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September 10, 2012

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latest from penny...

Posted by: ben | Sep 10 2012 18:48 utc | 1

Surprise! The US generals in Afghanistan don't have a clue.

Aug 23, 2012
Gen. John R. Allen, Commander, International Security Assistance Force - "We've achieved this success while continuing to move the Afghan national security forces into the lead. Partnered operations have increasingly been led by Afghan forces. And the insurgency is today confronted by a rapidly transforming and increasingly capable ANSF, which is bearing a larger share of the burden and a larger share of the sacrifice."

Sep 5, 2012
Lt. Gen. James L. Terry, Commander, ISAF Joint Command/Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Forces -- Afghanistan, and Commanding General, U.S. Army V Corps - "There has been tremendous progress since my first tour in 2006, specifically in the Afghan national security forces. Back then they were barely 132,000 strong. The ANSF are now approaching 352,000, and more importantly they are growing more capable every day. Now, with tranche three, the Afghan National Security Forces are now in the lead of security in districts covering about 75 percent of the population of Afghanistan."

Sep 10, 2012
U.S. Inspector Slams Afghan Army Fuel Program - A U.S. government report has suggested that a $1.1 billion program to provide fuel to the Afghan National Army is in need of "immediate attention." The report comes just four months before control of the program is to be handed over to the Afghan government. Released on September 10 by Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction John Sopko, the report says there is no evidence that the fuel provided under the program has been used for military purposes. It says it is impossible to tell how much fuel might have been lost, stolen, or handed over to the Afghan insurgency. The report says records covering $475 million in fuel payments were deliberately shredded over a four-year period.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 10 2012 18:55 utc | 2

Chris Hedge's latest...Not a pretty picture.

Posted by: ben | Sep 10 2012 19:01 utc | 3

@ DB #2; "Surprise! The US generals in Afghanistan don't have a clue."

Not a problem, we'll just gut our social programs to pay for the debacles.

Posted by: ben | Sep 10 2012 19:06 utc | 4

Back when there was some sense of responsibility - March 1, 1941 - The Truman Committee

No senator ever gained greater political benefits from chairing a special investigating committee than did Missouri's Harry S. Truman.

In 1940, as World War II tightened its grip on Europe, Congress prepared for eventual U.S. involvement by appropriating $10 billion in defense contracts. Early in 1941, stories of widespread contractor mismanagement reached Senator Truman. In typical fashion, he decided to go take a look. During his 10,000-mile tour of military bases, he discovered that contractors were being paid a fixed profit no matter how inefficient their operations proved to be. He also found that a handful of corporations headquartered in the East were receiving a disproportionately greater share of the contracts.

Convinced that waste and corruption were strangling the nation's efforts to mobilize itself for the war in Europe, Truman conceived the idea for a special Senate Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program. During the three years of Truman's chairmanship, the committee held hundreds of hearings, traveled thousands of miles to conduct field inspections, and saved millions of dollars in cost overruns. Earning nearly universal respect for his thoroughness and determination, Truman erased his earlier public image as an errand-runner for Kansas City politicos. Along the way, he developed working experience with business, labor, agriculture, and executive branch agencies that would serve him well in later years. In 1944, when Democratic party leaders sought a replacement for controversial Vice President Henry Wallace, they settled on Truman, thereby setting his course directly to the White House.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 10 2012 19:18 utc | 5

re DB 2

I always love the arguments produced by generals, when they're about to be forced to withdraw, and effectively defeated.

I see today that the US is withdrawing from Bagram, but of course special prisoners will be retained, and US occupation will continue where it's necessary.

True that the US doesn't have a specific agreement with Afghanistan, as it did in Iraq, for a complete withdrawal at a fixed date. But is it really going to be different? Once the US withdraws to specific points, who is going to protect Karzai? Karzai murdered, we are back to Afghanistan like it would have been without the US.

Posted by: alexno | Sep 10 2012 19:29 utc | 6

re DB 5

I quite agree that back in the 1940s Harry Truman did well. The flip given by the Second World War led to the greatest period of prosperity the world has ever seen.

However today, all production is exported to China and other less costly countries. The company owners profit, but not the people. It is true that the US doesn't suffer so much from this problem, as it is a country of enormous resources, but Europe does. Europe is going to go down - not the European Union, but including Britain and the other non-EU members - until a solution is found.

Posted by: alexno | Sep 10 2012 19:54 utc | 7

Don, I'm unsure what your point is? Sure a Truman Committee to look into Defence appropriations would be fun, but Truman himself was a disaster as President, thanks in large part to his allowing Acheson et al to run wild. The Cold War began under him. Would it have done so under Wallace? Much less likely.

