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August 17, 2012

Open Thread 2012-21

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For your German readers: Parlamentarians and Bribery

Posted by: m_s | Aug 17 2012 16:44 utc | 1

Was the Zapruder film faked?

I linked to probably my all-time favorite thread on the internet the other day: "The 'JFK-MURDER' was a STAGED EVENT" thread.

Well, the main evidence Culto from that thread uses is the black dot that appears on JFK's face right before his head appears to explode.* This only appears on Oliver Stone's version of the Zapruder film seen in the movie JFK. So how did Oliver Stone get this version of the film? He paid the Zapruder family and claims he didn't alter or add to the film but "cleaned it up." Did Stone wipe off some sort of application to the film that covered JFK's face and therefore this black dot? Was the black dot inserted in the Zapruder film right away to cover up an obvious squib device? So have we been looking at a fakery over a fakery in all these subsequent versions and Stone simply reverted the film back to the original fake version?

I don't see how we can trust the Zapruder film at all seeing as it was secreted away and sold immediately. Allowing Dan Rather to view it and report on it was sketchy as well.

Interesting to see what Stone says about his use of the Zapruder film:

"We showed them [the Zapruder film] several times, because I really wanted the audience to get into the subconscious of that moment of history."

"But I think it's really about the world and the way we look at the world and it's telling me: just distrust the reality around you. . . . I think that it creates the web and in that web, if you're alert, the consciousness comes and you see that the world that it's not what it is said to be. . . . So if you're alert enough, you'll become aware that the world is not what it is said to be. . . because the entire film [= the movie 'JFK'] is a deconstruction of the first 30 minutes, you see the world coming apart until you repeat the concept of Dealey Plaza 4 or 5 times ironically, so that on the 5th time ideally the right audience gets the message, which is that Dealey Plaza was never clear: the entire fabric of modern life is in question."

The entire fabric of modern life is indeed in question. These psy ops are much more common than we realize.

*This is not what I consider to be the best evidence. I think the blood evidence, including the blood stains and the picture of the cop appearing to spray blood in the car, is the best evidence. Also, the staged assassination theory best explains the discrepancies in the autopsy evidence and the anomalies with the J.D. Tippit murder.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 17 2012 16:47 utc | 2

Rats are dying on the streets, doo-duh, doo-duh, rats are dying on the streets, dying for Israel!

Posted by: pewpewlazergun | Aug 17 2012 17:36 utc | 3

Posted by: m_s | Aug 17 2012 17:54 utc | 4

Increasingly silent about Syria... this seems like good news to me.

Posted by: peter radiator | Aug 17 2012 19:06 utc | 5

@Unknown Unknowns - I liked your concept of commitment

political commitment as such has been demonized by the current dominating ideology in the West; the type of society we live in, based on markets, consumerism and individuals, is considered "natural", and any real collective political will to change it is viewed as an unnatural attempt that will necessarily conduct to totalitarism

the only allowed political commitment is the one in favor of this or that "value" to be judged on the "political market", i.e. votes, but leaving the essence intact

Posted by: claudio | Aug 17 2012 19:37 utc | 6

very good, peter. seems the FSA is loosing big time or has already lost!

Posted by: pewpewlazergun | Aug 17 2012 19:53 utc | 7

Help me out, what is our pre-occupation with the "Pussy Riot" group in Russia...It is the main headline with the NYT; mainstream news is berating Putin for Human right abuse....etc.... Meanwhile, the massacre of black miners in South Africa is downplayed. Israel is constantly in the forefront concerning the Iran situation. Are we turning into total idiots????

Posted by: georgeg | Aug 17 2012 19:56 utc | 8

- Vice have a good 20 minute documentary up about Hezbollah's Propaganda War. Not too friendly to Hezbollah but worth a watch, since he travels to alot of the well known places in Lebanon and talks to plenty of Lebanese about their views.

- Cryptome has a slideshow of photos from todays protest outside the Ecuador embassy supporting Assad.

- Hezbollah's Al Manar TV got to meet up with the Syrians and Turkish hostages being held in Lebanon by the Al Miqdad clan. So far the Military Wing holding them have said they will only target Syrian FSA fighters holed up in Lebanon and Turkish citizens. They mentioned that if they wanted to kidnap any Gulf countries they would have since there is Qatari princess living in Beirut.

- The Diplomat on "The Coming US-China Space Race" ok but forgets the dynamics of Russian/Indian/European space projects.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Aug 17 2012 20:02 utc | 9

Bill Browder tells the sad story of the looting of his Moscow investment firm by the unscrupulous ruffians from Putin, Inc.

Browder’s grandfather was head of the CPUSA from 1932 to 1945: ‘If my grandfather was the biggest communist in America, I should become the biggest capitalist in Eastern Europe. So I set off to do just that.’

One might have felt some sympathy for Mr. Browder if he had expressed any reservations about the scruples of his comrades in the international financial sector, but he doesn't.

Posted by: Watson | Aug 17 2012 21:58 utc | 10

it doesn't matter what people think of Assange, the fact in itself of another Latin American country (after Brazil's refusal to extradite Battisti to Italy) teaching a lesson in human right to arrogant western countries is priceless

if Assange had been Russian or Chinese he would already have been granted the Nobel prize

a toast to Correa and Patino

Posted by: claudio | Aug 17 2012 22:09 utc | 11

Russia slaps the UK government:

Posted by: Nemo | Aug 17 2012 22:31 utc | 12


honor to ecuador & honor to brail for battisti

now assange must honor ecuador & not treat it as most westerners do

the obsession with pussyriot is beyond me, those united states are packed to the fills with political prisoners who have spent the mast 40 years in the most inhuman conditions, thanks to the jericho movement these people are never forgotten

in ireland marian price is behind bars with the help of gerry adams & other dissidents are held in interment. bellmarsh prison && others in the uk are in fact little more than torture centres for the underclass

& it is surprising no one is speaking of the carnegie endowments connection to pussyriot, it is similar to the salafists connection with nato in libya & syria

Posted by: remembererringgiap | Aug 17 2012 23:37 utc | 13

Finally, some real investigative journalism by the MSM! treacherous australian govt happy with having Assange extradited to US

SYDNEY (AFP) - Australian diplomats believe Washington is targeting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for possible prosecution, according to documents obtained by a newspaper.

The Australian embassy in Washington is taking seriously the possibility that Assange will eventually be extradited to the United States on charges including espionage and conspiracy relating to a huge leak of classified information on the WikiLeaks website, according to The Age newspaper.

A raft of diplomatic cables, released under freedom of information laws and obtained by the newspaper, show Australia has been keeping tabs on Washington's interest in Assange and has no objection to the potential extradition, the newspaper said.

Despite Foreign Minister Bob Carr's insistence that the US is not pushing for Assange to be pursued over the leaks, the documents show he and Prime Minister Julia Gillard have been briefed on the issue, The Age reported.

The newspaper also said the cables showed that the Australian government requested early advice from the US on any decision to indict or seek Assange's extradition.

Assange, an Australian national, has been holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London since June in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over sex assault claims.

He fears Stockholm will then turn him over to the US to face charges over his whistleblowing website.

On Thursday, after Ecuador granted Assange political asylum, Australia said there was little it could do for him, as Britain suggested it was considering a raid on the embassy in order to make an arrest.

Assange has repeatedly criticised Canberra's handling of his case, but Australian Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said while she was taking "an absolute interest" in his plight, there were limits to what she could do.

His mother Christine said Thursday that she was furious that British police may be sent in to seize her son, claiming they would be acting on behalf of Washington.

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 0:42 utc | 14

Russia issues warning to Britain over Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen in London in 2010. Russia on Friday warned Britain against violating fundamental diplomatic principles after London suggested it could arrest Assange inside Ecuador's embassy.
AFP - Russia on Friday warned Britain against violating fundamental diplomatic principles after London suggested it could arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange inside Ecuador's embassy.
"What is happening gives grounds to contemplate the observance of the spirit and the letter of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and in particular the Article 22 spelling out the inviolability of diplomatic premises," the Russian foreign ministry said.
Ecuador on Thursday granted asylum to Assange -- whose website enraged the United States by publishing a vast cache of confidential government files -- but Britain has vowed not to grant him safe passage out of the country.
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said his government was obliged under its own law to extradite the Australian national to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over alleged sex crimes.
Britain has angered Ecuador by suggesting it could invoke a domestic law allowing it to breach the usual rules and go in to arrest Assange, who has been holed up in Ecuador's London mission since June.
This would challenge a fundamental principle of the diplomatic system, and the threat has left Britain in unchartered legal waters.
At the same time, Moscow warned Britain against interpreting the law selectively, stressing that London has given refuge to "dozens of people suspected of committing grave crimes" who are wanted in other countries.
"What to do with a right to refuge for Julian Assange when London turns the observance of this right for this category of people into an absolute principle?" the Russian foreign ministry asked, referring to a number of high-profile figures granted asylum in Britain.
Russia has for years sought the extradition of top Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky as well as several other figures.

