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November 16, 2012

Gaza: Fiction And Facts

Wall Street Journal
Israel Mobilizes Troops as Hostilities Escalate
After nearly four years of calm along the Gaza border, Palestinian militants have slowly stepped up their mortar and rocket attacks on Israel in recent months.
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
31 OCTOBER - 6 NOVEMBER 2012 - Gaza Strip
Palestinian casualties by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip:
Killed this week: 1
Killed in 2012: 71
Killed in 2011: 108
Injured this week: 1
Injured in 2012: 291
Injured in 2011: 468
Israeli casualties by Palestinian fire from Gaza
Injured this week: 3
Injured in 2012: 19

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Dan Holliday :
'This is a report of what's going on in Gaza as of right now, by my friend Catherine Charrett (PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University): Catherine played an instrumental part in the Aberystwyth Friends of Palestine - Student Society, and her commitment to the Palestinian cause is exemplary. I hope she will be safe, and that the Palestinians will soon be free of the perpetual misery and suffering they are forced to endure at the hands of Israel.'

Posted by: brian | Nov 16 2012 7:54 utc | 1

Funny though but worth mentioning...Anyone noticed the deafening silence from Al-Qaeda and the assorted Salafi/Wahabi/Jihadi groups on what's going on in Gaza???

Even the Persian Gulf monarchs and their rented Ottoman-wannabe clowns in Ankara are not saying much these days. Hypocrisy is the

Posted by: Zico | Nov 16 2012 8:16 utc | 2

I thought the latest [fast-changing] number was 19 dead, including 6 children and 1 pregnant woman [Palestinians] and 3 dead Israelis, so the 'score' thus far is 6 - 1.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Nov 16 2012 9:47 utc | 3

Pepe Escobar links to MoA over at Atol

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Nov 16 2012 9:49 utc | 4

"Yesterday morning, hours before Israel assassinated Ahmed Jaabari, my counterpart in Hamas presented the draft to Jaabari and to other Hamas leaders. Senior Hamas leaders on the outside had already seen it and had instructed him to check the reactions to it in Gaza. I was supposed to receive the draft yesterday evening to present to Israeli officials who were waiting for me to send it to them.

That option is now off the table. Jaabari is dead and so is the chance for a mutually beneficial long term ceasefire understanding."

Assassinating The Chance For Calm

"Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. This, according to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped mediate between Israel and Hamas in the deal to release Gilad Shalit and has since..."

Hamas leader Jabari killed amid talks on long-term truce

Finkelstein: Doubts Gaza crisis will escalate

Posted by: Rod Brown | Nov 16 2012 10:02 utc | 5

Chief Rabbi of Britain caught "off guard":

'It's got to do with Iran': Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks' unguarded comments about Gaza conflict

Posted by: Irshad | Nov 16 2012 10:48 utc | 6

Hasbara operation ...

The PR policy – 'civilizing' the operation

Emphasizing the Civilian Side of the Operation – while the bombing videos are being distributed, the PR strategists are trying to deflect the world's gaze from Israel's military might towards the suffering of Israel's citizens from the Palestinian missiles. This attempt to "civilize" the conflict began in the days before the operation when Prime Minister Netanyahu made two consecutive visits to the towns of the south with full media attendance. The hasbara apparatus located in advance dozens of articulate and multilingual civilians down south and prepared them with the approved messages for interviews with foreign reporters. The Information Ministry's Government Press Office (GPO) organized today (Thursday) an organized tour of Kiryat Malachi and Ashkelon for international media crews, including a visit to the stricken house and an emergency command post. The group viewed a battery of the Iron Dome missile-defense system but the visit was focused on the human story. They met many civilians, under the auspices of Information Minister Yuli Edelstein and only a few IDF officers. The PR operation chalked up a major success when missile warnings went off during the tour of Ashkelon.