That is one problem with the sudden fame Committee chairmen (McCarthy, Kefauver) earn. But the other problem was FDR: snatching defeat (and eternal war) from the jaws of victory (and a Treaty with the USSR.

Then, of course there was Hiroshima, which was also about Truman's aggressiveness towards the USSR.

Posted by: bevin | Sep 10 2012 20:04 utc | 8

@bevin - I don't get it - what's your grudge with FDR?

Posted by: claudio | Sep 10 2012 20:35 utc | 9

My point is that "in the good old days" there were people in congress who sometimes gave a damn about important matters, and now there aren't. A member of congress investigating Pentagon contracts these days, when the corruption (e.g. no-bid sweetheart contracts and military mismanagement) is probably at its highest, is unfortunately unimaginable.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 10 2012 21:01 utc | 10

Claudio: FDR gave into the right and dumped Wallace, replacing him with Truman a Senator with very dubious ties to Boss Pendergast in KC. Wallace ran for President in '48, backed by the left and talking about the need for Peace. Truman inaugurated a long war against poor people, around the world, which is still going on.

Don: In that case I agree with you, (I genuinely, being inclined to idiocy, did not understand your point). In both houses there were Giants, both liberal and conservative: today, as votes re Israel demonstrate graphically, the only large things about these Senators and Representatives (with a very few exceptions) are their appetites and their vanity.
alexno: badly as Europe suffers, the ordinary American suffers more. Half of the many millions unemployed receive no benefits. What Europe should fear is the "americanisation" of its social services, education, law courts and culture. Things in the USA are in a very bad way, economically.

Posted by: bevin | Sep 10 2012 22:49 utc | 11

Don't forget medical care. Some people need it but can't get it.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 10 2012 23:47 utc | 12

@alexno If you could explain how wartime regulations and rationing, the production of tanks, warplanes and ships, bombs and the export of such to the enemy to destroy their factories, transport routes and homes spurred the post war boom?

Posted by: heathroi | Sep 11 2012 0:23 utc | 13

Rebuilding their factories, transport routes and homes spurred the post war boom.

Posted by: Alexander | Sep 11 2012 2:16 utc | 14

My latest effort... Israel Could Send Iran ‘Back to the Stone Age’...

Posted by: CTuttle | Sep 11 2012 2:52 utc | 15

u dont need to be a fry on pentagons wall
u dont need no stinking wiki *leaks* bs....they have nothing
to offer in the first place, nein, nada, zilch, zero

all u need to understand the mess in our world even if u r a newbie
are these 2 golden rules
1] fukusi is always lying
2] fukusi is behind every conflict in the world

like i said recently on ich n elsewhere
the moment i heard about the *persecution of muslims*
in myanmar, i instinctly screamed *fukusi*
but then what the hell is this rohingya groups ?
i doubt anyone here has any inkling coz neither do i !!!
now we have the story behind the headlines
rule [2] never fails, see ?

Posted by: denk | Sep 11 2012 2:59 utc | 16

this is the correct link

Posted by: denk | Sep 11 2012 3:04 utc | 17

no14, sounds good, however before anyone concludes that war is good for the economy, let's mention that some people in war, if not most, lose everything including their life or the life of loved ones.
I am not sure, starting from zero should be called a boom.
There was also an immense need for a workforce after WW2, as one generation had been largely wiped out, so for a long time economies worked with zero unemployment.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 11 2012 5:35 utc | 18

Also a much greater degree of social equality came out of the Second World War. After the war, we were all more or less 'in it together'. The social welfare developments which took place at least in Europe.

Today when the 1% have gone back to robbing the 99%, there's no wau society can advance. We're going back to past centuries

Posted by: alexno | Sep 11 2012 9:14 utc | 19

a rare comment in the MSM:
i recall when any association with alqaeda resulted in invasion murder incarceration

Posted by: brian | Sep 11 2012 12:09 utc | 20

*In my short search I also found the website Moon of Alabama.(15) On that site a detailed exposure appeared when the US Government distributed satellite photos claiming to show military shelling of the city of Homs. Moon of Alabama looked at Google Maps and Google Earth satellite photos to demonstrate for example that some of the satellite photos were of a Syrian military training base not of shelling of the city of Homs.*

Posted by: denk | Sep 11 2012 16:04 utc | 21

thanks for the link denk. not sure if you ever saw or read b's debunking Pictures From the CIA "Syrian Reactor" Show. the new yorker has a new article up rehash of this fabrication. i'm blocked from their version but read about it here.

anyway, always good to see b get recognized for his sleuthing.

Posted by: annie | Sep 11 2012 18:50 utc | 22

Comments on Chris Hedges piece # no 3. which is really just quoting Heinberg.

All the growth - patchy, yet controlled, as it was - post ww2 was created by more, better, exploitation of fossil fuels.

