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January 05, 2013

The CIA Killed Children - NYT Calls For More Killing

Lamenting the murder of Pakistani aid workers working in polio eradication campaigns the New York Times editors show some breathtaking imperial arrogance:
On Wednesday, there were reports that local police had promised extra protection for aid workers who are planning to conduct a polio vaccination campaign on Saturday in Peshawar and other cities in northwest Pakistan. That move is clearly necessary, though far from sufficient. The federal authorities need to make sure that the killers are brought to justice and make clear that murdering health workers is a terrorist act against the nation itself.
The real terrorists and killers of these aid workers and of the children that will die for lack of vaccination are the idiots in the CIA that abused a fake polio campaign to go after Osama Bin Laden and his family. It was them who committed the real crime.

When that fake CIA campaign was made public in a report in the Guardian it was immediate obvious and clear to me as to many other people that this would kill children:

So far the Taliban cooperated with such vaccination campaigns. From now on they will not trust these anymore. The abuse of such medical services for spying operations will be deadly for many children.

Why would the CIA run such a campaign, and later even brag about it, when anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge about the area could easily predict that it would have deadly consequences for many innocent people? The first victims of distrust into aid workers the CIA sowed were already reported on more than a year ago. Being very late behind the news the NYT plays down the role the CIA campaign had:

No one has claimed responsibility for the most recent attack, but suspicions point to the Pakistani Taliban and other militant groups that have opposed the vaccination drives, calling them a cover for government or international spies, or part of a plot to sterilize Muslim children. Those conspiracy theories intensified when the Central Intelligence Agency used a vaccination team, led by a Pakistani doctor, to visit Osama bin Laden’s house in 2011.
How can the believes that such vaccination campaigns get abused by the CIA be called "conspiracy theories" when the editors, in their very next sentence, acknowledge that that is exactly what happened?

And while there were "suspicions" about such campaigns before the CIA admitted abusing them aid workers were warned off, but not killed, when the local warlords did not want them in their areas. There is now a new quality of hostilities against such campaigns solely because the CIA abused them.

What the NYT is now calling for is military protection for the vaccination workers. How is that supposed to work? Coming in gun blazing to "do good"?

A responsible editorial would call out the CIA for screwing up an important public health issue and would ask for the obvious solution we presented 18 month ago:

By law U.S. agencies are not allowed to use journalist covers for spying. The same should apply for medical personal.
Instead the editors in their imperial arrogance call for more killing. In their mind set that is always the solution. Then, having more victims, the can again lament about them the thereby soothe their bad conscience.

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When you kill health officials in Pakistan, it's a "terrorist act against the nation", when you bomb their children & kill rescuers & bomb funerals it's what? Oops , bugsplat, "terrorist propaganda", collateral damage or just plain meh. These polio workers thanks to the CIA have become little more than collateral damage if you go by American standards, but let's just yell at the Taliban & "bring them to justice" for "terrorist" acts we commit each day.

Posted by: Jose Rios | Jan 5 2013 18:45 utc | 1

The NYT is no different than Goebbels' propaganda machine. In fact, they have the same fascist roots. These are war crimes the NYT commits on a daily basis and the staff at the NYT are just as guilty as the political/government and business people who plan and execute these war crimes.

Posted by: вот так | Jan 5 2013 18:46 utc | 2

fwiw no good comes from the modern polio vaccine anyway. There is CT buzz that "The Taliban" sees western vaccine campaigns as ways to sterilize Muslim children. Might not be too far off the mark actually.

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 5 2013 18:52 utc | 3

I don't believe the jackals that make the decisions for the blunt murderous and deadly force we use on other countries has anything to do with, the people of this country, the CIA, DIA, alphabet agencies, is not American, per se, certainly not "we the people", as much as entities working for their own ends under the guise of this republic. One that, has been lost... No Hague. No war crimes convictions. These fucks answer to no one. Mostly they are old or ex-Nazi's or their collaborators/authoritarians from the school of thought from Berhard's country.

When the Bushes, Dulles and Helms and Cheney's and their ilk die off, perhaps that will change, until then... it's murder and blood all the way down...

George Bush Sr. Condition Worsens Moved to ICU
this fucker can't die fast enough for me... And I am not one to wish that kind of hatred on anyone, however, I am human.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 5 2013 19:01 utc | 4

OT, but there was a report today in UK media that a Nepalese officer, Colonel Kumar Lama, has been arrested in UK for torture during the Nepalese civil war in 2005.

He faces trial in Britain under a law that allows prosecution of alleged war criminals.

That applies worldwide.

I am not familiar with the case, and it may well be that he is guilty. I imagine that one or more of the victims have laid a complaint in UK.

What is astounding is that a prosecution goes ahead for a brown person, but if it were a white (or Israeli), some objection would be found, and the accused slipped out of the country.

Nepal has objected vociferously, but they will be ignored.

Posted by: alexno | Jan 5 2013 20:18 utc | 5

George Bush Sr. Condition Worsens Moved to ICU this fucker can't die fast enough for me...