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 0:50 utc | 15

Cleansing Saladin Neighborhood in Aleppo From Turkey's FSA Terrorists
"their beards like brooms" "we never saw such freaks before"

Syrian TV tours Saladin with Syrian Army interviews residents returning to the neighborhood after cleansing it from terrorists:

has english subtitles

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 0:57 utc | 16

Scott Ludlam press conference on Julian Assange | Greens MPs

Ludlum says it pressure from US regime

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 1:11 utc | 17

who or what is Anti-leaks?!
UPDATE: back online after DDoS attack but we're still experiencing some tech difficulties. AntiLeaks has claimed responsibility for the attack, same group which brought down WikiLeaks & Bambuser.

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 1:23 utc | 18

Russian embassy in UK attacked by vandals

Aug 17, 2012

Russia’s embassy in London has been attacked by vandals chanting anti-Syrian slogans, while the British police took no measures to stop the violence or detain the attackers.

According to the reports, the Consular Section is severely damaged; but there has been no report of embassy staff being hurt.

The reportys come as 40 protestors masked in balaclavas, targeted the embassy which is located in an upscale part of London.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy said a group of protestors, who were chanting anti-Assad government slogans, attacked the building in the middle of the night, throwing stones and smashing windows.

He said, "The police who arrived at the scene regretfully did not take any measures to stop the unsanctioned protest and detain the attackers,"

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused London police of not taking measures to stop any of the violence or vandalizing of the embassy’s building.

The Foreign Ministry has announced the attack as one more case of the principal of inviolability of diplomatic nations.

This has not been the first time the Russian Embassy in London was attacked this year. The diplomatic mission said that the consulate would remain closed until Friday noon due to the attack.

The Metropolitan Police of London refused to comment on the attack.

Moreover, Russia Today (RT), the Russian English language news channel, has been subject to a DDoS attack by a group who call themselves Antileaks in an apparent protest at their support for the renegade Australian, Julian Assange.

Assange has been granted political asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, which is delaying his extradition to Sweden to answer claims of sexually assaulting two women.

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 2:27 utc | 19

@ # 8...

"Are we turning into total idiots????"

If you mean by "we", 95% of the American public, the short answer is

Posted by: ben | Aug 18 2012 2:54 utc | 20

Galloway on Syria, from a earlier thread posted by O' toole, if my memory is correct. Excellent!

Posted by: ben | Aug 18 2012 2:59 utc | 21

amnesty loses its marbles: goes pussy mad...lots of posts on pussy riots in russia...none on FSA terrorism in syria:

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 3:08 utc | 22

anyone have any information on the story that after liberation from the British and separation from the Indians that the Pakis and Afghans sought to unite? This would have made the Pashtun people the demographic majority in a joined state. But, that the British (and later the US) prevented this union.

Posted by: scottindallas | Aug 18 2012 3:11 utc | 23

rememberinggiap is right.
The Carnegie Endowment agent in Moscow who has been pushing the pussyriot thing is Masha Lipman a Washington Post columnist and a big fan of Boris Yeltsin, who ouight not to need introduction.

"By Masha Lipman
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
MOSCOW -- Boris Yeltsin was an immense and unparalleled figure in Russian history. Today he remains largely unappreciated by his fellow countrymen, and most Russians think of him as a negative figure, but last night thousands of people lined up to bid farewell to their first president, waiting for many hours outside Moscow's biggest Orthodox cathedral, where his body was laid.

"Yeltsin was the first Russian politician whose legitimacy rested on the genuine popular support of the masses -- and he brought public politics to a country where for centuries politics had been confined to the czars' court intrigues and Politburo fights behind the curtain.

"Unlike his predecessor Mikhail Gorbachev and his successor, Vladimir Putin, Yeltsin was able to overcome his Soviet background. After rising to a high-ranking position in the Communist Party, he reformed into a staunch anti-communist and associated himself with Russia's liberals and Westernizers, including prominent Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov. Yeltsin was a statesman with a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose: He committed himself to ridding Russia of communism and attaining freedom for his country, whose people had always lived in fear of the state..."

There is more of this sickening semi-literate drivelling... for which the US taxpayer, who cannot afford a public Health system or welfare for the unemployed or schools, pays through the nose.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 18 2012 3:18 utc | 24

brian 19
*The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused London police of not taking measures to stop any of the violence or vandalizing of the embassy’s building*

could this be part of the *consequences* that mdm sec clinton warned russia n china about their veteo ?

seems to be a pattern there....

china opposed the bombing of exyugo
resulting in its embassy obliterated by three precision guided bombs

for its objection to the iraq invasion
china's embassy got sacked for FOUR days right under the nose of the patrolling marines, inspite of repeated calls to the marine local commandant for help

fukusi is the biggest outlaw out there, no contest

Posted by: denk | Aug 18 2012 3:27 utc | 25

ever hear of this?
the 'Expendable Project'

The Expendable Project has been publishing leaks from inside the Australian government for the last six months. During this period, the website has been regularly targeted by the AFP and DoD, supporters have been threatened (one in hospital through heart attack) and the staggering documents published have been censored 100% by the Australian media.

They don't exist, as far as the media are concerned.

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 3:41 utc | 26

Gotta larf at some people's fascination with 50 year old non-events.
1) as far as people's behaviour and beliefs go perception is reality. So whatever 'really' happened to the sleazy double dealer jack kennedy way back when; about half at the time acted as though he was the victim of a 'crazy loner'. And the other half that he had been taken out by right wing nutters.

The fact that both of those explanations suited the PTB right down to the ground doesn't even occur to dingbats ready to subject Assange to the cui bono test on the basis of no evidence, but who will ignore the fact that the jack kennedy, spoilt rich boy's so-called 'lone gunman' had considerable documented ties to the administration headed up by a victim of hundreds of kennedy inspired assassination
Still, expecting consistency from a one-eyed, subjectivist closed mind is prolly too ambitious.

Here is a simpler example, one that happens with awful regularity. An Iraqi journo from middle class sunni family writes stories that get to the heart of the corrupt middle management who have run Iraq since the illegal amerikan invasion. This causes considerable discomfort in many segments of Iraq's power centres.
The journo is warned, and filled with a sense of righteousness fuelled by anger at the state of his once humanist society, continues to write stories, some of which begin makin it out of arab language blogs and into mainstream euro language media.

It is only a matter of time until an english language outlet picks up one of the stories which feature players who made it big in Iraq back when the amerikan gold was gettin pumped into a wide selection of pockets.

This causes some consternation in washington where the Iraqi 'new waves' opposite numbers have also made it big - helped in no small part by 'leakage' of the gold making it back to washington where it oiled some particularly squeaky wheels on capitol hill.

So a decision is made. The journo 'must go'. The odds are good his elimination would be a simple enough approval to get from prez oblamblam, but it may cause a small partisan problem later on.
Some of those most affected by the journo's stories bat for the other half of the all-empire all amerikan murdering party.

So this job will be done covertly using 'resources on the ground', namely a carefully tended group of young & disaffected shia males. The group is controlled by an imam who bears more than a passing resemblance to the sociopathically articulate southern baptist preachers that happily live off of ten per cent of income which 20 or 30 impoverished families in small town amerika grab on the 'trickle down'.

The imam has a contact who is case-managed by the daughter of just such a preacher. She knows well which buttons to press to achieve the outcome amerika's corrupt and self serving 'administrators' require.

Pretty soon a mob of shia kids blow up the Iraqi journo - along with his entire immediate family of wife children and in-laws. It is as if he never existed - "good job I can see why oblamblam stayed away from this one though" was the first thought of most of the empire's corrupt and self serving hand maidens 'in the know'.

So my question is:
Who killed the reporter?

was it:
(A) amerika, the evil empire whose perfidy knows no bounds?
(B) Those Looney toons rag heads who will kill anyone to cop their 40 virgins.

Perhaps it was:
(3) Hubris. That sanctimonious prick shoulda stuck to re writing embassy and Iraqi govt press handouts.

no? Then it was
4)Organised religion - without bullshitting organised religion in amerika or in Iraq no one woulda had an excuse.

nah that doesn't cut it there are plenty of greedy atheists.

how about?
(5) The corrupt media. Those journo schools teach a hideous ersatz ethics to cover the reality of what journos really get up to. Most journos see through it but every now and again some derp believes the bullshit - often with catastrophic results.

maybe it was
(6) men - women don't kill each other do they? Sorry they do.

I could come up with someone or something different to blame for this horrendous crime for as long as I can be bothered to think of 'em. Anyone could but none of them provide a complete answer and none of them will do anything to repair the damage the crime caused so why bother?

This is what I find so frustrating about the trainspotting approach to abuses of power by the elite, ptb, 1% or whatever you want to call em. All documenting their crimes does is make it easier for them. In case you haven't noticed most people have learned to live with being at the blunt end of a very sharp knife which is slicing and dicing its way through the humans living close to
something the 1% wants.