Posted by: b | Nov 16 2012 12:00 utc | 7

I have a question for everyone:
How do you think this crisis will develop and end? Do you think that it will escalate much more and Israel will make a land incursion into Gaza? Or do you think Israel will settle down with intensified air attacks followed by a ceasefire once the they have engorged themselves with Palestinian blood?

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Nov 16 2012 14:46 utc | 8

@ Pirouz

How do you think this crisis will develop and end?

I'd be leaning towards a land incursion into Gaza, maybe beginning tomorrow or Sunday. The fact that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have been hit means Israel have pinned themselves into a corner. Now they are stuck in the "cycle of escalation" and won't want to back down. But the regional situation is messy. Jordan is probably in its first week of Revolution. No media are talking about Syria, giving Assad a free hand. Egypt and Qatar will be pissed.

Who knows how it will end.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Nov 16 2012 15:17 utc | 9

"Hostilities" consist of attacks on Israel. Attacks on Palestine don't qualify as hostilities according to the MSM. According to Israeli sources:

November 10
Palestinians fired 25 rockets at Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gan Yavne and other communities. The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted at least one rocket aimed at Ashdod.

November 11
Gazan groups fired over 100 rockets and mortars at Israeli cities and towns. A barrage against Sderot, timed to coincide with the morning commute to work, injured 3 people. One victim, physical education teacher Moshik Levy, was moderately wounded by shrapnel and glass from his car windshield which exploded in his face. A fourth person was injured while fleeing for cover, and five more people were treated for acute stress reaction. Two homes, one in Sderot and one in the Eshkol Regional Council, were damaged by direct rocket hits. United States Ambassador Dan Shapiro declared that his country "supports Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens from these attacks."

November 14
Following the Israeli targeted killing of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari, Palestinians fired over 20 rockets at Israeli cities. For the first time, a Grad missile was fired toward Dimona, home to Israel's Negev Nuclear Research Center. Seventeen Grad missiles were fired at Beersheba. One rocket directly hit a store in the city, lightly injuring one woman. Another exploded into a car, setting it on fire. Several other buildings were reportedly damaged. Additional rockets were launched at Ashkelon and the Eshkol Regional Council. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted some 15 rockets. Israeli authorities asked residents within range of rocket fire to remain within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter at all times. Municipalities in the region, including those of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon, cancelled school for the following day.,_2012#cite_note-295

The "acute stress reaction" is particularly bad.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 16 2012 15:46 utc | 10

Anonymous going after Isreali sites:

Posted by: nobodee | Nov 16 2012 15:50 utc | 11


"Funny though but worth mentioning...Anyone noticed the deafening silence from Al-Qaeda and the assorted Salafi/Wahabi/Jihadi groups on what's going on in Gaza???"

They're very busy informing the Israelis where all the Palestinian leaders the Israelis want to kill are.


"How do you think this crisis will develop and end?"

From RT

"Nov. 16, 12:17 GMT: British Foreign Secretary William Hague told a BBC radio show, "Israel does have to bear in mind that it is when ground invasions have taken place in previous conflicts that they have lost international support and a great deal of sympathy around the world."

In other words, he is saying "you got us guvs and the media on your side, but everybody else loathes you. If you invade, it will be a hate Israel-fest that we wont be able to contain. You are already the least liked country in the world, invading will further degrade your PR image. You need to think ahead, invasion will hurt our chances of getting the public OK with an attack for Israeli-American hegemony".