A kinda ‘democratic’ air and blind trust in human ingenuity aka extractive technology coupled with a belief in loopy slogan-like economics, helped it all along, spurring the ‘peace and love’ counter-culture hoopla of the late 60’s, some form of official de-colonialization, focus on human rights (women, minorities, children, etc.) and all kinds of ‘new’ industries, incl. communications and robots.

Inevitably, trivilalizing politics in favor of those who extract, manage, and produce (e.g. Exxon, Glencore, Pfizer, Mattel, Victoria’s Secret, from big to small), the purveyors of modernity and riches. Sharing, distribution, management, community decisions by Gvmts. and the pundits were gradually not only left by the wayside but attacked and derided, emasculated and today pretty much cancelled.

A perpetual paradisical jamboree - leading to huge surge in the tangible, housing, transport, agri and food (green revol), consumer goods production (e.g. plastics) and ...Population. All of whom want a piece of the shrinking pie.

The hard headed were not fooled, and read the Club of Rome report, Limits to Growth, early 1970s.

One of Heinberg’s books is titled, The Party’s Over.

The reaction of the hard headed is not difficult to read.

The appeal to ‘localism’ in this article is one many make (myself included.) The aim is merely to make ppl face what they are up against and get them talking to their neighbors and loving, organizing with them, which will ease the pain, make it more acceptable. It offers hope and self-determination. Under the hypothesis of a peaceful landscape where one can ‘afford’ that.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 11 2012 19:31 utc | 23

in German - ARD it started with a lie - Kosovo as the new model of NATO wars

Posted by: somebody | Sep 11 2012 21:07 utc | 24

Basketball co-captains to withdraw from Harvard after being caught in cheating scandal.

Don’t feel sorry for these guys. Their demonstrated propensity for fraud will help them land a lucrative position at JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

Posted by: Seekonk | Sep 11 2012 22:10 utc | 25

tku annie 22
i think i missed that article about the syrian reactor

moa stands out for excellent research
no frills format, meaning minimum load time
also b doesnt ban anyone for life , thats very nice

if i remember correctly
its this expose' that brought me to moa

Posted by: denk | Sep 12 2012 4:33 utc | 26

A bit more from Chris Hedges, a short video..

Posted by: ben | Sep 12 2012 6:16 utc | 27

iranian TV fantasy film about jews with English subtitles

Posted by: hans | Sep 12 2012 18:43 utc | 28

just happened to see this here:

Compare this to the alleged shooting of protesters in Syria at the beginning of the syrian "uprising". OK I guess, most of you know about how propagandistic our news coverage is. But this is a fine example.
75 confirmed killings and it's not even worth an additional line, while "unconfirmed rumors say that..." makes the headlines for weeks.

Posted by: peter radiator | Sep 14 2012 8:29 utc | 29

'they hate us for our freedom'
Anonymous Operations ‏@Anon_Central
Meanwhile in the #UK, if you write "all soldiers should die and go to hell" on your #facebook, you will go to jail |
Retweeted by Linda Juniper
british soldiers are free to kill in afghanistan

Posted by: brian | Sep 15 2012 13:09 utc | 30

why do they hate us

"The predictable US reaction of letting loose missiles and bombs galore on one of the world´s poorest countries, already bombed, raped and looted beyond human understanding, is the answer to the terrorists wildest prayers as it will undoubtly be a great help in recruiting more fanatical youths for their future fight against “The great Satan” as they call USA"

yet post 911, the yanks got its foot in all the *stans* around china under the cover of gwot, china's frontyard become uncle sham's backyard overnite.
thats when a series of mysterious "terrarists" attacks against chinese started to occur, inexplicably, china seemed to have become the target of the *jihadists*, china became the new "great satan" , all the while when the *original article * was busy bombing and strafing at "terrarists" in af-pak and beyond

this is just the tip of the iceberg.....

Four Chinese killed in Kazakhstan

21 Killed Before Chinese Bus Burnt Down in Kyrgyzstan

China consul killed in Kyrgyzstan
*This is not the first time Chinese officials have been attacked in
Two businessmen died and another was wounded in May 2000, when
gunmen opened fire on their car in Bishkek*

turns out that kyrgyztan [jeeze, how do u pronounce that ?] is a major base for the etim fighters, whose hq is based in.....u guess it, washington
*Its president Enver Yusuf Turani, who is an American citizen, has
become the new Prime Minister of this virtual state and is conducting sporadic guerilla actions and terrorist attacks in Xinjiang and other parts of China. In the weeks leading up to the Beijing Olympics of August 2008, ETIM announced a series of attacks on high-profile Chinese targets and as it turns out, a US supplied and manned arms and munitions depot was located in Kyrgyzstan, not far from the border with Chinese Xinjiang, by Kyrgyz security forces on tips reportedly provided by the Chinese authorities*

n how could we leave out the ubiquitous ned[emocrazy] ?
in kyrgyz.....
*China is a more direct target of the NED. Reports have confirmed the
identification, looting and arson of Chinese and Turkish properties in Bishkek on the evening the "Tulip" revolution" took to the streets and drove out Akayev.

