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October 05, 2012

The Outrage Industry

In 2008 a satirical German TV magazine made an episode about a Palestinian entrepreneur in the outrage industry. He produced and sold flags of various countries to be burned in protests. He also offered otherwise not available specialties of such countries so one could boycott those. The star spangled banner was usually his best selling product but at the time of the show Danish flags were in high demand by the flag burners to show outrage over some cartoons. As said the show was meant as pure satire.

But as happens quite often satire was beaten by live. Some recent anti-Islamic movie by some crazy people led to a boom in a real version of the outrage industry:

When the mobilization against the U.S. film began, “I knew the tills would start ringing”, said the manager at Panaflex printers, housed in a dilapidated building in Rawalpindi, the twin city of Islamabad and headquarters of the military.

“Whenever we have these demonstrations, I make 10 times as much money as normal,” he told AFP in a tiny room that stank of ink, as two huge rollers spat out Stars and Stripes.

Sold for between 120 and 1,500 rupees ($1.25 to $16) depending on size and quality, the flags have been snapped up for demonstrations against the film in recent weeks, and Haider watched in delight as his products went up in smoke day after day on the TV news.
In Shah's shop 1,500 rupees will get you a three-square-metre Stars and Stripes in cloth, with a guarantee it will catch light with no problems -- a key concern for protesters, particularly with TV cameras around.

As the flags are pretty expensive and only at certain times high in demand various political groups have organized their own just-in-time production:
Jamaat-ud-Dawa, blacklisted by the United Nations and the United States as a front for terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, says it has a “special team” dedicated to making US and Israeli flags for demonstrations.

“They end up costing us 50-60 rupees each,” said Asif Khurshid, one of the group's officials in Islamabad.

Satire or real, funny or not, I'd rather have an outrage industrial complex than a military one.

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I have read that *the majority* of the US flags that are burnt all over the world - and yes, it is a question - where does someone in Algeria, Yemen, Pakistan buy a US flag at a ‘cheap’ price - are made in China. Ha ha ha.

(In India and other places cottage industry as b posts.)

Naturally, we see the displays on TV and the real number of flags owned/then burned is probably pretty minimal.

And in some countries, possessing a US flag and showing it around, even if the intent is to despoil, destroy, or burn is considered traitorous. Why own the flag of a foreign, imperialistic, murderous country? That is show-off and feeble aggression, stirring the pot, pretending importance.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 5 2012 19:04 utc | 1

I have read that *the majority* of the US flags that are burnt all over the world - and yes, it is a question - where does someone in Algeria, Yemen, Pakistan buy a US flag at a ‘cheap’ price - are made in China. Ha ha ha.

(In India and other places cottage industry as b posts.)

Naturally, we see the displays on TV and the real number of flags owned/then burned is probably pretty minimal.

And in some countries, possessing a US flag and showing it around, even if the intent is to despoil, destroy, or burn is considered traitorous. Why own the flag of a foreign, imperialistic, murderous country? That is show-off and feeble aggression, stirring the pot, pretending importance.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 5 2012 19:04 utc | 2

Nice story. Inevitable that some are going to profit. It's the long history of war profiteers.

The issue is not much profit by comparison with the war profiteering of US arms corporations, who have made billions on the back of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What small companies do in Pakistan is not much in comparison.

Posted by: alexno | Oct 5 2012 19:20 utc | 3

rather an "outraged industrial complex"? Be careful what you wish for. The Wingies get a whiff of outrage and flock to gun stores.

Posted by: ruralito | Oct 5 2012 22:07 utc | 4

Talk about outrage... Iran Offers Plan, Dismissed by U.S., on Nuclear Crisis

...But the plan requires so many concessions by the West, starting with the dismantling of all the sanctions that are blocking oil sales and setting off the collapse of the Iranian currency, that American officials have dismissed it as 'unworkable'...

Posted by: CTuttle | Oct 5 2012 23:55 utc | 5

Guatemala protest kills six

At least six people have died in Guatemala in clashes between security forces and protesters angry over electricity price rises, officials say.

At least 30 were also injured as thousands blocked parts of a motorway in Totonicapan, 170km (105 miles) west of the capital, on Thursday.

200 US Marines were sent to Guatemala recently.

Posted by: Susan | Oct 6 2012 3:04 utc | 6

Posted by: Susan | Oct 5, 2012 11:04:43 PM | 6

Guatelama needs americans like a hole in the head....