I suspect Israel would have invaded by now if that was the original plan and that this attack was mainly done to wreck any negotiation progress (as Israel always does) and try and stop the Palestinian UN upgrade. Side benefits may be internal Israeli politics, distraction away from the Israeli spy ring about to be exposed in the USA, the Israeli hyper-love of rubbing their puppets' noses in the dust of their subservience to the Israeli leadership.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 15:51 utc | 12

"invasion will hurt our chances of getting the public OK with an attack for Israeli-American hegemony"

invasion will hurt our chances of getting the public OK with an attack on Iran for Israeli-American hegemony"

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 15:52 utc | 13

There is absolutely no military solution to this problem in Gaza’ – Palestine expert


"The death toll is growing in Gaza after conflict broke out between Israelis and Palestinians. Voice of Russia American Edition’s Rob Sachs spoke with Yousef Munayyer, executive director of the Palestine Center, to discuss the Gaza conflict from the Palestinian perspective."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 16:04 utc | 14

Israel committed 'pure war crime' - Palestinian delegation chief, interview

"Maen Rashid Areikat, a Palestinian diplomat and present chief of the PLO Delegation in Washington DC spoke with Voice of Russia's Rob Sachs to give both the official and personal view of the situation. He argues that using F-16s, tanks, and heavy artillery against predominantly civilian Palestinian population can't be called a self defense."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 16:07 utc | 15

I posted one opinion on which way the war would go in #12. Here is a different opinion that is quite different:

The Invasion of Gaza: Part of a Broader US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation?

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 16:15 utc | 16

Egypt is a real factor -- its streets are alive and Morsi has said that Israel would pay a "high price" for invasion.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 16 2012 16:33 utc | 17

Live reporting from documentary journalist Harry Fear.

Posted by: Kim Sky | Nov 16 2012 16:42 utc | 18

Harry Fear Link:

Posted by: Kim Sky | Nov 16 2012 16:42 utc | 19

Turkey has cut ties with Israel:

“We stand by our Gazan friends here as the Turkish government,” Erdoğan said today, adding that Israel had started striking Gaza and killing innocent people using fictional excuses ahead of elections, as had happened prior to the 2008 election.

“I will have a phone conversation with Obama. I will share these thoughts with him,” he said. Erdoğan also said the U.N. Security Council and the dominant world powers should try to dissuade Israel from launching further attacks on Gaza, adding that no relationship existed between Turkey and Israel anymore.

Both Egypt and Turkey have Stinger missiles.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 16 2012 17:45 utc | 20

Don, if Erdo really wants to get even, he can pull the rug out from under NATO's Syria policy and leave KSA and Qatar hanging naked in the cold breeze. If he REALLY wanted to, this is the perfect opportunity for a face saving climb down.

But since Turkey just recignized the fake Syrian opposition, that doesn't look like the road he's taking. I'd love to be wrong.

Posted by: Lysander | Nov 16 2012 18:01 utc | 21

Erdogan was quiet for three days leaving the lead to Egypt. What he said today means nothing.

Netanyahoo probably hopes that he can finish this without an invasion. (Interestingly his defense minister Barack for electoral reasons might have the opposite aim.) The current mobilization of reserves is mostly to increase the pressure, not to invade. The Muslim Brotherhood states also want to avoid a ground fight because they would then have to take a stand that is opposite to their "western" allies.

But it is not their decision. It is not even the decision of the Hamas (part of the international Muslim Brotherhood) crew on the ground. Islamic Jihad and other groups, unlike Hamas still with Iran, can and likely will not agree to an early ceasefire. When more rockets fall on Tel Aviv Netanyahoo will have to escalate by using ground forces. His public will demand it. When the forces on the ground gets bogged down and the casualty count increases his elections chances will shrink. He started the gamble, he will probably fall over it.

It seems to me that Hamas and other groups have this time actually learned from Hizbullah's success in 2006. They fired more missiles in the first two days than were fired through 22 days of Cast Lead in 2008. The sides seem better hidden than before and more effective weapons are available. I expect some "surprises" when Israel invades.

CNN interview interrupted by Israeli bombs - jump behind the Hasbarist at about 2:30. This totally makes the point which side is really hit and makes the well trained Hasbarist argument useless.

