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February 26, 2012

What Is Edith Bouvier's Role In Sarkozy's "Humanitarian Corridors" Plans

The French President Sarkozy is pressing for "humanitarian corridors" into Syria. These would of course have to guarded by foreign soldiers and would likel lead to an escalation.

The French journalist Edith Bouvier is in Homs, Syrian and is said to be injuried and in need of evacuation.

The role of one Khaled Abu Saleh in this gives reason to believe that she is probably not injuried at all and her case is made only to increase the pressure for Sarkozy's corridor towards regime destruction.

The nuggets for this post were found by commentator ZOO at Prof. Joshua Landis' blog Syria Comments.

The pic is out of a (90° rotated) screenshot at 0:13 into a 1:01 long video uploaded by live19820 to Youtube on February 6.

The video is headlined in Arabic. The narrative in the video is that this guy is laying on the ground in a room and seriously wounded. He has an infusion drip visible on his right arm and his left hand is slightly bandaged. He says something in Arabic which I do not understand (please translate the Arabic in the comments).

This pic is out of a screenshot at 0:04 into a 0:51 long video uploaded by Souria2011archives to Youtube on February 16.

The guy is standing next to a burning pit with a large amount of oil on fire. His left hand is heavily bandaged. The headline of the video is "Syria Dictator Blows Oil Pipeline at Baba Amr -Activist Khaled Abu Saleh Reports 2-15-12 Homs". The guy gives a very energetic rant and he does not appear to be a recent reconvalecent from any serious wounding.

This pic is out of a screenshot at 0:36 into a 2:20 long video uploaded by Syria Free Voice to Youtube on February 19.

The narrative in the video is that the guy is seriously wounded and was "targeted in fronts of the hospital while he was covering a large number of wounded" as the English subtitles say. His left hand is slightly bandaged and rests in a professional sling. The guy later starts into a rant. Then appears another allegedly seriously wounded guy introduced by a person clothed as a doctor as "great international (photographer "wael")" who also starts a rant.

The "Injury activist Khaled Abu Saleh" also features at the end of this short propaganda video which was distributed with a logo and under the name of some Omawi News and uploaded to Youtube on February 8. 

I believe the first and third and fourth videos are fake in that the persons pretending to be seriously wounded are, if at all, only slightly injured and otherwise actors.

The guy was honored with an Al Jazeerah Khaled Abu Salah Live Blog which receive only one rather meaningless post 12 days ago (Feb 13).

Now it gets interesting.

This pic is out of a screenshot at 5:11 into a 6:31 long video uploaded by syrbouazizi5 on February 23. The video is also available on the French website "Dans Actus 20minutes, le 23 Février 2012".

On the French website the video is headlined "Blessée à Homs, la journaliste Edith Bouvier appelle à l’aide" - wounded in Homs the journalist Edith Bouvier is asking for help.

The first part of the video presents the French journalist Edith Bouvier laying on a couch with her body covert with a blanket. She allegedly has a twice broken femur but neither her legs nor a cast is ever shown in the clip. She talks into the camera in French. In between a person clothed as a doctor explains her broken leg in Arabic which gets translated to English by a person off the screen. That person says that Bouvier is in dire need of care because a blood clog could appear in her broken leg. Bouvier is smiling and seems to be joking with him. At 2:10 she is asked but unsure of which of her legs is broken. The doctor has to tell her "it's the left". She has obviously no pain at all.

Another French journalist, a photographer, appears and talks first in French about the difficulty of the situation and the need for transport. Then comes the guy above and he talks in Arabic. The translator says that "Khalid is asking the French government and the Red Cross for help and evacuation."

We obviously see the same guy in all five videos and his business seems to be to create propaganda videos involving fake wounded persons and to distribute these under various Youtube (and Facebook) accounts.

Since November last year the French president Sarkozy is pressing for "humanitarian corridors" into Syria which the Turks so far rejected.

Such a "humanitarian corridors" would of course violate Syria's sovereignty and would likely have to be implemented by military force which would then result in a full blown war and "regime/state destruction". We saw Sarkozy playing that dirty trick in Libya.

Sarkozy recently again pressed for such corridors:

"The idea of humanitarian corridors that I previously proposed, to allow NGOs to reach the zones where there are scandalous massacres, should be discussed at the Security Council," Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told France Info radio.

Now we have a (maybe) wounded, pretty French journalist in Homs in a video made by folks who are seriously into the propaganda business, with routinely presenting injuried persons there, asking for her evacuation. The video is distributed by French TV stations. Would that not be a good reason to press even more for Sarkozy's "humanitarian corridors"?

It was reported (by AFP!) yesterday that the Syrian Red Crescent attempted to evacuate the wounded journalists including Edith Bouvier:

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said negotiations with the authorities and opposition groups to resume evacuations from Baba Amr, where two wounded Western journalists are trapped along with the bodies of two killed colleagues, failed.
Nadir Husseini, an activist in Bab Amr, said people in the neighbourhood were suspicious of the ICRC's local partner, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, and did not want to work with a group "under the control of the regime".

The ICRC denied this, saying the Syrian Red Crescent was an independent organisation.
A journalist involved in Saturday's negotiations told the AFP news agency that ambulances entered rebel stronghold Baba Amr twice in the afternoon but were blocked by the Free Syrian Army.

"At one point they said they could not allow more evacuations, including those of foreign journalists, because nine people evacuated on Friday had been arrested," she said on condition of anonymity.

She said the ICRC investigated the rebel claim and reported that the charge that evacuees had been arrested "were totally false".

Talks have resumed over the issue but it is still the militia that is blocking the Red Crescent access.

Assad would certainly not arrest wounded foreign journalists. It would mean additional international trouble for him which he does not need at all. He would very likely let them go. There is no good reason why the militia should keep them.

