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September 09, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan

Obama's jobs plan:

  • "We will continue to falsely diagnose a solvency crisis as a normal liquidity recession." (I would otherwise have to demand credit write downs from those criminal banksters who pay for my reelection bid.)
  • "We will cut the payroll taxes which pay for social security." (This will make it easier to later gut the whole program.)
  • "We will pay for that by later cutting Medicare and Medicaid." (See how I never lose sight of my original aims.)
  • "We also ask the Congress supercommittee to find more ways to cut spending." (Time for the catfood commission to earn its name.)
  • "We will give tax breaks to companies that hire workers." (Just fire them from those well payed jobs, rehire them for less and get another tax break. What's not to like here?)
  • "We will give some money to the cities and towns so they can keep more policemen on their payrolls." (We will need those when the people eventually start to revolt.)
  • "We will put up $10 billion of the people's money toward a public-private infrastructure bank. (Here is some upfront money for the banksters to privatize more of the now public owned space.)
  • "We will also offer money to rehab vacant and foreclosed hoses that are now owned by the banks." (They never really wanted those houses so why should they pay for them?)
  • "We ask Congress to pass this immediately." (Please don't give anyone time to find out what really is behind these ideas.)

Posted by b on September 9, 2011 at 11:16 UTC | Permalink


Time will tell b, but, there is no doubt that Obama is the perfect political "Trojan Horse". Articulate enough to sound progressive, but only acting on goals that further mega corporate interests.

Posted by: ben | Sep 9 2011 14:55 utc | 1

Right after his election we saw Obama busily shoveling out money from the federal treasuries - right to the bankers and corporations. Most of the nations wealth was re-distributed.

He is somehow going to Unshovel some of that loot?

Posted by: Jake | Sep 9 2011 15:44 utc | 2

"the Top ECB official Stark resigns unexpectedly".
the euro is down.
any commentary?

Posted by: an idiot | Sep 9 2011 16:55 utc | 3

And on the other side of that stinky pond known as the mighty 'Atlantic' we have a bunch of German talibans trying to undo 50 years of European collaboration.

Posted by: ThePaper | Sep 9 2011 17:13 utc | 4

@an idiot - "the Top ECB official Stark resigns unexpectedly".
the euro is down. any commentary?

Euro down is intended.

Stark leaving is not so much an issue but the catastrophe is that Merkel nominated Asmussen as the new guy for that job. Asmussen who worked to deregulate finance in Germany is directly responsible for the banking crisis in Germany. The wolf watching over the sheep - now guess how that will end.

Posted by: b | Sep 9 2011 17:21 utc | 5

You hit the nail on the head. I think you missed the part about patent reform and financing startups. Obama is fueling the transition from "innovation" to "rent collection" in the technology space. He falsely equates barriers to filing patents as an impediment to entering markets with new technology, and to raising capital for these ventures.

It is clear that what is "broken" with the US patent system is not the difficulty in obtaining them! Rather, it is that the patent system is gamed to serve entrenched interests. These are the "big boys", who can collect rent for "intellectual property" instead of advance the state of their art. There is too low a bar for patenting the trivial, the obvious, and mere modes of expression. This locks-down entire categories, rather than "encourage innovation and new business opportunity" which is the stated objective of the patent system.

Yes. "Trojan Horse" was the phrase that ran through my mind, the entire time I was able to tolerate listening to lie after lie. My point about false opportunities for technical innovation and business agility fall into the same Trojan category.

Posted by: Jeremiah | Sep 9 2011 17:52 utc | 6

If Obama had any decency, he would do an LBJ and announce NOW that he will not run in 2012. Instead, he will continue as a Trojan horse, with his second term being even more right wing than his first. (Remember Clinton did PNTR China, removed oversight of commodities trading, and--worst of all--did away with Glass-Steagall as a quid pro quo for Hillary's Senate seat and subsequent presidential run.)

Myopic Democrats argue that a Republican President would be much worse. That's hard to fathom, given Clinton's second term and Obama's clear embrace of the Republican narrative.

Democrats' "lesser of two evils" narrative is the real Trojan horse here, as it has frozen ordinary Democrats' ability to think think critically and vote in their own self interesst.

Posted by: JohnH | Sep 9 2011 20:50 utc | 7

See Michael Hudson, his comment is, if you wish to preserve any shred of the social democratic programs, vote for a republican.

