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November 12, 2012

Syria: The New Coalition For Further Destruction

Last week the Syrian National Council elected a Christian, George Sabra, as its leader to somewhat disguise that it is still under control of the Muslim Brotherhood.
[T]he Brotherhood secured 23 seats out of 41 seats for the general secretariat of the Syrian National Council.
The new SNC leader called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict - not:
"We need only one thing to support our right to survive and to protect ourselves: We need weapons, we need weapons," Sabra told reporters after the vote.
Under pressure from the U.S., which wants a more compliant puppet than the SNC, and under advice from the Qatari paid Brookings Doha, the SNC then agreed to join with some other opposition groups that were hand selected by U.S. government.

This created a new monster, the "Syrian National Coalition for the Forces of the Opposition and the Revolution". While the SNC was at least disguising its sectarian stand the new SNCFOR is again lead by someone who will likely not be acceptable for the minorities:

The group’s new leader, Moaz al Khatib, who had served as the imam at the historic Umayyad mosque in Damascus until he left the Syrian capital in July. [...] Khatib is said to have the support of municipal councils in rebel-held areas. He also has the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood.
(Would a Cardinal Ratzinger really be a good choice to lead a secular protestant Prussia?)

One difference between Sabra and Khatib is a noticeable change in their demands:

In his first remarks as head of the new organization, Khatib said Syrians “need humanitarian aid and to stop the bloodshed.” He avoided calling for arming the Syrian resistance.
That remark is consistent with the calls by the U.S. for a "political solution" in Syria. It would fit my hunch that the purpose of this new group is to allow for negotiations and for regime-led change in Syria.

But the new group smelled the rat:

Some of the last holdouts said they suspected that the agreement was a sly way for the international community to negotiate with Mr. Assad about a transition to a new government. So one clause in the agreement specifically bars such talks.
The agreement, translated to English here, that led to the creation of the new SNCFOR is quite interesting. It does not allow for any compromise:
  1. The invitation extended by the State of Qatar in coordination with the Arab League bore fruit when the Syrian National Council and the other opposition groups attending this meeting agreed to form the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. Membership in the new body will be left open to all hues of the Syrian opposition. The Coalition’s Statutes shall make clear each side’s proportion of representation.
  2. The sides agreed to bring down the regime and all its symbols and mainstays, to disband the regime’s security services and to call to account those responsible for crimes against Syrians.
  3. The Coalition commits not to engage in any dialogue or negotiation with the regime.
  4. [...]

If this coalition would actually get to power and would adhere to its point two, Syria would go through the same anarchic chaos as Iraq did after Paul Bremer abandoned the Baath party and all Iraqi security forces.

At least one independent opposition group in Syria has rejected the new coalition:

“We think that any brokers of opposition unity should be neutral. Right now international players are pulling the opposition apart by sponsoring certain groups over others."

The Kurdish minority as also not yet agreed to the new coalition.

It is also likely that this new coalition, like the SNC before it, will destroy itself in endless bickering. Its founding agreement leaves several important points open to further negotiations:

  • The Coalition’s Statutes that will regulate each side’s proportion of representation. (1)
  • The set up of technical and specialized committees required for its work, their number and the modalities of their establishment and duties. (7)
  • An Interim Government to be formed only after receiving international recognition. (8)

With all the pressure and haggling that was needed to create the new coalition in the first place the process getting to the further more detailed agreements will likely very be ugly and take very long.

Additionally it is yet unknown if any of the insurgents groups who are fighting on the ground will follow the command or policies of the new body. That seems unlikely. Especially the Jihadi groups receive their weapons and money from Saudi and Qatari sources independently. Unless these sources dry up they will see no need to agree to any political leadership.

The end of the conflict depends on the United States and on Israel. Washington has the power to end the conflict simply by telling Turkey and Jordan to close their borders for to the insurgents and their logistic support. It can pressure Saudi Arabia and Qatar to end their support. But that is not yet in the U.S. and Israeli interest nor is their interest to intervene. As the former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and negotiator with Syria Itamar Rabinovich sees it:

I don't think Israel pushes for intervention. The policy is very passive. When you don't have great choices, you don't really push hard for any of them. If Israel was told that Assad was going to be replaced by a liberal, Westward-looking government, you know, it would be quite happy. But this is not a very likely scenario. The more likely scenario is instability, maybe fragmentation, maybe chaos, maybe Islamist takeover -there are lots of negative possibilities here. So I would say it is ambivalent, with a slight preference to see him go than to see him stay.
I do believe that Israel's real preference is different. To avoid uncertainty it would like Assad to stay, but it wants, which it cannot say publicly, a much weaker Syrian state that will then no longer be able to resist to Israeli pressure.