Posted by: b | Nov 16 2012 18:45 utc | 22

Hypocrisy of slaughter: Israel’s Orwellian account of Gaza campaign, by by Argentinian writer: Adrian Salbuchi

One thing this unequal "war" is showing us is that Iranian missile technology has come of age, the Iron Dome is a costly MIC project funded by those USAians *uckers.

Posted by: hans | Nov 16 2012 18:49 utc | 23

I agree that Erdogan is no independent force for good, but given that, he can't abandon Morsi in favor of Israel. He just can't.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 16 2012 19:27 utc | 24

Slightly random thought: maybe this operation is a means to turn the old syrian-iran-hisballah Hamas into a new israel-qatar-saudi one. maybe parts of Hamas aren't necessarily unhappy about other parts of Hamas being wiped out? A deal like: we'll give you money and influence (see here ) and when it comes to iran, you keep your feet still.
So maybe now Israel is helping the cooperative new Hamas eradicte their inner rivals.

Posted by: peter radiator | Nov 16 2012 19:51 utc | 25

Syrian Government Condemns Heinous Israeli Crimes against Palestinian People in Gaza

"DAMASCUS/GAZA, (SANA) – The Syrian government condemned the barbaric, reprehensible crimes committed by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip on Wednesday which resulted in a number of martyrs and injured.

In a statement on Thursday, the government called on the international community to pressure Israel into ceasing its aggression on the people of Gaza Strip, imploring the free and honest people of the world to move seriously to confront this tyranny and repel Israel which constantly ignores international legitimacy and shirks international resolution in blatant violation of international law.

The statement said that the Arab people are needed today more than ever to act and exert pressure to support the Palestinian people's steadfastness and struggle in defense of the Palestinian cause, which is the central cause of the nation.

The government offered condolences, on its behalf and on behalf of the Syrian people, to the families of the martyrs, affirming that despite the aggression and conspiracies against it, Syria will forever remain faithful to its obligations and stances towards the Palestinian people in terms of them reclaiming their occupied lands and establishing a free and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Eighteen Palestinians Martyred by Israeli Aggression on Gaza Strip

The number of Palestinians martyred by the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip reached eighteen in addition to more than 30 wounded. A large explosion also shook Gaza city on Wednesday afternoon.

Among the martyrs are infant Ahmad al-Masharawayi who was only 11 months old, child Rawan Arafat who was three years old, Issam Abu al-Maza, Mohammad Hani al-Kasih (19 years old), in addition to Ahmad al-Jaabari and Mohammad al-Hams.

Shortly before 7 PM, the Israeli occupation army bombarded 50 sites in the Sector and carried out more than 20 air raids.

H. Sabbagh"

Latest figures at RT claim 27 Palestinians have been murdered by the Israelis. This includes 7 children.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 16 2012 19:53 utc | 26

An interesting piece of news is the shooting down of an Israeli F-16. At first Press TV reported that an F-16 was shot down over Gaza. Was unsure about it at first but then thinking about all the stories of MANPADS moving out of Libya and the likelihood that Hamas acquired some began to think it could be likely.

Now a few hours later, AllVoices is reporting that Hamas linked AlAsqa TV is claiming that the pilot has been captured.

Al-Qassam Brigades announced the downing of an Israeli warplane in Gaza Strip. Hamas said in a statement their fighters are now searching for the plane wreckage, while the Israeli army intensifies its bombing on the place so as to prevent them from seizing it.
Meanwhile, according to some Israeli sources, Israel admitted the loss of F-16 aircraft in the sky over Gaza. Moreover Israeli lost contact with the pilot, who is believed to have been captured in Gaza, as per Aqsa TV related to Hamas. No other sources have confirmed this news.
However, an Israeli army spokeswoman has denied the downing of a plane in Gaza. According to Al-Jazeera TV, she said this is a ridiculous claim. It is worth mentioning that Israel previously denied the rockets being fired on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but 24 hours later they confirmed the same news.