Posted by: rarnold | Sep 9 2011 21:59 utc | 8

Something I missed about the innovation and startup access to capital misdirection:

Boosting access to capital for high-growth companies: America’s most innovative companies need equity capital to grow and hire faster. As part of the President’s Startup America initiative, the Administration will work to unlock this capital through smart regulatory changes that are consistent with investor protection. This means reducing the disproportionately high costs that smaller companies face when going public, as well as raising the cap on “mini” public offerings (Regulation A) from $5 million to $50 million. It also means responsibly allowing startups to raise money through “crowdfunding” – gathering many small-dollar investments that add up to as much as $1 million. Right now, entrepreneurs like these bakers and these gadget-makers are already using crowdfunding platforms to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in pure donations – imagine the possibilities if these small-dollar donors became investors with a stake in the venture. Steve Case, chairman of the Startup America Partnership, noted after he joined the First Lady as a guest at the President's speech, that "High-growth entrepreneurial businesses have been responsible for nearly all of the net jobs created in the last three decades – so policies that make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and expand companies must be at the epicenter of any jobs effort. While Republicans and Democrats don't seem to agree on much these days, they do agree that entrepreneurs hold the key to a bright economic future. Therefore, I hope both parties will put politics and partisanship aside, and work together to ensure the success of the next generation of great American companies."

The President’s American Jobs Act: Fueling Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Woo Hoo! More balance-sheet bingo for the big banks! Blow us a bubble, baby! Now we know where to hide the collateralised "assets".

Posted by: Jeremiah | Sep 10 2011 0:19 utc | 9

Glad you're back.

Posted by: ...---... | Sep 10 2011 2:22 utc | 10

as my savings are nil, and I price my invoices adjusted to inflation, I very much appreciate what the Greek are doing ...

Posted by: somebody | Sep 10 2011 7:30 utc | 11

I don't know who this imposter "Jeremiah" is but I concur with his current analysis. ;)

Posted by: Jeremiah | Sep 10 2011 12:59 utc | 12

OT, but, recently heard the Sadarists were called for street demos on the 9th. Anyone heard of the outcome?

Posted by: ben | Sep 10 2011 13:37 utc | 13

I feel thoroughly offended by Obama being called a Trojan Horse. He isn't, wasn't nor will be.

He was completely open during the election campaign and before on being
a) pro free enterprise
b) pro war ("I am not against all wars, just stupid wars")
c) relying on ex-Bill Clinton advisers ("I will be gladly advised by you, Hillary")
d) aspiring to bi-partisanship and admiring Ronald Reagan

Of course, he avoided specifics during his campaign, and preferred change and hope rethoric anybody can fantasize his or her own wishes into, and faked all kind of personalities so people could imagine him to be one of them, to be fooled like that by a professional politician you have to be pretty stupid though.

You also have to be stupid to think you can change anything just by voting for a guy. Voting is part of change, however, is only part of it.

The joke is on anybody who imagined a black guy of mixed race would be different in the White House, without listening to what this guy actually said and where his money came from. Which is a kind of racism.

It is Obama who is laughing. Actually his achievement is the proof that a black guy of mixed race is just a professional like everybody else.

Now coming back to what honest Trojan Horses are about. We are a ruse in warfare and we get what we want.

Posted by: trojan horse | Sep 10 2011 15:43 utc | 14

Obama is more statist (as that is his power) and more republican than republicans.

Not one thing in his job speech (as quoted by b, I can’t stomach looking at him), if the measures ever comes to be, will do anything for jobs, which will continue to melt like butter in bright sunlight.

Besides the hypocrisy and lack of clarity or clear impact, pointed out in posts above, there isn’t much Obama can do, or appears willing to do.

Because ‘stimulating’ the US economy would take cleaning up Justice, Corruption, the Prison System, The Tax System (accounts for 4% of GDP, a world wide record) etc. Restoring international confidence, spending less on defense, etc. All of which he has made...worse.

As his fake buddies, hangers-on, and puppet masters twitch his subservient and ignorant punter’s boat - to get theirs, and give him loose change and some vibrant doses of flattery - he will soldier on in designer suits with empty words.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 10 2011 17:09 utc | 16

"It is easy to create jobs"

Posted by: c | Sep 10 2011 21:18 utc | 17

A Reuters blog piece on the public-private infrastructure bank which makes the same point i did above. It is a racket to privatize infrastructure: a href="">The Infrastructure Privatization Bank

I think there is some misunderstanding though about the purpose of the proposed infrastructure bank. On the surface it appears to be an alternative source of funding for common transportation, water and energy projects. But its real purpose seems to be a means of spurring a large infrastructure privatization movement in the United States.
The essence of the American Infrastructure Financing Authority is to use the full faith and credit of the U.S. government to loan funds at below-market rates to public-private partnerships — in other words, to privatize the cash flows from public assets.
But it’s a pity that a project dressed as job creator will really be a vehicle to create privatized public assets. Our nation was founded and grew strong on the basis of our shared public infrastructure. It’s a shame that the American Infrastructure Financing Authority will be the agency in which ownership of public assets becomes private.

Posted by: b | Sep 13 2011 12:47 utc | 18

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