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September 06, 2012

Michael Gordon - Still Lying About Iraq

Michael Gordon was one of the New York Times journalists who peddled the Iraq WMD disinformation that prepared the U.S. public for the war on Iraq.

Gordon is still writing for the NYT and he he is still in the information distortion business.

In a piece about the laughable U.S. attempts to press Iraq to stop Iranian flights to Syria he is trying to cover up for some other warmongers:

Three senators who have been strong advocates of American support for Iraq — Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut; John McCain, Republican of Arizona; and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina — also sought to reinforce the administration’s case in a closed-door meeting with Mr. Maliki in Baghdad on Tuesday.
Those three senators were in 2002 and 2003 the most belligerent of those stooges that called for bombing and invading Iraq. They are, like Gordon, directly responsible for the million people killed and maimed by the war. To say they are "strong advocates of American support for Iraq" is ridiculous.

They are still miffed that their great plan for an Iraq under U.S. control did not pass the reality test.

One wonders why Maliki even allow them to enter his country or why he did not at least invited them for a few years of recreation in Abu Graibh. That is what these people, and Michael Gordon, obviously deserve.

Posted by b on September 6, 2012 at 10:59 UTC | Permalink


Chris Hedges is also still lying about the New York Times' role in fomenting war, and yet I see him being promoted all over the place as a reasonable 'anti-war' voice.

They guy was the freaking Middle East Bureau Chief for the Times and one of the people responsible for fomenting war yet he's bamaboozled people into thinking he's against war because he gave a few silly speeches.

And yet he still defends the New York Times.

It just amazes me that people are still getting fooled by these finks. Gordon is taking the fall and Hedges is skating so he can do even more damage. The Empire always wins and even when you think you're putting the perps in their place (by smearing Gordon) another perp like Hedges has another scam going on.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Sep 6 2012 18:02 utc | 1

Wit Man is peddling lies. Hedges doesn't defend the Times; he quotes it as we all do on occasion, and acknowledges that there are a few individuals there who are worth reading. Chris Hedges came out against the Iraq war and was interrupted as he gave a speech at a graduation ceremony, where he was jeered and had his mike disconnected. Chris Hedges resigned from the NYT after they tried to discipline him for coming out against the Iraq War invasion.

We have trolls who come here , whose greatest delight is to smear men of high worth. Comparing Hedges to Gordon is the demented act of a troll who has proven how sick and twisted he is.

Posted by: Copeland | Sep 6 2012 18:28 utc | 2

Please be wary of Hedges. I believe he is in earnest, but is far too conservative to be anything but a snare. He has been consistently castigating, to paraphrase, the violence of the protesters, in whatever current milieu a window gets damaged or a fire is set. This kind of equating of the property damage, or the pushback in the face of state repression is reactionary in its core.

Posted by: demize! | Sep 6 2012 18:47 utc | 3

Lies Copeland? No. It's the truth as I see it.

It's difficult to decipher the truth because of the lies other people are telling--like Hedges. But I'm doing the best I can and I frankly am convinced I'm on to something so it's going to take logic to convince me otherwise.

Hedges defended the New York Times in one of his interview on CSPAN. He calls them honest. I watched most of the interview and reviewed portions of it at Naked Capitalism here:

"[Hedges] supports Israel, capitalism, the New York Times, thinks Iran wants nukes, thinks 9/11 was NOT an inside job, was a witness to 9/11, wants humanitarian war, oh, and calls on people to resist the system by getting arrested and when they do he calls them a cancer and wants them expelled and/or arrested." (that's one of many relevant comments on that thread).

Did you watch the CSPAN videos? Here's the main video that is 3 hours: I watched most of it and got a lot of gems from it that I reference in my comments at NC (pro Israel, defends NYTimes, says Iran wants nukes, etc.) Here's another one See 1:55 to hear him talk about leaving the New York Times (notice he left not because of the faulty pro war reporting which he was a part of, but because he couldn't give speeches like he wanted to . . . ).

I also link to his graduation speech that supposedly got him in trouble at the New York Times. It's a lame ass speech. If he truly wanted to do good he would have resigned from the New York Times for its pro war propaganda not because he wanted to make silly graduation speeches.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Sep 6 2012 19:32 utc | 4

The issue is not Gordon's take, but the reality of the results of the senatorial visit to Baghdad.

Nothing, I imagine. There's not reason to do anything for the US, now that US troops have withdrawn.

Posted by: alexno | Sep 6 2012 21:08 utc | 5

I deeply respect Chris Hedges and the positions he has taken over the years. And he did resign from the NYT over the Iraq war and the right to speak out against it.

And I think anyone who claims otherwise is a troll or a world-class fool.

And I join Hedges in despising and castigating the silly immature violence of the black bloc. I agree that they are a cancer. And I have had direct experience with those testosterone filled immature idiots, and I do my very best to avoid them now, including staying away from mass rallies like the ones at the RNC and the DNC. They are hurting the movement, and I think they are doing it on purpose.

Posted by: Susan | Sep 7 2012 3:00 utc | 6

Huh???? Whats up here? The ad nauseum syria syria syria chant seems to have a mommentary stutter. Or, perhaps b dropped his Atlas, and it opened to the wrong page.

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Sep 7 2012 3:53 utc | 7

yeah b!!

How DARE you not write about the things that POA likes to wank over - Nuke-Porn for instance

Posted by: Hu Bris | Sep 7 2012 10:19 utc | 8

personally I think if Hedge's has specifically come out against on the Black Bloc [i have not seen his writing on that personally] then I agree with him - like Susan I've met them many times in many different places - and they ARE truly idiotic - unlike Susan I usually confront them, and ask them politely to fuck-right-off, and have found that individually they are quite cowardly and thick-as-two-short-planks and though ostensibly 'anarchist' are usually full-to-the-gills on idiotic [trotsky-ite-ish] left-wing dogma - but just because I agree with Hedges on this point don't make him some sort of infallible God

And he also has refused to re-examine 9-11 - and seems to adhere to the notion that some guy holed up in a cave in the boondocks managed to control the movements of the US Air Force on that day- and THAT imho is THE litmus test

Posted by: Hu Bris | Sep 7 2012 11:06 utc | 9
Jon Gold Talks To Chris Hedges About 9/11 - 7/1/2012

Posted by: Hu Bris | Sep 7 2012 11:17 utc | 10

"How DARE you not write about the things that POA likes to wank over - Nuke-Porn for instance"

I see the assholes still lurk here. Porn??? Where'd that come from? Careful, jackass, you're revealing yourself.

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Sep 7 2012 11:33 utc | 11

Ugh blac bloc isnt a club like your local Knights of Columbus, its a tactic. There is no membership they're autonomem. Theres far too little truly radical action imo. Id like to see more armed resistance to police violence and property damage to banks etc. You just reveal yourself as a liberal when you you get all verklempt over some kid throwing a rock or breaking a window in the face of savagely brutal police force. Revolutions arent won by waving signs at black clad stormtroopers, they are waged by dedicated cadres willing to give and take an ass kicking. We are way passed the stage of social reformism, we are living in a bona fide police state or hadn't you noticed?

Posted by: demize! | Sep 8 2012 20:18 utc | 12

I've missed you, POA. Not that I always agree with you... But I've sure missed you. You stand heads above your intellectual opponents, for sure.

Posted by: arthurdecco | Sep 9 2012 5:11 utc | 13

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