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July 23, 2011

Youthcamp Terrorist May Have Pro-Israel Motive

Norway horror: 80 die in camp shooting, 7 in blast

OSLO, Norway (AP) — A Norwegian who dressed as a police officer to gun down summer campers killed at least 80 people at an island retreat, horrified police said early Saturday.
The motive was unknown, but both attacks were in areas connected to the ruling Labor Party government. The youth camp, about 20 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of Oslo, is organized by the party's youth wing, and the prime minister had been scheduled to speak there Saturday.

The terrorist was a right wing Christian. Norwegian TV via automated translation:

According to TV2's sources, the arrested belong to the right-extremist groups in eastern Norway, and the man must have registered two weapons on their name - an automatic weapon and a pistol of the type of Glock. ... Breivik listed in their Facebook profile as a conservative and Christian, and he may have a connection to the extreme right environment.

The rightwing Norwegian Progress Party and its surrounding allotment of rightwing groups are historic fascistic, pro-apartheid and today very much in support of a likudnik Israel.

Via Newshoggers a report from a Norwegian TV site on the activities in the Labour Party youth camp may explain the killer's motive.


Automated translation:



Jonas Gahr Store: - The occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now


The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.


AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)


During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People's Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.

- The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.

- Norway is prepared to recognize

Earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway, the Minister said to TV 2 news channel that Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state . This he repeated during the debate on Utøya.

- We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister.

In autumn it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter to the UN. Where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Wednesday said AUF leader Eskil Pedersen that the AUF want a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.

- Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track, said Pedersen.

The foreign minister admitted that the situation is untenable, but believes that the boycott is the wrong tool.

- Boycott will be to move from dialogue to monologue. It is difficult to open the door the day we will talk with Israel, said the Minister.

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Craig Murray's comments on the BBC and Sky News fully supports some of the comments made in the earlier MOA thread on the attacks. Thanks also to giap for
his lucid comments: we should try to avoid the "one shoe fits all" mode of analysis which, in its mirror image form, is lambasted by Murray. Needless to say, this does not exclude taking stock of further information as it becomes available for analysis.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Jul 23 2011 7:06 utc | 1

Oops, I forgot to turn off boldface.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Jul 23 2011 7:08 utc | 2

I'll be waiting for John Ashcroft, a Norwegian-American, to denounce this terrorist action.

Posted by: Biklett | Jul 23 2011 8:19 utc | 3

thanks for the link to Craig Murray. he makes the valuable point that anti-terrorism has become a business.

one of the business models I know something about is computer security. I know that the same type - even the very same - people work in security and virus programming/hacking. I wonder if this applies to terrorism.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2011 8:54 utc | 4


I have a question for you and everyone else here. When will the West end the war on the people of the middle east? Will this go on for decades? Centuries? A thousand years? I have at most 20 more years; will I live to see an end to it?

At what time will the human beings among us demand an end to the barbarous killings of innocent people world wide?

Posted by: joseph | Jul 23 2011 12:00 utc | 5

A lil' 'off the cuff' conspiracy theory from the freak out west...

I haven't read as much as I'd like to about this incident, yet it seems oh so familiar; an OK bombing–Columbine massacre where the body counts far exceeds what one might expect from a 'lone' gunman. I live in the US, where guns are as prevalent as pavement on the streets and I can't see how such a thing could happen here... but I'm not well traveled so I don't know what Norwegians might be capable of. I've read of a body count as high as 93 and I'm guessing it's gonna climb even higher.

There is another interesting mass shooting that the media covered quickly then forgot about; Ft Hood shooting And it's more of the same 'lone' gunman shoots everything and everybody all by his lonesome. Hmmmm.

I don't think it's all that hard to turn an average person into a killing predator... Uncle $cam knows what I'm talking about: mind control! It ain't just science fiction and the PTB have had years to perfect the technique. Yeah, I know, you think I'm crazy... but, well, I might just be a lil' bit crazy, that doesn't mean I'm totally out in left field on this.

Our 'leadership' has been quite willing to see people die in order for them to advance their hair-brained schemes of global control. What's a few score of anti-zionist school kids to them... I'm guessing it's the same assholes who were willing to do this to the USS Liberty

History is full of examples of governments killing their own to justify the killing of others. The Norwegian tragedy is just a more refined example of this (not that I blame the Norwegian government – I'm thinkin' of a stinkin' lil cuntry in the Middle East that has a long history of sponsoring terrorism to achieve their goals)
Our friends

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.