Something to keep an eye on.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Nov 16 2012 20:20 utc | 27

Hamas claim that they shot down an Zionist's drone:

It appears to be SkyLite B made by Raphael a major Zionist military manufacturer, footage clearly confirming that.

Most likely it lost power, or was out of range.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Nov 16 2012 21:02 utc | 28

The Guardian is transmitting a load of propaganda from Israel about how they've destroyed nearly all the Fajr-5 missiles, and there are only a few left.

And how the population of Tel Aviv is unworried (and sitting on the beach - cold in November, no?)

I take it by that that they are worried.

Posted by: alexno | Nov 16 2012 21:14 utc | 29

the "Arab Spring" has been mere rhetoric until now; it might now become real as a conequence of Israel's aggression, that forces Egypt, and as a consequence all other players in the region, to take a stance

and they can't persist in their aggression against Assad, while keeping silent towards Israel

Posted by: claudio | Nov 16 2012 21:38 utc | 30

well, RT-Arabic says this:

Al-Qassam Brigades - the armed wing of the movement "Hamas" - on the evening of November 16 / November for the shoot down an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft, and published registration Fido to the target plane.

This has been confirmed Qassam "at a time when it targeted leg warplane fired a missile at a surface - air during Igartha eastern Gaza City.

The transfer of the Palestinian Information Center for local residents as saying that the Apache helicopters did not answer the atmosphere of the sector a few weeks ago, arguing that fear of the target.


"Sources close to Hamas, "Al-Qassam Brigades" managed to capture Israeli pilots, were on board a military plane, "F - 16", which was dropped on Friday, November 16 / November missile "Land - Joe."

This confirmed the second channel of the Israeli TV losing a plane in Gaza, and lost contact with the pilots who were on board."

Posted by: neretva'43 | Nov 16 2012 21:46 utc | 31

Bibi's basically backed himself into a corner and can't get himself out..Much like the 2006 Lebanon war, Israli decision makers thought it will take a few days to finish the job..They paid the price and the Olmert government was gone in the next elections..

It's just mind boggling what was going through his head when he thought he could just assassinate the Hamas commander and somehow things will be normal..As they say, in the Middle East, it's easy to start a conflict but hard to predict where it ends.

Posted by: Zico | Nov 16 2012 23:20 utc | 32

In today's State presser, the U.S. expects Egypt to tamp down the Hamas activity while Israel can do whatever it wants.

MS. NULAND: Well, again, I think we are all in the same place – the Egyptians are, the Turkish Government is. There are a number of other calls that we anticipate the Secretary will make in the coming 24 hours to other countries with influence to try to maximize the pressure we can bring to bear on Hamas to cease and desist. And we are encouraging anybody with influence to do that. . . Well again, as it’s very clear from the President’s conversation with President Morsi, the two calls the Secretary’s made to Foreign Minister Amr, we consider the Egyptian role key in any efforts to de-escalate. They have influence with Hamas, with the Palestinians in general, and we are encouraged that they are engaged fully in this, and we appreciate the fact that Prime Minister Kandil went personally to try to ameliorate the situation. And we’ll continue to work with them on the efforts that we can all take to try to de-escalate.

MS. NULAND: Again, what the Israelis are doing is defending their country from these rocket attacks from Gaza, so -- . . .If there’s no need for self-defense, then there’s no need for self-defense . . You’re asking me to get into Israeli tactics of self-defense. I’m not going to do that. . . .I’m not from this podium going to be dictating Israeli choices with regard to their self-defense.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 16 2012 23:38 utc | 33

"....Israel can do whatever it wants."

One can almost hear Obama saying...'whatever'.

Posted by: dh | Nov 17 2012 0:10 utc | 34

John Hopkins university study confirms Khazar theory

Posted by: nikon | Nov 17 2012 0:12 utc | 35


Very subtle. Do you think anyone else noticed the conversation had changed to a discussion medieval Jewish history?