As written here earlier:

Destruction of the infrastructure, economy and social fabric of Syria is [the insurgents] and their supporters aim.
The leading men on the ground now recognize this:
"When the revolutionaries get stronger, and start to best the government, the international community stops weapons being sent.

"Then when the revolutionaries become weak, more support arrives. When you look at what's happened, at the support starting and stopping, you realise it is arranged so as to leave Syria in chaos, rather than to bring about change."

A some point Israel and the U.S. may fear that more destruction would lead to too much chaos. At that point they may stop their support for the insurgency. let it die on the battlefield and negotiate with Assad.

Posted by b on November 12, 2012 at 14:30 UTC | Permalink


b. I think you are missing something here

Umayyad Mosque

"The Umayyad Mosque holds great significance to Shia and traditional Sunni Muslims, as this was the destination of the ladies and children of the family of Muhammad, made to walk here from Iraq, following the Battle of Karbala.[74] Furthermore it was the place where they were imprisoned for 60 days."

"In 2001 Pope John Paul II visited the mosque, primarily to visit the relics of John the Baptist. It was the first time a pope paid a visit to a mosque.[60] On March 15, 2011, the first significant protests related to the 2011 Syrian Uprising, began at the Umayyad Mosque when 40–50 worshipers gathered outside the complex and chanted pro-democracy slogans. Syrian security forces swiftly quelled the protests and have since cordoned off the area during Friday prayers to prevent large-scale demonstrations."

Posted by: somebody | Nov 12 2012 16:09 utc | 1

A perpetual cycle of violence, dragging Turkey deeper into a foreign policy fiasco is the last thing that the Turkish PM wants as he seeks re-election.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Nov 12 2012 16:49 utc | 2

Today, monday is the second day Israel has attacked Syria in a further attempt to provoke the Syrians to retaliate. This should be seen in the context of the consolidation of the proxy terrorists into a war only footing (as described in the commentary by B). Israel-American really wants Syria badly.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 12 2012 17:31 utc | 4

Add in this synchronized announcement:

Britain’s Chief of Staff hints at Syria invasion

"The UK government is preparing to take on another military adventurism, this time, against Syrian government of President Bashar al Assad, Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir David Richards has admitted.

Britain’s most senior general told a BBC interview that the UK is considering contingency plans to take a full-blown military action against Syria instead of trying to organize the country’s rebel groups."

These policies were worked out well before the U.S. [s]elections and timed to be put in effect after the [s]elections. Many have commented that once the U.S. [s]elections were past, Israel-America would again ramp up their aggression against Syria (and every where else they had put low). The current Israeli provocations against the Palestinians are also part of this post U.S. [s]elections aggression expansion.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 12 2012 17:43 utc | 5

One gets the impression that the US military and intelligence establishments are severely fragmented and disarticulated. The increased privatisation of operating forces in both the Pentagon and the Intelligence institutions (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.) further pushes the fragmentation; the "need to know" principle operates at the highest levels and also at the the multiple units at lower hierarchical levels. Also the fragmented governmental interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the US, etc., add to the confusion. All are pursuing their own particular hidden agendas.

The internal discords in the SNC and its long-named successor would just reflect the discords operating at every other level of scale.

Posted by: JohnE | Nov 12 2012 18:20 utc | 6

I m afraid things are going from bad to worse... not for Syria but for the opposition. The west is now clearly in the driving seat and it is clear for all to see. Viceroy Clinton, spoke clearly on the next steps and shortly afterwards, almost magically, we have what she asked for within a few days.

Now what? the SNC is now subsumed into a larger organization and the paymasters in the Gulf will make sure these guys stay in line if they want to keep their snouts in the trough.

