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September 22, 2012

It's All For Sale

How much money was contributed to the Obama campaign to pay for removing the Marxist-Islamist terror cult MEK from the State Department’s list of designated terrorist organizations?

Posted by b on September 22, 2012 at 17:27 UTC | Permalink


Unbelievable but true,they are all idiots.0 and less than 0,some viable choice,neh?
Write in Ron.

Posted by: dahoit | Sep 22 2012 17:44 utc | 1

I have the nasty feeling that this could be the first stage of creating FIA (Free Iranian Army).

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Sep 22 2012 19:17 utc | 2

Are the MEK still in Iraq? If so, they're not going to be able to do much from there.

They need another base. Perhaps another base already exists. Anyone know?

Posted by: alexno | Sep 22 2012 20:05 utc | 3

I read the entire article, mindful that it springs from Nemesis. And I'm still none the wiser. Can someone characterize marxist-islamist-cult? eg Jim Jones and followers?

Posted by: ruralito | Sep 22 2012 21:03 utc | 4

alexno @3 The MeK has been moved out of Camp Ashraf and are residing in the old Camp Liberty in Baghdad...! Emptywheel asks a great question...And What Will MEK Be Doing in Baghdad While Waiting for Resettlement?

Posted by: CTuttle | Sep 22 2012 21:07 utc | 5

ruralito @4 I wrote a post last nite... Meet the MeK...

Posted by: CTuttle | Sep 22 2012 21:10 utc | 6

re 5

Thanks for that. They're still not going to do much from inside Iraq. There must be another base in a neighbouring country, from which the attacks on nuclear scientists are launched.

Posted by: alexno | Sep 22 2012 22:08 utc | 7

They're still not going to do much from inside Iraq. There must be another base in a neighbouring country, from which the attacks on nuclear scientists are launched.


Posted by: hans | Sep 22 2012 22:12 utc | 8

Marxist? So to add a twist to the absurdity that is US foreign policy, we have capitalist USA supporting a marxixt-islamist terrorist cult? and noone in the USA and its drones notices?
Marxist M.E.K. Trained by US, directed by Mossad
international | miscellaneous | news report Saturday April 07, 2012 03:31 by Gandalphi Scanussi
The New Yorker Magazine has revealed that the dissident Iranian opposition group Mujahideen-e-Khalq (M.E.K.) has been trained by the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) since 2005 at a secret military site in Nevada. The author of the article, Seymour Hersh, recounts how Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency told him that information supplied by the M.E.K in regard to Irans commencing enrichment of uranium at a secret underground location was given to them by Mossad.

As well as recruiting and training M.E.K. members for their covert war against Iran, Mossad has been targeting other Iranian opposition groups. For instance, posing as CIA agents Mossad were recruiting Jundallah members in London to carry out attacks inside Iran.

The M.E.K is still on the U.S. foreign terrorist list but politicians like Rudi Guiliani and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who are very much on the 'right' are lobbying hard to have it removed from this list and used to lead the opposition movement against the Iranian Government.

Anyone threading a Marxist/Communist path behind groups claiming to want civil rights for the Iranian people need to check themselves and check who is directing and controlling their movement.

Related Link:

Posted by: brian | Sep 23 2012 0:51 utc | 9

‘It's All For Sale’

Right-wing economist economist George Stigler is credited with indentifying the phenomenon of ‘regulatory capture’, a phrase which perfectly expresses why a democratic society cannot allow its private economic sector to be more powerful than its public sector.

Posted by: Seekonk | Sep 23 2012 1:53 utc | 10

Until now? why baby friend? to increase and enhance further actions? wich was the criteria? The change from evil to well beheaved was so sudden. no matter it was expected from those kind...of bipeda.

Posted by: RICKY | Sep 23 2012 4:44 utc | 11

How much money was contributed

As Angry Arab said money is not the only factor. The MEK helped Mossad assassinate the Iranian scientists, this was the MEK's "thank you note". Hillary Mann Leverett over at Race For Iran has a good article about the moral bankrupcy of it. Main point is that "worse than a crime its a mistake".

By delisting the MEK I would think that negotiations on the nuclear program are dead. Iran should respond by encouraging the 20% of Afghanistan that are Shia Persian-speaking Hazara's to attack US troops. They have been training them same as they trained Hezbollah in the 1980's under the banner of Hezb Wahdat and so far they haven't laid a finger on US troops.

The US ain't the only country that can control proxy militias. Indeed Iran has proven more skilled at proxy war than the US.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Sep 23 2012 13:31 utc | 12

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