Posted by: DaveS | Jul 23 2011 12:28 utc | 6

If this incident was committed by a neo-fascist, it will drop off the news cycle here in the U.S. like a rock off a table. Only Muslim wackos are news worthy here.

Posted by: ben | Jul 23 2011 12:50 utc | 7

actually, DaveS, that quote is silly and all of S.J. should know, as they are supposed to be the most learned of catholic orders.
There is a reason Muslims are still shocked by medieval crusades and the history of the war of Turks against the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation still is fun to follow in Turkish and European school books with their opposites of "heros" and "saviors" ...

Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2011 13:17 utc | 8

"Breivik, arrested by police and charged with the shootings, was described as a 32-year-old member of the Free Masons and a right-wing extremist who hates Muslims." An Anglo-Saxon's media refer this as "anti-Muslim view". Political correctness in work.

No surprise here - this is public secret. Vast majority of public in Western countries fell and think in same way. And the hate IS paid and fueled by Government of each of the Western world, or, if you like "civilization". Purpose: "to protect our way of life"!?

Look here:

or here:

Disseminated by Government controlled media outlets. You can read "analysis and profiling" from this "expert".

Anybody watched "NATO Secret Armies"?

Or, anybody is remember bombing in Bologna?


This is true face of liberal-democracy.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jul 23 2011 14:03 utc | 9

neretva'43: Thanks for the links, highly relevant.

Posted by: ben | Jul 23 2011 14:14 utc | 10


Agreed, but don't you think the crap that transpired to create the state of Israel, fractured what had been for many years a fairly stable middle-of-the-road Muslim world into what we have today?

History is complicated, and I realize there is far more depth to people's hate than what's happened in the past 80 years (the Crusades were brutal, basically middle ages trailer trash on a hate-filled tour of the Middle East) But from where I sit, here deep into 2011, I think people could learn to forgive and forget if the same crap wasn't still going on.

And yes, it's fun to read different folks opinions on 'their' history, most of which is just fiction anyway.


Posted by: DaveS | Jul 23 2011 14:34 utc | 11

'Aerial images broadcast by Norway's TV2 showed members of a SWAT team dressed in black arriving at the island in boats and running up the dock.'...the police DON'T have helicopters....really!!?!​d why didn't anyone pick up a rock or stick sometime before he killed a hundred people??? What was their mind control programming that caused them to ALL flight instead of fight???

Posted by: DUG | Jul 23 2011 15:30 utc | 12

@DUG - What are you saying? This did not happen?

the police DON'T have helicopters....really!!?!

The police was there in 30 minutes and that is pretty fast in a rural environment where likely no helicopters are on stand by.​d why didn't anyone pick up a rock or stick sometime before he killed a hundred people???

Yeah - why wouldn't a 15 year old untrained girl not attack a 30 year old men who is shooting with a military weapon? Do you really mean that question?

What was their mind control programming that caused them to ALL flight instead of fight???

Individual survival instinct - something every being on this planet has.

Posted by: b | Jul 23 2011 16:05 utc | 13

Why Israel's Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too

Posted by: hans | Jul 23 2011 16:17 utc | 14

The comments (machine translated) the terrorist left on a rightwing board have quite a lot of emphasis "pro-Israel" and against "Culture-marxist" who want to boycott Israel.

Pretty interesting read and also addresses Fjordman, the author of the link Hans provides above.

Posted by: b | Jul 23 2011 16:55 utc | 15

From my link above. The terrorist wrote in December 2009:

I was active Oslo FrP / FpU in the first 6-7 years (in the cultural conservatives + laissez faire capitalist / liberal camp) and contributed to the Progress Party's success before I stopped. I felt the time was more important to help develop / promote the political doctrines abroad especially British, German, French, American). I ran the business a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a inntektsløs politically active life. I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna school of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much till. The last three years I worked full time with a cultural conservative works that will help to further develop / promote these political doctrines further.

Anyway, I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna school of thought, or at least parts of the grunlag for 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.

The book is called, by the way 2083 and is in English, 1100 pages).

To sums up the Vienna school of thought:

- Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
- Against Islamization
- Anti-racist
- Anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
- Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
- Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
- To reveal the Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)
- Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists

Frankfurt School (kulturmarxisme) is a very ambitious unofficial ideology (and quite unknown to most) and they have succeeded in most areas (except to smash capitalism, European Christianity and European identity, traditions, culture). Vienna school is more a defense against this where we often use the Marxist 'own creations against them (sexual liberation, feminism, liberalism, anti-racism, anti-autoriære arguments).

Vienna school of thought is far from a complete ideology but consists of principles and ideas that are constantly under development. It is unofficial and does not necessarily ever to be recognized.