Insufficient peeps are payin attention to outrageous and egregious behaviour by the empire and there is no way of changing that as long as sufficient peeps cop a miserly 'dribble down' while the mob in charge continue their strangle hold on open debate. It matters little to the 1% whether or not the 99% get the news they want them to, or no news, the people will remain compliant.

I am super pissed this weekend about this I've got a great big hole in the side of my skull. Had it most of my life in fact. I copped it from a batoning attack by police tasked with
stopping me and my associates from drawing attention to the west's complicity with apartheid South Africa. Back then the mob of cunts currently in charge in South Africa were the ones complaining about the whitefella jaapie administration slaughtering striking miners. I was seventeen and still thought that some politicians were honest and committed. LOL.

Since the deal was done between the ANC and the empire, the only thing which has changed is the colour of the puppets.
As for media outlets, they have a simple tale to tell - this is what happens when unwhite revolutionaries are trusted and allowed to govern. Nothing to suggest that this could be the result of the same fuckers causing havoc in South Africa as have always caused it since the dutch n englanders first invaded.

Peeps can continue down the path of "that lying cock sucker is bad, but that duplicitous double dealer is 'our' duplicitous double-dealer, and therefore good", all they want, but they oughtta know that as long as they do, nothing substantive will ever change.

Replacing one power a structure with another cannot and will not work. That is the only worthwhile lesson of the 20th century.

The solution/s must be a form of power to the people where power resides in hands of everyone and is not vested in a structure that claims to be acting in the people's 'best interests'.

Right there, is a contradiction that has to be resolved. If the current power structure is abolished and no new structure implemented, what is to prevent the usual sociopaths from doing what they always do; going off and building an unofficial 'off the books' replacement system for robbery and oppression?

As long as peeps stick with one perspective, one that is usually either the one they were
indoctrinated with from birth or the diametric opposite of the one their immediate childhood environment adhered to, alla this shit is gonna continue, whether or not we 'know' it.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Aug 18 2012 4:20 utc | 27

'Were the British police to be sent into the embassy without consent to arrest Assange, this would be a clear violation of international law, specifically Article 22 of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Opposing Ecuador’s request to allow Assange the freedom to leave Britain, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague declared bluntly: “We will not allow Mr Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom, nor is there any legal basis for us to do so. The United Kingdom does not recognise the principle of diplomatic asylum.”'

funny the criminal Hague should say that:

'At the same time, Moscow warned Britain against interpreting the law selectively, stressing that London has given refuge to "dozens of people suspected of committing grave crimes" who are wanted in other countries.

"What to do with a right to refuge for Julian Assange when London turns the observance of this right for this category of people into an absolute principle?" the Russian foreign ministry asked, referring to a number of high-profile figures granted asylum in Britain.

Russia has for years sought the extradition of top Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky as well as several other figures.

isnt it interesting how 'democracies' put into public office criminals like Hague?

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 4:27 utc | 28

great stuff Debs.

Posted by: scottindallas | Aug 18 2012 4:38 utc | 29

Good rant Debs, kinda mirrors the Kabuki now ongoing in our US "election" season.

Posted by: ben | Aug 18 2012 5:27 utc | 30

here's a news despatch after the fall of iraq
look at the kind of bs they were telling the home crowd
*our boys are over there to keep law n order,
the iraqis are welcoming us with their open arms* [sic]

it also shed light on the most likely cia orchestrated sacking of the chinese embassy, studiously ignored by the marine patrols


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Colonel jokingly takes new title: Mayor of Southcentral Baghdad (April 16, 2003)


Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — To his men, he’s Lt. Col. Lee Fetterman. But on Tuesday, the Frot Campbell, Ky., Army officer picked an unofficial new title: mayor of Southcentral Baghdad.

“This is ours. We will take care of it,” Fetterman told his men in the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) shortly after they were ordered to clean up that sector of Baghdad of everything from weapons caches to trash.

Other areas of the city have become the responsibility of other military units. Col. Michael Linnington, commander of the 3rd Brigade, jokingly said to Fetterman on Tuesday, “You are now the mayor of Southcentral Baghdad.”

Fetterman’s day started with a visit to the Sudanese Embassy, one of several embassies in the neighborhood that also has middle-class housing. By evening, he had lectured looters about stealing from a warehouse, attended a brief meeting at a former palace of Saddam Hussein and set up a headquarters at the Mauritanian Embassy.

“The first thing we need to do to set this place up for success is clean up the garbage,” Fetterman said as he surveyed his new territory.

His soldiers patrolled the streets on foot and in Humvees. They broadcast messages in Arabic from military vehicles to inform residents they were here to restore order.

Children and men waved from outside their homes as Fetterman’s driver navigated around palm-tree trunks that had been placed in streets to slow down drivers. One woman stood on a corner selling baskets. Nearby, soldiers talked to local men over stone fences.

“They obviously have some sort of need for some sort of legitimate government or police force,” Fetterman said, observing the trunks in the road. Household trash littered sidewalks and streets.

But he said he thought things were going well in the neighborhood.

Indeed, there were positive signs: After broadcasting prayers, a cleric at the mosque next to the vacant school where Fetterman and his men slept had called out that Americans were there to help. And none of the soldiers had been fired at on their first night in the neighborhood.

Fetterman wanted to visit the Sudanese Embassy because he was curious how it was able to fend off looters while most of the others had been shut down and pillaged.

He was greeted by about 10 men standing outside. One held a little girl in his arms. A man named Ayman M. Osman Elobeid identified himself as being in charge. He said they were able to fend off looters by shooing them off and waving a weapon.

Elobeid said he watched for four days as the Chinese Embassy across the street was robbed from morning to midnight.

“The only thing they couldn’t take was the satellite on the roof,” Elobeid said.

Elobeid said he was operating so he could help Sudanese citizens in Iraq return home. He said he felt better knowing American soldiers were patrolling the streets.

“Last night, we slept well when we saw the Army,” Elobeid said. “I think things will return back to normal in Baghdad.”

Fetterman asked that the men from the Sudanese Embassy not carry weapons at night. He said the U.S. Army was there to help.

As Fetterman sat down in his Humvee outside the embassy, a call came over the radio that his men had detained 25 Iraqis who were looting a warehouse. He drove to the site, and with the help of an interpreter, lectured them.

(c) 2003 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Posted by: denk | Aug 18 2012 5:40 utc | 31

'Ironically, Ecuador's decision to grant asylum to the Australian citizen who founded the whistleblowing website came on the same day the Australian Senate voted to further punish those seeking asylum in this country.

Adding to the dark irony, WikiLeaks has exposed war crimes committed by the United States in countries such as Afghanistan — from where many of those who seek asylum in Australia have fled.'

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 6:01 utc | 32

Westphalian sovereignty, Geneva Convention, Vienna Convention, that's so old Europe. Old Believers in Russia and Salt Lake and Riyadh-clown cars and sideshows lighting the way.

Posted by: Biklett | Aug 18 2012 6:01 utc | 33

whos control? and youve got to wonder if the journos are aware of what they
'The once globe-trotting WikiLeaks founder is confined to several hundred square feet of space inside Ecuador's London embassy. If he goes outside he will be arrested by British police and extradited to Sweden to be questioned about allegations of sexual assault.'

1. so they admit the british regime is prepared to destroy international law just to get a man who is only wanted for 'questioning'..he can be questioned IN the embassy! or doesnt the writer think this feasible?!
2. as for control: '"One of the things that causes people most stress is not having any control," Cooper said. "He has none. The control is in other peoples' hands - the UK government, the Ecuadorean government. Not in his."

How much control does UK regime have? when clearly they are under orders from US can be sure the brits are stressed as the US is kicking their asses!

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 6:12 utc | 34

'However, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said his country would not be lectured by Ecuador.[ 'we take our orders from the US thank you very much'!]

Mr Bildt said Sweden was entirely within its rights to question Mr Assange about a serious alleged crime. ['but we dont want to do it in the ecuador embassy as we have some cumbersome tools of the trade here in sweden!']

He denied that Mr Assange would ultimately be extradited to the US to face the death penalty. [trust us...would we lie,,.weve never ever extradited anyone on orders from the US regime...ever! oh you ask what about Mohammad al-Zari and Ahmed Agiza...!!!!]

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 6:19 utc | 35

#Lebanon - Members of the so-called Free Syrian Army at the hands of Al-Miqdad Family

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 7:17 utc | 36

gulf despots and FUKUSA angry at russia:
'According to the report that cited ‘diplomatic sources’ it did not name, the US, France and the UK were shocked by the Russian suggestion to debate developments in Bahrain. It did not mention the reaction of China, the fifth member of the Security Council, to the alleged suggestion.

US France and UK = FUKUSA, alarmed that Bahrain be treated as they treated libya....russia backs down...pity...

