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October 10, 2012

This Land Is Mine

While I am busy ...



This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley.

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Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Oct 10 2012 19:09 utc | 1

I guess that kinda sums up the last 6000 years of history in the near east.

to be continued....

Posted by: dan of steele | Oct 10 2012 21:36 utc | 2

‘Dude, where’s my country?’ was the cry of Arafat and the Mid East nationalists.

The US and Israel contrived to replace them with Islamic fundamentalists who now ask, ‘Dude, where’s my kingdom of God on earth?’

This passes for progress in our faith-based era.

Posted by: Watson | Oct 10 2012 22:19 utc | 3

Great video. I was interested by the remark attributed to Kissinger that Israel will not exist in ten years time.

I would tend to agree, but I am not looking forward to the Samson option.

Posted by: alexno | Oct 10 2012 22:24 utc | 4

Yep, the truth. Hope this cartoon gets some play around the US, the masses MIGHT just understand this particular format.

Posted by: ben | Oct 11 2012 1:03 utc | 5

xcellante - wife actually looked at what i was laughing about ... as to the "nookilar" (however bush-the-lesser spelt it)endin,wouldn't it be highly ironic if a stuxnet variant caused some sort of clustafuk at dimona. Not a great fan of death and destruction but the middle easts religious wars might be toned down abit if a glass carpark was the ultimate prize.

Posted by: DontNnSUName | Oct 11 2012 1:26 utc | 6

Thanks for a good laugh. If it wasn't for all the real dead, it would be funny.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Oct 11 2012 6:17 utc | 7

Risking a bit with this joke, but here goes:

What is the difference between a jew and a Pizza?

-A pizza does not come back and try to reclaim the oven that it was baked in 2,000 years ago!

Posted by: ralphieboy | Oct 11 2012 10:05 utc | 8

raphieboy @ 8: LOL, risk or not, it's funny.

Posted by: ben | Oct 11 2012 13:56 utc | 9

Alexno #4 Kissinger, "no Israel in ten years." That's a trashy column, what an odd place for that comment to appear. No further attribution, nothing. VERY interesting quote, and for some reason, the trashy column lends cred. to the veracity of the comment. It's a weird, weird world.

Posted by: scottindallas | Oct 11 2012 14:37 utc | 10

OT, but, here we go folks. U.S. sends task force to Jordan.

Posted by: ben | Oct 11 2012 15:06 utc | 11

"Officials in Wittenberg, eastern Germany nominated ... Pussy Riot for the 2013 "Fearless Word" award in honour of the Protestant theologian Luther, who launched the Reformation there nearly 500 years ago."

Will the Russian Orthodox church respond in kind by offering a prize to the German Pussy Riot copy cats who stormed Cologne Cathedral during mass?

And, speaking of the copy cats, what ever happened to them? Their story barely made international news and then disappeared instantly. Russian Pussy Riot was deemed news worthy, German copy cats shoved under the rug.

Last word was that the German catholic church was going to press charges, perhaps leading to three years in jail.

Guess no one is out to get the German government, but it's clearly open season on the Russian government.

Posted by: JohnH | Oct 11 2012 20:29 utc | 12


Posted by: Jake | Oct 11 2012 23:24 utc | 13

Whether the three years' sentence is justifiable or not is another matter, but the German Catholic Church is a lot more politically neutral than the Russian Orthodox Church.

But they still have "quiet holidays" in Germany: Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, The Day of Atonement and Prayer, etc., when no public dancing is allowed.

We were performing once in a bar on Good Friday, doing Irish and Scottish music, and admonishing the people not to dance until midnight as it was against the law...but we did play a Scottish march and told the people that as far as we know, marching is allowed 365 days a year in Germany...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Oct 12 2012 8:30 utc | 14

@ralphieboy #8: if Jews were to reclaim the oven they were baked in they would be coming after Germany. Any joke with Jews and ovens is in pretty poor taste, especially if it's not intentional.

Posted by: Brian | Oct 12 2012 14:18 utc | 15

The bulk of land in Israel - 93% (? - no good figures available ?) according to one crappy wiki article - and that is Israel as you see it on a small map - belongs to the State.

“Owners” lease land/property from the state, for 49 years, lease which can be renewed.

There is no private property in Israel as citizens of the US or CH or Germany would conceive it.

Of course this state of affairs is a result of efforts to dispossess Arabs/Palestinians of their land, farms, houses, roads, wells, waterways, plantations, trees, building rights, redress in law, fair deal, etc.

This land of mine - thus belongs, for the most part, to the Israeli State. Not to individual owners, not to Auntie Dalit or Granny Anat. Not to mention Ahmed.

US citizens should be aware that their attachment to private property (pride, entrepreneurship, free market, and just the plain fact of ownership) is not part of the Isareli landscape.

Of course all the interested parties (Gvmt, real estate sellers, settlers or those who attract them) pretend. You can look up properties to buy in Israel....superb pix etc.

This article also mentions the 93% and gave the clearest explanation - and it is not very clear - care of 30 mins on Google.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 14 2012 14:20 utc | 16

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