Expect now to see the FSA to be pulled into this game. Maybe even some infighting to make sure the Islamists are cut off and killed off. This will be the last chance for Syria to interdict this plan.

Posted by: OAB | Nov 12 2012 18:49 utc | 7

Once this phase of consolidation is completed, the US will start pouring money, training and weapons into this venture. At this stage it will simply be a game of chicken between FUKUS and Russia/China. What is Syria really worth to these two countries.

If they back off, ala Kosovo, you can pretty much expect Syria to be turned into the largest military base in US history. After all, Iraq did not turn out as planned, this should be a piece cake when the opposition literally owes everything to the US and would not be in a position to say no when Syria really has no solid way to pay for it all once these guys are installed.

Posted by: OAB | Nov 12 2012 19:01 utc | 8

islamic terrorists serving israel.....the irony is too rich...

Posted by: brian | Nov 12 2012 20:40 utc | 9

The Syrian regime should be advised to start preparing those chemical tipped ballistics missiles they may or may not have. Because after all they may get some use. Then we may learn if MAD still holds in this neo-colonial world.

Posted by: ThePaper | Nov 12 2012 22:08 utc | 10


"islamic terrorists serving israel.....the irony is too rich..."

Most neo-nazis do without realising it....

Posted by: вот так | Nov 12 2012 23:36 utc | 11

Israel Shells Syria After Golan Heights Mortar Blast For Second Day

Posted by: juannie | Nov 13 2012 0:24 utc | 12

Russia turns down Syrian opposition's ultimatum

"Moscow considers unacceptable all ultimatums of the armed Syrian opposition concerning Russia’s position on Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich has announced.

In his statement posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry website on Monday, the diplomat stresses that the future of Syria should not depend on those who stake on the use of force and terrorism.

An ultimatum of the so-called Military Council of the Free Syrian Army of Damascus and Its Environs was circulated on Sunday. It demands that all foreign diplomatic missions and the staff of foreign companies should leave Syria within 72 hours.

In addition, a spokesman of the council declared that Russia would be considered a hostile country unless it revised its position on the Syrian problem."

All part of the "great game" for Israel-America. The fascists couldn't be more clear.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 13 2012 0:52 utc | 13

@somebody - Khatib is no angle: Mistrust of Syria's Muslim Brotherhood lingers

(Reuters) - Syria's Muslim Brotherhood finally swung behind a new opposition unity deal in Qatar, but some Syrians fear it will work in the new entity to replicate the influence it wields in the narrower Syrian National Council.

The SNC, dominated by the Qatar-backed Brotherhood, agreed under intense U.S. and Qatari pressure on Sunday to become a minority player in a wider body, the Syrian National Coalition.
But accusations emerged that it controlled the body through influence over independent Islamists and was funneling funds to favored groups inside Syria to build up its presence further.

With the SNC expected to take around two fifths of the 60 or so seats in the new National Coalition, the Brotherhood's influence is set on paper at least to diminish.

The coalition's first elected head is Mouaz Alkhatib, a popular Islamist preacher from Damascus.

Khatib, 50, has been a regular guest on Qatar's Al Jazeera satellite channel, used by the influential Gulf Arab state to promote Brotherhood-linked Islamists and help facilitate U.S. acceptance of the Islamist network.
Still, respected figures in the new coalition remained mistrustful of the Islamists, whatever their public utterances.

"Right now the Brotherhood is not becoming more open (to other groups). They've said in the past that they would be, but I haven't seen it yet," said leftist dissident Haitham al-Maleh. "They must be pushed to become more open."

Posted by: b | Nov 13 2012 7:18 utc | 14

Cameron wants to send weapons to the insurgents in Syria but when they come back to Britain they are terrorists: Syrian terror suspect arrested at Heathrow
A man believed to be a senior member of a Syria kidnap group was arrested at Heathrow Airport yesterday.

Posted by: b | Nov 13 2012 7:41 utc | 15

Murky source but noteworthy: Britain training rebels to assassinate Syrian president: report

By Al Arabiya

As British Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to use the Royal Air Force (RAF) in Syria to put an end to the massacres the Syrian regime is committing throughout the country, British Special Forces are training rebels to assassinate the Syrian president and his commanders, the London Daily Star reported.

