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July 11, 2012

NYT: There Is A Right Time For Illegal Jewish Settlements

Today's New York Times editorial is headlined:

Wrong Time for New Settlements

That headline implies that there could be a right time for racist east-European colonizers to build more settlements on stolen west-Asian land. And indeed that seems to be the standpoint of the editors.

Their reasoning in rejecting some Israeli kangaroo-commission's finding that the Zionist state should just swallow-up the West Bank is that this would hurt other Zionist projects:

If its conclusions are not firmly rejected by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there is likely to be new international anger at Israel. That could divert attention from Iran just when the world is bearing down with sanctions and negotiations to curb Tehran’s nuclear program. It would also draw attention to a dispiriting anomaly: that a state founded as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people is determined to continue ruling 2.5 million Palestinians under an unequal system of laws and rights.

So Israel should not annex the West Bank because it would hinder attempts to bomb Iran back to the stone age and it would "draw attention" to what the Zionist state does on a daily base.

That is of course something the editors of the "paper of record" would not want. To draw attention from the Iran diversion to what the Zionist state is doing day by day. That would be committing something like journalism. And that is not what the New York Times, with regards to Israel, is used to do.

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Oh, silly New York Times. The colonization of Palestine is not distracting from the campaign to bomb Iran. Rather, the campaign to bomb Iran is largely meant to distract from the colonization of Palestine.

Posted by: Bill | Jul 11 2012 14:36 utc | 1

When do they go out of business,so I can party like it's 1776!

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 11 2012 17:00 utc | 2

"a dispiriting anomaly"

I'm pretty sure it's not really an 'anomaly'

Having read some works of early zionists such as Jabotinsky, I'm pretty sure it was always intended to be a built-in feature, not a bug in the programming at all

And they were pretty open about it too, back then. They really mad elittle attempt to hide it.

Posted by: Hu Bris | Jul 12 2012 8:13 utc | 3

this bus route should be spread - it visualizes where Israel - Palestine is at in a second
same applies to the whole of the project "visulizing Palestine"

Below is the new map from Visualizing Palestine. This simple bus map shows how connected both sides of the green line actually are. From the map it's clear the path of the separation wall is meant as an annexation line and the bus routes clearly delineate how the the Israeli-only roads in the occupied territories are used to seamlessly connect the settlements with Israeli cities west of the wall. A few weeks ago Michael Freund celebrated the settlement enterprise in the Jerusalem Post by exclaiming, "kiss the Green Line goodbye." This map shows you why.

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