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June 07, 2012

"The Process Of Beginning The Assessment Process To Try ..."


A coalition airstrike during a night raid on a suspected insurgent hideout in eastern Afghanistan killed at least 18 people, including nine children and four women, United Nations officials said.
[T]he compound was filled with family members preparing to celebrate the marriage of one of the suspected Taliban commander's daughters, Afghan officials said.
"ISAF is in the process of beginning the assessment process to try and determine if the operation and this tragedy that seems to be unfolding in Logar are related," said an ISAF spokesman, U.S. Army Maj. Martyn Crighton.

Shouldn't "the process of beginning the assessment process to try and determine if" one should bomb another wedding be done before the actual bombing?

Posted by b on June 7, 2012 at 8:31 UTC | Permalink


How many weddings have these criminals bombed over the past decade?

Posted by: Amar | Jun 7 2012 8:51 utc | 1

so who was in this 'coalition'? usually 'coalition' is a means to hide the fact these are US attacks

Posted by: brian | Jun 7 2012 9:49 utc | 2

How many weddings have these criminals bombed over the past decade?

To my cynical mind, it seems that there are too many weddings for this to be a string of unhappy coincidences.

I am suggestings that these fuckers ("intelligence") - figure that one of their "bad guys" is likely to show up at a family wedding.

Posted by: DM | Jun 7 2012 12:01 utc | 3

The worst of it was that it was neither Talibans nor commanders of anything that were killed. The WSJ said it was the wedding of the daughter of a "suspected Taliban commander". 18 people were killed but it doesn't matter because the coalition forces didn't consider them human.

Posted by: www | Jun 7 2012 12:02 utc | 4

any chatter about 'wedding' gets flagged by the software used to sift thru the streams of electronic surveillance and becomes a focus of attention, assuming there is any human intervention before targets are set. this keyword is considered suspect based on experience of someone at some time using it as a code word for a different sort of gathering.

Posted by: b real | Jun 7 2012 12:15 utc | 5

What if Pakistan bombed the wedding of the daughter of a suspected US military commander, in case he might show up at the party? It would be legitimate to blast the family of a suspected US organized killer, right?

Posted by: Alexander | Jun 7 2012 12:20 utc | 6

Everyone knows wedding is just taliban code for al-quaida terror plot..

Posted by: Alexander | Jun 7 2012 12:21 utc | 7

About bombing of wedding parties - one person I knew, "remembered" - well, actually before she was born, but the story got told to her- a WW I attack by Hungarian soldiers on a wedding party - killed the bride & groom, & others. She hated Hungarians for that reason - for the rest of her life. It was irrational, but it persisted. If Hungarians got massacred during the uprising against the Soviets, having been tricked by the US into doing so, well, OKAY by her. I wonder if the USians realize how much hate they are accumulating. Or - do the 1% not care?

Posted by: Northern Night Owl | Jun 7 2012 13:12 utc | 8

It would seem the 1% need resentment and terrorism, to justify their opressive counter-terror-systems.

Posted by: Alexander | Jun 7 2012 13:44 utc | 9

And the beat goes on b. Kinda begs the question, how long before the "insurgents" acquire drone technology, and "what goes around, comes around"?

Posted by: ben | Jun 7 2012 14:08 utc | 10

Uncle Sam’s blithe disregard for the fate of civilians, whether in wedding parties or elsewhere, negates the claim that Obama was courageous to raid the Abbottabad villa without being certain that OBL was in residence.

Posted by: Watson | Jun 7 2012 14:13 utc | 11

Watson, good point, well made.

Posted by: Alexander | Jun 7 2012 14:23 utc | 12

I thought that the Americans had become buddy-buddy with the Taliban since they gave their blessings for them (and for Hamas)to open an office in Qatar. How is it that they are still bombing their wedding parties

Posted by: www | Jun 7 2012 14:35 utc | 13

And...where in the Western MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) are the reports from the people on the ground who can tell the world their version of what happened? Which are repeated over and over?

Ah, yes. Only those whose story deviates from the West's Narrative are ignored.

If their stories work to move the West's Narrative forward to the West's goals, then their remarks, videos and photos, faked or real, are accepted without question, and the MCMers merely state that no reporters on the ground could corroborate these stories, videos, photos, etc. Later facts or stories from on the ground which discredit the initial reports which support the West's Narrative are assiduously ignored.