UK government sources told the newspaper that British assassination squads are in Syria to train rebels on how to target President Bashar al-Assad and his warlords. Some troops hailing from Britain Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Section (SBS) and the Airborne Infantry of the British Army (Paras) are also in the country to teach Anti-Assad fighters techniques on the accurate use of weapons and explosives against Assad regime forces, the sources said.

Unlike the previous position of the United States and Western countries not to arm the Syrian rebels, U.S. president Barack Obama and Cameron are considering to intervene in Syria and to enforce a no-fly zone, the sources added.

Posted by: b | Nov 13 2012 8:39 utc | 16

b., press tv reported that, too.

My point is that if Mouaz Alkhatib at one point of his life was Imam of Ummayad Mosque he was state approved i.e. to say the least he knows them well.

In the 1980s and in the early 1990s, Syrian president Hafez al-Assad ordered a wide-scale renovation of the mosque.[58] The methods and concepts of al-Assad's restoration project were heavily criticized by UNESCo ... but the general approach in Syria was that the mosque was more of a symbolic monument rather than a historical one and thus, its renovation could only enhance the mosque's symbolism

Iran has no problem working with Russia, Turkey, Quatar and the Muslim Brotherhood.
They have a problem with Saudi Arabia who seems to pay Britain to do the dirty work.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 13 2012 16:28 utc | 17

Let's see who - will turn up here - that sure will be an indication if something is moving or not.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 13 2012 16:52 utc | 18

This Khatib guy is a kook, don't be fooled. Here's a link to his website where his kookiness is evident.

Posted by: ana souri | Nov 13 2012 17:51 utc | 19

Once again, the short-term goal of the Syrian crisis is to degrade Syria's military - especially its missile arsenal (and by extension allow Israel to degrade Hizballah's missile arsenal) so neither party can be an effective actor in the upcoming Iran war. And the long-term goal of this crisis is to destabilize both Syria and Lebanon as part of Israel's overall plan to destabilize and break up ALL the Middle East states.

This is Israel's policy and it is fully supported by the neocons, the military-industrial complex, the oil companies, the banks who finance them, and the politicians who receive their campaign contributions and bribes from those entities.

There is no turning back this tide. There will be no diplomatic solution in Syria and any discussion of it is about as interesting as how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. People need to wake up and smell the excrement that lies at the heart of the US corporate state.

Posted by: Cynthia | Nov 13 2012 18:22 utc | 20

that does not prevent him from being very influential like e.g. this guy or this guy

I guess what the Middle East needs is a peace of "kooks".

Posted by: somebody | Nov 13 2012 18:25 utc | 21

Using "kooks" as frontmen is a well honed policy by Israel-America. I'd like to say the policy began with the [s]election of Reagan as U.S. president, but it had been use in the USA long before in the Congress and in more local politics. "Kook" are not very bright and easily manipulated, and they are easy to drop, and blame, when things go sour. Use of "kooks" in leadership roles is an almost ideal method of control for those wishing to keep to the shadows, where the real policies are formulated.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 13 2012 18:43 utc | 22

вот так | agree on the analysis of what they were thinking when supporting them, it did not turn out the way they hoped though ...they did not do their homework then.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 13 2012 19:55 utc | 23

Syriangirl Partisan
Guys this is the MOST important Video i have ever made: Israel has admitted to allowing the FSA terrorist insurgents to use the Golan heights as cover. Israel has exchanged fire with Syria at the border of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The NATO backed opposition (FSA and SNC) are puppets of Israel and Nato and want to ally with them if the Syrian government falls. The entire insurgency in Syria is part of a Zionist-NATO plot hatched years ago, to destroy Syria and break Syria/Iran ties. Please help spread this like wild fire!