But if one wants to press for "humanitarian corridors" which must of course be watched over by foreign military forces one can not allow for the evacuation of the wounded French journalist by the Syrian Red Crescent. Besides - the Red Crescent folks would probably also find that Edith Bouvier's twice broken leg is not that broken at all.

Her role in this lets me wonder if she is a journalist at all or if she is using that profession as a cover for her real job.

Posted by b on February 26, 2012 at 17:26 UTC | Permalink


T/U for the link to the reports saying the Free Syrian Army refused to allow the Red Crescent into Baba Amr. That is what I heard on the BBC.

But, on US MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) news reports somehow the "who," the people actively disallowing the rescues, were not identified and the clear implication was that the Syrian government was not allowing the journalists to be rescued. This was on national broadcast news and on NPR. I kept thinking I may have misheard the BBC report...but also thinking that the MCM would think nothing of "trimming" some facts to make the cause against Syria's government stronger.

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 26 2012 17:54 utc | 1

Did you list this one too? It has subtitles and shows the two Bab Amro TV stars.

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2012 18:40 utc | 2

Yep, they thoroughly killed the Geneva convention, they are now about to finish off the neutrality of the red cross/crescent ...
Reading up on the situation, I guess that an evacuation of women and children, as suggested and planned (and some of it carried out) by the Syrian regime would take the civilian shield away, or told the other way round would make the area a free fire zone.
There was a time in warfare when cities just surrendered and people in there continued to live. Anybody planning for this kind of situation is inhuman in my book.
The PR is going to backfire probably though as the fighters even seem to refuse to let the dead body of Marie Colvin through. The media has been very very quiet since the first videos.

"L'ASL a accusé le régime d'avoir arrêté neuf blessés évacués la veille mais le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) a enquêté et "cela s'est avéré totalement faux", avait-elle ajouté.

Le CICR et le CRAS avaient réussi vendredi pour la première fois à évacuer sept blessés et vingt femmes et enfants malades de Baba Amr, un quartier anti-régime pilonné depuis plus de trois semaines par l'armée, mais pas les journalistes occidentaux.

L'Américaine Marie Colvin, grand reporter du Sunday Times, et le Français Rémi Ochlik, photographe à l'agence IP3 Press, ont été tués mercredi dans un bombardement qui a touché un appartement transformé en centre de presse à Baba Amr.

La journaliste française Edith Bouvier et le photographe indépendant britannique Paul Conroy ont été blessés dans ce même bombardement, et ont appelé dans des vidéos à leur évacuation au plus vite de Baba Amr pour recevoir des soins."

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2012 18:49 utc | 3

I don't have much to add regarding the substance of your article, b, but I do wish to thank you for again being one of the very best 'myth busters' on the Net.

However, what I do wish to add is a bit of corroboration about the seriousness of a femur fracture of any kind. I've suffered a minor (and rare) fracture of the femur that did not result in any dislocation. It was not an open fracture. Regardless, while I was in shock I did no joking whatsoever, nor did a smile cross my face. When shock wore off, I could not function until they gave me Demerol, and after that I regained my humor but could not conceal my pain. My friend, someone I regard as a seriously tough son-of-a-bitch, suffered an open fracture of the femur (more common), and was reduced to a gibbering idiot until after surgery. At the time, both of us were frequently climbing mountains in the Sierra Nevada and riding bicycles up to 250 miles a week...definitely not in the same league as a 'pretty French journalist.'

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Feb 26 2012 18:54 utc | 4

did this post on Thursday, right after Marie Colvin's death
Edith Bouvier figures in it.

"The alleged journalist looks remarkably calm for a person with a broken femur (the largest bone in your body) in a stressful situation.
She doesn’t appear to be in pain.
I would think, since we are supposed to believe this area is lacking in medical supplies, she is not receiving pain killers?"

She wants out of Syria via Lebanon
Israel has an idea about "weapons being shipped from Syria to Lebanon" (Why in hell would that happen)
Which they would have to respond by attacking Syria.

Posted by: Penny | Feb 26 2012 20:02 utc | 5

Oh and btw Marie Colvin is to be buried..... in Syria
Convenient? Oh yah!

Posted by: Penny | Feb 26 2012 20:03 utc | 6


Interesting post - thank you for highligting this.

This guy - who you mentioned - was shown on a youtube clip on Al Jazeera last week - this time he is a "doctor" tending to the wounds of a little boy. In the video, the "doctor" is shouting at the camera as to how evil Assad and his regime is, they are now delibrately targeting children! He then asks, whilst the camera is focusing on the childs injuries, what has this boy done to deserve this? When will the world end this suffering?

At that time the media was telling the world that 100s of children had been killed and are being killed. This video, shown by Al-J, fitted nicely into that narrative.

I remember watching this clip and thought, how convenient that such a video pops up when Western countries were condemning killing of children. And how lucky this fellow was, to speak in English (lets not even talk about the killing, injuring and imprisoning of Palestinian kids by Isreal!).

Are Al Jazeera staff not aware of this and the game they are playing as a tool of Qatars fp agenda?


Posted by: Irshad | Feb 26 2012 20:41 utc | 7

I had a look at the video. Actually the situation of the journalists is not clear.

there is a strange emphasis that they are treated well. And the smile might mean that nonverbially she is taking her spoken words back.

If Baba Amr is all the fighters have their situation is desperate.!/MFinoshina_RT/status/172505173216858112/photo/1/large

The journalists might be a kind of insurance for them.

And why does Paul Conroy insist on leaving only with his colleague's dead body?

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2012 21:15 utc | 8

Oh and that's the same man who announces the death of Colvin and Olchik and who also appears in Colvin's last article for the Sunday Times. I would like to ask him few questions...

