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September 28, 2012


This guy seems to be a bit crazy.

And look, he has a big ACME bomb.

He claims to be 90% ready to launch it.

On a more serious note. Netanyahoo says that Iran has to prevented from gaining nuclear capability, which it already has, because it would act irrational and bomb Israel. Then he comes up with some incomprehensible red line which, he says, Iran would respect, because it would act rationally.

The red line Netanyahoo drew is beyond the 90% enrichment. Does that say that Bibi will not mind when Iran enriches up to 90%?

The guy clearly lost it. It is time for him to go.

PS: Pictures in this post may be modified.

Posted by b on September 28, 2012 at 4:37 UTC | Permalink


*heh* Bibi's done lost it awhile ago...! If it Quacks...! ;-)

I put together a little post earlier...! Bibi as Wile E. Coyote and Obama at the UN...

Posted by: CTuttle | Sep 28 2012 6:20 utc | 1

More variations here

Posted by: b | Sep 28 2012 6:31 utc | 2

Aloha, b...! Did you just toss Hu Bris...? ;-)

Posted by: CTuttle | Sep 28 2012 6:33 utc | 3

He just needs the rocket-powered rollerskates as a delivery system...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Sep 28 2012 6:52 utc | 4

@CTuttle - yes, I tossed Hu Bris - hope he stays away ...

Posted by: b | Sep 28 2012 7:30 utc | 5

One small step for b, one huge step for MoA!

Posted by: juannie | Sep 28 2012 8:43 utc | 6

BREAKING: Following success of red-line diagram, Netanyahu presents UN with new show and tell for his Palestine plan.

Also, a timeline of Israeli warnings since 1979.

Posted by: Juan Moment | Sep 28 2012 9:09 utc | 7

This kind of parody would be far more humorous if it wasn’t backed up by this obscenity: ”Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran (Veterans Today)“

Posted by: juannie | Sep 28 2012 9:33 utc | 8

Yeah it was a amateur hour at the UN. Couldn't even take the time to do up a fake presentation like Colin Powell did. I wonder if Mossad drew the bomb?

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Sep 28 2012 10:40 utc | 9

One small step for b, one huge step for MoA!

Posted by: juannie | Sep 28, 2012 4:43:33 AM | 6

My take is that Hu Bris suffered fools very badly, but that he added a lot more value to this blog than most of his detractors. MoA will be less for this, especially as slothrop is still skulking around.

Posted by: DM | Sep 28 2012 11:02 utc | 10

Netanyahoo dropped his marbles a long time ago. That nice cartoon-style presentation was a nice gift to his adversaries. Shockingly ridiculous man, he just keeps hitting new lows. Where's his advisers in all this? Someone should protect him and the world from himself.

Posted by: Alexander | Sep 28 2012 11:29 utc | 11>Netanyahu’s Bomb Explodes on the Internet; International Herald Tribune; Harvey Morris; 9/28/12

…includes tweet from Ari Fleischer

Bibi's use of that chart was one of the most effective, gripping, uses of a chart I've ever seen. Is the world listening??

Man, I thought that had to be snark.

Posted by: harpie | Sep 28 2012 12:23 utc | 12

My first post here, and I messed up on the tag. Very sorry.

Posted by: harpie | Sep 28 2012 12:27 utc | 13

"My take is that Hu Bris suffered fools very badly, but that he added a lot more value to this blog than most of his detractors. MoA will be less for this, especially as slothrop is still skulking around." Posted by: DM

I agree, DM, with BOTH your points.

Posted by: arthurdecco | Sep 28 2012 13:05 utc | 14

Let's the photoshop contest begin! :-))

P.S. I will check Google Image Search again, tomorrow.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 28 2012 13:17 utc | 15

I find myself in the pro-Hu Bris camp. Opinions are just that.....Opinions.

Posted by: ben | Sep 28 2012 14:23 utc | 16

Trolls ...

I guess Hubris got emotionally upset himself on "truth" "lying" ...

So having different opinions was not really his universe.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 28 2012 15:18 utc | 17

On Hu Bris: I several times warned him to not attack other commentators. He kept doing that whenever he had some minor issues with opinions different than his. His aggressive tone is not what I want in the comments here. Again - he had been warned.

Posted by: b | Sep 28 2012 15:51 utc | 18

Thats an unfortunate pose for anybody of Jewish descent to make, let alone the Israeli PM.