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 7:31 utc | 37

Is anyone noticing a decrease in fsa propaganda in western msm??? It seems after the fsa Allepo fiasco, their handlers seems to have lost hope and are therefore abandoning ship. The fsa have been severely pummeled in Allepo..Some are trapped and those that could't hold out for long have handed themselves in. The idiots that believed they're fighting jihad have been decimated..

The attention in the western msm seem to be shifting to other "insignificant" stuff, as they always are. Is it a case of their BS falling apart or funds for regime change propaganda running dry?

Posted by: Zico | Aug 18 2012 8:13 utc | 38

Was just watching the BBC going on about the "pussy-riot" stunt.I couldn't believe!! This is a country that jailed London rioters and showed no mercy..Imagine some air-head punk band playing the stunt "pussy-riot" did in St. Paul's Cathedral...The outrage!!!

Again, this is another color revolution in the making..The West's never like Putin coming back and they're doing everything to destabilize Russia too..

Where will it end?

Posted by: Zico | Aug 18 2012 8:48 utc | 39

It is still very unclear, who is fighting and why, and why they are still carrying on. I guess there is still fight in Aleppo city and province. Western countries still refuse to negotiate a peaceful solution. Syrian economy and infrastructure is still targeted. FUSUK still refurse to talk to Iran about it. Lebanon rhethoric gets more and more sectarian. Turkey still has a huge refuge and Kurdish problem. Refugee camps in the Jordanian desert are still sub any standard.
There is still a humanitarian catastrophe in some Syrian places, and it is still mainly poor people who are targeted ...

Western media still ignore statements like this from the internal Syrian opposition:

"In August 2011, LCCSyria declared that it understands the calls for internal armed opposition to the Syrian government and international military intervention, but opposes both. It said that militarisation would reduce popular support for the opposition, reduce the opposition's moral superiority, and put "the Revolution in an arena where the regime has a distinct advantage". The network said that peaceful demonstrations would make it easier to develop democracy following a revolution, while militarisation would make it "virtually impossible to establish a legitimate foundation for a proud future Syria."[6]"

Posted by: somebody | Aug 18 2012 9:55 utc | 40

'The network said that peaceful demonstrations would make it easier to develop democracy following a revolution, while militarisation would make it "virtually impossible to establish a legitimate foundation for a proud future Syria."[6]"'

'democracy'...we see what that means in UK where an elected regime is about to destroy international law! did the voters anticipate this!

'democracy' or rule by the people....does not exist not in USA nor UK nor anywhere

Posted by: brian | Aug 18 2012 13:26 utc | 41

Watson at 10,

Good link! Interesting.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 18 2012 13:48 utc | 42

@ brian # 18?

Who is anti-leaks?

Prolly the same people as Wiki-leaks.

And now that I think of it Wikileaks is a name that an operative or corporation comes up with. It's not an organic name.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 18 2012 14:04 utc | 43

Debs at 27,

Like your attempt but I'm afraid I don't agree.

Yes, there are a number of people that are complicit in a situation like American controlled Iraq. Lots of people cooperate with the fascists/perps.

But let's keep in mind that the people at the top bear the most responsibility. The people that chose to invade Iraq and made plans for it are the most responsible. The other crimes were a result of this initial crime.

Likewise, with the JFK "assassination", there are probably many people that are complicit, but they people that planned it (including JFK himself, prolly) are the most responsible.

And I couldn't disagree more that the JFK staged assassination isn't important. History is important. And this was a significant moment in history. Our masters took things to a whole new level by engaging in massive psychological operations.

Once again I don't understand your hostility. But there are lots of commentators here whose motivations elude me.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 18 2012 14:34 utc | 44

At Brian #32,

How has Wikileaks revealed war crimes?

Cause so far nothing has happened from the leaks. The helicopter gunship attacks on the Iraqi civilians/journalists was deemed appropriate by the American military. The military didn't punish anyone for that.

In fact, the military hasn't even told us what their rules of engagement were and are. Did they change them? Or do they just shoot anything around an alleged "target?" Or just males?

Also, the leaks you yourself have linked to, about soldiers laughing or having fun as they kill people, do not violate the rules of war, afaik. It's unseemly, but not illegal.

Same thing for when the soldiers refuse to medically treat injured children. Totally within the rules and still U.S. policy afaik.

So what did Assange reveal? That U.S. rules of engagement is immoral? I agree with that. But I already knew that. What did the "leaks" change?

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 18 2012 14:41 utc | 45

It is all true Brian.

Everything in that film ( is proven by the government's own cables in the reports. They are there for you to see directly. It is REAL.

But what that case also shows is the power of the media. In Australia it is totally closed off, and bent. They have never referenced a word of that since The Expendable Project started publishing. Yes, get that: cables showing their own government committing criminal acts and they are silent.

Worse still, her dad died of cancer, and in Australia dead men can't sue. So they span lies against him (proven to be lies) and the gullible thick Aussie public buy them. Propaganda works, which is why governments use it. Pretty ugly though, as all sorts of scumbags emerge with made up tales.

Bets thing to do is watch the film.... that is what governments CAN do. It is what the filthy Australian government did to that poor woman. May they rot in hell.

Posted by: Nicola Weaver | Aug 18 2012 17:19 utc | 46

Here is how the corrupt media fooled the sheep people of Australia:

They will do the same on Julian Assange.

Posted by: Nicola Weaver | Aug 18 2012 17:21 utc | 47

One last point before I go. I know that the Expendable Project website is under attack by the AFP and ASIO, for obvious reasons.

It is therefore a good idea to download that film whilst you can:

Posted by: Nicola Weaver | Aug 18 2012 17:23 utc | 48

38,Zico, yep suddenly "we" know who these freedom fighters are

Kidnapping, Spats on Docket of Syria Rebel Boss

"Similar makeshift governments are springing up in villages across Aleppo province's countryside, providing interim courts, keeping basic services running, managing finances and distributing aid shipments.

Many of the rebel courts have taken on an Islamic bent. Tawheed Division commanders forbid the torture of detainees. But that ban doesn't include whipping the soles of detainees' feet, Tawheed commander Abdel Aziz Salama told several people, including a Human Rights Watch team. ...

Here in Qobtan Jebel, a pinprick village of century-old stone walled homes in the hills west of Aleppo, Mr. Shehab Eddin's word is law, at least for now. Before the uprising, the self-taught sheik—also known by his nom du guerre, Abu Soleiman—preached covertly to a small following in an adjacent village about the Syrian regime's ills


Next in line was a man from Aleppo who had raised funds for Mr. Shehab Eddin's brigade, which fought in Aleppo's Salaheddin neighborhood for 14 days but withdrew last week after supplies wore thin. The fundraiser demanded an explanation for the withdrawal. "We couldn't stand it anymore. We weren't getting enough help," the aide, Mr. Haji, explained, eager not to alienate a supporter.


As the sun set, Mr. Haji retired to his commander's walled residence where he lives with his three wives and 15 children."

Zico, I guess, the "West" found out that the Syrian National Council they had been grooming has no influence in Syria, and the people who have the power on the ground in Syria are people they do not wish to be photographed with.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 18 2012 21:13 utc | 49

So applying the argument at #44 to its logical conclusion that the invaders of Iraq are 'more' responsible for the death because they kicked it off, it must follow that their claim to invade Iraq had some merit.
If amerika is responsible for what happens by an action, then when they don't commit an action they musty be equally responsible. In other words if they didn't invade the blood would be on their hands for the peeps the Ba'athists were knocking off.
That plainly makes no sense and while it would have been better for the world if the assholes hadn't stepped in the fact is they have. We could go back a few hunnerd years into the days before the Ottoman's kicked the Iranians outta Iraq and blame them if you like. If you don't we could keep going back until a cause and effect scenario which comforms to your prejudices is found.
Or we could accept that the invasion of Iraq has occurred and so for the people living in Iraq, the ones so many here claim to care about, that dealing with the facts as they are is more likely to assist them than playing time machines through one-eyed goggles.

In that case yes the amerikans are culpable but so are every other structural entity that tries to stamp its mark in Iraqi society.
The solution is easier to resolve then because it doesn't depend upon replacing one corrupt and self serving mechanism with another.

This is the reason I oppose your posts - they reek of selective thinking. The selective logic you have applied to Julian Assange is based on a very fragile supposition that the release of the documents didn't bring down the amerikan administration, and is totally unuspported by any other evidence.
On the other hand if you consider the assassination of Kennedy, who gained from that? Well the people of amerika which back then were most amerikan right wingers primary target, were the ones who benefited from the replacement of kennedy by johnson, so the rightists dipped out. They got nothing from the killing - they lost in fact. Kennedy wouldn't have implemented a tenth of the domestic policy johnson did. True the Vietnamese lost out from this but since those driving the invasion of Vietnam were in the main hangovers from the kennedy 'camelot' there is no reason to suppose his death caused more vietnamese to die. It probably caused less he resigned once he realised how the kennedy ivy leaguers had conned him on Vietnam something kennedy would never have done. He wouldda been too busy doin what evrey other dem prez apart form johnson has done, that is quashing any bill that took from the rich and spread money amongst poor amerikans.