Fjordman, Bat Yeor and Spencer are well known rabid pro-Israel anti-Islam conspiracy theorists of the far right.

Posted by: b | Jul 23 2011 17:30 utc | 16

this "vienna" vs "frankfurt" business reminds me of william gibson's spook country, where various factions in the american power structure are fighting each other.

the main bad guy is apparently a contractor, hired to keep tabs on and thwart a small operation run by an old man, ex-CIA, whose main object is to screw up looting operations facilitated by the wars --for instance, C130-loads of hundred dollar bills disappering from the new york fed, supposedly headed for iraq... billions of dollars that cant be accounted for.

anyhow, at one point, the bad guy talks about the frankfurt school and cultural marxism...

Milgrim doubted that Gray’s comforted Brown, exactly, but he did know that Brown could become relatively talkative there. He’d have the nonalcoholic piña colada with his franks and lay out the origins of cultural Marxism in America. Cultural Marxism was what other people called political correctness, according to Brown, but it was really cultural Marxism, and had come to the United States from Germany, after World War II, in the cunning skulls of a clutch of youngish professors from Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt School, as they’d called themselves, had wasted no time in plunging their intellectual
ovipositors repeatedly into the unsuspecting body of old-school American academia. Milgrim always
enjoyed this part; it had an appealing vintage sci-fi campiness to it, staccato and exciting, with grainy
monochrome Eurocommie star-spawn in tweed jackets and knit ties, breeding like Starbucks.

But he’d always be brought down, as the rant rolled to a close, by Brown’s point that the Frankfurt School had
been Jewish, all of them. “Every. Last. One.” Dabbing mustard from the corners of his mouth with a
precisely folded paper napkin. “Look it up.”

i wonder if this norway operation is vienna guys vs frankfurters, or something else... or just a lone nutball with no MKULTRA at all.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 23 2011 18:25 utc | 17

i guess, judging from the quality of the pictures of Breivik, that he's gonna become a poster boy for zionists and deathwish christians... .

the quality of the pictures is one thing that bothers me... isnt that silly? ...maybe the guy was just so vain that he hired the best photographers.

smells fishy, whatever the hell it is.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 23 2011 21:00 utc | 18

you got to start wondering about martyrs.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 23 2011 21:13 utc | 19

A video made by "culture conservative" Anders Breivik Behring (since when is it culture and conservatism to mass kill kids?) is here: Knights Templar 2083

His "manifesto" direct download here 2083-a-european-declaration-of-independence-manifesto (pdf) found here.

A lot of tea party/anti-islam/pro-Israel ideology mixed together, paranoia of "islamisation of Europe" mixed with classic fascism, racial superiority etc.

Posted by: b | Jul 24 2011 6:25 utc | 20

"Ultimately, at least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children..."

google: richard perle chechens basayev

it could be that some of these people think we've been demoralized to the point that we'll sanctify people who murder masses of children.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 24 2011 7:30 utc | 21

a right wing christian? well if he were consistent he'd have repudiated christianity, as that has as semitic origin!

'The rightwing Norwegian Progress Party and its surrounding allotment of rightwing groups are historic fascistic, pro-apartheid and today very much in support of a likudnik Israel.'

why would they support israel at all? The right has been historically it seems to be anti-arab.

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2011 21:44 utc | 22

We now must say goodbye
We've lost our good old mama

Murdoch Empire calls Norway "antisemitic"
Jonas Gahr Store: - Norway is ready to recognize a Palestinian state
Jonas Gahr Støre: – Norge står klar til å anerkjenne en palestinsk stat

Posted by: NadePaulKuciGravMcKi | Jul 25 2011 0:19 utc | 23

Just from the title one can see the article is absolutely antisemitic. Is it enough to blame Israel and jews of all that happens in the world ? It remindes the time of nazi in Germany. Shame on the author !!!!!

Posted by: Alex | Jul 25 2011 11:21 utc | 24

Alex, so who is blaming Jews now? I find it strange that even at a time like this when the ink is still wet on the news blaming Muslims that anyone would even begin to say there is more anti-Semitism than Islamophobia today. Who has said these past few days that it must have been a Jew who killed those kids? I don't find that joke very funny.... you were joking right? If not I would be happy to give you the latest poll statistics that show I am right!