Posted by: brian | Oct 6 2012 4:09 utc | 7

I'd just posted a new post, False Flags and Persian Fantasies, and a long time Iraki friend dropped by for a few comments...! ;-)

Posted by: CTuttle | Oct 6 2012 7:53 utc | 8

A new twist that I read about the other day: some religious leader in Pakistan is having a giant US flag made which he intends to lay out on the road so that people can walk over it every day.

Posted by: FB Ali | Oct 6 2012 16:34 utc | 9

no prize for guessing.
who's the master of manufacturing outrage, using false flag
attacks to stir up sectorian n ethnic violence ?
this is just the tip of the iceberg [lots of false flag]

so the budhists vs muslim violence in myanmar was precipitated
by an alleged case of rape.

looks like this is the favorite mo of the agent provocateurs.
in 2009, an alleged rape case triggered an ethnic clash in gwangzhou
in no time the uighurs in xinjiang perpetrated a bloodbath on the hans, ostensiby in retaliation to the violence in gwangzhou.
turned out that the rape allegation was a hoax. !

there have been an avalanche of clashes between the police n civilians in recent yrs, after agent provocateurs spread rumours on line about fictitious police brutalities
[there'r police brutalities in china alright , but thats another story]

this is one of the reasons china is putting up more cyber control like firewall , to thwart malicious rumor mongers, another reason could be to block seditious calls to revolutions by the likes of wikileaks/anonymous *whitehat* hackers.
[in its original use, whitehat hackers refer to ethical hackers targeting social injustices
in nwo jargons, whitehats hackers means those who attack the *oppressive regimes* like china]

n this is why clinton , wiki seem to be obcessed with breaking down china's firewall, i had posted many times the striking similarity between clinton's public uttering n wiki's mission statement, which for all practical purposes, might as well be written by the mdm sec herself.

Posted by: denk | Oct 7 2012 16:22 utc | 10

the *chinese out, fukus in* campaign is a multi pronged attack on chinese investments, chinese workers.
1] using *terrarists*
2] foreign sponsored *ngo*s raising hell on environment n *hr* issues.
3] using its imf, world bank satraps
*Why should any foreign institution or foreign government interfere in the internal affairs of the Congo? And why should the World Bank or the United States government or any of its departments or agency, be remotely connected in any way, to the reported attempt to thwart contracts between the Congo and China, two politically independent and sovereign nations? *
4] outright *regime change* by r2p, wot scams
5] random attacks on chinese nationals, to create a climate of fear , such as the brutal murder of the chinese lady tourist in pakistan
or this in angola , another major oil supplier to china ?

manufactoring outrage in africa again,
*once there was this big anti-government demonstration in Apia, the capital of Samoa. It happened when Samoan government decided to switch driving from the right side of the road to the left. Suddenly, I saw 4 men holding huge poster: “China, You Will Not Make Us Drive On The Left!” I went to the protestors and asked them who paid them to carry the poster. “Do you know that in China people drive on the same side as in your country?”

I asked. They were mad and began screaming that “China is dictatorship and evil country and that they drive on the left and now they want to force Samoa to be like them.” Even after the big demonstration was over, these for people kept walking around the capital city with the poster. Of course they didn’t invent this*

manufacturing outrage in myanmar
driving another wedge in the faltering sino burma alliance
*Brutal Mekong River Attack, Myitsone Dam Strain China-Myanmar Relations*

manufacturing outrage in philippines
*The propaganda against China is powerful; it is vicious. And it is brought from the outside. For instance, when China was going to invest in agricultural projects in Mindanao, brainwashed peasants there protested: 'Over our dead bodies!' But when the US is building more and more military bases here – almost nobody is protesting!*

even the philippinos themselves, the thinking ones, know who's the *shit stirrer* behind the scene in the scs conflict.

The future of the American-Filipino `anti-terror' alliance became clear last month when Arroyo took up the issue of granting landing rights to Taiwanese military pilots.