This should not come as a surprise. The NED has promoted the anti-
Beijing Uighur rebels' cause for a long time. They hold regular meetings with the Uighur American Association in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

The doyen of the Uighurs is one Rebiya Kadeer, who was released from
a Chinese prison just prior to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's trip to Beijing in March*

meanwhile in afghan...
taliban vehemently denied killing 12 chinese workers in their sleep,
their bodies pumped full of bullets from automatic rifles.
""Taliban are not involved in the murdering of Chinese workers as they were not working for the American goals or UN," Mullah Abdul Latif Hakimi said.

but when a chinese lady was murdered in pak
the local taliban, ttb, proudly claimed responsibility !
they were ostensibly retaliating for the *brutal killing* of uighurs in china
there' was *brutal killing* alright
except the victims are hans n huis, not uighurs

two comments are interesting
1 [akhtar] What happened to the 1000′s of Uighur Muslims killed by the Chinese?

2 [lashari baloch] afghan talibans are real taliban ..these TTP are made by CIA .hate them!!!

[1] has never been substantiated, its typical bs in the fukus msm
ala *genocide in tibet*, *brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters in
lhasa* ec etc

[2] is practically open secret by now
* Very interestingly Balochistan Legal fund (BLF) has address originating from Washington DC. The ban on jihadi organizations and their assets freezing is common international phenomena but such support originating from Washington?*

"Mehsud was anti-American. Or was he? We haven’t seen him target any
high or low profile American assets since the famous 2004 kidnappings.

But he has single handedly done what others failed to do: he effectively scuttled Chinese help in a major Pakistani development project"
*turf battle* ?
more like a onesided terrorist attack by fukus

more chinese massacred in ethiopia
[hmmm, another *insurgency* with hq in LONDON
sounds familiar ?]

another attack on chinese -- in algeria
[note this was before the xinjiang caper]

Brutal Mekong River Attack, Myitsone Dam Strain China-Myanmar
another hit in the *chinese out, fukus in* conspiracy ?
nobel peace laureate aung san knows which side of her bread is
*Suu Kyi made her public remarks warning against investment with
Chinese firms while supporting dealing with Western oil companies such as Chevron and Total+

elsewhere, chinese brutally slained in angola, congo .......
the terror is on going , coming fast n furious

fukus new mantra
*if u cant beat them, kill them* !
listen up u chinks
its open season
u cant hide
u cant run
we'r gonna get u wherever u are*

Posted by: denk | Sep 17 2012 16:01 utc | 31

Sorry if this has been posted, but here is an example of how the Powers That Be get their propaganda out to the public in the US. I bet this spills over the borders as well.

On Sunday's This Week talk show, ABC reporter Brian Ross said that Iran could have nuclear bombs ready in 4-6 weeks.

Earth to Ross -- You better have a very good source for that because it seems to fly in the face of all known facts. (Ross is considered one of the Very Serious People in DC.)

Posted by: jawbone | Sep 17 2012 20:28 utc | 32

Remember WMD's? The fictitious threat of WMD's drove the Iraq fiasco. They can't repeat that one, but they can change to nuclear weapons and hope that people fall for it again. But Iran isn't Iraq. These guys are bigger and stronger The US generals and admirals know that. Iran can sink ships, and more. So there will be some sailing around and war games but the probability of anything worse is low.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 17 2012 20:49 utc | 33

This pathetic piece of shit might well become our President.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Already scrambling to steady a struggling campaign, Republican Mitt Romney confronted a new headache Monday after a video surfaced showing him telling wealthy donors that almost half of all Americans "believe they are victims" entitled to extensive government support. He added that as a candidate for the White House, "my job is not to worry about those people."

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Sep 18 2012 3:06 utc | 34

POA @ 34-- What's interesting or amazing it that Romney is doubling down on saying the non-Federal income tax payers are lost to him, but that's only because he's big of cutting taxes.

Except 17% of them are Social Security recipients,and it seems to be part of his strategy to woo them, saying Obama will be worse for SocSec and Medicare than Romney/Ryan.

Plus, as a consummate sales person/huckster, he can say absolutely anything with total sincerity in order to make his sale and his profits.

Posted by: jawbone | Sep 18 2012 21:35 utc | 35

Reidar Visser of has changed his focus to «How the Norwegian Government Brought an End to My Iraq Research»
Link to Reidar Vissar

Posted by: Karin | Sep 19 2012 14:41 utc | 36

Tip of the hat to Karin?

