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December 12, 2012

Obama Issues Scud Propaganda For War On Syria

Michael Gordon, famous for writing Iraq WMD scare stories together with Judith Miller, is again willingly distributing administration scare stories and to promote a new war: Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Insurgents, U.S. Says
Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have fired Scud missiles at rebel fighters in recent days, Obama administration officials said on Wednesday.
One American official, who asked not to be identified because he was discussing classified information, said that missiles had been fired from the Damascus area at targets in northern Syria.

“The total is number is probably north of six now,” said another American official, and that the targets were in areas controlled by the Free Syrian Army, the main armed insurgent group.

I call that bullshit. There have been no reports on Scud impacts from the terrorists fighting the Syrian government and people. Martin Chulov, who currently reports for the Guardian from northern Syria, tweeted:
No word of this in the north: US says #Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Insurgents #news
Are we to believe that the Syrian government uses Scuds against the terrorists without any casualties being reported and without even one rumors on the ground over such alleged shooting and their impacts?

Like with the false WMD scare over Iraq and recent false chemical weapon mixing claims in Syria the British government is joined at the hip with the U.S government and propagandist Michael Gordon in distributing this scam:

British officals said intelligence reports indicated that the regime first fired a Scud missile on Monday and the firing has continued.

This is just more nonsense from those who want to get NATO to fight a regime-change war against Syria.

Some 70 bribed and pressed nations, the "enemies of Syria", are currently meeting in Marrakesh and the U.S. wants them to recognize the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood exiles it has organized as a Syrian opposition and to pay up for the continuation of the terror operation against the Syrian people.

Also today the German parliament discusses the stationing of Patriot missiles in Turkey. The final vote will be Friday. What better way to influence that than claiming that Syria shot off some missiles.

There is also bad news for the U.S. plans that this propaganda may cover up. A huge car bomb went off in front of the Syrian interior ministry again confirming that the Syrian government is indeed fighting against terrorists. This while the U.S. created puppet exiles group demanded that the U.S. designation of Jabhat al Nusra as a terrorist group be taken back:

The leader of the National Coalition, cleric Moaz al-Khatib, also criticised a US decision to put an Islamist militia active in Syria on its list of banned terrorist organisations.
Doesn't make that demand the "National Coalition" supporter of terrorists?

Lets hope that no one falls for Obama's obvious Scud propaganda.

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part of a village taken hostage?

Posted by: somebody | Dec 14 2012 12:46 utc | 101

dh @ 91 -- Heh. Youc comment made me smile. Not LOL, but well done.

Posted by: jawbone | Dec 14 2012 14:57 utc | 102

Thank you jawbone. I try to find some humor in all this but it's getting harder.

Posted by: dh | Dec 14 2012 15:06 utc | 103

The Scud Scare was bogus. The real interest was sending Patriots to Turkey to counter Russia and also it was a political move, intended to obtain Turkey's continued support in Afghanistan.

Press TV, Oct 19
Russia installing S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to target Turkey

Russia is installing an advanced anti-aircraft missile system in its southern military region in reaction to Turkey’s deployment of a NATO missile system, a report says.Russian Col. Igor Gorbul said the army will complete the installation of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles by the end of this year, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Wednesday. Gorbul also stated that the new missiles can destroy ultra-stratospheric and ballistic missiles and all types of airplanes.NATO’s missile system has been established in Turkey’s East Anatolia region. (Malatya)[radar only]

Hurriyet, Dec 15
NATO seeks Afghan solidarity for Patriots
“Our decision is a clear and concrete demonstration of the value of the alliance for our collective security and for your security. It shows that NATO stands with Turkey in the spirit of solidarity. As I look to next year, this spirit of solidarity will be equally important for our continued success,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a written message he issued at the 19th International Antalya Conference on Security and Cooperation on Friday.

He stressed that the priority over the next year would be Afghanistan. “We will continue to advise and assist the Afghan forces after 2014. And I hope that Turkey will play an important role in this vital mission, as it does in ISAF,” read the statement.