That move is a US orchestration to formalize a Washington-Manila-Taipei triad in the South China Sea*

manufacturing more outrage ......
the *rescuers* flouted every rule in the book .
they ought to put this up as a text book case of *how not to mount a rescue op*
the moment i heard about this, my tin foil hat began to buzz furiously, *

could this bloodbath be just a coincidence ?
but , looking at the overall situation in asia, where fukus is onspiring to *tie down china with swarming lilliputians*
spearheaded by a fully re-militarised n menacing japan
n the way chinese have been targeted for attacks wherever fukus is coveting some natural resources or strategic advantage,

i invoke theorom [2] n put this *fuck up* down to another case of manufacturing outrage, a false flag designed to aggravate an already tensed situation between the two rival claimants in scs ?

how did fukus pulled this off ?
firstly, we r talking about a seasoned crime syndicate with five centuries of experience in murder n decieit.
in practical terms, even tho phlippines had gained indepedence*

long ago, fukus never really *left*
it has been ruling via proxies ever since the days of marcos
over the yrs
washington has sponsored n nurtured vast numbers of local compradors n a pro fukus faction in the military/police ,an op like this could be whipped up in short order, no sweat.

Posted by: denk | Oct 10 2012 15:26 utc | 11

the *fukus in , chinese out* conspiracy continues......

if all else , the r2p, the false flags, the *terrarists attacks*, the imf, etc, fail to stop the yellow peril, simply declare the chinese persona non grata
voila, problem solved !!
do the engineers in ccp stand a chance against the shyter lawyers, banksters in the fukus junta ?

there aint no evidence on huawei, zte *security risk*
nein, nada , zilch, zero
this guy says that coz the aussies, canucks, gringos all share the same concern some how *prove* that huawei etc is *guilty until proven innocent* lol
isnt this the same *coalition of killing* which shared the same concern on iraq's *security risk*, doesnt he know that going to war together is always a big happy family affair for the anglophones ?

Posted by: denk | Oct 11 2012 4:12 utc | 12


* The NSA, in conjunction with local phone operators, sent anonymous text messages to the population. In areas populated by the Luo (Odinga’s ethnic group), they read "Dear Kenyans, the Kikuyu have stolen our children’s future... We must treat them in the only way that they understand... with violence." In areas populated by Kikuyu, they read: "The blood of any innocent Kikuyu will be paid. We will slaughter them right to the heart of the capital. For Justice, establish a list of Luos that you know. We will send you the phone numbers to call with such information." Within days, this peaceful country sank into sectarian violence. The riots caused over 1 000 deaths and 300 000 displaced. 500000 jobs were lost. *

up to 3m pki cadres, innocent peasants, ethnic chinese were slaughtered like scacrificial lambs, according to ex cia mccgehee, stockwell.


*Delve into the history of Indonesia where popular leader Sukarno was removed and a brutal dictatorship of Suharto was installed.

Both USAID and FORD Foundation played pernicious role and Mrs. Ann Dunham Soetoro, mother of the US President Barak Hussain Obama whose real name is Barry Soetoro and has travelled to South Asia [Pakistan] on an Indonesian passport with his mother, working as anthropologist for the CIA, handed over a complete list of every ethnic group that had even remotest communist leaning.

Ann Dunham, according to Wayne Madsen’s sources, was perhaps responsible for a quarter million to one million Indonesians slaughtered by Suharto in league with the CIA*

*Indonesia 1965-1968. There was an ongoing massacre of PKI party communists and suspected communists in Jakarta and across Java by the Indonesian Army and anti-communist Muslim student jihadists. There is no doubt that the U.S. had strategic and economic interests in the Indonesia controlled by Sukarno, and those interests had a bloody reprise.

Time magazine described it this way: “Communists, Red sympathizers and their families are being massacred by the thousands…Army units executed thousands after interrogation in remote jails. Armed with wide-blade knives called parangs, Moslem bands crept at night into the homes of Communists, killing entire families, burying the bodies in shallow graves. The murder campaign became so brazen in parts of rural East Java
that Moslem bands placed the heads of victims on poles and paraded them through villages….Travelers from these areas tell of small rivers and streams that have been literally clogged with bodies, river transportation has at places been seriously impeded.”

all in the family ?

Posted by: denk | Oct 17 2012 6:44 utc | 13

while we r on manufacturing outrage, how can we leave out the

*Soon these army and civilian cadres were together plotting disruptive activities, such as the Bandung anti-Chinese riots of May 1963, which embarrassed not just the PKI, but Sukarno himself. Chomsky and Herman report that "Army-inspired anti-Chinese programs that took place in West Java in 1959 were financed by U.S. contributions to the local army commander"; apparently CIA funds were used by the commander (Colonel Kosasih) to pay local thugs in what Mozingo calls "the army's (and probably the Americans') campaign to rupture relations with China."


*The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party - the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA's report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We're talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things. [1987 Lecture] THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell*

Posted by: denk | Oct 20 2012 3:46 utc | 14

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