Maybe he joins Sharon in the lala land. Next Carter, Clinton, and the list goes non.

Posted by: hans | Jan 5 2013 20:18 utc | 6

re 6

I don't agree. George Bush Sr. conducted a reasonable foreign policy. He stopped the invasion of Iraq before going too far in 1991. he was amongst the best US presidents for knowledge of foreign policy. Evidently tha

Posted by: alexno | Jan 5 2013 20:37 utc | 7

Evidently knowledge of foreign policy doesn't help you in a US presidential election. But I think that a lot of present day problems would have been avoided, if he'd had a second term. He is not such an idiot as his son.

Posted by: alexno | Jan 5 2013 20:41 utc | 8

You keep them 'thousand points of light' in your head Alexno, ...

"If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us."
--George H. W. Bush, to White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, June 1992, in response to the question, "What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran-contra?"

Reagan's Foreign Adventures..

That and the coming of his NWO... if you call that knowledgeable of foreign policy, then you have rocks in your head, not lights...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 5 2013 21:06 utc | 9

A country that will do this, has no problem killing a few Operation Delirium: Decades after a risky Cold War experiment, a scientist lives with secrets

A country that would do this, has no problems, killing children , "The price is worth it"...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 5 2013 21:34 utc | 10

@7 "I don't agree. George Bush Sr. conducted a reasonable foreign policy. He stopped the invasion of Iraq before going too far in 1991. he was amongst the best US presidents for knowledge of foreign policy."

George Bush Sr. also said (after shooting down Iran's civilian plane and killing 290 people):

"I'll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don't care what the facts are." and then gave the soldiers honorary medals, for killing so many innocent people.

Or how about massive war crimes US committed when he was both vice and president?

@8 "He is not such an idiot as his son."

True, but its on him what kind of son was raised. Without any morals or consciousness, just like his father.

Posted by: Harry | Jan 5 2013 21:37 utc | 11

Benazir Bhutto claims Osama Bin Laden Dead In 2007 during BBC interview. Let's ask her why she claimed that... Uhmmm, she dead too. Perhaps she's floating out there, together with Usama, on that big floating prairie aka 'The Great Pacific.'

What sensible person shoots a mastermind, who fooled all 16 US agencies, who kept NORAD grounded, who knew that the weather would be clear that day [9/11] so his untrained 'minions' could fly toward all intended targets using visuals instead of instruments, who arranged for similar exercises to take place across the border in Canada playing through identical scenarios of highjacked planes, etc. and all this from a cave in Afghanistan, in the face and dumps him in an ocean?

Imho Usama was a handy scapegoat,serving many purposes. We've seen Saddam's sons dead, we've seen Saddam being hanged, we've seen countless Afghan mujaheddin 'commanders' on ice, but we just couldn't bring Usama to justice, could we?

This might be perceived as sidetracking this discussion. That is absolutely not my intention. In this murky world of psy-ops nothing is what it seems to be or pretends to be. I agree, the moment those who want to do good are being abused to do evil [IAEA in Iraq, anyone?], the trust in them evaporates quicker than the tears streaming down a crock's leathery cheeks.

And again, the innocent pay with their lives for Western, fucked up idiocies.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 5 2013 22:12 utc | 12

From Syria News on Facebook...

#Realsyria : Al-Nusra to lead the armed groups in #Syria – #Saudi Spy Chief

January 5, 2013

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s spy chief, ordered al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front to take leadership over the foreign-backed militants in Syria, by assassinating the members of Free Army militia.

The Prince decided to set the Front of al-Nusra as the leader of all the fighting groups in Syria.

According to Prince Bandar's orders, any militant commander who refuses to join the armed group should be assassinated.

Posted by: CTuttle | Jan 5 2013 22:54 utc | 13

re 9 to 11 on Bush sr.

I am not going to defend Bush Sr. he did wha

Posted by: alexno | Jan 5 2013 22:57 utc | 14

"Without morals or consciousness" ie Reptiles. I love it when that particular metaphor is given further life ;)

Posted by: ruralito | Jan 5 2013 23:21 utc | 15


"George Bush Sr. conducted a reasonable foreign policy."

Using the same sort of measuring stick, so did Hitler, Franco and Mussolini. Good to know where you are coming from.

Posted by: вот так | Jan 6 2013 1:01 utc | 16

The NYT editorial is revolting and b goes right to the heart of it. It is a shame that comments on the editorial are not enabled at NYT.

Posted by: ess emm | Jan 6 2013 5:44 utc | 17

You know that was deliberate , right?

Posted by: Facts? | Jan 6 2013 6:12 utc | 18

off topic: Obviously no news 'Bomb-packing' Harvard grad Aaron Greene indicted. Now, just imagine the virtual fuckfest that would've erupted had his name been 'Mutagda al Haq.' Media doesn't bring any news anymore, it regurgitates what its being fed: pure bullshit.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 6 2013 7:20 utc | 19

@ SM [17]

The NYT editorial board gets 'en masse' an acute case of severe rash when confronted with uncomfortable truths, so, keep the gates closed.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 6 2013 7:22 utc | 20

This guy will help kill more children The Case Against Kerry. Guess that trip in '86 to the mountain, the discovery of his true roots and the warm bosom of his loving wife, all came together one day.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 6 2013 13:08 utc | 21

@ 21: Thanks for the link. Seems like Kerry has become corrupted, as are so many others, once they stay too long in D.C. The money, and power, servants of the Empire acquire must be very addictive. His fall, has been a long one, since the days he spoke loudly against the Vietnam War.