Posted by: juannie | Sep 19 2012 20:00 utc | 37

Oops! The above should have been on the "Reidar Visser Changes His Field" thread. I cross posted over there.

Posted by: juannie | Sep 19 2012 20:04 utc | 38

on previous reading , i didnt pay much attention to this part,
*Remnants of the ousted Taliban regime have accepted responsibility for many incidents, saying they would target any individual or agency working for the interest of Americans in the post-Taliban central Asian state.

The Taliban militants openly claimed responsibility for the killing of UN Refugees Agency (UNHCR) staff, the French lady Bettina Goislard in last November in Ghazni and later on in February for the shooting down of US firm Louis Berger's chopper in Kandahar*

on re-reading,
the name unhcr leaps out,
isnt the same unhcr running a human trafficking racket with the amerikan embassy in nepal ?
they lured unsuspecting peasenats across the border, via traffickers who exacted a hefty fee from the poor sods, promising them a pot of gold in he land of the *free* , amerika.
then fukus put them in indoctrination camps [like how to tell sop stories to the press], guerilla training camps , to use as canon fodder in their demonisation campaign n covert , overt op against china.

by now we also know that the un high commision of hr has been in the
vanguard of fukus attacks on liyba, syria. etc
fact is, navi pillay was the first to propose a nfz in libya
why'd the talibans slain a un staff knowing that it'd give them a bad name ?
may be the afghans knew something when they *eliminated* the unhcr
staff, could it be that she was caught redhanded *working for the interest of Amerikans *, like transmitting a beacon for the fukus warplanes to lock in ?

btw im adding a corrollary to my two golden rules ,
2]* assuming the worse of fukus give u a tremendous predicting power !
[courtesy assasination press]

i posted the following many times before
now the link is dead
the site seems to be kaput
moral of the story, if u read any article on the net that u want to archive
make sure u keep a copy addition to the link
google no longer provide cached pages
23/11/06 - 29/11/06

Tibetan refugees enjoy "loktantra"


After formation of the SPA government, again the Tibetan refugees have

become active.

The refugees, with the support of some Western countries, have been
carrying out free-Tibet activities in Nepal, basically during the multiparty rule. However, the governments formed by the King under the Article 127 curtailed Tibetan refugees' activities here. The Dalai Lama's office "Gaden Khangsar" at Lajimpat was closed down by the government as that was operating illegally, said a Tibetan national residing in Baudha.

The government, in 2005, closed down the office saying the office was
operating without any registration in the government. In fact, the
government, had taken this decision with the view of checking the free-Tibet activities being carried out by the office. However, it is learnt that the office is still running unofficially and currently, Nudup Dorje is the chairperson of the Tibetan office here. Recently, as the Dalai Lama has appointed Nudup as the ambassador to Canada, he has tendered his resignation as the chief in the Nepal office.

Gaden Khangsar is involved in trafficking Tibetans to Nepal and sending them to foreign countries.

Nepalese soil has been utilizes by the Tibetans to traffic innocent
Tibetans from Tibet to India and also Western countries. Officials
assigned by the Dalai Lama stationed in Kathmandu are trafficking the
Tibetans to Nepal by promising them that they will send them to the
United States and European countries. They have also be promised that
they will earn huge amounts of money. Some western countries have
supported this project with the intention of defaming China on human
rights violation.
The Dalai Lama's officials in Kathmandu have developed

a network for trafficking Tibetans from Tibet to Nepal. Under this
network, Nepalese police and Home Ministry officials are also involved as Dalai Lama's agents provide attractive amounts of money to them. It is believed, high-level officials in the Home Ministry and Immigration Department are also making money while providing illegal Tibetan immigrants refugee status.

After the establishment of "loktantra" in Nepal, the activities of the Tibetans have increased again. When the US senators visited Nepal, the Tibetan refugee leaders held a meeting with them in Kathmandu. At that time, as the Tibetan refugee leaders had complained about the closure of Dalai Lama's office, the US senators had suggested that they should run a federation by including other Buddhist organizations. The US senators had also held a meeting with Sittal Niwas officials and out pressure on the Nepalese to provide travel documents to the refugees and allow them to run the Dalai Lama's office. At that time, the government formed under the Article 127 didn't agree to the US senators' advice to run Dalai Lama's office here. At present, the Tibetan refugee leaders have already applied for a federation as per the advice of the US senators. As per the application, the organisation named Nepal Buddhist Federation, located at Baudha 6, will get registration as the Home Ministry has already given a "no objection" letter to the Kathmandu District Office, it is learnt. Earlier, the Tibetan leaders had applied for registration of "Tibetan Welfare Centre", but the Kathmandu District Office had asked them to change the name as Bhot Welfare Office.

