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November 18, 2011

WaPo Reports Differ On IAEA Board Resolution

On the current Washington Post "World" page we find a piece by David Albright's stenographer Joby Warrick headlined: IAEA resolution to sharply criticize Iran for nuclear efforts.

First please notice how the headline on the "World page" and in the URL is factually false. The piece isn't about a UN resolution but about an IAEA board of governors resolution and te IAEA isn't even a UN organization. When one clicks through to the story the headline of the story (though not its URL) is changed to "IAEA ...".

But the real curious issue is that on the very same "World" page, a bit down, we find the largely same though longer story written by the Associated Press with the headline: APNewsBreak: Russia, West agree on Iran text moderately critical of Tehran’s nuke program.

So does the resolution "sharply" criticize or is it only "moderately" critical? As it was toned down to accommodate China and Russia the second interpretation is definitely the more correct on.

But Warrick's task is to hype the "Iranian nuclear threat" just like Judith Miller once hyped "Iraq's WMD". As there are less facts in his shorter piece than in the original AP article he seemingly copied from that likely explains why he ended up with an incorrect appraisement and the AP writers with a correct one.

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I was trying to find the English word for "Angstblüte" to explain what seems to happen with the US empire, the term does not seem to exist in English. Quite a lot of German is untranslatable, as you can create anything with this language, however "Angstblüte" is scientific botanical, so it should exist. Google "fearful blossoming" or "death blossom", it is not botanical in English.
Plants grow blossoms or shoots when in crisis, e.g. drought, spruce ...
So overstretched, not left Iraq or Afghanistan yet, what will we do next?
Syria, Iran ...China

Posted by: somebody | Nov 18 2011 20:18 utc | 1

Angstblüte sounds like a good word.
Whist there may not be an equivalent English word to some foreign words, it shouldn't be difficult to find, or construct, an English phrase which closely mirrors the meaning.
According to Wiki,
Angst means anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression.
blüte means bloom or blossom

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 18 2011 23:10 utc | 2

they are like a dog with a bone they won't give up.

Posted by: annie | Nov 19 2011 1:27 utc | 3

I simply don't get how Obama's rational for putting troops in Australia will be acceptable to the voters.

At a time Obama's proposed budget has cuts for the military, wtf is he doing with this expansion?

Other than waving a red/white and blue flag at China? Does Obama feel he needs a large nation boogey man to help his re-election?

Posted by: jawbone | Nov 19 2011 15:10 utc | 4

I find it interesting that they have included north Africa in the Middle East. Middle East (from a Greek perspective) is in between Near East (Turkey) and Far East (India) and has always been a fluid notion, but I don't think I have ever seen it stretch west to Morocco. Guess calling it "Oil'n'Muslems-region" was out.

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Nov 19 2011 20:30 utc | 5

I always thought it was from a British perspective...learned something new then.

Posted by: don | Nov 20 2011 10:38 utc | 6

Had to check. I was wrong, it was British. My bad.

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Nov 21 2011 13:17 utc | 7

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