Posted by: Sophia | Feb 26 2012 22:56 utc | 9

Found this curious video uploaded Feb 10 2012 of a gathering in Jeddah Saudi Arabia to honor this Khaled abu Salah , the speaker at the event after hailing the guy and his family as heros with abu Salah's father present on stage announces that the "sheik" most likely this one .

had gifted 200,000 saudi riyals to abu salah to be sent to him to Baba Amro and urges the audience to top the amount by 100,000 riyals increments , the video abruptly stops at 600,000 riyals.

Posted by: marco | Feb 26 2012 23:29 utc | 10

Thank you for opening our eyes to the Imperialism is planning for the Arab world. It destroyed Africa and now moving to a new target.

Posted by: Phony Media | Feb 26 2012 23:46 utc | 11

Just out of curiousity: Edith Bouvier is described as a "freelance journalist".

Hmmm, ok. But to be a journalist you really do need to be able to point to some "journals" with your name on them, don't you?

Does anyone know of any articles that have been published under the byline of one Bouvier, Edith?

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 26 2012 23:51 utc | 12

What about the negative angle the western media have on the Syrian new constitution vote. A real step in the right direction by Assad, but you're not supposed to hear that.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 27 2012 0:20 utc | 13

That's pure Sarkozy plannning: impulsive, opportunistic, vulgar, murky. It worked in Libya, will it work in Syria?

Posted by: Sophia | Feb 27 2012 0:21 utc | 14

Well done. Look after yourself: these people, like Sarkozy, make Murder Incorporated look like unusually pious and good humoured choirboys.
In the meantime the experiment to discover just how much the islamic world will stomach continues...

Posted by: bevin | Feb 27 2012 1:50 utc | 15

Pour la libération de nos compatriotes et confrères prisonniers à Baba Amr

par Thierry Meyssan

Plusieurs journalistes sont retenus dans la zone close de Baba Amr. Selon les dirigeants atlantistes, ils sont empêchés d’en sortir par l’armée syrienne qui pilonnerait le bastion rebelle. Présent sur place et témoin privilégié des négociations, Thierry Meyssan rend compte de la réalité : les journalistes sont prisonniers de l’Armée « syrienne » libre qui les utilise comme boucliers humains. Le Croissant Rouge syrien a été empêché par les rebelles de les évacuer.

Réseau Voltaire | Homs (Syrie) | 25 février 2012

Posted by: pmoulin | Feb 27 2012 1:51 utc | 16


SATISFAIT? Vous croyez que les médias vous ont bien informé sur la guerre en Libye ? Ou bien vous pensez que « la première victime de la guerre, c’est la vérité »? La seconde étant les gens qui meurent sous des bombes pas forcément «humanitaires». Et si la troisième victime de la désinformation c’était vous? Que fait-on avec vos impôts? Vous rend-on complice d’intérêts inavouables derrière chaque guerre? Manuel de contrepropagande

Posted by: pmoulin | Feb 27 2012 1:53 utc | 17


Que vaut notre info sur la Syrie ? Qui croire, après tant de média-mensonges ? Les Etats-Unis et la France pensent-ils seulement à la démocratie et au bonheur des Syriens ?

Alors pourquoi protègent-ils toutes les autres dictatures arabes ? Veulent-ils la démocratie ou contrôler le Moyen-Orient ?

Dépassant les propagandes simplistes, Bahar Kimyongür, originaire de la communauté alaouite de Turquie, jette un regard transfrontalier sur ce conflit plus complexe qu’on nous le dit.

Tout en critiquant durement le système syrien, il éclaire aussi les milliards de financements occultes de Washington, le plan Syriana préparé par la CIA pour remodeler le «Grand Moyen-Orient», le rôle trouble joué par un milliardaire libanais et le prince saoudien Bandar Sultan, financier avéré de mouvements terroristes.

L’info sur les guerres en cours ou à venir est trop importante pour avaler n’importe quoi.

Posted by: pmoulin | Feb 27 2012 1:53 utc | 18

So the journalists are hostages and human shields along with the civilian population, held by the rebels, who have stockpiles of Druganov-rifles...
Thanks for the link pmoulin.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 27 2012 2:12 utc | 19

The name Edith Bouvier might be a fake also. The only thing I fond when I do a search is the recent news from Homs and this:

Posted by: Sophia | Feb 27 2012 3:53 utc | 20

OT, but while much of America watches Hollywood, WikiLeaks uploads Stratfor

Posted by: catlady | Feb 27 2012 4:32 utc | 21

yep, Wikileaks are heroes.

This here explains best what is going on in Syrian disinformation

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 7:52 utc | 22

@20 Sophia, try broadening your approach to Searching.

Posted by: sam_m | Feb 27 2012 8:28 utc | 23

I guess they need to get their own wounded fighters out and that is what it is really about.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 12:19 utc | 24

who have stockpiles of Druganov-rifles...

Since then, the Dragunov has become the standard squad support weapon of several countries, including those of the former Warsaw Pact. Licensed production of the rifle was established in China (Type 79 and Type 85) and Iran (as a direct copy of the Chinese Type 79).

Posted by: Morocco Bama | Feb 27 2012 14:00 utc | 25

what an idiotic blog.

Posted by: what not | Feb 27 2012 14:55 utc | 26

Some pushback on Western propaganda:

Posted by: ben | Feb 27 2012 15:41 utc | 27

you read it what not now who is the idiot :-))

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 15:44 utc | 28

For those asking why Al Jazeera is giving a platform to this guy and other so called "friends of Syria". This from AL Akhbar media.

Posted by: ana souri | Feb 27 2012 16:02 utc | 29

Marie Colvin last, before she died ... a DEAD BABY video. Sensitive souls should not click. 4 mins.