It's check and mate for NATO on the Patriots, with Syria as the pawn.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 15 2012 16:35 utc | 104

The US State Department spokesman, Patrick Ventrell, Acting Deputy Spokesperson, clarifiedobfuscated the bogus Scud Scare and confirmedconfused "on the record" their use, which may be an old or a new use, at the daily press briefing yesterday.

QUESTION: On Syria, do you have any indications that Assad regime is now preparing to use chemical weapons? Are you more concerned about today’s condition than before?
MR. VENTRELL: I mean, I don’t have any update for you on chemical weapons. We’ve been very clear about what a grave that mistake that would be. I do – unfortunately, the U.S. Government does have information, however, to confirm that the Assad regime has launched Scud missiles against targets inside of Syria. So I am, unfortunately, able to confirm that today, which is in our view truly a disproportionate military escalation and really a desperate act from this regime.
QUESTION: Do you know how many he fired?
MR. VENTRELL: I’m not able to confirm --
QUESTION: (Inaudible) reported six earlier in the week.
MR. VENTRELL: Yeah, I’m not able to confirm a number at this time, Roz.
QUESTION: Do you know on what –
QUESTION: (Inaudible.)
QUESTION: -- on period --
MR. VENTRELL: One at a time. What did you say, Roz?
QUESTION: The time period over which these Scuds were fired, any particular locations that were targeted, do you have any of that detail?
MR. VENTRELL: I’m not able to get in any detail, other than to say it was inside of Syria.
Matt, you had a question.
QUESTION: And what is the evidence that they used?
MR. VENTRELL: I’m not going to get into intelligence, but we are at this time --
QUESTION: Can you just explain why it – why U.S. officials have been saying this for three days now, why it is finally that you’re able to say it?
MR. VENTRELL: I mean, I think we are cautiously confirming things on the record, and careful, and at this time we were able to do it.
QUESTION: Or is it that the State Department might – is the last to know? Is that it?
MR. VENTRELL: No, and I wouldn’t characterize it that way, Matt. I think that, obviously, we’re very careful with sensitive matters. We do our best to provide the best evidence we have when we’re able to.
QUESTION: But why – wait. It was so – this was – is it then the – your being able to confirm it today on the record would suggest that it’s been declassified somehow.
MR. VENTRELL: Matt, I’m not going to get into it beyond what I said. We’re able to confirm it, but I’m not going to get into it.
QUESTION: Well, I’m just curious as to why you’re – I mean, this is not something that happened yesterday, is it? It’s not something that happened this morning. It’s something that’s been out there and that NATO has spoken about, that the Pentagon has spoken about, maybe not on the record but they have spoken about it before. Is there something new to – I mean, are these new uses of Scuds since what everyone was talking about earlier in the week?
MR. VENTRELL: Matt, I’m simply not going to get into --
QUESTION: But then I can’t tell – I can’t tell why you’re – why are you telling us this?
MR. VENTRELL: Again, Matt, we --
QUESTION: I mean, the questions –
MR. VENTRELL: Well, we want to make clear --
QUESTION: Just let me make it – let me – just want to make it --
MR. VENTRELL: All right.
QUESTION: The question was not about Scuds. You volunteered that.
QUESTION: So my question is: Are you volunteering it because it is new, or are these the same Scuds that other branch – other agencies of the government were talking about earlier in the week?
MR. VENTRELL: What I am able to tell you is I was able to confirm it on the record today, at this point. We weren’t there before; now we are. What I will say is that this is utterly disproportionate, and it just shows the regime’s desperation and their utter disregard for the lives of their own citizens.
QUESTION: Yeah. Well, okay. I’m not – I’m really – I know you’re going to think that this isn’t true, but I’m not trying to be difficult. I’m just trying to find out if these are new uses of Scuds since what others were talking about earlier in the week, or are they the same?
MR. VENTRELL: Matt, it’s been going on this week. I’m not going to get into it further about what has led us to be able to confirm it.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 15 2012 18:02 utc | 105

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