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October 17, 2012

Qatar Provides More Than Money

Qatar funds major project to rebuild Gaza
Qatar on Tuesday launched a $254 million plan to rebuild and modernize Gaza, the biggest injection of reconstruction aid for the Palestinian enclave since parts of it were devastated in Operation Cast Lead nearly four years ago.

For first time, Palestinians in Gaza fire missile at IAF helicopter
A Strela (SA-7) anti-aircraft missile was fired at an Israeli helicopter over the Gaza Strip for the first time last week, the Israel Defense Forces has confirmed. Although the aircraft was not hit, the incident bears out intelligence assessments over the past few years that such missiles had reached the hands of terror groups in Gaza, principally Hamas.

Doha's Four Seasons Hotel Tea Lounge a painful exile for Syrians in Qatar
An assortment of opposition leaders and businessmen are passing through Doha, hoping to attract Qatar's arsenal of quickly-deployed cash and considerable diplomatic clout to their cause.
Qatar's prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, has denied reports that his country is providing weapons to the opposition in Syria - but few here doubt that his country is providing financial backing and non-lethal aid.

Heat-Seeking Missiles in Syria: The SA-7 in Action with Rebels
Throughout this year, as fighting intensified in Syria and antigovernment fighters grew in numbers and in strength, it had seemed inevitable that they would acquire heat-seeking shoulder-fired missiles and turn them against the Syrian military aircraft.
Two videos recently posted on YouTube suggest that what had been expected is now occurring.

Posted by b on October 17, 2012 at 4:53 UTC | Permalink


Not really suprising that the SA-7 Manpads have made there way from Libya to Gaza & Syria. However will be interesting to see how Qatar plays the balancing act of being a US ally while also taking over sponsorship of Hamas from the Resistance Axis. Obviously small little Qatar is playing its own game alot smarter than the reactionary Saudi regime.

Still don't know what the end-game is for Qatar. Why are they promoting MB interests? Surely a MB monopoly in the Middle East could eventually reach Qatars shores. Does Qatar think they will be able to control all these Brotherhood states in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, (potentially) Jordan, and the MB aligned Hamas.

At least with Saudi Arabia you know what they are playing at. The Wahhabi clerics are powerful in Saudi Arabia, so they are promoting Wahhabi interests over the entire Middle East. Simple to understand. Less known is why Qatars monarchy are promoting Anti-Monarch "political Islam" in the form of Muslim Brotherhood chapters. What is clear is that Qatar is probably the smartest and most ambitious of the GCC petro states.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Oct 17 2012 13:48 utc | 1

Colm, does Qatar really need a balancing act? Hamas has been trying to make itself palatable to Israel, the US and the EU for two years now, looking for a new sponsor. I suspect they're all happy to have Qatar be the new sponsor, allowing it to separate Hamas more firmly from Iran and Syria, while at the same time keeping their hands free to denounce and/or directly attack Hamas.

As for Qatar's endgame, I don't see it either. But I suspect there really isn't one. Qatar is aware of the dangerous currents washing the area, and is simply strengthening its position will all relevant players to ensure its own survival in the near term however events play out across the broader region.

Posted by: Bill | Oct 17 2012 14:37 utc | 2

Here a light article from business insider about Qatari investments.

And the BBC wonders why it invests so much in education:

It has money to burn, and it follows the ‘modern path’ - sports, infrastructure, image, edu, etc.; growth, development, adhering 100% to W values. Plus investments in anything at all that can be seen as valuable, interesting, or profitable.

It has also invested Euro 50 million into F’s poor suburbs.

Invests heavily in Europe, below is from the Telegraph.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 17 2012 15:24 utc | 3

Palestinians in Gaza fire missile at IAF helicopter
sounds like a game-changer to me (together with the assault at Benghazi), as far as arming "freedom loving rebels" allo over the ME is concerned

Posted by: claudio | Oct 17 2012 20:45 utc | 4

Speaking of Qatar, Benghazi, ad nauseum...!

A Fact Check on our Failed Foreign Policy...

Posted by: CTuttle | Oct 18 2012 4:10 utc | 5

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