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August 25, 2011 Taken Down Over Complain

The website was taken down by its hosting company after yet unknown complains by an unknown institution.

A mirror, current up to August 18, is available at

The Public Intelligence group has published many official reports of public interest that were kept secret from the public. Among those were more than 90 reports of U.S. local Intelligence Fusion Centers, documents from NATO and the UN and information about the collaboration of law enforcement and intelligence services with companies like Facebook and Microsoft.

From the About page:

Public Intelligence is an international, collaborative research project aimed at aggregating the collective work of independent researchers around the globe who wish to defend the public’s right to access information. We operate upon a single maxim: equal access to information is a human right. We believe that limits to the average citizen’s ability to access information have created information asymmetries which threaten to destabilize democratic rule around the world. Through the control of information, governments, religions, corporations, and a select group of individuals have been able to manipulate public perception into accepting coercive agendas which are ultimately designed to limit the sovereignty and freedom of populations worldwide.

According to Public Intelligence tweets their shut down down server is hosted in the Netherlands by Leaseweb. PI says:

There have reportedly been "complaints" about content on the site. That's all we know at this time.

Leaseweb is not know to take down websites only due to complains. In 2007 it took a court ruling to force them to take down some bittorrent sites. One wonders what threats came with that unknown complain about Public Intelligence.

As John Young of remarks:

Public Intelliigence is a rare gem. Support it. Shutting down such sites one by one is a strategy.

I concur.

Please spread the word about this.

Also, to elevate the issue, it may help to contact Leaseweb and to ask why they took down Public Intelligence. Let them know that people are aware of this and care. But please be friendly, it is probably not their fault.

Censoring of the likes Public Intelligence and of the papers they publish is a threat from the security elites to all societies and their people.

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I have writen to leaseweb, and they have promise an complete answer. Very polite people.

Posted by: an idiot | Aug 25 2011 19:15 utc | 1

Given their .net domain, my first thought was that the FBI (or partners) seized it under the argument that it hosted or linked to copyright infringing content or counterfeit goods (something that can be stretched - and no court order needed). But the FBI usually leaves a message. So there was something else…
See for example this story and the screenshot halfway down the article.

Oh, instead of a domain not found page, now I get a web page with an explanation: 'we will be back'.
I hope so, good luck to them.

Posted by: philippe | Aug 26 2011 4:18 utc | 2

Writing to leaseweb seems like a useless tactic. If the threat they have received is as severe as we surmise, then writing to them asking them to reverse their decision is like spitting into a strong headwind. It's like asking them to fall on their sword for you, and whereas they might be nice people, most people draw the line at being that nice. There are very few, if any, genuine martyrs these days.

This is precisely why a Wiki-type, decentralized model is so important.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | Aug 26 2011 10:49 utc | 3

hosted in the netherlands? maybe they should find a host in iceland.

Posted by: annie | Aug 26 2011 14:54 utc | 4

maybe it has to do w/libya.

Posted by: annie | Aug 26 2011 15:07 utc | 5

The answer of my e-mail to Leaseweb:

Q: Hello, > Request: what happened with "Public Intelligence "> web? please explain, thks">
A:> I do not know. Please use Google to extract information. Kind regards, L***** K***** LeaseWeb - Security

I edit the name of LK.

Posted by: an idiot | Aug 29 2011 16:14 utc | 6

why I cant post the last info about #6 your page say

"We're sorry, we cannot accept this data"

I am banned?

Posted by: an idiot | Aug 29 2011 17:24 utc | 7

why I cant post the last info about #6 your page say

"We're sorry, we cannot accept this data"

I am banned?

Posted by: an idiot | Aug 29 2011 17:24 utc | 8

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