The one person who gained from the death of Kennedy was Fidel Castro. The bullshit mercenary invasions and arcane assassination attempts pretty much ended when kennedy bit the dust. So there is the cui bono part for Castro masterminding the assassination. Now for the supporting evidence.

Where do you want me to start? Oswald's work for the 'hands off cuba movement?" Or his visits to the Cuban embassy in Mexico.
How about his contacts with Cuban government officials while he was in the USSR?

It is typical for a amerikan wanna be leftie to selectively argue like this and normally I don't give a fuck, but in this case I really get pissed about the division and disorder you are and your fellow nit wits are spreading at a time when Julian Assange most needs support. It is weak, wanky and so typically bourgeois. Deep down yer just another amerikan exceptionalist.
Me - I'm gonna celebrate Fidel's victory over the effete poor little rich boy jack kennedy, not put the boot into a bloke who is suffering for having the balls to do what he believes in.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Aug 18 2012 22:52 utc | 50

The picture of this child was shared on thousands of pages and millions have cried and keep crying when they see it. When it was made public, the Syrian opposition in pages said that the child "was killed in cold blood in Homs" and of course they accused what they call the "Militia of Bashar Al Assad" of "killing" the kid. However, some of them said that he was killed in Deraa and others said that he was killed in Aleppo. But all agreed that "the Shabiha raped his mother, caught his father and killed him." Discover the truth in less than a minute: the child is alive and was asked to pretend that he was dead to simply take the picture. Once the picture was taken, it was easy to invent a story because, according to them, people believe what they see and never check the truth of what they are told

Posted by: brian | Aug 19 2012 0:23 utc | 51

news report:
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has suspended Syria’s membership in protest of the Assad regime’s crackdown. OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu announced the move at a summit in Mecca.

[wiki: Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu is a Turkish academic, diplomat and currently the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.]

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: "This is a very strong message for the Syrian regime telling them that the Islamic world cannot accept a system that kills its people. And it’s a message to the international community, as well, telling them that the Islamic community supports a political, peaceful solution and does not want any more bloodshed."

in other news--

Rebel commanders reached by phone said their fighters had advanced to within a few hundred yards of the [Aleppo] airport perimeter. Syria’s state-run media, which have portrayed the Aleppo fighting by insurgents as a futile effort by criminal gangs, inadvertently confirmed the insurgent advance, reporting that government troops deployed around the airport had repulsed attacks.

“Our fighters are in all neighborhoods close to the airport,” said a rebel commander who identified himself as a former air force pilot named Wasel. The commander, who did not provide his full name for security reasons, also said the insurgents were benefiting from replenished supplies of ammunition after chronic shortages, “which is a reason for this progress.”

The "replenished supplies of ammunition" came from -- where? Turkey, Mr. Turkish diplomat Ihsanoglu? Or did it fall from the sky? You did say: "The Islamic community supports a political, peaceful solution and does not want any more bloodshed." Actually there is a direct correlation between ammunition and bloodshed.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 0:27 utc | 52

since this is an open thread, and the subject came up repeatedly, I'll share my view on JFK's assassination: I find convincing the version given by "the crow" (don't have the link now, it's a well-known ex-CIA agent): the FBI did it, on orders by the CIA, because they intercepted the direct calls between JFK and Krushev where the two shared the info their respective secret services were handing them, and whose alarmist analysis they didn't believe (btw, they were both right!), so the CIA decided JFK was a national liability (also correct, from a certain point of view)

it's the only interpretation I read that I find compatible with the subsequent management of the crisis; it also coincides with my idea of the CIA as the real brains and command center of the Empire (well, that which most resembles one), only challenged later by the neocons' preference for the Pentagon; plus, the subsequent parallel demotion of Krushev is striking

Posted by: claudio | Aug 19 2012 0:52 utc | 53

Tim Anderson
One of those opinion polls CNN buries, and I only noticed it because it was repeated in Spanish in Venezuela - 64% of US people are opposed to any foreign intervention in Syria - goes to show, US people are more ethical than their government -

now if US were a democracy....

Posted by: brian | Aug 19 2012 1:09 utc | 54

'Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: "This is a very strong message for the Syrian regime telling them that the Islamic world cannot accept a system that kills its people. And it’s a message to the international community, as well, telling them that the Islamic community supports a political, peaceful solution and does not want any more bloodshed.'

so lying is an islamic virtue? as is terrorism of which islam is a world leader

Posted by: brian | Aug 19 2012 1:10 utc | 55

". . .as is terrorism of which islam is a world leader"

Or not.
18 U.S.C. 2331. Definitions [relating to the crime of terrorism]
(1) the term “international terrorism” means activities that–
(A) involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State;
(B) appear to be intended–
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or
kidnapping; and
(C) occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum;. .

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 1:18 utc | 56

Fair enough claudio but if you consider who shot kennedy in the light of what the amerikan authorities did once it occurred then the scenario I outlined above plays equally well.
One thing I hope most peeps can agree upon is that any suggestion of the death being the result of a commie conspiracy had to be knocked on the head. If the 'pinkos had done it' there would have been no way of preventing the cold war from warming up, an outcome that was in nobody's best interest.
So the amerikan security establishment went to great pains to construct a range of alternative scenarios. The crazed 'lone gunman' -the closest to reality, was put out for the rightists but alla the stuff about Oswald and his Cuban contacts was played down and only ekked out to divert theorists and keep the rightist base hating 'lefties' in just the correct dosage.
The rightwing conspiracy was distributed for the leftie consumption. Lefties needed someone to blame without endangering jackie the slug's and by extension, the dem's, credibility as leftists. Commies killing kennedy would have been politically more problematic for dems than rethugs while it would have been disastrous for humans everywhere. Especially those of us living outside the two fortresses who were vainly attempting to resist imperial incursion by the thugs from either.

If you were around at the time Claudio you will remember that every week a news story from someone inside amerika's security establishment 'leaked' and pointed the finger of blame in a new direction.
Add that to the simple reality that human witnesses provide bad evidence about 99% of the time and you may understand why, this far into the future from the assassination I discount all contemporaneous 'eye witness' testimony. Including the zapruder film. I don't know oliver stone nor do I know anyone who knows him and 2 degrees is the maximum amount of separation anyone should ever allow to determine the veracity of any human on any issue, let alone one that generated an industry of tabloid journalistic coverage about every aspect of the killings and it seems like all humans within 3 or 4 degrees of separation from the actual event.

It is quite frankly impossible to determine what occured that day and this will always be the case. I prefer my opinion because not only does it fit within the boundary of knowable facts (cite D Rumsfield) it puts a positive cast on a period in history where humanist leaders from smaller nation states had few victories.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Aug 19 2012 1:30 utc | 57


I'm with you all the way when it comes to full support for Assange.

but I think you are way too hard on JFK. Nothing in the architecture of the hit was accidental, and it was built like architecture with many diverse gopher trails to lead would-be investigators toward numerous dead ends. And it is because his death still matters to those of us who remember it, that I am convinced that the upcoming date for the release of files, about the hit, will not be honored by Obama, who I am pretty sure will block the release of these files for reasons of state, and because in this matter he has been given marching orders.

The words Kennedy uttered still have resonance: for example the speech about "secret societies" shortly before he was bumped off. We usually don't elect really cultured men to office, men who have suffered and wear their suffering with dignity, men who are inwardly humble and act at press conferences with humor and gentleness instead of the boorishness of power that we have grown accustomed to, in public life. Speed readers and guys with prodigious learning curves don't make it either; nor do they survive for long.

It is said that Kennedy was the last president who really thought he could grab the power levers himself and assume meaningful executive power, post national security state.

JFK was obsessed with Castro alright; but after the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis and Operation Northwoods, he quickly got a different impression about the military freaks who were not only willing to kill our own in false flags, but had no qualms about "risking the peace of the world" in an age of nukes.

The Castro angle worked to the advantage of those covering up the crime. IMO

Johnson sealed the files for reasons that he thought the country would go apeshit if Castro were blamed. Though it can be argued Castro benefitted, the govt couldn't be seen to be still going after him; or folks here would have believed the man really had something to do with the crime.

