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February 06, 2012

UN: "More Afghans Got Killed" - ISAF: "Good News!"

UN: Afghan Civilian Deaths Up for 5th Straight Year (VOA, Feb 4)

A United Nations report says more than 3,000 civilians died in Afghanistan's conflict last year, the worst annual toll in the decade-long war.

The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said Saturday that 3,021 civilians were killed in 2011, an 8 percent increase over the previous year, and the fifth year in a row that the death toll has risen.

News: ISAF commander encouraged by UNAMA report findings (DVIDS, Feb 6)

KABUL, Afghanistan - Gen. John R. Allen, commander, International Security Assistance Force, welcomes the latest report from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan that shows a reduction in coalition-related civilian casualties.

“Every citizen of Afghanistan must know ISAF will continue to do all we can to reduce casualties that affect the Afghan civilian population. This data is promising but there is more work to be done,” said Allen.

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Disgusting ---> Pakistan: U.S. Accused of Using Drones to Target Rescue Workers and Funerals.

And then people wonder why we cheer headlines like THIS!

Posted by: Maracatu | Feb 6 2012 17:51 utc | 1

One aim of the US ‘wars’ against some ‘energy rich’ countries, or those who are in a strategic spots for energy transport, e. g. pipelines, coasts, control of conduits, hubs, has always been to reduce national / local energy demand and use.

Iraq is a prime example.

The more ppl die, are directly killed, or leave to live in miserable refugee camps, starve and expire, return to paleo living, go postal, and hopefully kill each other, or whatever, if its up in the millions, 6 or more...

Those ppl no longer count in an energy calc, are knocked out of the picture, don’t consume, or have rights, leaving more space, more resources for others, be that local pol bosses, Oil Cos, foreign Gvmts., Corps, etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 6 2012 18:06 utc | 2

Gen. Allen seems unusually thick-headed, even by Yankee standards. This 21st Century Jubilation T Cornpone seems incapable of deducing that 10 years of cowardly and opportunistic killing of soft targets, and destruction of subsistence farming infrastructure, have produced an endless supply of enemies.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 7 2012 0:18 utc | 3

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