Posted by: brian | Nov 14 2012 5:59 utc | 24


Good to see that info gathered into one source. A lot of analysis about the Israeli-American war against Syria leaves out, or minimizes, the Israel aspect of these war crimes. Israel and the USA are really the brains in this illegal aggression and attempts to pin it on puppets like the Saudis, or France, is deliberate obfuscation of the source of these war crimes. It is the Israeli that accounts for the majority of the progressives and leftists (or more accurately, phony progressives and leftists playing a dishonest co-opting role out of zionist loyalty or for the money) supporting these war crimes. There is no legitimate excuse for experienced analysts pushing the Israeli-American propaganda, such as the Assad-Israel alliance rubbish, especially among the left. Those doing so should be considered to be part of the fascist club's propaganda machine designed to mislead progressives and leftists into supporting Israeli-American hegemony.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 14 2012 6:50 utc | 25

Michael Chossudovsky says UN gave a mandate to NATO 10 years ago as a peace keeping entity
Guns and Butter interview in Syria

Posted by: brian | Nov 14 2012 7:24 utc | 26

Human rights watchdogs urge Syria’s opposition coalition to stop rebel violence

"A statement by Human Rights Watch has urged to send a clear message to rebel fighters that they must abide by the human rights laws and rules of modern warfare and punish militants who fail to do so.

Amnesty International, another human rights watchdog, has joined in the call to stop violence carried out by Syrian militant groupings."

Let me translate that AI/HRW "newspeak":

"Hey guys, you are making it almost impossible for us to blame the Syria government for your crimes. You guys need to be more clever, more subtle. We've gotten word there will be a new diplomatic push for NATO intervention and a lot depends on our ability to white wash you guys. So play it smart and be less obvious."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 14 2012 8:56 utc | 27

Lavrov: No unified Syrian opposition

"In the process of reaching a settlement on the situation in Syria it is necessary to involve internal opposition forces said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking at a press conference after the second ministerial meeting of the Strategic Dialogue between Russia and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf in Riyadh. However, he stressed that Moscow advocates including the internal Syrian opposition in a constructive process of conflict resolution, rather than those based on a rejection of dialogue with the Syrian authorities.

FM Lavrov also said that the internal Syrian opposition, for the most part, refused to take part in the conference in Doha because of disagreements with the radical opposition in regard to the need for foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict.

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, at the moment a real unification of all of the Syrian opposition does not exist."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 15 2012 2:14 utc | 28

Syria and France: Hollande - a second Sarkozy?

"France has officially recognized the Syrian opposition as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people. This step on the part of socialist Francois Hollande doubtless delighted his right-wing predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.

On March 10, 2011, Sarkozy became the first foreign head of state to recognize the opposition National Transitional Council in Libya. Nine days later, NATO aircraft began bombing Colonel Gaddafi’s strongholds.

Hollande recognized the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces on November 13 and pledged arms supplies to the rebels as soon as the opposition forms a transitional government.

Sergei Fyodorov, a senior analyst at the Institute for European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, notes that the two scenarios have much in common.

"As for potential intervention, it’s not just about juridical matters like lifting the EU arms embargo. The problem is that the President Assad’s army is far stronger than that of the former Gaddafi regime in Libya. Assad possesses chemical weapons. So barging in hot-mindedly the way Sarkozy and Premier Cameron did in Libya could prove much more complicated. The latter circumstance as well as a tough position taken by Russia and China has apparently prevented Western leaders from rash decisions."

Syria’s so-called “donors” are expected to meet on London on November 16 to discuss ways of financing the Syrian rebels and their future “transitional cabinet”. Britain has not been making a secret of the fact that “donations” from oil-rich Gulf monarchies will be used to purchase weapons for the Syrian opposition. There will be no need to lift the current arms embargo against Syria since weapons will be supplied through Persian Gulf counties.

In the opinion of Russian analyst Dmitry Danilov, though Europe is close to a common stance on Syria, there is no unanimity on the issue of military intervention.

"The process of recognizing the opposition government in Syria will take some time. The European Union also needs time to forge a consensus, including a consensus on the recognition of the Syrian opposition government. This doesn’t seem to me to be a matter of any near future."

The position of the United States is not unambiguous. The State Department has recognized the Syrian opposition as a legal representative of the Syrian people but is obviously unprepared to go beyond that. Algeria, Iraq and Lebanon with the predominantly Shiite population have refused to recognize the Syrian rebels so far, to say nothing of Iran. President Assad belongs to Alawi, a branch of the Shia Islam.

Incidentally, the latest opinion polls in France show that President Hollande’s popularity rating has plummeted to below 40% from 60% in May, the fastest ever decline for a president in the Fifth Republic’s history."

