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August 09, 2011

Yang Jiechi Says Britain's Cameron Has Lost Legitimacy

Beijing — Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi condemned British Prime Minister David Cameron’s regime for failing to protect Chinese commercial merchandise in London and said the British leader “has lost legitimacy” because of his violent response to legitimate British peoples aspirations for greater social justice.

Speaking with African Union (AU) Chairman Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at the Foreign Ministry, Yang Jiechi said Chinese officials have spoken with their British counterparts to demand that Britain honor the WTO agreement, which requires countries to protect foreign merchandise and properties, after several days of attacks by British mobs against Chinese and African shops.

Yang Jiechi said the Cameron regime will not succeed in using the attacks on foreign facilities to deflect global attention from “the real story unfolding in Britain” and the months of peaceful protests by its people who have been calling for reforms.

“This is not about China or Zimbabwe or any other country. This is about the legitimate aspirations of the British people for dignity, universal rights and the rule of law,” Yang Jiechi said.

The violence, arrests and intimidation against the British people “must stop,” the minister said, and neither they nor the international community will accept “half measures or lofty speeches” from the Cameron regime.

Cameron “is not indispensable” and China has “absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power,” she said. “Our goal is to see that the will of the British people for a democratic transformation occurs.”

The British leader “has failed to deliver on the promises he’s made. He has sought and accepted aid from the Americans as to how to repress his own people,” Yang Jiechi said. He called on more countries in the international community to speak out “as forcefully as we have.”

Mbasogo said the AU is trying to use its collective political and economic power to get Cameron to turn away from violence. He described the situation of British refugees who have fled the unrest for France as “very grave indeed.”

The AU representative called for an end to the violence, for the British people to have their voices heard, and for them to then be allowed to make the decisions about how their country should move forward.

(The just as absurd template is here)

Posted by b on August 9, 2011 at 8:29 UTC | Permalink


Too true - the template is just as absurd. I keep wondering how things would be in the USA if something similar to what's happening in London comes to our cities, which are full of armed, angry people.

Posted by: Maxcrat | Aug 9 2011 11:54 utc | 1

How would things be in US with something similar? There would be a demand to call in forces, any forces, and haul them off to camps - sooner rather than later. No doubt or question in anybody's mind after after watching three days of London chaos.

Although shaken, Turkish-born Senmez has reason to believe in his community. "Those weren't Tottenham people. They were from a different area. I didn't recognise them. I think they've done very bad things to Tottenham," he said.

Many witnesses agreed. One teenager, who refused to give his name or age, said: "I've seen so many people that I've never seen before. I think there was some people who just came to take the opportunity."

It was a similar story in Enfield, where locals were insistent that the looters, who raided many stores including a jeweller, a chemist and several chain stores, were largely from the fringes of the borough or further afield.

They were equally clear that the trouble, or at least the preparations for it, was planned and premeditated.

Many teenagers showed off the same BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) alert passed round on Sunday, telling people to meet at Enfield's train station at 4pm.

"Everyone I know got that BBM. I knew what was going to happen here that morning," said Alice, 17, who lives close to the town centre. "It told you to pass it to all your contacts."

Her friend, Alixe, also 17, did what the message asked. "There was a whole load of people at the station from 4pm, waiting round for a couple of hours. People were driving past slowly to check it out – you could tell they knew what was going on."

Posted by: rjj | Aug 9 2011 12:37 utc | 2

There are numerous exquisite parallels between the actions of UK "rebels" in London, and NATO and its "rebels" in Tripoli. Predictably, British Officialdom is blind to the similarities and inexplicably outraged by the displays of independence. I haven't seen any sign, yet, that Sarko, Obama and NATO are about to recognise London's "rebels" as the legitimate government of Britain - even though the first concern of the London "rebels" is clearly the long-term welfare of civilians.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 9 2011 13:08 utc | 3

The Chinese are throwing the West's rhetoric back in its face, one could say with a tinge of mockery.

Posted by: Copeland | Aug 9 2011 13:35 utc | 4

Yes, the similarities are obvious. There is even an AlJazeera live blog about London.

The Cameron regime is threatening to beat down the protest. Tonight the police will use plastic rounds - expect some dead by tomorrow. There are calls to call in the British army. There were some local neighborhood watch teams (Turkish immigrants!) in London last night.

Seems all quite familiar.