Besides, the Tibetan Reception Centre at Soyambhu is actively functioning while sending Tibetan refugees to the US and some
European countries.

That apart, the Tibetan Office situated near the Nabil Bank at Baudha, is also actively functioning as an office of the Dalai Lama.
Tibetan leaders have planed to develop Baudha area as a mini-Tibet,
and different programmes, including settlement of the Tibetans, have
been developed by the Tibetan leaders, a highly placed source

It is learnt that the Shital Niwas is holding frequent discussions with some Western diplomats for granting travel documents to the Tibetan refugees in spite of the Chinese opposition.

Posted by: denk | Sep 20 2012 4:55 utc | 39
Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. (unregistered) September 19, 2012, 16:25 quote
.'It is certainly no secret that USAID is one of the two chief open spy agencies operated by the US Government world wide and it always has been (the other being NED or the National Endowment for Democracy.) There are three things one might consider at this point to understand why these traditional US mechanisms for influencing Russia are not going to work any longer.First of all the US ruling oligarchy has inherent structural ideological problems which make it unlikely that they can react in their own best interest in the near future. These are (a) the long tradition of anti-intellectualism that dominates the thinking of the ruling families based on the long sufficient use of brute force to resolve the problems encountered as their predecessors spread their rule over North America itself and then on the fortuitous way in which both World Wars I and II played out which reinforced the idea that might makes right and thinking is a form of weakness. –And, (b) the concomitant failure to prepare a caste of intellectuals prepared to deal with the real world in a real way and instead to have what amounts to ‘affirmative action’ Ph.D.’s and outright academic self-aggrandizing toadies placed in command of policy. There are people in the US who know what is going on but they are on the Marxist Left or are otherwise outcasts (e.g., Max Keiser).Second, the US ruling oligarchy is confronted with structural economic problems its Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum political structure has proven it is incapable of handling. The result has been to fall back on anything which will divert public attention from the coming internal crisis by such things as starting wars (e.g., John McCain is willing to go anywhere anytime to start a war –South America, Georgia, Syria) or compelling disorder in foreign lands such as the Arab World in particular and the Islamic World in general.Third, US ruling family hegemony over other ruling class regimes in the so-called First World, not to mention the Third World, is falling apart and cannot be maintained much longer as their traditional foreign class allies are deserting them because of their proven economic failures in their monetization of the global economy. Thus the US ruling families and their eunuchoid bureaucracy have been forced to rely increasingly on the fascist elements in these countries to try and maintain that hegemony.'

Posted by: brian | Sep 20 2012 7:58 utc | 40

like i say,
the moment i heard of muslim problems in rohingya, myanmar
i apply theorom
[2] fukus is behind the conflict


*July 2012 authorities in Rakhine State arrested two UN Employees. Although the reason for their arrest was kept as quiet as possible by both the United Nations and the government of Myanmar to avoid a diplomatic scandal, it is a well established fact that the UNHCR and the WFP employees were working as intelligence agents for a foreign nation and that both were directly involved in the manufacturing and aggravation of the so-called ethnic clashes.

On 27 August 2012 both were sentenced by a court in Maungdaw, Myanmar. The United Nations insists that the two are treated in accordance with all applicable international conventions and immunities they may be entitled too.

Immunity however, is not applicable when UN-Staff has abused the privileges that are granted to the United Nations for espionage and the subversion of a nations territorial sovereignty*

god damned fukus = fuck uk + us
wasnt the wmd inspection team in iraq infested with fukus spooks, they were given the privilege to roam free in iraq to carry out their dirty works, like marking targets for bombing ?

Posted by: denk | Sep 20 2012 10:16 utc | 41

@brian #40 - the analysis you cite is interesting, but I'm not sure about point (c):

Third, US ruling family hegemony over other ruling class regimes in the so-called First World, not to mention the Third World, is falling apart and cannot be maintained much longer as their traditional foreign class allies are deserting them because of their proven economic failures in their monetization of the global economy. Thus the US ruling families and their eunuchoid bureaucracy have been forced to rely increasingly on the fascist elements in these countries to try and maintain that hegemony.'

my impression is that "other ruling class regimes" are solidly bound to Us hegemony, because it gives them chances at looting and leverage over their own working classes; they are increasingly uneasy as disaster looms (presently, for example at the periphery of the Eurozone), but still far from challenging the main assumptions of the worldview that has served them so well far

fascists elements are rising here and there against globalization, in an attempt to free themselves from international servitude, but maintaining the workers' submission outside of the current inetrnational framework is too risky a bet for the ruling classes at this stage

Posted by: claudio | Sep 20 2012 12:52 utc | 42

Hello all.