Posted by: Copeland | Aug 19 2012 2:05 utc | 58

Debs, yes, we don't know what really happened that day; I also like "the crow's" version because it gives a political sense to the episode, albeit less gratifying than yours: that episode would mark the emergence of the "deep state" in the Us

as Copeland put it:

It is said that Kennedy was the last president who really thought he could grab the power levers himself and assume meaningful executive power, post national security state.

in general, I agree with your analysis of the management of the crisis, but I was referring mainly to the fact that it was the FBI that was obviously in charge of the "damage control" (killing witnesses, tampering with evidence, etc); now, I don't think they would have gone so far as they did just for general "political" motivations: I think they were above all protecting their own asses;

Posted by: claudio | Aug 19 2012 2:09 utc | 59

The 'problematique' of the JFK removal from the scene (whether he was really assassinated or not is a moot point) is that he had so many enemies (known and unknown), who all benefited that it is difficult to decide who did it or what coalition/alliance/community of interests was responsible. I can still remember being in 1960 at my uncle's apartment when a female friend of his came in with the story of the huge bribe paid to Jackie to stay married to JFK. So, the community of interest includes JackieO, her lover, Onassis, JFK's erstwhile amours, the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, the Soviet Union (Khrushchev), Cuba (Castro) and Lyndon Johnson and his allies. All benefited from his removal. The danger with the whole episode was that it unveiled for a brief instant the "dark side" of the US, which both 9/11's also did although few Americans cared about the first one.

Posted by: Albertde | Aug 19 2012 2:30 utc | 60

UK home of islamic terrorism!

Posted by: brian | Aug 19 2012 2:46 utc | 61

anyone want the takedown here? On Steven Walt's page re: Iran?

"Oh boy...I've never heard anyone use the argument that Iran has exceeded the strictures of the NPT before, and I'd like to know how you argue it. Your few dozen neo-cons on the fringe must also include the current liberal-progressive main stream since the current Admin has stated it violated npt. Now, I'll concede that it's a definition and perspective thing. Now there was an IAEA non-compliance on safeguards resolution which passed a few years ago, its censure and at least 3 UNSCR on sanctions and halting enrichment, but again, I guess that is perspective."

"Which terrorist groups is the US using to kill civilians in Iran, please do tell? Please do tell how we are giving command and control orders to terror groups in Iran and Syria? Please point where USG has repeatedly stated Iran has been a stabilizing influence in Afghanistan and Iraq?"

Posted by: scottindallas | Aug 19 2012 3:02 utc | 62

@scottindallas #62

1. The EXCLUSIVE purpose of the IAEA, according to the NPT, is to ensure the non-diversion of nuclear fuel to weapons programs, which they have consistently and repeatedly reported as in compliance in Iran. There are no other "strictures" in the NPT. After all, it is a treaty entered into voluntarily by Iran (unlike Israel, Pakistan and India) and its purpose was not to force Iran (or any other signatory) to cede sovereignty to any international agency.

2. The US has employed the Jundullah (God's soldiers) as terrorists in Iran. Revelations by the brother of Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi (before he was executed) have confirmed reports that the U.S. helped the armed separatist ring carry out terror activities in Iran. “In Pakistan, Malek (Abdolmalek Rigi) contacted an individual that resided in the U.S. who then put him through to the FBI. So, Malek said that he would go to Islamabad and meet with the Americans,” he explained.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 3:19 utc | 63

@scottindallas #62

3. google "obama stability afghan" and get some chucks. Actually the US has promoted INstability nearly everywhere in the world, most particularly in place like Korea, Palestine and the entire Middle East, as well as South America . . .how much time do I have here?

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 3:26 utc | 64

I'm sorry but the lack of blood on Jackie's dress is highly suspicious. What are the odds she would have no blood on the backside of her dress? 1%? She allegedly sat in a pool of blood for over 10 minutes and holding Kennedy's head.

Furthermore, this bit from the news film of the time happens to catch a trooper appearing to throw or spray something into the backseat of the car.

What police officer would taint the murder scene of the president in such a way? There is no "innocent" explanation for the officer's behavior because he's ruining the case against the president's killers by making it look like he's tampering with evidence.

Here's the entire comment by 'Culto' that describes the motorcycle cop and the blood evidence:

There are many other weird facts associated with the blood evidence: Jackie's dress didn't have blood where it should have, they covered Kennedy's head with a jacket as they removed him from the car, he Secret Service weirdly put the bubble top up on the car and some even started "washing" the car. Then the Secret Service quickly loaded the car on a plane and transported it to D.C. There they staged the photos showing blood on the backseat that Arlen Spector entered in evidence at the Warren Commission. The Secret Service immediately sent the car to Ford and had it totally dismantles and reassembled, presumably replacing the bloody parts. They locked up Jackie's bloodstained dress for 100 years!

Oh, and the shirt Kennedy was wearing that day doesn't match the bloodied shirt from his autopsy. It has different pinstripes.

There are many more facts that support the staged assassination theory, but the blood evidence is the best, imho.

As far as motive. As Albertde notes, maybe it had to do with Jackie wanting a divorce or maybe Kennedy's relationship with Mary Pinchot Meyer.

I actually agree with some of the speculation about the CIA above. I think Kennedy was working with these people however and was not their victim. Plus he only feinted moves to the left. He was not sincere. None of these 'heroic' actions he took to reign in the empire ever amounted to anything. Not in Vietnam. Not with the federal reserve. Not reigning in the CIA. Hell, if you look at Kennedy's actions, he appears to have fully supported the same MIC and secret wars that the other fascist jerks did.

The motive may have been to lionize the presidency. To create Camelot and get Americans to respect their masters. Also, there was the message that a president will never be able to do liberal things--he'll get whacked by the CIA. So it may have been done to intimidate as well. Plus, it was the start of the big psy op done in the open with the media. They went on to use this MO all the way up to today. They love it and I think the success of the Kennedy 'assassination' psy op caused them to love this MO.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Aug 19 2012 6:31 utc | 65

The resistance hero, Samir Kuntar, who was imprisoned in Israel for 30 years on false charges and later released as part of a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hizbullah, narrowly escaped being lynched by a group of 500 Salafi thugs armed with swords, batons, knives and other weapons, on his recent visit to Tunisia. The assault on Kuntar occurred a day after an Iranian band was prevented from playing in Kairouan because of the band’s Shiite identity. Shi’ites in Tunisia protested the ban but were then “fiercely” attacked using “threatening” language to “discipline” them by Al-Nahda supporters.

How long will Iran remain passive? For all his faults Ben Ali and Tunisia was a secular state. If my memory serves me right the current Islamist like in Egypy came to power on a very low turn out and about 35% of the vote.

Posted by: hans | Aug 19 2012 8:01 utc | 66

hans @ 66

I think the rise of the MB in the region is good for the US and bad for Iran - in the short term..The US sees the MB as a counter to what the call "Iranian influence"..The MB are financed/controlled by the house of Saud and their tag-alongs and the house of Saud are controlled by Washington etc etc.

I believe there'll come a time,perhaps in the near future, where there's going to be a direct clash between Iran and the MB..We're already witnessing this on a smaller scale in Syria with the US and the house of Saud fully backing the MB along with all their assorted jihadis. They're trying to form a ring of Sunni dominated states around Iran in order to make a future war with Iran fairly easy..Per their calculations, once Assad is toppled, the circle is complete and Iran will therefore be contained, cutting off Hezbollah from their syria corridor to Iran. The plan looks brilliant on paper, but I'm not so show how this will pan out..Assad's fall will bring even more chaos in the region - maybe this is the ultimate plan.

This is the clever divide and conquer game played by the powers that be to further their geopolitical interest..The brotherhood in Syria claim they're fighting to establish a purely Sunnis state and their only grudge with Assad is that he's a Shiite and they hate all shiites.

What the backers of this dangerous plot fail to realize is the blowback aspect of it..The revolution in Tunisia's turned out to be a disaster..They seem to be going backwards instead of progress..Libya's a mess, Egypt, no money so they have to again to back to US fold. Syria, threatening to become a regional Sunni/Shia war and is already spreading to Lebanon..

Someone needs to pull the breaks on this before it's too late..

Posted by: Zico | Aug 19 2012 9:31 utc | 67

I believe there'll come a time,perhaps in the near future

I have been saying since March 2011 when the troubles broke out in Syria, this conflict is about control of religions of the desert. My interpretation of the Mayan Ninth Wave shows this was predicted and should complete before the winter solstice. BTW the troubles in Syria was meant to have completed in June. Not in the near future rather the immediate future.

Posted by: hans | Aug 19 2012 10:06 utc | 68

having in the same open thread JFK's assassination plus the Mayan prophesies maybe is a bit too much ... we should be taking turns ...

Posted by: claudio | Aug 19 2012 11:10 utc | 69

anyways, here's the link to the "Conversations with the Crow"; JFK aside, it makes a very interesting reading, because it sheds light on the modus operandi of the CIA

Posted by: claudio | Aug 19 2012 11:14 utc | 70

a dodgy priest attacks Mother Agnes....