Bouvier in Guardian article requests a cease-fire, not a humanitarian corridor.

The International Red Cross - CICR - has come up strong against a Humanitarian corridor, and has proposed a cease-fire, for x hours per day in the afternoon.

All this is a golden oppo for the warmonger Sark. If he can ‘save’ French Journos he is an effin’ hero, and if he can contribute to the world PTB’s efforts he gets karma points. No matter how positive outcome results, he always takes credit (his wife does that too) when he did nothing but posture and bluster. He claimed (in France) to have engineered the ‘freeing’ of the Bulgarian Nurses in Lybia, and for getting Florence Aubenas (another F journo) out of Iraq. Both claims are completely false.

If the results are dismal, the French Press simply don’t mention it. France does not have a free press or media, rates way way down on any scale one consults. The opposition only goes so far for a very brief time-span, and frames things in an odd way. Sigh.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 27 2012 16:08 utc | 30

so it's a blog for idiots? I guess whoever is hallucinating here as an editor is deputising while that bimbo Lizzie is having a break, what next, Qatar indoctrinates civilians through contaminated syringes, while Imperialist al Qaeda dances on virgin Alawite referendum voters. keep it up.

Posted by: what not | Feb 27 2012 16:30 utc | 31

@what not - if you have some substantial remarks or something that rebuts my post please let us know.

Otherwise get lost.

Posted by: b | Feb 27 2012 16:43 utc | 32

Do You Druganov.......

Druganov is a small potato according to an opposition website that been against the syrian regime for many years the rebels are using milan and siphon anti armor courtesy of Israel and france.

Posted by: marco | Feb 27 2012 17:14 utc | 33

Edith Bouvier, of whom I had never heard, does not have:

A linkedin profile - desperate odd for a free lance journo.

A ‘face-bouk’ profile, but then I am not inscribed so it is difficult to be sure..

A personal website, even if clumsy / old / minimalist (as far as i could see)

Le Figaro is a right-wing rag, she is not an accredited reporter for them..

I could find no journo articles signed by her (does not mean they don’t exist.)

In the White Pages for France, there are only 14 Edith or E Bouvier. None look likely, but then, that doesn’t mean much either. Jacqueline Kennedy was a Bouvier. Strangely, it is not a common name, rather staggeringly rare. Surprise.

It is not possible to check that a journo is accredited, in France, as there are multiple organisms, and much confusion. No complete list exists.

Who is this woman?

She did study at the Ecole de Journalisme in Toulouse, one article said. They don’t list graduates.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 27 2012 17:36 utc | 34

Well, since Syria Comment has been introduced, I thought this was a more balanced take from Syrian Prometheus, a Syrian-American Businessman.

Stone Age, Here We Come

Sanctions are going to be a very interesting case study. They will provide a fascinating data base for future historians and policy wonks. Too bad that the Syrian people will pay the price with their innocent blood. In all likelihood, the regime has analyzed its odds carefully, both in terms of its monetary resources and its ability to turn up the level of pain.

It knows how much money it needs to pay for a protracted war against the population. To borrow a term from the “Godfather” movie, it is time to go to mattresses. The regime will:

1.)Liquidate its opponents in such a way as to provide the most horrifying abject lesson to those of us who are cowards and readily intimidated. This explains the daily tales and videos of brutish behavior.

2.)Wait for high-profile individuals to step out of line and make an example of them. The commercial elites are not only scared about losing their wealth and businesses that many have built up over generations of hard work, but they are scared of losing their lives.

3.)Wait. Then wait. And when you are done waiting, wait some more. This is a lesson that Senior probably drilled into Junior. European and US elections are coming up soon. Syria is likely to be demoted relative to other issues for US politicians. The “Pocket Book” is the number one issue over the next two years. The number two issue is…. Not sure there is a number two issue. Back to waiting; the regime will not be concerned with the numbers of casualties. It is said that one of its leading generals has mused about the expiration of a million Syrians during these trying times and was not greatly concerned.

4.)Sow the seeds of regional conflict. Reestablish the PKK connections. Push Hizbullah’s buttons in Lebanon. See if Hamas can start a fracas. It is always worthwhile finding out if other existential issues can distract the people and bring them back in line.

Syria is being shaken down by a regime which acts remarkably like an organized-crime racket. To assume that it would respond to the tools of diplomacy and public opinion is naively optimistic. It is a parasitic entity; it has latched onto its host and is not likely to know that it is in trouble until the host has died.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | Feb 27 2012 18:13 utc | 35

MB, it seems to me that the cruel tyrants, indifferent to the people's sufferings, are those who impose sanctions on regimes they don't like

Posted by: claudio | Feb 27 2012 19:31 utc | 36

@36, I think both are cruel tyrants, however, let's assume the world followed your advice in regards to South Africa during the seventies and eighties and refused to impose sanctions and continued to trade with the Apartheid Regime. We'd still have Apartheid in South Africa today if that were the case. The economic pressure placed on the Apartheid Regime in South Africa forced it to eventually capitulate.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | Feb 27 2012 19:46 utc | 37

it is just that Syria
a) is no apartheid regime
b) the political goal of the oppositions is completely unclear (no, get rid of Bashar Assad is not a political programme, see Libya)
c) the opposition, recognized as "a legitimate representative of the Syrian people" has just split, and the Syrian people were not asked if they wanted to be represented by either of them
d) repression is ok, if it is done by nice considerate people like us, but absolutely evil if it is done by people we do not like, same applies to the killing of babies which is accidental and a regrettable error when we do it.
e) the solution in South Africa was this - from Wikipedia
T"he Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith, signed by Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Harry Schwarz in 1974, enshrined the principles of peaceful transition of power and equality for all, the first of such agreements by acknowledged black and white political leaders in South Africa. Ultimately, F. W. de Klerk negotiated with Nelson Mandela in 1993 for a transition of policies and government."
so if the West wanted a real solution for Syria (or had they wanted it for Libya) they would encourage all the involved parties to talk. what the west wants is eternal conflict to weaken Arab or Muslim nationalist movements.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 20:17 utc | 38

@MB - so Syrian Prometheus thinks a civil war is a better outcome?