Came across a decent essay/book shill on Counterpunch today, nice to see some realism and a few good links. Morris Berman quotes Naomi Klein on what is wrong with capitalism, good historical perspective.

... In Why America Failed I lay out, unsurprisingly enough, the reasons for why America failed, and I say that it was primarily because throughout our history we marginalized or ignored the voices that argued against the dominant culture, which is based on hustling, aggrandizement, and economic and technological expansion. This alternative tradition can be traced from John Smith in 1616 to Jimmy Carter in 1979, and included folks such as Emerson, Thoreau, Lewis Mumford, Jane Jacobs, Vance Packard, and John Kenneth Galbraith, among many others. In England it is particularly associated with John Ruskin and William Morris ...

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the worker left their families behind to make a living in afghan, they heard that the pay was good, they figured they would be able to earn enough after five yrs or so, went home , may be even built a new house.
they arrived in aghan at night, just before bed time, they soon tuged in to prepare for a hard day's work next morning.....except they wouldnt be able to see the next sunlight !
in the middle of the night, a truck pulled up in front of the camp, dozens of gun men with ak47 assault rifles bursted out n charged into the camp.
the killers sprayed bullets on the sleeping workers, who died in violent convulsions..................

the air was thick with sorrow.
the tiny hut was packed full with family members, relatives, neighbours
the widow n the mother of the deceased was sobbing uncontrollably,
they had been unconsolable ever since the news was broken to them.
the three toddlers watched the emotive outburst innocently,
the women kept asking, *why'd they do this to us ?*
all across china, people have been asking the same question


yes, why'd central asia, sea, africa, in short, wherever the chinese work, become their killing fields, why'd the jihadists go after the chinese while its the great satan who;s bombing the hell out of their countries ?

at that stage, i havent formulated the two famous theoroms
but even then, i had a inkling what's going on.
it's open secret who's behind tam , tibet riots, xinjiang massacre [for the newbies, i mean massacre of the hans]

now we have the proof
this is fukus new mantra
*if u cant beat them, kill them

its no longer secret
they even spelt it out in many thesis churned out of their myriad think tanks.
the common theme, *chinese out, fukus in*

*This would interrupt Pakistan’s use of this resource rich, strategically located province, prevent Iran from sending a pipeline to India, as well as eject the Chinese from the region*

+the US is poised to employ a scorched-earth policy by creating dangerous war-like conditions in the Congo, prompting the mass exodus of Chinese investors. Similarly to the Libyan conflict, the Chinese returned after the fall of Gaddafi to find a proxy government only willing to do business with the western nations who helped it into power+

+China's Xinhua news agency said three Chinese workers were among
those killed and several others had been injured, some seriously+

*The case in Burma, for those in power in the West, is very simple: the Chinese out and the inhuman fukus regime in!*
this is the first author i came across who calls a spade a spade.
fukus *regime*, fukus *junta* , lol
whereas most progressive writers are still following the msm dictat n
talking about the us *admin*, the chinese *regime* [sic]
[if im not mistaken, this author is already rip, progressive writers seems to be dying like flies may be we should do post mortem autopsy on these folks]

at this writing
the fukus junta is busy instigating proxy wars in scs n ecs

whats the engineers in beijing admin to deal with the seasoned mafiasos in the fukus junta ?

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why do the jihadists only go after amerika ?
while china is given a free pass
its so unfair woohoohoo

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*this is just the tip of an iceberg*
may be we shall dig a bit deeper now into fukusi shenanigans in south asia ?

how many are aware that the centuries old nepal monarchy had been ousted by a *maoists insurgency* backed by , now take a deep breath.........fukusi !
u heard it right, a fukusi sponsored maoist movement !

wasnt it deng xiao ping who said *it doesnt matter if its a white cat or black cat, as long as it catches mice its a good cat * ?
well looks like fukusi has been the most astute practitioner of deng's mantra !

india branded the nepalese maoist *terrarists* even b4 the nepalese governent designated them as such, yet its india which harboured the nepalese maoists , while *assisting* the
nepalese army to fight these *terrorists* at the same time !
n now it has executed a regime change in nepal , replacing the centuries old monarch with its protege
cia/mi6 would be proud of such a feat
no wonder fukusi[ndia] is such a congenial pair

this is a plea from a nepalese back in 2005 for fukusi to leave his motherland alone
*The Western countries, under the overt leadership of the United Kingdom, for whose imperial interests thousands of Nepalese laid down their lives during the two World Wars, have all pursued a Nepal-bashing policy only to oblige the Indian hegemony. It is a
sheer double-crossing by Britain, which does not want to antagonize its former colony by looking at Nepal's current problems from an independent perspective. The recent
revelation that Nepal's top Maoists had been escorted from their hideout by India's intelligence agents [to help] them to meet Indian communists should have embarrassed these Western countries, [fukus embarrassed ? that'll be the day !] including the
US. To put it in the most conservative terms, such behavior is nothing but diplomatic perfidy. Nepal's displeasure reportedly conveyed to the Indian and British envoys through a demarche a few days back by the foreign secretary was in fact long overdue.
These countries ought to forsake their colonial hangover and desist from carving out the template of Nepal's political destiny in a foreign [capital]. My thanks are due Adhikary for his fearless writing.
Ratna Bahadur Rai
Kathmandu, Nepal (May 31, '05) atimes