Such propaganda works: People on the left who carefully studied and wrote about what Obama said and how that departed from truth and known facts while he campaigned and then worked for his pathetic health insurance profit protection plan, along with things he never even tried to do to help those damaged by the Big Money interests, have now swallowed completely the Big Lies about Libya and now Syria.

Why are the US and its allies's repeated killings of innocent civilians never referred to as massacres?

Posted by: jawbone | Jun 7 2012 15:01 utc | 14

"Why are the US and its allies' repeated killings of innocent civilians never referred to as massacres?"

Exactly, Hillary the Horrible gets all exercised when Assad kills a bunch of people but never bats an eyelash when the US does.

Posted by: JohnH | Jun 7 2012 15:40 utc | 15

I'm not sure we should be using the word wedding to describe the gatherings that these horrors are visited upon. In fact the more I think about it, the more I think perhaps someone should send a note to Alex Cockburn voting 'wedding' for the tumbril.

Think about it - the world's mind slips quickly over wedding nowadays, particularly when it is mentioned in conjunction with an amerikan funded and instigated explosion. It has become a cliche and no one really stops to consider exactly what has happened.

Bang big pink mist -there goes a baby's arm "I wonder which side the baby was from?" thinks an old woman as she looks down to see everything below her knees has been shorn off by the brass tray that a second before had been resting on the table across the way.

There is a bunch of reasons amerikan psychos pick weddings to blow up when they want to inflict damage on Afghans and Pakistanis - not much of it has to do with the guest list. Oh they can be sure that someone will turn up who has some connection however vague with the local anti-imperial freedom fighters, but that isn'y why weddings are selected .
They pick weddings because those festivals over several days are the peak, the epitome of celebration held in any agrarian society. Weddings are where two families unite - often between villages whose bonds may need strengthening - are full of emotions of success - two families have succeded in nuturing and educating two young people who are about to repeat the cycle. Weddings are above all a celebration of hopes fulfilled.
I have no doubt some really fucked up and bitter amerikan educated anthropologist has come up with the hypothesis that by bombing these ancient festivities, amerika can destroy the cultural fabric of the Pashtu.

A really fucked up psy war and when other humans think about what has gone on here don't consider this as being the local equivalent of western weddings - those homage's to consumerism where all participants compete against each other to 'prove' they have had the greatest material success. That isn't what these ceremonies are doing they are a celebration of life pure and simple.

Pashtu weddings could end up as ugly and horrific as many western weddings if the imperial forces were to win, but I'm fairly confident the locals will withstand this twisted take on war as they have withstood everything else the sick fucks who have been wreaking havoc on them since 2002, have pulled. That won't stop the pain these villages feel from what they will perceive as the most evil thing any bunch of demons have ever done to them.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jun 7 2012 22:16 utc | 16

The saddest part is During this decade, (and longer obviously) if you live in the Mideast or Africa, you can't go to a wedding or funeral because the u.s. has "intelligence" a "militant" or "terrorist" plotting against USA might be near or next to you....MSM has never had an afghan or Iraqi on any program to ask "so is the war working,going good for your country, has anything changed for you"? Just hawks & soldiers family members & their own shitty opinions( wolf Blitzer always come to mind"

Posted by: Jose Rios | Jun 7 2012 22:26 utc | 17

DM @3 plus DiD @16 - two good reasons for all these wedding massacres;

Dm @3 also fits with that other horrible tactic when using drones, of bombing again sites about 30-40 minutes after the first bombing, imagining that friends of the "suspect" are among the rescuers

the same horrible people raise the flag of "responsibility to protect", "human rights", etc

Posted by: claudio | Jun 7 2012 23:26 utc | 18

JohnH @ 15 -- Hillary gets worked up when she asserts that Assad is responsible for killing women and children.

She doesn't pay any attention to the facts on the ground, just The Narrative necessary for regime change.

She's picked up the mantle of Colin Powell: Always toe the line the president is using. No matter what.

Posted by: jawbone | Jun 8 2012 3:43 utc | 19

Why are the US and its allies's repeated killings of innocent civilians never referred to as massacres?

Posted by: jawbone | Jun 7, 2012 11:01:28 AM | 14

same reason the US and its allies and their servile MSM call target goverments 'regimes' and their heads of state 'dictators'

Posted by: brian | Jun 8 2012 3:47 utc | 20

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