Posted by: boblawblablog | Jul 25 2011 16:09 utc | 25

zionist jews are lying down with the devil, and the devil is the deathwish christian establishment of which Breivik seems to be representative.

do you think deathwish christian poohbahs will object to american jews being deported to israel?

probably not, given that deathwish christians seem to believe jews must move to israel before the deathwish christians can be raptured.

but it's probably all a racket, and it dishonors israelis who pander to deathwish christians... as if israeilis havemt dishonered themselves enough, already.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 25 2011 16:55 utc | 26

"as if israelis havemt dishonored themselves enough, already"... is what i meant to type.

it doesnt look like the israel project will survive... so now all you have to do is decide how many people you'll kill as you go down.

the samson option will be a fitting tribute to the stupidity of zionism.

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 25 2011 17:26 utc | 27

@joseph - When will the West end the war on the people of the middle east? Will this go on for decades? Centuries? A thousand years? I have at most 20 more years; will I live to see an end to it?

That is unlikely.

That "west" will have to lose to have some insight.

Posted by: b | Jul 25 2011 19:10 utc | 28


Oslo/Utoya Island was 65 years to the day since the King David Hotel bombing which was the work of the Jewish Irgun. That attempted false flag, terrorist act killed 91 people.

Posted by: holy | Jul 27 2011 12:59 utc | 29

if breivik is a deathwish christian...

and michelle bachmann is a deathwish christian, drawing interest from wannabe king (or queen)-maker like bill kristol...

if you're opposed to neocons and their works, it might make sense to do a false flag and blame deathwish christians. israelis and neocons.

and that situation begs the question: are mind control techniques advanced far enough so somebody like breivik can be programmed to commit the massacre and forget that he's been programmed? ...or is breivik that good an actor? ...or is he simply another loonytune deathwish christian, without any trimmings?

About 227,000 google results for "bill kristol" "michele bachmann"

About 11,200 results for "if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play" bachmann

About 10,200 results for "the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States" bachmann

it's getting pretty complicated

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 27 2011 13:22 utc | 30

one other little thing here...

bachmann's a cosmetic disaster... she's like a hollywood sex symbol who cant quite figure out how to grow old gracefully, or a old vegas hooker whose retirement arrangements have unexpectedly fallen through... and that kinda takes some of the heat off of her... might give her more immunity once the crackdown comes... opposed to palin, who seems to inspire pretty strong reactions, pro and con... and palin might even be too ditzy to serve as a neocon figurehead... is that why billy boy suddenly discovered bachmann, after anointing palin in 2008?

Posted by: groundresonance | Jul 27 2011 13:55 utc | 31

Quran Sura 5:
20 both the Jews and the Christians say: "we are the sons of Allah, and his beloved." say: "why then doth he punish you for your sins? nay, ye are but men,-- of the men he hath created: he forgiveth whom he pleaseth. and he punisheth whom he pleaseth: and to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between: and unto him is the final goal of all."
21 O people of the book! now hath come unto you, making things clear unto you, our apostle, after the break in the series of our apostles, lest ye should say: "there came unto us no bringer of glad tidings and no warner from evil": but now hath come unto you a bringer of glad tidings and a warner from evil. and Allah hath power over all things.
22 remember Moses said to his people: "O my people! call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what he had not given to any other among the peoples."
23 "O my people! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin."

Muslims try to destroy Israel, and demand areas of Israel's land for themselves. Muslims say that some areas of Israel belong to the Palestinians. The Quran declares that Allah has given the land of Israel for Jews, which is their holy land.

The Muslims fight against the announcement of the Quran when try to destroy Israel and take over the land of Israel. The Palestinian issue and the Middle East problems would be solved if the Muslims would believe the Quran and to allow the Israelis to live in their own land, which belongs to them. Of course, it would be best if they would believe in the Lord Jesus and the Bible, because, then they really know to whom the land of Israel belongs to. The rich Arab countries could re-colonize the Palestinian Arabs, and to give them a good home and a livelihood, because they can afford to it by many billions of oil incomes. The Arabs don't want to do this, but they want to keep Palestinian Arabs in misery as well as a shield and an excuse against Israel.

The land of Israel is the target of ongoing Arab terrorism. Some of the attacks carried out through Palestine. That's why Israel has to keep tight control for Palestinian Arabs. The problem would be eliminated if the Arabs would believe the Quran, which says that Allah granted the land of Israel to the Jews. Resettlement of the Palestinian Arabs back to the various Arab countries would be the solution, where they are originally from. This would be very easy to organize for Arab multi-millionaires.

Whole article:

Posted by: telson | Jul 30 2011 21:31 utc | 32

this guy telson entered our bar already drunk!

I hope God will show him his way home, and I hope this won't involve the ethnical cleansing of some other family's apartment

Posted by: claudio | Jul 31 2011 0:25 utc | 33

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