S/he will be disappointed.

BTW: are you now a sockpuppet of the resident neocon (slothrop) here?

Why investing in such effort? You will not change my point of view with your rants nor that of the longterm readers who know my record.

Posted by: b | Feb 27 2012 20:19 utc | 39

The same could be said of you, b. Why invest so much time and effort? It's not like you're going to change the minds of anyone who's in a position to do anything about it, so it amounts to nothing more than preaching to a choir that only knows one tune.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | Feb 27 2012 20:31 utc | 40

'so it's a blog for idiots? I guess whoever is hallucinating here as an editor is deputising while that bimbo Lizzie is having a break, what next, Qatar indoctrinates civilians through contaminated syringes, while Imperialist al Qaeda dances on virgin Alawite referendum voters. keep it up.

Posted by: what not | Feb 27, 2012 11:30:56 AM | 31
no its a blog for those who want to cease being idiots.This seems to have ruffled your feathers mr what-not. Bimbo Lizzie! LOL ...she must have turned you down. Qatar is with the US and EU one of the murder machines and dictatorships reinventing itself as an bastion of humanitarianism. Alqaeda is currently in the employ of the US..something 'bimbo' Lizzie is helping us to be aware of...

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2012 20:53 utc | 41

b's "record":

Qaddafi survives, forever cheering the spirits of one Hamburger

US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan without their supply lines cut off, and the Army would be abandoned and destroyed

There are particular errors of your analysis of Iraq, which are too numerous to mention here (the composition of the insurgency, the points of contact of the insurgency with Iran, proof supplied by wikileaks that Iran . Indeed, supply insurgents with IEDs)

The incomparably ridiculous claim that elections were "fair" in Iran, given the fact that any election held in Iran is at best plebiscatory

The crème de la crème of your errors is the recklessly contradictory "report" of the insurgency sweeping the Arab diaspora – you only support those insurgencies that seem to oppose USuk. You don't give a shit about people, only your precious theory.

If you were a principled noninterventionist, that'd be defensible, though, I suppose we'd have by this time gotten rid of all the Jews and counted our days until the thousand-year Reich had its last birthday. But, no, you're just a hypocrite who defends a version of deb's hysterical USuk thesis at the expense of a casual awareness of reality. Sort of sad departure from what this blog used to be.

and your record, b, for the past two years

Posted by: slothrop | Feb 27 2012 20:54 utc | 42

'The International Red Cross - CICR - has come up strong against a Humanitarian corridor, and has proposed a cease-fire, for x hours per day in the afternoon'

a new euphemism: 'humanitarian corridor'...path cleared to allow foreign forces to invade a country with minimum of effort and maximum effect.

'Humanitarian' like 'freedom' and 'liberty' are words the PR men have decided have good effect on moving public support.

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2012 20:58 utc | 43

@23 sam_m

Searching for Bouvier at Le Figaro is self referential. There are no external references for this woman.

Posted by: Sophia | Feb 27 2012 21:01 utc | 44

'The incomparably ridiculous claim that elections were "fair" in Iran, given the fact that any election held in Iran is at best plebiscatory'

ah yes free and fair elections...lets see:

Slops , what you miss are the efforts by the US to manipulate elections in Iran

and :

'So, the presidential election in Iran was rigged. How do we know this? Because the Western media almost invariably say it was. How do they know? Because the main opposition challenger, Mir Hossein Mousavi – who officially got far fewer votes than the incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — said it was. And how does Mousavi know the election was rigged? Because he didn’t win it.

Mousavi declared himself the winner of the election before the polls were even closed, standard operating procedure for those seeking to instigate a color revolution. Color revolutions are insurrections sparked by claims of electoral fraud. Failing at the polls, a challenger calls for his supporters to take to the streets to pressure the government to step down. The Western media have played a role by making the charges of electoral fraud seem legitimate, by the simple ploy of treating them as such

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2012 21:03 utc | 45

'The crème de la crème of your errors is the recklessly contradictory "report" of the insurgency sweeping the Arab diaspora – you only support those insurgencies that seem to oppose USuk. You don't give a shit about people, only your precious theory'

cause the arab spring was made in america..,one of the few genuine efforts at arab freedom was in Bahrain and that was crushed by US allies the saudis..

Youre the one who seems to be contradictory...your support only those 'revoluions' backed by the US/UK Israel.France etc../ie colour revolutions

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2012 21:10 utc | 46

There you go b. Twits & cranks like "brian."

MoA deserves better.

Posted by: slothrop | Feb 27 2012 21:21 utc | 47

twits and the best slops can do by way of critiquing..

MoA deserves better!

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2012 21:25 utc | 48

I see you are enjoying yourselves :-))

Baba Amr is getting weirder. It is quite funny how Sky News is calling it "Homs". Americans never use a map, to find out it is a small area in Homs.

Now I am very inclined to believe that members of the Syrian Red Crescent work part time for the Secret Service, so activists may not trust them, however, what is the problem in giving them dead bodies?

And how come not more than 3 people want to be evacuated from Baba Amr which is decribed as hell on earth?

