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November 17, 2011

Just A Short One - Iran, #OWS

Busy traveling, so just a short one:

On the IAEA report on Iran:

Just as I did the Center for Strategic and International Studies criticizes the hype the Washington Post tried to make with the scary "R265 generator". It's all just warmed up old stuff.

As predicted here the IAEA's board of governors will not refer Iran to the UN for more sanctions.

Robert Kelley, a former IAEA inspector and nuclear scientist was interviewed on the Real News Network (part 1, 2.)

At around seven minutes into part 1 he rips up the IAEA allegation that the alleged explosion chamber it found on a satellite picture is useful for developing anything nuclear. The IAEA says the chamber is for blowing up up to 70 kg of explosives while Kelley says a nuclear bomb would use much more explosives and the chamber would not be useful for testing any part of that. He also says that the use of a chamber for the IAEA alleged "hydrodynamic studies" on explosion pressure waves would be a seriously bad idea. You would want to do those outside a pressure holding chamber not in an enclosed environment. He calls all the talk about the explosion chamber "highly misleading". Many things in the IAEA report are, according to Kelley, "just plain wrong".

On #OWS:

There will be some Occupy Wall Street action later today when people will demonstrate, or try to, at bridges in NYC and Washington. In case you can not join your local occupation, facts from the ground in NYC and elsewhere are available via live streams from The Other 99, The Other 99 Channel 2 and at the

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As always, b, congratulations on having discovered the weakness in the IEAE report, which you made before Kelley.

And thanks also to the internet, which made the spread of this kind of discovery possible.

I was going to say that nevertheless next time Israel will find better justification. They are quite determined on war. But in fact I wonder whether they can. It may be th

Posted by: alexno | Nov 17 2011 22:16 utc | 1

To continue: It may be that there is nothing more.

In that case they would have to rely on the recently reported Republican support for a war on Iran.

Nobody influences the US on its choice of wars; it can go and do it if it wants (and weaken itself more). The Middle East is always a waste of time in global strategy.

But I see that Obama now talks about the Pacific, wants to send troops to Australia. It's a major change of strategy. And frankly a long time coming.

Sending troops to Australia is pointless, but at least it suggests a change of attitude.

Fighting the country (China) which holds most of your debt seems badly thought out, but at least it is their primary objective of relationship.

Posted by: alexno | Nov 17 2011 22:37 utc | 2

Funny how the CSIS just dismisses criticisms of the IAEA report simply because the criticisms match the Iranian view that the report is "politicized" - the fact that the report may actually be politicized is simply not to be acknowledged.

Posted by: Cyrus | Nov 17 2011 22:46 utc | 3

An answer to the question "How long before 'The Other' gets them and uses them?"

Warsaw protester launches drone to spy on police - RawStory.

OWS needs a bunch of these! The video seems very HQ for such a small unit. Near the end of the second vid, a bystander snaps a shot of the unit as it flies by.

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Nov 18 2011 1:31 utc | 4

Anyone who believes IAEA, Daniel Pipes, Neocon, WaPo, NYT, Obama and Israeli tropes about Muslims being crazier than Jews, hasn't been paying attention...

Top settler rabbi: Soldiers will sooner choose death than suffer women’s singing

Troops will die rather than listen to women,7340,L-4149834,00.html

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 20 2011 4:28 utc | 5

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