Syrian Liberal @SyrianLiberal1
It would be great if Fr Paolo could tell us why the Jesuit Order in Damascus published a statement to distance itself from his stance. #PT

18 Aug Syrian Liberal @SyrianLiberal1
Father Paolo dall'Oglio accuses Mother Agnes of peddling 'regime lies' about crisis in #Syria … via @IrishTimes
so who is this father Paolo serving?.....see below!
(photo from a propaganda anti-gov page)

Posted by: brian | Aug 19 2012 11:24 utc | 71

on Assange, from The Cable:
"The United States is not a party to the 1954 OAS Convention on Diplomatic Asylum and does not recognize the concept of diplomatic asylum as a matter of international law," the office of Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in a Friday statement. "We believe this is a bilateral issue between Ecuador and the United Kingdom and that the OAS has no role to play in this matter."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 14:56 utc | 72

in the "Iran is isolated (not)" department--
Aug 18, 2012
100 countries will attend NAM summit in Iran
Tehran Times:
TEHRAN – About 100 countries will participate in the Non-Aligned Movement summit which will be held later this month in Tehran, the NAM spokesman announced on Saturday.
Mohammad Reza Forqani told a press conference that 41 countries will participate at the highest level: 35 heads of state, five first vice presidents or vice presidents, and a parliament speaker.
21 countries will send their foreign ministers, 5 countries their president’s special envoys, two countries at the level of minister other than foreign minister, he added.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 15:55 utc | 73

German spy ship has taken over the command and control of syrian rebels from turkey.,,16177482,00.html

Posted by: Nikon | Aug 19 2012 18:58 utc | 74

Morsi is probably reaching out to Iran because Saudi has refused to accept MB despite its reassurances

Posted by: Nikon | Aug 19 2012 19:02 utc | 75

It makes more sense that Morsi is allied with Qatar which has become the main backer of the MB. Qatar has the MB islamists, the Saudies have the salafists.

Posted by: ThePaper | Aug 19 2012 19:31 utc | 76

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, of Saudi Arabia, Custodian of the Two Mosques, may have developed some tolerance toward the MB as being a useful Sunni force against Syria, and Iran by proxy.

The US envoy to the recent OIC conference in Mecca, who probably forced the Syria OIC ouster, Iran and Algeria dissenting, was Rashad Hussain, who has an alleged history that includes MB events.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 20:11 utc | 77

re 77

It is a question, how far apart Saudi and Qatar are in their support of the various Islamist movements.

I don't have the answer. There is some distance, but I have no idea how important it is.

Posted by: alexno | Aug 19 2012 20:36 utc | 78

The Saudi's won't get along with the MB. With the Muslim Brotherhood you have at its core democratic Islam. A belief that Islam should play a role in politics but that it needs to be in a democratic state (no problem for them since in such a religious Middle East they would sweep the elections). That's all the Muslim Brotherhood have ever wanted in Egypt, the right to run in free elections. But any popular democratic trend in the Middle East is an existential threat to the Saudi monarchy.

They would prefer the Salafists. Saudi Arabia's official constitution is the Quran. One famous Salafist slogan is "The Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our Leader, Jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal". Under Salafist ideology anyone who takes part in democratic elections is claiming to speak above the Quran. Anyone who runs in democratic elections is saying that they should be the Leader instead of the Prophet. Under the Salafists, even Hamas were condemned for taking part in elections in the Gaza strip.

Saudi Arabia will be nervous looking at a popular democratic tide under the Muslim Brotherhood sweeping the Middle East. They know most of there own Sunni population would vote MB. Qatar probably has the same fear but thinks they can control the MB with money (their wrong in the long-term). Saudi Arabia has shed to much Brotherhood blood to buy them off now and is to tied to the Salafist & Wahhabi camp. Iran is loving it since the Muslim Brotherhood is similar to its own structure (democratic Presidential elections, democratic Parliment, but with an Ayatollah as "guide" and an Islamic bent to the democracy).

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Aug 19 2012 21:38 utc | 79

@ Colm O' Toole
"Democracy" is an imprecise, relative term. The MB wants more than "the right to run in free elections." They want to install Islam, not with the Quran as a constitution but with a constitution based on the Quran. Article 2 of the draft Egypt constitution: "Principles of Islamic Sharia are the main source of legislation."

Saudi Arabia, as I understand it, is not monolithic. Various princes support various causes. Saudi Crown Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz is seen as the founding figure of the Muslim World League described by Andrew McCarthy as "the Saudi-financed global propagation enterprise by which the Muslim Brotherhood's virulently anti-Western brand of Islamist ideology is seeded throughout the world, very much including in the United States."

In any case KSA would stand to benefit currently from MB activity in Syria. Why shrink from that on ideological grounds.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 22:35 utc | 80

RE 79

I'm not sure I'd take the MB quite as you do. In Egypt they're democrats, sure. In Syria, not so certain.

In any case, Qatar is an autocracy. They support potentially democratic regimes elsewhere, in full confidence that the democracy will not return upon them. Are they right?

Posted by: alexno | Aug 19 2012 22:36 utc | 81

re 80

Saudi Arabia, as I understand it, is not monolithic. Various princes support various causes. Saudi Crown Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz is seen as the founding figure of the Muslim World League described by Andrew McCarthy as "the Saudi-financed global propagation enterprise by which the Muslim Brotherhood's virulently anti-Western brand of Islamist ideology is seeded throughout the world, very much including in the United States."

What do you expect of Saudi? There is an ancient king, mumbling in his senescence, entirely exposed to what the princes are saying to him, but preferring the continuation of what he knows. If preserving Saudi involves tackling the Shi'a in Iraq and in Syria, that's OK with him. He has forgotten, in his ancientness, that the majority in Iraq are Shi'a. Probably that does not matter, in his old meanderings, the Shi'a are simply the enemy.

Posted by: alexno | Aug 19 2012 23:10 utc | 82

In Iran, Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei is more than a "guide," he is Iran's Chief of State.

In Iraq, I have no doubt that the current AQ attacks against Shia are supported by KSA and USA.

On the subject of supporting groups of a different ideology, Iran has supported Taliban in Afghanistan against a common enemy.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 19 2012 23:18 utc | 83

the wiki anon tag team

Posted by: denk | Aug 20 2012 4:12 utc | 84

no 81 alexno, they can afford to as their population size is the size of a medium sized city, and they can pay off any dissent. The danger for them is more likely to be invaded by larger populations, so they are completely dependent on the US.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 20 2012 6:16 utc | 85

somebody, you are telepathic, this is what I was about to post:

also, Qatar is tied to Pentagon and NATO and therefore to wider-ranging western policies, whereas I think the SA monarchy relies mainly on its ties with the neocons and various secret services; (I think a study of their demographic composition might shed light on the kind of threats they feel they have to defend themselves against)

Posted by: claudio | Aug 20 2012 7:35 utc | 86

German spy ship has taken over the command and control of syrian rebels from turkey.
Nixon @74

Has the Iranian military managed to compromise NATO secure communication. Did the failure of the FSA and it's associated rats fail because the Syrian knew in advance what was the battle scenario. It looks very likely based on the reality of what happened around the mountains of Latakia. Was it bad decisions by the British and German intelligence or Syria and Iran managed to break the secure communication. This is not far fetched it was very successful with HA during the 2006 war with Israel.

Posted by: hans | Aug 20 2012 8:46 utc | 87

re 85

and they can pay off any dissent.

Yeah, they could, but they don't. Not the Shi'a in the Eastern Province, at any rate. They shoot them down.

Though it is true that if you're a Sunni North Arabian tribesman, your benefits are pretty good. And they've been upped recently.

Posted by: alexno | Aug 20 2012 11:36 utc | 88

alexno 88, that is Saudi Arabia with the Shia Eastern Province?

This here is Quatar according to Wikipedia:

"The country has an area of 4,254 square miles (11,020 km2) and a total population of more than 907,200, of whom one quarter are citizens. Of the citizen population, Shi'a Muslims account for approximately 10 percent and Sunni Muslims 90 percent. The majority of noncitizens are from South and Southeast Asian and Arab countries working on temporary employment contracts, accompanied by family members in some cases. Most noncitizens are Sunni or Shi'a Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or Bahá'ís. Most foreign workers and their families live near the major employment centers of Doha, Al Khor, Mesaieed, and Dukhan.

While the Government does not release demographic figures regarding religious affiliation, some membership figures are available from Christian community groups. Accordingly, the Christian community includes Roman Catholics (80,000), Eastern and Greek Orthodox, Anglicans (10,000), Copts (3,000), and other Protestants. The Hindu community is almost exclusively Indian, while Buddhists include South, Southeast, and East Asians. Most Bahá'ís come from Iran. Religion is not a criterion for citizenship, according to the Nationality Law. However, nearly all Qatari citizens are either Sunni or Shi'a Muslims, except for at least one Christian, a few Bahá'ís, and their respective families who were granted citizenship.

No foreign missionary groups operated openly in the country."

Posted by: somebody | Aug 20 2012 13:59 utc | 89

Turkey seems increasingly nervous and now seems to be trying, on their own, to force a 'UN security zone' inside Syria. But in my opinion the US government doesn't want to be clearly involved until after the November elections so I don't know how they will be able to succeed.

Turkey calls for UN "safe zone" in Syria

And the hypocrisy of complaining about a few thousand refugees, created in part by their own actions, when they have whole secret military camps in the area to back the 'rebels'.