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 21:45 utc | 49

@b touché. have you got any more satellite images of Baba Amr? (not to be confused with Pinewood Studios) I hope Zionist/IMF/AlQaeda cabal hasn't cracked your kitchen intelligence unit yet, if you were in Russia, they'd give you an 'Imperial Culture' award. keep trying, you never know. FYI Edith Bouvier is a freelancer, just like Lizzie. oh ah

Posted by: what not | Feb 27 2012 22:08 utc | 50

@ MB 40

I might be "the quire", but b changed my mind on Syria.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 27 2012 22:09 utc | 51

yep, and she is not the only journalist having serious problems - Libya is supposed to be freed? It is a big country okay, but even in Tripolis?

Actually the named journalists are not the only ones trapped in Baba Amr, their is a Spanish journalist from el mundo, too, who has fallen silent the last few days and probably more.

I think their editors might just have miscalculated events.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2012 22:28 utc | 52

The fact b is likely right on his analysis (and the story about the journalist at Baba Amr never looked quite right to me) seems to be proven by all this sudden troll infestation we have got here.

I advice caution and to try to not get bitten by them. We don't want to get infected with some trolling viruses.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 27 2012 22:32 utc | 53

@somebody somehow he managed to file a copy for the Guardian though, and tweet some pictures. strange though, it'snot like they have all the equipment to broadcast live and direct 24/7 there, and the weather is glorious

here's defender of all faiths bombing a mosque just to make sure he's understood

and then some, just for the sake of it

who cares about some womend and kids in a bomb shelter or not,

enough material for Hon. b to work his magic through, if he can't suss a Zionist/AlQaeda plot here, we're all doomed.

Posted by: what not | Feb 27 2012 22:44 utc | 54

I realize more and more just how fortunate I have been to have been a charter reader and commentator on this blog. It is a rare privilege to able to watch the front line of history unfolding as reported by an astute and capable researcher and evaluator, albeit an amateur fulfilling his “hobby”. I bemoan the fact that there are few if any professionals who could come even close to Bernhard.

For the most part we are privy to the inner workings of empire only long after the fact. We are normally totally discombobulated by the official journalistic minions of the PTB. We end up having to read, long after the events, exposes of the inner workings of those that control, manipulate and exploit us by the whistle blowers after they have observed and participated enough to feel the need to expiate their consciences and share their insider information. Two examples come immediately to mind: William Blum, “Rogue State”, “Killing Hope, U.S. Military and CIA interventions since WWII”, and John Perking, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.

From these two authors alone, we are enlightened not only to the policies behind the empire’s overt actions but the plethora of brutal and callous covert actions in bringing down those abroad that stand in the way of the empire’s global hegemonic agendas. In reading “Moon of Alabama” we are then able to discern the same dirty tricks being played again in the empire’s design to bring down yet another uncooperative government standing in the way of the empire’s new world order. It is no wonder you are plagued by trolls.

Thank you b for doing what must involve an enormous amount of uncompensated effort to bring to us a more honest look at the unfolding of these highly pertinent foreign events. However I think need to exercise the caution mentioned by ThePaper.

one of the choir,

Posted by: Juannie | Feb 27 2012 22:55 utc | 55

@ Juannie
Hear hear!
I've only known about MoA for a couple of weeks but, b is right up there along with Noam Chomsky et al as most important intellectuals of our generation, and I'm glad I found this site.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 27 2012 23:29 utc | 56

ditto Juannie.

the trollish noise factor here is indicative of--even with so much power consolidated at the top--a genuine concern that counter-narratives can still get traction; can still be a problem for how certain members of the financial elite are engaged in violently determining how our future global living conditions will be shaped. and controlled.

Posted by: lizard | Feb 27 2012 23:31 utc | 57

yes Juannie and Lizard

also, timeliness is essential because you can shape opinion as events unfold; after the facts, it doesn't matter much anymore;

Posted by: claudio | Feb 28 2012 0:05 utc | 58

"b is right up there along with Noam Chomsky et al as most important intellectuals of our generation"

ahahahahahaha, @Alexander, dear, how old are you? who are these 'et al'? webster tarpley? surely noam chomsky has a long way to go before he reaches intellectual capacity of one "former tank officer" ! I have no clue how I found this concpiracy cesspit, but it's amazing how it hurts when you fight the Empire from within in the comfort of your kitchen, and nobody from the Zionist/IMF/AlQaeda cabal is even listening!!!! I can't laugh anymore.

Posted by: what not | Feb 28 2012 0:21 utc | 59

@37 "The economic pressure placed on the Apartheid Regime in South Africa forced it to eventually capitulate."

with some help from certain caribbeans

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 28 2012 0:33 utc | 60

is 'whatnot' a zionist troll?

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2012 2:24 utc | 61

'The fact b is likely right on his analysis (and the story about the journalist at Baba Amr never looked quite right to me) seems to be proven by all this sudden troll infestation we have got here.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 27, 2012 5:32:24 PM | 53


Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2012 2:25 utc | 62

if someone refutes b's bullshit, they are a zionist troll. I love you guys. haha nothing happening in Syria, nope, unless of course it is the Mossad vultures inciting deaths.

I think b is the Zionist plant.

Posted by: Yoni Ra | Feb 28 2012 2:38 utc | 63

be well, b

the noise will dissapear

for your work, thanks

lizard's point is well made & elaborated by the noise which surrounds it

Posted by: remembererringgiap | Feb 28 2012 3:13 utc | 64

so what did you have here before this 'zionist troll infestation'? intellectual brainstorming 'along with Noam Chomsky et al'? they sit and recycle every obscure delusion, and suddenly it's an 'analysis', because everything else 'never looked quite right', so there you have it instead, a 'former tank officer' must be 'likely right', and what did I do, desecrated your temple? get out more.

now for all your intellectual savoir faire I trust you to be fluent in French, so would you deconstruct for us kindly this account by a surgeon who spent almost two weeks in Homs

Posted by: what not | Feb 28 2012 3:22 utc | 65

'giap, it's reminiscent of the green revolution days. there was a commenter back then that reminds me of a recent interloper. I trust regulars know who I am referring to; I'm sort of superstitious about saying names.

when I poked the recent interloper I was thinking of that wily Iranian, but I was quickly reminded of how attention=encouragment. it's a difficult thing to resist sometimes, though.