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 1:38 utc | 36

One way of looking at this Israeli operation against Gaza is that its primary purpose is to screw Obama. What it will ensure is that the Arab and Muslim world will be significantly estranged from the US, thus severely limiting Obama's ability to foster amicable relations with them in his second term. This operation will also further radicalize Muslims and strengthen jihadis, and thus make it even more difficult for Muslim governments to adopt policies that bring them closer to the US.

Posted by: FB Ali | Nov 17 2012 2:03 utc | 37

More protests held in London against killing of Gazans

"Hundreds of Britons have staged a protest in front of the Israeli embassy in London, shouting anti-Israeli slogans in a second evening of demonstrations against the killings of Palestinian people in Gaza.

The anti-Israel protest took place in central London on Thursday 15 November outside the Israeli embassy with demonstrators waving signs reading “Free Palestine”, End the siege” and “Criminal Israel”.

This is the second protest in a row in London, which is being held in opposition to latest round of Israeli regime’s air strikes against the besieged territory which have led to the death of nearly two dozen Palestinians including women and children.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, British MP George Galloway condemned Israel’s killings of the Palestinian people while presenting Press TV’s evening program Comment.

“Israel has murdered thousands of Palestinians. Maimed many more thousands of people in the Gaza Strip, and destroyed more than 60,000 Palestinian homes. Israel has the weapons of mass destruction,” he said."

I think this is some of what "The Old Hag" was worried about:

"Israel does have to bear in mind that it is when ground invasions have taken place in previous conflicts that they have lost international support and a great deal of sympathy around the world."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 2:08 utc | 38

Good to see Respect voicing opposition:

'3 major parties complicit in Israeli terror'

Stop the war on Gaza

The demos were yesterday, I hope this sort of opposition from Respect continues.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 2:20 utc | 39

Palestinians shoot down Israeli F-16 fighter jet in Gaza: Hamas

"Meanwhile, several Israelis were injured after three rockets fired from Gaza hit the Zionist settlement of Gush Etzion in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Palestinian missiles and rockets have also hit the other Israeli cities of Tel Aviv, Eshkol, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Be'er Sheva.

In Tel Aviv, a rocket hit a commercial district while a second rocket landed 200 meters away from the American Embassy. It is the first time that Tel Aviv has come under attack in decades. Three Israeli soldiers have been injured in a rocket attack in Eshkol.

Hospitals across Israel are now in state of emergency.

Palestinians have fired over 550 rockets and missiles into Israel since Wednesday after Tel Aviv launched a major military strike against the besieged Palestinian territory, killing scores of people, including women and children."

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 2:39 utc | 40

I's like to think that demonstrations work, but the ones I've been in never accomplished anything.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 2:40 utc | 41

the Guardian, Gaza is no longer alone

Large groups of young Egyptians have been heading for Gaza; my youngest niece is one of them. Like the efforts of the world's civil society to send ships to Gaza, young Egyptian civilians with a passion for freedom are going to support their friends. And on a more "official" level, medics and pharmacists have already arrived there. Abdel Moneim Aboul-Fotouh, a presidential candidate and doctor, has gone – as he did in 2008 during Israel's "Operation Cast Lead", long before he had political intentions. The Arab Doctors' Union has called for donations and volunteers.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 2:51 utc | 42


"I's like to think that demonstrations work, but the ones I've been in never accomplished anything."

They generally don't do much besides blow off steam. But a full fledged riot is another matter. The point I was making about Respect is they are promoting opposition to these Israeli war crimes. Right now.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 3:01 utc | 43

Reading about Netanyahu's assholery makes me sick to my stomach. And my government's connivance makes it worse.

Posted by: jawbone | Nov 17 2012 3:04 utc | 44

Gotta give Netanyahu credit. A nation smaller than New Jersey with less people has the mightiest nation the world has ever seen by the short hairs. The good part about Obama being re-elected is that he (Obama) has to eat it (Afghanistan and health care too).