Posted by: ThePaper | Aug 20 2012 14:08 utc | 90

re 89

You are right. I mistakenly thought you were talking about my 82. There weren't many clues in what you wrote.

Posted by: alexno | Aug 20 2012 14:27 utc | 91

h/t ThePaper

Turkey, already hosting nearly 70,000 Syrians fleeing the 17-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, may soon be unable to cope, Ahmet Davutoglu told the Hurriyet newspaper.
"If the number of refugees in Turkey surpasses 100,000, we will run out of space to accommodate them. We should be able to accommodate them in Syria. The United Nations may build camps in a safe zone within Syria's borders," he was quoted as saying.

Clinton's two aces to play are chemical weapons and refugees, and here she's tweaking the hapless Davutoglu on refugee camps as a reason to invade Syria --to create a "safe zone" for refugees. That's of course illegal, but it's about all that Clinton has right now unless the War Goddess can cook up a chemical weapon incident.

My guess -- Obama has told Panetta (military) to stay away from Syria and leave Clinton (his old political nemesis) to twist slowly in the wind. Petraeus and the CIA are the wild card.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 20 2012 15:27 utc | 92

A hundred thousand refugees in Turkey would constitute 0.13% of its population. Syria, a much smaller country, absorbed over a million refugees from Operation Iraqi Freedom or about seven percent of its population. Nobody including the UN raised a peep about that.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Aug 20 2012 15:33 utc | 93

Toodays NYTs editorializes;It's not Islamism we have to fear,but Salafis.
How about;It's not Judaism we have to fear but Jewish Zionists!Atheists using religious texts for land grabbing.Unfreakinbelievable.Anyone else see the stories in Wapo about Jewish atheists keeping Jewish traditions?Talk about ingrained apartheid,and tribal ties.
Rituals over belief and faith,yeah that'll fly well.No Ten Commandment stuff to cloud the mind with humanity,neh?Hypocrites.
Who owns the platinum mine,and how much are they paying the government to cover their ass,should be the question.44 murdered for who?
And Syria being taken off the news is most likely that the witches and warlocks are coming up with a different plan,as Americans are waking up to alCIAda.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 20 2012 15:44 utc | 94

Veterans Today,as of yesterday,still had the Shillary shot at in Israel report up.Talk about news that's not fit to print,and collusion by the Zionist MSM.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 20 2012 16:16 utc | 95

the nwo's dominant meme...
*we must rouse the chinese mass up against their oppressor, firstly we
must break the ccp's firewall in order to spread the msg*
[*they* used fax to do that in 1989 tam, now its all about facebook,
tweets, n all that high tech gizmo]

mdm sec clinton

wiki's manifesto
*WikiLeaks is a buttress against unaccountable and abusive power.
[question for assange, what about the world's most unaccountable n
abusive power, nowhere is the evil empire mentioned in ur mission
statement ?]
The Chinese government actively attempts to block all traffic to
WikiLeaks. Not merely but any address with
"wikileaks" in it. For instance,
We have additional ideas to make bypassing the Chinese firewall easier
which we hope to integrate at a later stage

We propose that authoritarian governments, oppressive institutions and
corrupt corporations should be subject to the pressure, not merely of
international diplomacy, freedom of information laws or even periodic
elections, but of something far stronger — the consciences of the
people within them.

n just what kind of msg assange would like to send to the chinese
people ?

wiki's buddy, the *white hat * [sic] anon has the answer......

*"Each of you suffers from the tyranny of that regime which knows
nothing about you. We are with you. With you here and now. But also
tomorrow and the coming days so promising for your freedom. We will
never give up. Don't loose [sic] hope, the revolution begins in the heart.
The silence of all other countries highlights the lack of democracy and
justice in China. It's unbearable. We must all fight for your freedom.*

According to the Journal, Anonymous also included a link to a page of
tips on how the Chinese people could get around the "Great Firewall" of
China, though the link now appears to be broken (it was reportedly
hosted on the hacked sites' servers, so this makes sense).

a case of great men think alike ?
[i guess mdm sec clinton reckons herself as good as any of all the prez
men ;-) ]

Posted by: denk | Aug 21 2012 5:08 utc | 96

Man who armed Black Panthers was FBI informant, records show

The man who gave the Black Panther Party some of its first firearms and weapons training – which preceded fatal shootouts with Oakland police in the turbulent 1960s – was an undercover FBI informer, according to a former bureau agent and an FBI report.

Same as it ever was ...

Posted by: b | Aug 21 2012 17:43 utc | 97

**The world’s last five years have been marked by an unrelenting series
of economic crises and political upheavals. But they have also given rise
to the eruption of revolutionary ferment in the Middle East and to the
emergence of new protest movements in the Euro-American world. , the
aim of the show is ‘to capture and present some of this revolutionary
spirit to a global audience*

hooray, *white hats* [meaning ethical ;-)] of the world united, lets spread
the fire of revolutionary from me to all those *oppressive regimes*

hey u persians, what r u waiting for, get rid of those damned mullahs !!!

n how can we forget the *world's most oppresive regime* , as per wiki ?
the wiki anon tag china !!

hey u chinese, high time to rise up against ur oppressor
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Hello, we are Anonymous.
All these years the Chinese Government has subjected their people to
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People, each of you suffers from tyranny of that regime.

Fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for democracy!

In the defaces and leaks in this day, we demonstrate our revolt to the
Chinese system. It has to stop! We aren’t asking you for nothing, just
saying to protest, to revolt yourself, to be the free person you always
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We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


assange, introducing the first guest on his tv show [sic], some fugitive !
*The guest list has not been revealed, but it has been hinted that the first
guest will be someone controversial. A tweet from the WikiLeaks
account asks provocatively, “Any bets on who The World Tomorrow’s
first mystery guest(s) are?” It then adds the hashtag “#ExpectAssange”

— a play on the Anonymous slogan, “Expect us*

cheeky eh, ?

Posted by: denk | Aug 22 2012 5:33 utc | 98

zionist jews pressure the Guardian to say Tel Aviv is NOT the capital of israel (so if telaviv isnt and international law says Jerusalem Israel has NO capital!

the worlds nastiest are at it again::

The Guardian newspaper retracted its claim that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel after a watchdog group filed a lawsuit against Britain’s Press Complaints Commission.

In May, The Guardian posted a photo with a caption that referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The caption was later corrected, saying that it “wrongly referred to the city (Jerusalem) as the Israeli capital. The Guardian style guide states: ‘Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel; Tel Aviv is.”

The watchdog group HonestReporting filed a complaint with the UK Press Complaints Commission, which ruled that the newspaper could refer to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital and was not in breach of accuracy clauses.

HonestReporting then launched legal proceedings against the commission.

Under pressure from the commission, The Guardian issued a correction and changed its style guide. The correction does, however, assert that Israel’s designation of Jerusalem as its capital is not recognized by the international community.

The correction, issued Wednesday, read that “A correction to a picture caption said we should not have described Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. It went on to relay the advice in our style guide that the capital was Tel Aviv. In 1980 the Israeli Knesset enacted a law designating the city of Jerusalem, including East Jerusalem, as the country’s capital. In response, the UN Security Council issued resolution 478, censuring the ‘change in character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem’ and calling on all member states with diplomatic missions in the city to withdraw. The UN has reaffirmed this position on several occasions, and almost every country now has its embassy in Tel Aviv. While it was therefore right to issue a correction to make clear Israel’s designation of Jerusalem as its capital is not recognized by the international community, we accept that it is wrong to state that Tel Aviv—the country’s financial and diplomatic centre—is the capital. The style guide has been amended accordingly.”

HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams called on the commission “to issue a new ruling categorically stating that Tel Aviv is not Israel’s capital so that it is clear to the British media that it will not be allowed to repeat this error.”

Posted by: brian | Aug 22 2012 6:56 utc | 99

*'War on Whistleblowers Must End*

*war on whistleblowers* is the least of our worry ,boy
do these mean anything to u ?
wot [terrar]
wod [drug]
woa [wars of aggressions]
extra judicial excutions

how come THE evil empire who committed all of the above, ur *tormentor* remember,
didnt even merit a mention in ur mission statement ?

i see u n ur partner, anon, have been busy calling for revolution in china ?

may be u figure the chinese need a regime change for their own good ?
fine, but i've news for u, we, the world, figure we need a regime change
in amerikka, pronto, today, now. !
no army can force a regime change in amerikka
only a popular uprising can

if anyone can make those couch potatoes rise up, u r the one
coz they idolise u
the way i see it, most would die for u if u just give the say so

the world's fate hinges on ur broad shoulder now assange
this is the perfect moment, u r in the world's spotlight
u dont have to hack into any servers like u did to china
u can do it right here on the balcony of the embassy, in broad daylight.
without fear n prejudice
do us a favor eh, assange
send that msg ?

be warned tho,
if u do that
u can forget about all this endorsements from time, economists etc ;-)

Posted by: denk | Aug 23 2012 6:04 utc | 100

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