Posted by: lizard | Feb 28 2012 4:10 utc | 66

You're a Legend.

Posted by: masoud | Feb 28 2012 5:48 utc | 67

yep, what not

Comment va évoluer la situation ?
Ils ne vont pas lâcher, il faudra que Bachar les tue tous.

you think the humanitarian west should escalate this situation? or find a way out.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 7:43 utc | 68

and, by the way, what not, if you suggest something like the humanitarian's west Libyan solution, you should not, that Medecins sans frontieres had to leave Misrata in protest after the "liberation" , as they were supposed to treat people there in between torture sessions.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 7:47 utc | 69

congratulations b. you crossed the barrier

Blake Hounshell ‏ @blakehounshell
The strange world of American Syria conspiracy theorists…

now friends of Edith Bouvier, tell us about her :-))

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 8:25 utc | 70

P.S. it is a French conspiracy theory

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 8:26 utc | 71

I see Edith Bouvier has refused again to leave. And the photographer is staying with her out of solidarity!

It is really very strange. Even if there are mukhabarat in the Syrian Red Crescent convoy, the idea that they would do anything to a French journalist is just absurd. The Syrian government would look after her and put her straight on a plane to Paris (evidently she would not be allowed back). There has to be something more, which would be embarrassing.

Posted by: alexno | Feb 28 2012 8:56 utc | 72

@72 Strange indeed.

This paragraphs is beyond bizarre:
"Paul Conway's wife said on Sunday that her husband had rejected an earlier opportunity to leave Homs with the Syrian Red Crescent as the photographer had been advised that they were "not to be trusted"."

Who is giving that "advice"?

Look, if you can't trust the Syrian Red Crescent then what alternative will be acceptable to you?

Sarkozy in drag, with a stethoscope around his neck?
Barak Obama in a surgical smock, with the nobel peace prize in his hand?

"And the UK's International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell told the BBC there was evidence of people on the ground "infiltrating the Syrian Red Crescent" and "posing an additional danger" to injured people seeking to leave Homs."

What the f**k does that actually mean?

That the organization has been "infiltrated"?


Or does it mean the ambulances displaying the Red Crescent have been hijacked by Assad's goons, to be replaced by cleverly disguised T-55 Main Battle Tanks?

Honestly, why on earth would anyone want to "infiltrate" a national Red Crescent society?
What, exactly, would be the point?

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 28 2012 9:32 utc | 73

@ what not
I'm norwegian, I know a troll when I see one.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 28 2012 10:10 utc | 74

Johnboy, the Syrian Red Crescent are Syrians, and Syria is a police state. In a police state (and that is presumably true in all states including Western democracies), everybody talks to the police including the secret police. Difference in Western democracy is you can complain about them, and there are some checks and balances on the monopoly of power.

The Red Crescent is strictly neutral. They of course will ensure medical treatment. They have however no way to protect their clients from being questionned by police or secret police. The Red Cross/Crescent rarely talks except to the parties involved, because otherwise they would get no access to warring parties.

So letting people out is problematic for militant groups in Baba Amr, beyond needing journalists and civilians as human shields, or told the other way round, without western journalists getting news out, the Syrian army could do as it pleases. The journalists are an insurance for them to stay in the news. As the media is towing the line the role of the militants in this will be not really talked about. And as most people have other things to do, they just will listen to tv or radio news telling them that there is a blood bath in Homs (which is a lot larger than Baba Amr), and a beautiful French journalist got hurt and is kept captive by Bashar Assad.

For all this Edith Bouvier just needs to be an adventourous ambitious young journalist believing to be on the right side.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 10:24 utc | 75

@75 Look, I understand what you are saying, I'm just struggling to square that with what was being reported in those quotes.

What, exactly, did Bouvier and Conway would think would happen to them if/when they squeeze themselves into a Syrian Red Crescent ambulance?

What, exactly, are they afraid of?

Certainly from the quotes I reproduced their fears appear to be utterly irrational, and stem from nothing other than that the "rebels" didn't want them to step into that ambulance, and so those rebels put the frighteners on them.

Quite what that says regarding the powers of observation of those two "reporters" is something that I'll leave to others....

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 28 2012 10:34 utc | 76

Oh and no matter what it will cost him Sarkozy is going to save her from the dragon.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 10:36 utc | 77

Anyway, the photographer Conroy has been smuggled out to Lebanon now.

Whether Bouvier has left in the same way is not confirmed.

Neither the photographer nor Bouvier, if honest, had anything to fear from the mukhabarat (secret police). The mukhabarat would not have dared touch them, for fear of the consequences. Immediate expulsion is what would have happened.

So there was something to conceal.

Posted by: alexno | Feb 28 2012 11:00 utc | 78

photos, notes, adress books, telephone numbers, contacts

journalists are very interesting for secret services ..., no they would not want to burn that, it is the basis of their work.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 11:09 utc | 79

Edith Bouvier has worked with the French (governmental) radio station RFI for years. The only thing you need in France to be a journalist is to have good contacts, usually through your family (a nice pedigree, rather than a reputation and a linkd and fb pages).

Posted by: HW | Feb 28 2012 11:33 utc | 80

the situation is completely unclear

it does not seem true they are free:!/MilesAmoore

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 11:43 utc | 81

According to 79 & 80, Bouvier sounds like a right idiot, if she has material with her that she can't afford to destroy.