Posted by: b | Aug 9 2011 13:42 utc | 5

The Chinese are throwing the West's rhetoric back in its face, one could say with a tinge of mockery. Copeland at 4.

I’d say with a ‘take that you b..s and stick it wherever’...

The fact that they don’t hesitate now is a measure of their power.

This is priceless:

Our goal is to see that the will of the British people for a democratic transformation occurs.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 9 2011 13:57 utc | 6

More seriously, the grand unwinding which has stepped up a pace, and the ‘hackers’ Murdoch scandal in GB, after the ‘pols charge for perks’ scandal, and the position of the Police, which has been in the last 30 years eroded so badly that they appear to be goons for hire for the PTB (pols and media) to the point where they become the enemy that is visible, on the ground, sh*ts of the basest kind. (The same applies in France.) The Police, to protect their position, become provocateurs, they need situations, events, in which they can show strength, efficiency, tempered violence to counteract, etc. and so their violent side is encouraged, so that they may keep their corporation, paid up and all, hopefully soon expanded..

And so it goes...

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 9 2011 14:23 utc | 7

they have been there before

no, b. they are using the police and not the army, and there is no political voice to it, if there was, it would be France 1968

Posted by: somebody | Aug 9 2011 14:41 utc | 8

The Police, to protect their position, become provocateurs, they need situations, events, in which they can show strength, efficiency, tempered violence to counteract, etc.

But they exhibit none of that. They seem feckless. Why?

Posted by: rjj | Aug 9 2011 14:41 utc | 9

If they wanted this "problem" fixed, they would call in the Scots. They are standing by. Nobody fucks with ginger maniacs.

Posted by: rjj | Aug 9 2011 14:48 utc | 10

The sad truth behind London riot

As political and social protests grip the Middle East, are growing in Europe and a riot exploded in north London this weekend, here's a sad truth, expressed by a Londoner when asked by a television reporter: Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent?

"Yes," said the young man. "You wouldn't be talking to me now if we didn't riot, would you?"

The TV reporter from Britain's ITV had no response. So the young man pressed his advantage. "Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you."

Eavesdropping from among the onlookers, I looked around. A dozen TV crews and newspaper reporters interviewing the young men everywhere.

Posted by: b | Aug 9 2011 15:00 utc | 11

no, b. they are using the police and not the army, and there is no political voice to it,

Well - media are discussing it - a first step itself: London riots: army should be last resort, say experts

The Police, to protect their position, become provocateurs, they need situations, events,

Cameron planned to eliminate several thousand police jobs in London. Yesterday the police largely stood by when looting was taking place instead to intervene. This at least partly to "show Cameron" that the cuts have to be reversed.

Posted by: b | Aug 9 2011 15:06 utc | 12

no, they are standing by because this is London, from the Guardian

"3.21pm: Henry McDonald, our Ireland correspondent, says that if the English police start firing plastic bullets to quell the rioting engulfing cities in Britain then they potentially risk opening a Pandora's box.

Paradoxically the reluctance thus far to deploy the anti-riot control weapon only confirms the view in Northern Ireland especially in working class republican communities that there is one law for one side of the Irish Sea and one law for the other in the United Kingdom.

According to the main indices of Ulster Troubles' deaths 17 people have lost their lives after being struck by rubber and latterly plastic bullets. Worrying still is the fact that eight out of these victims have been children.

Even during this summer's Ulster loyalist marching season the Police Service of Northern Ireland continued to deploy plastic baton rounds during riots in Belfast. Dozens of plastic bullets were fired during two night's of rioting at the edge of the republican Ardoyne area of north Belfast.

As the PSNI riot squad heavily protected in ninja-style armour and helmets with visors started letting off baton rounds and deploying water cannon on a small but dedicated gang of young republicans opposed to a loyalist march passing by Ardoyne on 12 July, a local priest contrasted the attitude of police in his city to those handling last autumn's violent student protests in central London.

"There would be an outcry if these types of weapons were used on the streets of Brixton, Toxteth or any English city," noted Fr Gary Donegan whose Holy Cross church was caught in the middle of the violence over those 48 hours.

We now await to see if the authorities in England are prepared to follow the PSNI's strategy in coping with rioters or not."

Posted by: somebody | Aug 9 2011 15:12 utc | 13

Q/ Why didn't the Metropolitan Police prevent looters from raiding shops in London?