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 3:55 utc | 45

Pictures Flickr

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Nov 17 2012 4:02 utc | 46

@27, from the PressTV article, a commenter makes the obvious point, R2P doesn't apply to Palestinians.

Posted by: yes_but | Nov 17 2012 4:30 utc | 47

The Atlantic goes neutral

Posted by: somebody | Nov 17 2012 8:00 utc | 48

Hamas gave location of Hamas commanders to!!!

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 8:41 utc | 49

Sorry, meant to say Qatar...

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 9:04 utc | 50

With regard to Israel's claims and its role in Western Mideast policy there is a long enduring tension between the "geopolitical realists" and the "fervent Zionists". The former group seems to consist largely of academics and the experts staffing diplomatic and military bureaucracies, while the latter is widely represented among active politicians, their associated financial and religious backers, and the general public. It seems clear that over the last century the second group has dominated and succeeded in imposing its views as national policy, not only in the U.S. and England, but also in France, Germany, and western Europe in general. (It is certainly possible to view the creation and subsequent policies of Israel as completely functional to an occidental policy of "divide and conquer" in the Middle East, and thus as perfectly in keeping with the "geopolitically realistic" goals of the ruling occidental elites, but with some reluctance I forgo this line of analysis.)
Presumably, the geopolitical realists will remain in the shadow of the fervent Zionists until such time as the consequences of the pro-Zionist policies become unsustainable for some reason, be it economic, military, financial or (improbably) even moral. Moreover, even in the presence of compelling necessities, it is highly unlikely that there will be an abrupt and drastic shift to a new paradigm: at best one can only hope for a richer dialectic and a more even balance of effective influence on policy between the two completing schools. Although even this minor recalibration still seems far in the future, the politically weaker faction provides (in my view) the more compelling analyses: this note by John Mearsheimer being a case in point.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Nov 17 2012 9:11 utc | 51

I agree with John Mearsheimer's analysis. He forgets something though. Israel is training the Palestinians and they only have to win once. They already have managed to threaten flights to and from Tel Aviv. They are getting better every time.

If Israel/the Jordanian King looses Jordan that's it.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 17 2012 9:54 utc | 52

The Israelis began shelled Gaza with ground forces stationed near the border, while their military is reported to be continually building up near the border. They called up 75k reservists. Made arrangements to call more. It sounds like they may invade very soon.

Meanwhile, the USA is the only country I've seen reported as continually cheering the Israelis on. The rest seem to be condemning, mute about or mildly offering conditional support of these Israeli war crimes, or calling for a cease fire. So much for the mythical antagonism between Obama and Netanyahu the western chatterbox pundits constantly drone on about.

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 15:41 utc | 53

Summary of some of the protesting against Israel and the governments toadying up to that terrorist state.

Global anti-Israel protests staged as fears of Gaza ground invasion escalate (PHOTOS)

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 15:46 utc | 54

The propaganda overdrive of the Israelis is just breathtaking..All their news seems to focus more on the "invincible" Iron dome than anything else...Who're they trying to sell it to?

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 15:53 utc | 55

Gaza War Could Pave the Way for Israeli Attack on Iran

Meanwhile the Israeli media brag about Israel's 5th element corrupting the colonies towards supporting the Israeli criminal wars of aggression.

Israel lobbies support for Gaza operations

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 15:55 utc | 56

It also looks like the Qataris and Turkey will like Hamas to quite things down so that the world's attention will be refocused on their little project in Syria.

How dare Bibi put a monkey's wrench in their regime change crusade in Syria...Hamas will be stupid to take their word this time.

The rocket attacks on Tel Aviv has change everything. The war mongers in there will now realize they're not immune anymore.

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 15:57 utc | 57

If Iron Dome is invincible then there would be no need of other actions, so obviously Israel has a different agenda as Mearsheimer suggests. (However he doesn't mention the new Egypt factor. Morsi seems almost to consider Gaza a part of Egypt.)