Posted by: alexno | Feb 28 2012 12:11 utc | 82

alexno, that is my assessment, too, and I am not that sure about her health situation.

this here seems the responsible organisation:

and this is from above Sunday Times journalist twitter outcry

the "diplomat" quoted in the reuters piece is a from the french embassy in damascus, we have been told. They can't even leave the...

Miles Amoore ‏ @MilesAmoore

The French embassy has been talking to a blogger in Saudi Arabia to organise ceasefire in Homs. That's how much they know about anything

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 12:16 utc | 83

This is in response to the predictions 'b' made that have not turned out to be correct. Making predictions about the future is a dicey game and, as we say in the (in baseball terms), if you are batting 300 (3/10) you are doing pretty good.

In reading this blog I have come to realize that I hold a different worldview compared to many people here. However that is not the point. The point is that analysis of some news of importance is done with a depth of detail I have not found elsewhere. It is this analysis that I value greatly because few of us have the time to breakdown the information that is floating out there and get to the truth.

One note the Arab spring. It isn't over yet. Many have been suppressed but none has really died. The underlying force driving them ( a very youthful population) is very strong and will remain strong for atleast a couple of decades while those trying to suppress them will grow weaker with each passing year. The revolution will come, it will just take longer.

Posted by: Khalid Shah | Feb 28 2012 14:40 utc | 84

You forget Khalid Shah that it is not just the old who will be getting older :-))

But sure, there is no way the old systems will survive, and that includes the Gulf.

That storyline on the trapped journalists is just getting worse. It seems Paul Conroy refused twice to leave with the Red Crescent without the dead body of his colleague, but got 13 activists killed who smuggled him out.
and after all this he is reported to be "in a good mood"

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 15:23 utc | 85

Bouvier is out now, according to Sarko.

Posted by: alexno | Feb 28 2012 16:49 utc | 86

Good point and you are right but I did not forget that either. See the young are also having children. So this is a little like the babyboomer generation here in the US that was born shortly after WW2. The difference in ME is this 'boomer' generation is huge in size (unprecedented really) to the extent that over 75% of the population is below the age of 25. It will take quite some time for this majority youth percentage to come down and while it remains so high society norms will always remain under threat. Those in power though will fight change with all they have got.

Posted by: Khalid Shah | Feb 28 2012 17:04 utc | 87

Sarko seems to have jumped the gun

She probably is out but not all 4 of the journalists people on the ground are worried too many details might come out how they do it ..

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2012 17:13 utc | 88

Soooo, do I have this right?

Conway could had entered a Syrian Red Crescent ambulance and been driven out of Homs.
At mortal risk from such an operation would have been
one (1) white ambulance,
one (1) ambulance driver,
one (1) medic, and
one (1) British reporter,
all of whom would have to rely upon the protective emblem painted on their amblance to grant them free passage out of Homs.

Conway refused to enter that ambulance, after which time this vehicle (presumably, does anyone know?) returned to its base undamaged, unhindered, and.... utterly empty.

Instead Conway insisted on being "smuggled" out of Homs by people who
have no immunity, and
wear no protective symbol,
which means that any such operation must place those rebels at risk of being fired upon by the Syrian Army.

And during that move some of those rebels were, indeed, spotted, whereupon they were fired upon and were killed.

Man, what some idiots would do to spice up their scoop.....

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 28 2012 22:11 utc | 89

stratfor is intel ?
say who ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 29 2012 5:09 utc | 90

Excellent sleuthing and reveal job on operation manufacture war.

They are obviously faking videos in a co-ordinated way. Al Jazeera is corrupted.

The cranks show up when you land a blow. Bah. They are getting less effective though.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Feb 29 2012 7:20 utc | 91

lots of people are questioning wikileaks bona fide these days, [not at
moa tho] ,time to dish out more *limited handouts*
hmmm, stratfor's cover has long been blown
wouldnt hurt to *expose* it to buy some street creds ?

msm has no cred ?
but now we've wiki the go to source !
people who sniffed at msm propaganda would swallow the same bs
hook line n sinker when its *leaked* by wiki

if neocon like sloth had quoted from nyt etc he'd be roundly derided
but since it comes from wiki the *whistleblower* ....

*There are particular errors of your analysis of Iraq, which are too
numerous to mention here (the composition of the insurgency, the points
of contact of the insurgency with Iran, proof supplied by wikileaks that
Iran . Indeed, supply insurgents with IEDs)*

he got a coup de grace
the opposition was silenced, kaput
if wiki *leaks* it , this must be true right ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 1 2012 5:51 utc | 92

I agree with denk that Wikileaks is suspicious.

I actually suspect a psy operation like the one being researched in this thread . . . maybe we can explore this in the future.

Posted by: Walter Wit Man | Mar 1 2012 21:10 utc | 93

Khaled abu salah preparing to blow up the oil pipeline adjacent to Baba Amro in time for aljazeera brodcast.

Posted by: Marco | Mar 2 2012 5:01 utc | 94

Walter Wit Man

i can even prove it with an equation
ned sponsored tibeten activists + ned sponsored tam veterans + radio free asia + google expert hacker = ?
[hint, i'd be damned if its an anti empire whistelblower !]

i presume ned needs no introduction here
ditto radio free asia
as for ben laurie, he is ex google security czar , wiki's resident expert advisor , reading wiki's manifesto, which is obcessed with the *repressive chinese government*, laurie's job is apparently to help *chinese dissidents* breach the government firewall.

Posted by: denk | Mar 2 2012 5:50 utc | 95

Great research skills. Thank you for informing us & uncovering this criminal farce. May these criminals get caught & tried for bringing so much violence upon the Syrian people, and aiding and abetting the enemy.

Posted by: Marls | Mar 4 2012 8:38 utc | 96

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