"When I go to DC, they jump this high and thats cos I tell them how high"

Posted by: heath | Sep 28 2012 16:47 utc | 19

Allow me to run this comment by you bomb experts for review. It confronts the "90%" and expands on the comment on the link: "Iran would need more time, to amass the material for several bombs, weaponize it, and probably test the design– a process that would take years, not months."

Naturally occurring uranium consists of less than one percent uranium-235U, but nuclear bombs require more than ninety percent. Natural uranium must be 'enriched.' Gaseous diffusion and gas centrifugation of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) are the primary means that have been used to enrich uranium.

A nuclear weapon requires 90%+ highly enriched uranium (HEU). The time required to produce a sufficient quantity of highly-enriched uranium to fuel a weapon is called achieving nuclear "breakout" capability. Estimates of the time required to achieve "breakout" in Iran vary.

David Albright (an Iran critic) has said that breakout could be accomplished in Iran within three to six months. Of course Iran would have to expel the IAEA inspectors prior to any such breakout, then initiate the six month process, enriching uranium to weapons grade.

Then, presuming it had the designs ready, it would have to construct a nuclear bomb (or warhead) and test it (important). Then and only then could Iran go ahead with the construction of bombs or warheads. It is unrealistic to believe that the US and others would be sitting blithely by while all this was going on. It would not be a quick process.

So breakout's not the end. A nuclear weapon cannot be made of gas. The gas must be converted to metal, a difficult and very dangerous process because of the high potential for a critical accident (like a nuclear reactor without shielding) that would kill anyone in the room or nearby.

Clinton Bastin: "Iran has no experience with this process, and no facilities to carry it out. Assembly of metal components with high explosives is even more dangerous, because a nuclear explosion would kill those within half a mile. Because of the difficulties, Iran would need 10 to 15 years to make a weapon, after diversion of low-enriched uranium, which would be immediately detected by IAEA inspectors."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 28 2012 17:17 utc | 20

Too bad about hu bris. I thought he had some sensible things to say but was always involved in major pissing matches. After a bit I simply avoided any comment involving his name.

Posted by: ToivoS | Sep 28 2012 23:15 utc | 21

Since I probably kind of started the comments on hu, ToivoS, I have to totally agree with you. I think it is “too bad about hu bris”. I think he/she has some excellent and perceptive things to say/add to this blog but I came to totally ignore his/her posts because more often than not he/she was pissing on someone else who didn’t share his/her perspective and that is not what I come here to read and be subjected to. If hu could somehow learn to control that impulse and merely offer his/her insights and opinions, I would be glad to see him/her return. Hu, if you’re reading this, make the promise to yourself as well as us, to totally drop, no matter how difficult for you, the pissing contests and I suspect you’d be welcomed here once again.

Interesting how some threads become so far removed from the main topic but I guess that is just sometimes the nature of the beast. This Netanyahoo-Israeli-Iranian topic is of utmost importance to the coming state of our world and I hate to see it diluted by such off thread conversation but I accept most of the responsibility for that transgression. My apologies.

Posted by: juannie | Sep 29 2012 0:13 utc | 22

A brain Bleep lead me back. Wow your still here!

Posted by: onzaga | Sep 29 2012 4:30 utc | 23

The greatest danger to Israel, and the US are their respective governments that are obsessed with war, imperialism, and a sickening exceptionalism that may be their eventual downfalls. Both are reviled by most of the entire world, because they play by their own rules only, and ignore international standards/laws that most abide by. Blowback is coming...

Posted by: Cynthia | Sep 29 2012 12:51 utc | 24

In contrast to Bibi, it’s refreshing to read/watch and then post something a little hopeful these days. It is heartwarming and reassuring to listen/watch the six & ½ minute video.
Israeli Rabbis Greet Iran’s President Ahmadinejahd In NYC On Yom Kippur

Note that the Rabbis in this film clip are Orthodox Jews and are probably of Sephardic extraction.

Listen carefully. The spokesman constantly refers to “True Torah” Jews.

Thus he distinguishes himself, AND THUS DISTANCES HIMSELF, from the Zionist/Ashkenazi/ Khazar “Talmudic Jews” that currently control Israel.

Until one understands the differences between these “two tribes” (real jews as opposed to the imposters who came from central Asia) you will never understand what is driving the State of Israel and the criminal organization that controls it.

Posted by: juannie | Sep 30 2012 17:01 utc | 25

best parody cartoonI found.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 2 2012 13:32 utc | 26

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