Posted by: ben | Jan 6 2013 14:41 utc | 22

By money or blackmail, they get them. Or they destroy them.

Posted by: вот так | Jan 6 2013 16:47 utc | 23

Is it ALL a $cam?

Study: 97 percent of children affected by 2009 mumps outbreak were vaccinated for condition

As I have stated numerous times, while America wars abroad, it is also at war on it's own people.
As above, so below, as abroad, so at home.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 6 2013 19:06 utc | 24

Uncle Scam - same as with the recent whooping cough outbreaks, most were recently vaccinated but the spin still is to blame it on parents who decline the (insanely bloated and unregulated)vaccine schedule.

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 6 2013 20:00 utc | 25

Kudos to Uncle $cam and L Bean for keeping it real. It isn't just that the vaccine schedule* is insanely bloated - or that batch immunization flies in the face of lab protocols and good practice so as not to overstress the immune system. Look at the links below the red print Plus an older collection including the vaccination schedule*

Posted by: opit | Jan 8 2013 12:03 utc | 26

Having trouble maintaining the proper degree of outrage over this since I don't believe for a second that the whole bin Laden hit actually happened even close to the way it was widely reported to have happened. I suppose that I could fault the CIA for greenlighting a narrative that was destructive and irresponsible on multiple levels, but that's a lackluster outrage at best.

Posted by: Monolycus | Jan 8 2013 15:59 utc | 27

Anti-Iran MKO terror group receives UK support

"The Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization (MKO), an anti-Iran terrorist group-let, whose members are straying across Europe and the U.S., receives all-out support from the UK government through various controversial strategies, according to detached members.

In December 2012, it was revealed that an unnamed British company has bought the movable property of Ashraf Camp, located in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala near the Iranian border, worth $25 million. It also offered the Iraqi government $500 million for the camp, media reports said.

The unnamed company then declared that 60 percent of the proceeds of the transaction will be given to MKO terrorists.

Later in December 2012, a former MKO member, Massoud Khodabandeh was interviewed on Press TV’s political program The Monarchy where he pointed out that the anti-Iranian terrorist group would not survive without support from Britain and other Western states.

“I don’t see any terrorist organization capable of continuing, unless somebody wants it. Somebody has got to want this terrorist organization [MKO], somebody has got to finance it and somebody has got to arm it,” Khodabandeh said.

“One of the reasons that I am saying they have support is; not facing them directly to stop their violent activities in the West and to stop their money laundering in the West. When I say money laundering, I have been in it, I have seen it. This is not an unknown concept for the British government”, he added.

In a documentary called Cult of the Chameleon, aired on Al Jazeera back in 2007, Khodabandeh’s wife Anne Singleton, also a former MKO member from Leeds, UK, explained how she was manipulated and taken into the cult by active MKO terrorist group members, while she attended Leeds University in the 1970s.

“MEK fighters have also been trained at secret Middle East sites by special forces teams from Britain, the U.S. and Israel and have been supplied at U.S. taxpayer expense with state-of-the-art weaponry and surveillance gear”, the report said."

Posted by: вот так | Jan 8 2013 17:42 utc | 28

Al CIA-da is an acknowledged invention of the CIA. This should not be news. Any decent checking into the past of a Saudi prince who was a paymaster for CIA run irregulars off on corporate 'foreign legion' affairs will quickly show the idea that he was anything except a diversion by psyops ridiculous. Here's a rundown on a search I once made :

Posted by: opit | Jan 9 2013 2:50 utc | 29

Can you imagine the incredible boost it will be to social relationships among America's ethnic cohorts if conscription is reinstated under Obama?

Posted by: Mooser | Jan 9 2013 18:44 utc | 30

"Can you imagine the incredible boost it will be to social relationships among America's ethnic cohorts if conscription is reinstated under Obama?"

I think conscription has already been reinstituted through the backdoor by tanking the U.S. economy.

Posted by: вот так | Jan 9 2013 18:58 utc | 31

"the children that will die for lack of vaccination"

Assumption and a big one at that
The children of Pakistan are more likely to die from drone strike, then a lack of vaccination.
Far more effective then vaccination, far more, is clean water and healthy food what would constitute basic human infrastructure and basic humans needs being met
However it is far more profitable to multinational drug companies and other interested profiteers to promote the vastly less costly and hugely profitable vaccines,rather then building decent basic infrastructure

Soon to be coming to the first world nations...;)

Some readers here will appreciate my latest

The UN and the ruse of a Mercury Ban (sort of)

Posted by: Penny | Jan 10 2013 15:06 utc | 32

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