As shown by the last paragraph in that article: while the Israeli-American fascists have had no difficulty maintaining control over European governments, the people there have proved to be somewhat more difficult to manage than the people of the USA.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 15 2012 3:18 utc | 29

About that new head of the new Syrian Council - a full fledged Muslim Brotherhood kook: Islamist-In-Chief
The new leader of Syria's opposition has a history of statements that are anti-Semitic, outrageous, and sometimes downright bizarre.

Posted by: b | Nov 15 2012 16:35 utc | 30

"The new leader of Syria's opposition has a history of statements that are anti-Semitic, outrageous, and sometimes downright bizarre."

The terrorists under this nut are being given Israeli sanctuary in the Golan Heights:

Syrian Rebels Expand Holdings, Take Most Villages Along Israeli Frontier

That Syrian Council head reinforces the old adage that the most extreme and whacked leaders are more likely to be Israeli owned puppets instead of genuine nutcases.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 15 2012 17:26 utc | 31

Syrian kurds who make up 10% of Syria's population, violently push the FSA back to Turkey

some interesting points in this article:
1. we learn yemen and saudis are involved in this battle
2. the turks encourage syrians to flee to them...not out of kindness but:
Kurdish fighter:

'The Turks tell the people: run away from here, come to us, you will find protection with us. In truth, they deceive them. The money, which provided by the Red Crescent and the Red Cross – they put it into their own pockets.

There are women and children, who have to live in tents. But now it’s already so cold that you cannot live in tents. Many come back again.

The Turks are behaving like the mafia, they are arming scattered groups, and then they send them to us into the battle and make money out of the refugees.'

Posted by: brian | Nov 17 2012 4:19 utc | 32

more evidence the 'syrian rebels' are foreign terrorists protected by the turks:

Aldar Khamil, representative of the Supreme Council of the Kurds:

We have agreed it with the Syrian army. They do not interfere in our affairs, the army is not on site, but even if the army would be here, we would have nothing against it – it is their land. The terrorists, who penetrate up to here, are not from here. The ones we saw were all foreigners. They are constantly under the protection of the Turkish army, and when they cross the border, they get plans and support by the Turks for this.'..............

Posted by: brian | Nov 17 2012 8:51 utc | 33

how many syrians are there in the 'free syrian army'?.........21 Kuwaiti terrorists were sent to to hell to mate with their 72 male virgins by the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, a newspaper reveals with the list of their names.

Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA in Syria informed the terrorists families whom in turn held low profile mourning for each back in Kuwait. Another Kuwaiti terrorists Saeed Madi Gargah was killed recently and not included in the initial list making the known number of Jihadist terrorists sent to hell by the Syrian Army to 22, many others believed killed but had their bodies burnt by their fellows to hide the fact they were not Syrian thus the exact figure is unknown:

Muhammad Assaf Mutairi
Khaled Thodan Mutairi
Jazzaa Masoud Darwish
Mitab Musab Marikhi
Munawar Barghash Al Jabli
Ayed Manoukh Maimouni
Turki Ajlan Al Hamli
Muhammad Moweis Mutairi
Nasser Dali Mutairi
Abdul Karim Nashmi Aridi
Ayed Rashid Marikhi
Khalaf Kifayeh Sinjari
Nasser Qaoud Al Aslami
Harbi Khalaf Jashami
Meshaal Humaidi Thafiri
Faleh Hour Al Jasimi
Thwuair Rikan Al Dhafiri
Hani Sayed Birazi
Turki Ghazai Al Anzi
Mamdouh Ghasham Al Jabli
Ayed Ghasham Al Jabli


Posted by: brian | Nov 17 2012 11:37 utc | 34

Syrian army welcomed by locals to rout gangs

Posted by: brian | Nov 17 2012 22:48 utc | 35

beware 1.24...RT reports on lattakia..quoting 'opposition claims govt troops killed almost 40 civilians while human rights groups report,..' the first part of video shows clear pics of troops being welcomed by the people, ...the lattakia part show long distance fuzzy or shaky cam work, and no evidence is presented! whats up with RT?!

Syrian army welcomed by locals to rout gangs

Posted by: brian | Nov 17 2012 23:26 utc | 36

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