unfortunately, appealing to fukusi to stop screwing around is like asking dracula to desist from sucking blood !
a leopard never change its spots
once a genocidist, always a genocidist
once an imperialist, always an imperialist
[quiz] why is japan picking a fight with china right now ?

another chinese ally bites the dust
do the engineers in ccp stand a chance against the shysters lawyers, bankers in the fukus junta ?

as at this writing
the maoists are still on amerika's official *terrarists list* [sic]
but it wouldnt be the first time fukusi using state dept designated
*terrarists* to do its dirty work innit, ala the kla in kosovo, the mek in iran, the aq in libya, syria ?

meanwhile, india has been mounting an all out war on its very own *maoists terrarists* ,
fully backed by fukus drones, satellites n *advisors* !!

fukusi = fuck uk [cradle of the democrazy] + us [world's oldest democrazy] + india [world's largest democrazy]
what an awesome combination ?
a partnership made in heaven...or hell, depending on ur perspective !

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this site
has been a treasure trove of fukusi skulldugeries in south asia
recently all my archived links from that site went dead
now the site itself is kaput
not that im surprised
i had seen this coming , watching the taking over of nepal by fukusi over the past five yrs
i had wondered how long would this site last
it didnt take long, u've gotta give credit where its due, fukusi is a fast worker if nothing else

this nepalese had seen it coming way back in 2005
*I will all ways love Nepal and have many fond memories of my youth there and I am ashamed of what is obviously my own country’s hand in this murderous affair in the land of Lord Buddha. American foreign policy has ruined Nepal. The thought of B 52s based in the land of temples makes me shudder.

This is how we create Osamas; this is how we create terrorism; this is how we create hatred for America. Say what you must against Birendra, the Nepali people loved their King and Queen and when they come to know the truth they will hate us for our part in this tragedy*

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doesnt assange knows that un is in amerika's pocket ?

so u think u have been doing the chinese a favor by calling for a revolution there ?

*Hello, we are Anonymous.
All these years the Chinese Government has subjected their people to unfair laws and unhealthy processes.
People, each of you suffers from tyranny of that regime.
Fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for democracy!
In the defaces and [WIKI]leaks in this day, we demonstrate our revolt to the Chinese system. It has to stop! We aren’t asking you for nothing, just saying to protest, to revolt yourself, to be the free person you always want to be! So, we are writing this
message to tell you that you should protest, you should revolt yourself protesting and who has the skills for hacking and programming and design and other “computer things” come to
our IRC: channel: #GlobalRevolution *

thats very nice of u
now how about doing the WORLD a favor ?
we need to be saved from the amerikan junta
we are tired of all these bombs n bushits
we need a revolution in the land of the zombies

stop whinning about ur *persecution*
raise the zombies from their slumper
rid them of the junta
u r the only one who can do it
save the world n ur problem solved

what r u waiting for ?

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fukus, landdestroyer

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we all know that the amerikan military can never have enough *toys* to play with, right ?
but when even the admirals cried stop, what happen ?

*we cannot afford this, we r broke !*

*stop whinning ,
u give me a war, i'd provide u the money*

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I believe that the atrocities and barbarism of the international drama will continue unabated until the age of Empires are rendered obsolete by the non necessity of ongoing resource exploitation.

I recognize a complete reversal of the direction of the last century where roles have been switched and the most barbarous have become the most enlightened and vice versa.

Thank you, the German people, for your more enlightened efforts:

German Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Falls While Renewable Generation Rises

October 3, 2012

By Paul Gipe

German use of coal to generate electricity has declined steadily from 1990 to 2011, according to readily available statistics on the German electricity system. The percentage of coal-fired electricity in German electricity generation has fallen from 56.7% in 1990 to 43.5% last year--a decrease of more than 10% despite a increase in total electricity generation during the same period of about 10%. At the same time the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix has increased from 3.6% to 19.9%, mostly due to the rapid development of wind energy and biomass.

It's necessary to make this statement short and succinct because, if anyone has missed it, there's a presidential election campaign in full swing here in the USA. And with it is a full-on, no-holds-barred propaganda war against renewables.
German renewable generation now exceeds generation from hard coal and generation from nuclear.

(Some interesting graphs at this link,

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