over one of their brutal crimes forces a PR make over in an effort to stop the riots.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 10 2013 20:59 utc | 16

The word is Chutzpah for saying something this outlandish. Excellent pieces exposing the fallacy of 'news media'. Great work.

Posted by: Khalid Shah | Feb 11 2013 2:45 utc | 17

Hannah @ 4 -- I for one thank you for mentioning the Press TV Iranian link.

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 11 2013 16:41 utc | 18

Double standards

You have a house? Possibly with a garden?

I'm asking because I've got some friends who will arrange for you to invite me over there to establish a permanent residence. It might a hurt a little and you might loose some blood but you will no doubt invite us.
You don't mind seeing your wife becoming our toy, your kids our servants and yourself with some weapons pointing at your head, right?

Get your facts straight! The usa is about the only country having a fair chance against israel to be the most hated and detested country on this planet.

And the usa is not inviting themselves, no. They also make sure that their scum personel can't be sued in courts. So they do whatever damn they please.

Soon, "usa" will be considered as the younger - and worse - brother of the Nazis.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 11 2013 19:21 utc | 19

Press TV, France 24 (which nobody watches afaik?), the German DW and no doubt many others are sketchy lame clones of CNN which was so popular in the past.

Such TV channels aimed to copy mainstream TV news in the US. They cherry pick int’l news (probably all had something about the Pope just now) and follow that model, that is, running world news, flash news, oblivion the next day, no substance at all. Local news follows the same schema, just some temp horror about a disaster, deaths, a protest, a big-wig who quits, with a bit of spice from time to time, a movie star who divorces or was arrested, sex and drugs, supposed to keep the plebs glued.

What is achieved, besides providing jobs for a host of forced hires, is moot.

(These TV channels cost a bomb, as they get no outside revenue / investment, the tax payer pays...)

It is all ersatz, pretend, built on models that don’t interest.. The very idea of blocking such fluff is bizarre. Press TV is perhaps a tiny tad more pointed or propagandized in its cherry picking, but so what. (Today it has an article about hospital deaths in Britain.)

Sure, being prevented from watching the favored ethnic brand (Iran, France, etc.) is galling.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 12 2013 17:12 utc | 20

An example of the low quality propaganda the BBC is currently putting out about Syria.

Syria crisis: Rebels 'seize northern air base'

Look at the photo, then read the caption:

"Activists said rebels had captured useable fighter planes"

Useable, eh? it's doubtful that is even a photo of a Syrian plane. Both the dam and air base take overs took place only in the zionist, Goebbels following minds of these presstitutes.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 12 2013 17:29 utc | 21

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