By the way the ID guidance system is supposedly designed to discriminate, destroying missiles and bombs whose trajectory would take them to a populated area and disregarding others. So overall statistics are meaningless.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 16:08 utc | 58

"A Nazi blitzkrieg kind of assault on Gaza"

Battleground Gaza

Posted by: вот так | Nov 17 2012 16:16 utc | 59

@Zico -The rocket attacks on Tel Aviv has change everything
One rocket landed in Tel Aviv's outer suburbs, no report of injuries, others landed at sea. But Israel may use "rocket attacks on Tel Aviv" to launch an invasion.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 16:20 utc | 60

@ Done Bacon 60

Bibi may well use the rocket on Tel Aviv to justify a ground invasion..But his troops will be in for a bloody awakening..This is not 2008.

The reason the IDF's focused mainly on air strike is to avoid a ground invasion..You see, the Israeli public, much like their American counterpart, are used to wars on a cheap where only the other side dies..They can't stand the sight of their troops being mowed down by Palestinians - that will upset too many people.

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 16:42 utc | 61

The Arab League is holding yet another useless meeting on Gaza.As usual, nothing will come out of this meeting.

The funny thing is, ALL the "leaders" at the meeting have one way or another collaborated with the Israelis on the Palestinian issue.

In fact, they all conspire against one another.On Syria, they all almost agreed to pour more fuel on the fire arming the fsa..On Gaza, they all call for "dialogue".

You can't make this up!!!

Posted by: Zico | Nov 17 2012 17:05 utc | 62

@Zico -
There is no Arab collaboration with Israel now. Qatar, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia are coming together in Cairo. Syria and Jordan are also supporting Gaza. "This is not 2008."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 17 2012 17:39 utc | 63

@ Don Bacon
"There is no Arab collaboration with Israel now. Qatar, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia are coming together in Cairo. Syria and Jordan are also supporting Gaza. "This is not 2008.""

Its just a PR for their public consumption, in reality they cooperate with Israel more than they do with Gaza. They all demand that Palestinians would lay down the weapons, Qatar was adamant about it (after they probably supplied Israel with info to assassinate Hamas leaders). And as some others already mentioned, if war ends now without any consequences to Israel, they win the war, and Netanyahoo wins the elections. Everything goes to them as planned, if Palestinians listen to "well wishers" Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 17 2012 18:35 utc | 64

Harry no 64

Things have changed considerably, Egypt, Tunisia now actually go to Gaza during Israeli bombardment, Qatar went there before giving the Gazan government political legitimacy. Last round Israeli PR worked on the assumption that Hamas was an illegal terror group. After the US backed wars in Libya and Syria with the help of terrorists this is no longer possible.

Before Hamas got to talk nobody except the Egyptian security guy for mediation. Now they talk to prime and foreign ministers.

Israel has avoided getting a ceasefire agreement the last time, they basically said we stop and you stop.

A formal ceasefire agreement would be a huge victory for Hamas, and would be bad news for Netanyahu. Part of the reason for this war was that Israel did not want a formal agreement with Hamas. If so, they miscalculated.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 17 2012 18:59 utc | 65

Also note whom the qatari emir met on his visit to gaza.
He doesn't exactly stand for the most dogmatic and militant part of Hamas' resistance, I guess (no judgement on this, just an observation).
I think this is really a kind of crackdown on gaza - go in, get out as many weapons as possible, and leave behind a weakened hamas that is willing to cooperate while still being a "trademark" name for the public and can keep their people at bay.
To me, this seems to be the strongest indication for an upcoming mission to iran that I've seen so far. Wasn't exactly sure whether "they" (I guess in their rivalry against Iran, Israel the US and Qatar/Saudi/Emirate and also Egypt, agree by and large) would really plan on an intervention, but now it seems more likely to me.

Posted by: peter radiator | Nov 17 2012 21:35 utc | 66

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