A/ Because the shopkeepers hadn't paid their protection money

Posted by: felix | Aug 9 2011 15:29 utc | 14

Linton Kwesi Johnson: All wi doin is defendin

Posted by: somebody | Aug 9 2011 16:30 utc | 15

londoners are acustomed to riots.
This was the worst:,_1932

Posted by: an idiot | Aug 9 2011 17:41 utc | 16

Right again B !!!!!!!!!!!

News just breaking "Iranian Foreign Minister urges UK to execise restraint in dealing with demonstrators".

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Aug 9 2011 18:49 utc | 17

10 august 2011
1D4TW So Jalil can just unilaterally dismiss a whole "legitimate, representative" government--oh, the irony ( ) #Libya
about 12 hours ago

teacherdude Same UK media BS. When such protests happen in Egypt, Tunisia etc they are cry of freedom but when at home work of mindless thugs
about 13 hours ago
Retweeted by 1D4TW

1D4TW @carotweet Also ironic to suggest that those rebels are fighting for "human rights", as they routinely deny them to any towns they conquer
about 15 hours ago in reply to carotweet

1D4TW @carotweet If there was any irony, it was certainly not mine. The rebels that Cameron supports, do this ( )
(ie rape looting and arson!)

1D4TW David Cameron will want to go very easy on the rioters in London...or else we might have to accuse him of "attacking his own people" #Libya
about 16 hours ago

Posted by: brian | Aug 9 2011 21:56 utc | 18

Libyas Gadafi says Cameron has lost his legitimacy...should step down, but will let him stay in UK. Calls for Tottenham rebels to be recognised as the next legitimate british government.

Posted by: brian | Aug 9 2011 21:58 utc | 19

More clubs for youth is one answer. An aluminum or wood baseball bat will do the job nicely.

Posted by: slugo | Aug 9 2011 22:00 utc | 20

10 aug 2011
cdoebbler #Libya: NATO-led rebel supporters threaten Libyan people with 'extermination'...stating their end goal is to exterminate all opponents.
about 4 hours ago

cdoebbler What would happen if people in other countries' people started to treat British and American citizens like these countries treat Libyans?
about 4 hours ago
cdoebbler #Libya: In violation of international diplomatic law, the UK allows Libyan Embassy to be ransacked and money stolen.
about 4 hours ago

cdoebbler #Libya: Canada latest country to steal Libyan money to use it to promote the killing of Libyans.
about 4 hours ago
cdoebbler #Libya: How did the UK handle their peoples' uprising that featured almost no firearms? It ordered the police to use a heavy hand & weapons.
about 4 hours ago

cdoebbler Heavy fighting reported in parts of Libya as well as in parts of the United Kingdom.
about 4 hours ago

cdoebbler #Libya: NATO-led rebels leaked plan for Libya calls for shifting power to themselves while trying to rebuild same system they destroyed.
1 day ago
cdoebbler #Libya: NATO launching violent campaign against independent Libyan journalists.
1 day ago

Posted by: brian | Aug 9 2011 22:11 utc | 21

the scotsman sums it up

"I've covered the war in Libya and it looks like Croydon
A wedding dress shop became one of the targets. Yesterday, its windows were smashed and many of the wedding dresses gone. "The young girls were standing, drunk on the street outside, directing the boys on what to steal," said one resident.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 10 2011 5:13 utc | 22

The Citizens of Britain had enough – “Queen and PM must go”
Popular uprisings in Britain has begun, and like everywhere in the world, the first response of the government is to try and crush the revolt by force. In the case of the UK, using horses, helicopters, riot police and other aggressive methods.
Crushing democracy is unacceptable – the Queen and Cameron has lost all legitimacy and must go!
Everyone wakes up asking “WHY?” after witnessing London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool and all other major metropolitan areas being flooded with anarchy.
Here is WHY:
Besides being a respectless society that is out of touch with the need of poorer communities, raising VAT to unacceptable levels of 20% and being a brutal police state discriminating against foreigners, africans and muslims, we have triggered something far more sensitive through our own example.
The government has led by example. Not too long ago, we have all heard the experts who think they rule the world barking out orders that “Mubarak must go” – “Ben Ali must go” – “Gaddafi must go” when these leaders tried to restore order in their countries.
We have then moved to the point of demonstrating to our citizens that we as a society has NO values and NO respect by bombing schools, hospitals, television stations etc. in Libya to join ruthless rebels in overthrowing a government trying to restore peace and order.
The old saying “what goes around comes around” has certainly not failed Britain!
The very same “winds of change” is now blowing in Britain, these winds of change we thought would enable us to colonise more places in the modern day and age through our ruthless behaviour and false media. Now, the same tools used across the globe like twitter and other technologies are being used in Britain to support popular uprisings.
Forget all the “WHY’s” – what is next?
A one world government is on the horizon – and it’s time for the queen and the government to pack their bags and GO – yes, GO to wherever they suggested Mubarrak and Gaddafi should go..
Britain finally has a real opportunity to be free from the oppressors who ruled for so long with an iron fist covered in satin!
Revolution is here to stay..
The revolution started with Tottenham and Brixton standing up against POLICE BRUTALITY, and quickly spread to Croydon, Clapham, Barking, East Ham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and developed into total anarchy

