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January 28, 2013

Arabs Are So Different - Not

A question to David D. Kirkpatrick and his editors at the New York Times.

You write:

It was unclear how the clashes began, but the police were soon firing heavy volleys of tear gas into the funeral march. The gas attacks caused the pallbearers to drop coffins, many witnesses said, and the bodies spilled into the streets, a serious indignity here.

In which country is it not considered an indignity when, during a funeral, coffins get dropped and the dead bodies spilled into the street? The United States?

Posted by b on January 28, 2013 at 15:04 UTC | Permalink


I'd like to see this thread left blank until DDK responds.
(which means b should delete this comment)

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 28 2013 15:58 utc | 1

I suspect that on top of being a serious indignity, as it would be anywhere, it also involves a serious breach of Muslim funeral rites and customs.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jan 28 2013 16:28 utc | 2

This is authoritarianism of the most refined kind -which is what you would expect in the NY Times.

What Kirkpatrick is telling us is that, in his view, the proper response to an attack by the police is to handcuff yourself and make your way to the nearest barracks, ready to confess to "obstructing an officer in the course of doing anything he chooses."

In the land where freedom is worshipped, but too precious to be exercised in public, it is a given that anyone attacked by the cops is guilty-any judge in New York will confirm that.

Curiously in Port Said, inhabited by lesser breeds without the law, this attack on a funeral procession is not welcomed, because it is not understood that the state can do no wrong, and that anyone killed by the police, is lucky not to have been tortured first, and that anyone mourning the deaths is a terrorist sympathiser. This makes pall bearers legitimate targets.

"They hate our 'freedoms'" because they prefer real ones.
It's a cultural thing.

Posted by: bevin | Jan 28 2013 17:15 utc | 3

When blaming the victim isn't enough, blame the corpse too!

Posted by: Eureka Springs | Jan 28 2013 17:58 utc | 4

I thought Muslims preferred deep sea burials. It is the tradition of Islam.

Posted by: Hilmi Hakim | Jan 28 2013 22:02 utc | 5

Hasbara thought police also likes to remind us of the fake Palestinian funeral so the thousands of real ones get washed away. The NYT, WaPo and LAT [among others] are owned and run by people with a clear agenda. Their articles show their true colors. Underneath P's words I [think I] detect an undertone of 'why don't these animals respect the dead by not respecting the 'law!' - as in a rhetorical question. Hence having to visit the MoA's web site to get to some grains of truth.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 29 2013 0:06 utc | 6

OMG, these heathens are offended by deceased loved ones spilled into the streets????

My Gawd!!! When will these people become civilized????

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Jan 29 2013 3:30 utc | 7

Oh F*ck...! From Press TV... 'Syria militants possess chemical arms'

Posted by: CTuttle | Jan 29 2013 5:48 utc | 8

@ CTuttle,

That's wood glue, to attach little wooden bombs to the feet of home-trained, kamikaze pigeons. Tallyho!

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Jan 29 2013 8:36 utc | 9

Can we continue the discussion of the Britam hack started on an earlier thread?

There's so much material in this hack that it seems unlikely that it could all have been fabricated. Has anyone had time to go through the raw files?
There were apparently chemical artillery shells stored in Libya

and Britam's business development director seems to think that he can get hold of one. In fairness to him he does express reservations about staging an attack even though "the sums proposed are enormous".

What's surprising even to me has been the media blackout on this story - you'd expect that journalists would at least contact Britam for a denial. It's likely that Britam has close links with the UK government, and it's a likely cutout for supplying UK ex-special forces types to train Syrian insurgents.

Posted by: pmr9 | Jan 29 2013 14:10 utc | 10

Sorry, but this sounds totally like a fake. I'm not involved in military/security business, but to talk about such a subject in a tone like this ("Qataris suggest...") seems quite ridiculous to me. And then, there's literally every aspect that could be used for propaganda uses mentioned once (russian speaking personel, qataris, "enormous sum", about syria "again") in this short "email". It's a joke, obviously ;-)

Posted by: peter radiator | Jan 29 2013 14:36 utc | 11

On the possible Britam hack, there are some useful comments on this thread

It looks as if the hack is genuine (message headers, IP addresses and other details check out), but the email about delivering a CW shell to Syria may have been faked (timestamp and message ID are duplicated from another message). But the originating IP address maps to the area where the sender lives.

Posted by: pmr9 | Jan 29 2013 17:16 utc | 12

The following are the links to material about the Britam CW false flag leaks that I posted in "Position Changes On Syria" thread (reposting here since the conversation is apparently moving here?):

britam defence hacked, confidential documents leaked, site offline

A Look into the Britam Defence Data Leak Files

Posted by: вот так | Jan 29 2013 17:49 utc | 13

See also:

Is UK Defense Contractor Planning Syrian WMD False Flag?

And about Russian coverage of the story:

Leaked Files of Britam Defense Implicate the Plot Against Russia and Syria

Posted by: вот так | Jan 29 2013 17:51 utc | 14

I looked at the Britam case and while the general hack may have been genuine that email smells of fake.

Posted by: b | Jan 29 2013 18:07 utc | 15

Ever wonder why Wikipedia is as full of propaganda as the msm?

Manipulating Wikipedia Content: Israeli Program to Train Editors to Ensure that “What is Written” is “Zionist in Nature”

Full spectrum dominance...

Posted by: вот так | Jan 30 2013 0:10 utc | 16

#16;Ah,the protocols of it all.but the Ashkenazi and Sephardic rabbi association swear its not we must take their word for it.Just about every one of these internet info and ego massaging sites are owned by Zionists BTW.

Posted by: dahoit | Jan 30 2013 19:14 utc | 17

This is really painful.

Posted by: MMIP | Feb 12 2013 6:41 utc | 18

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