Posted by: civil unrest | Aug 10 2011 9:14 utc | 23

Amazon UK Sales ranks Movers and Shakers in Sports & Leisure

3 Folding shuffle
4 Telescope tonfa
5 Baseball bat
7 Baseball bat
10 Baseball bat
13 Baseball bat
14 Baseball bat
16 Folding shuffle
17 Baseball bat
20 Baseball bat

All together some 50 times increase of all kinds of baseball bats sold at Amazon UK

It seems like people prepare for more battling.

Posted by: b | Aug 10 2011 11:07 utc | 24

'Iran likely to close British embassy'

Iran's Majlis (parliament) will seriously pursue the issue of shutting down the UK embassy in Tehran in case the violent crackdown on British citizens continue, said Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash, a member of the Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy.

He also called on Iran's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday to summon the British charge d'affaires in Tehran “as soon as possible” to offer explanations about the police shooting of Mark Duggan, Fars news agency reported.

Ahmadi Bighash noted that defending nations against hegemonic powers is among core principles of the Islamic Revolution, adding that the killing of the Black man demonstrates that racism is still on Britain's agenda.

“This is a blatant violation of human rights,” he pointed out.

The Iranian lawmaker added that despite its own economic crisis, Britain engaged in military intervention in other countries and violated their rights at the US and Israel's command.

He expressed regret that funds which should be allocated to improve the living of the British people are spent on military equipment “to slaughter the people in the Middle East.”

The unrest in the UK began on August 6 in the north London suburb of Tottenham, after a few hundred people gathered outside a police station to protest against the fatal shooting and killing of the Black man, Mark Duggan.

However, violent protests erupted in major cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bristol in Britain's worst rioting since the 1980s. Protest outbreaks were also reported in Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, and Oxford.

Turmoil is now threatening to sweep across Britain as the mayhem and looting has also spread to the central city of Birmingham, the western city of Bristol, the northwestern city of Liverpool, and south London neighborhood of Brixton.

British Police said they have arrested more than 560 people as the unrest entered a fourth night.

Posted by: amar | Aug 10 2011 11:08 utc | 25

@ 10. Feckless- in part right now, as it is too much to handle at one time, and there are no clear (? at this mo) directives from the top. Not enough of them, as well.

What are they supposed to do? Shoot into the crowd? Kill young ppl making off with a flat screen? Arrest not just 100 ppl (say) but thousands? Water cannon a whole street with a huge blast, sweeping away and injuring some, including Gran out for buying a bit o bacon and a packet o fags?

They are caught in the trap of the middle man, the interface point man, locked inside a dodgy structure some surely no longer believe in, or never did...but now made public with the the very top quitting or blamed.. unsavory news coming to light...

I see the GB police as fractured, with an esprit de corps that is but a facade.

> Racism? tick / structure too authoritarian and arbitrary? probably / clubs and cabals within - hypothetical tick / retirement issues? / rogue elements with too much power? / ...etc.

The GB Police has no independent voice, or at any rate, their input if any is not reported in the MSM. (As compared to e.g. French, Swiss police.) They appear to have become an arm of the security state, subsumed to the pols, rather than a circumscribed body with it’s own agenda, which has to be the defense of law and order and supporting it’s members, and claiming the space to adapt, adjust, change. This is a very bad thing, and leads both to ‘provocative’ (unlawful ...) behaviors as well as being unable to fulfill the mandate. b above mentioned the threatened cuts in numbers, which lead straight to illegitimate violence and inefficiency.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 10 2011 12:01 utc | 26

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