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July 19, 2011

WaPo Journalist Caught Stealing

Good journalists come up with their own metaphors when writing a story. Not so good ones steal them from their colleagues. Doing so in a story that is fundamentally about ethics in the media is an especially bad behavior.

Patrick Wintour, Nicholas Watt and Vikram Dodd write in The Guardian How Paul Stephenson and PM fell out over hacking scandal

Cameron may also find time to reflect that his attempt last Friday to get a grip of the situation by announcing a judicial inquiry has clearly failed. The number of dead bodies on the stage is beginning to resemble the final scene of a Shakespearian tragedy.

Anthony Faiola writes in the Washington Post Cameron cuts short Africa trip; police second-in-command resigns

Pressure on Cameron mounted as the scandal began to resemble a Shakespearean play, with its high-profile victims strewn across Britain’s public stage.

Copyright protection is argued to be based on the originality of content creation. The WaPo piece seems to lack in that regard.

(Note: According to the article history of the Guardian piece: "This article appeared on p2 of the Main section section of the Guardian on Monday 18 July 2011. It was published on at 00.46 BST on Monday 18 July 2011. It was last modified at 09.52 BST on Monday 18 July 2011." While the Washington Post piece was also published in the 18th, the first of the 480+ comments to it is "lafayette89 - Resign, Cameron, resign. - 7/18/2011 3:32:25 PM GMT+0200". It thereby seems evident that the Washington Post piece was launched some 13+ hours hours later than the Guardian piece.)

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Nice catch, B!

Posted by: Jake | Jul 19, 2011 12:00:26 PM | 1

A lack of imagination more than a lack of ethics. If this were in the US the metaphor would be massacre, as in St. Valentine's day or Tuesday Night.

Posted by: Biklett | Jul 19, 2011 12:49:57 PM | 2

while i'm sure plenty of journos steal from colleges and such, i'm even more certain that the word you were looking for here is colleagues

Posted by: b real | Jul 19, 2011 1:16:23 PM | 3

Thx b real, corrected

Posted by: b | Jul 19, 2011 1:19:36 PM | 4

Two causualties that are No 1 and 2 in the Met Police, means "Call me Dave" is toast.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Jul 19, 2011 4:47:58 PM | 5

means "Call me Dave" is toast

I doubt it. That genius who pied Murdoch probably made sure of it. Murdoch became a sympathetic character and his wife established a reputation so now the "conversation" will reflect that. If I was really cynical, I would suggest that Murdoch's PR people hired that moron.
As for Dave, he was never in danger as it requires a vote of no confidence or impeachment to take him out and the Lib-Dems aren't going to side with Labour on this as another election would really decimate them (and Labour are really short of funds). The best that can be hoped for is that the electorate think that Dave is a duplicitous, money-grabbing bastard who can't be trusted. At the end of the day it will be the economy that screws him over and it looks like his and Osborne's action (or lack of it) over the euro will make sure of that. Oh, and Boris Johnson looks more like a wanker.

Posted by: blowback | Jul 19, 2011 5:44:24 PM | 6

Now that this story has finally surfaced I thought I may as well share it with MoA-ites at last. A few tidbits:

"Police say they are confident their computer system is secure, as Prime Minister John Key declines to answer questions over Israeli spy claims.

The police national computer has been under scrutiny in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake in February because of fears Israeli agents loaded software into the system that would allow backdoor access to highly sensitive intelligence files.

The Security Intelligence Service ordered the checks as part of an urgent investigation of what one SIS officer described as the suspicious activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the earthquake.

Three Israelis were among the 181 people who died when the earthquake destroyed most of Christchurch's central business district on February 22. One was found to be carrying at least five passports.

An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the sealed-off "red zone" of the central city. . . ."
". . . Key was asked repeatedly today to confirm details of an SIS investigation into whether the Israeli secret service had infiltrated the police national computer after three Israelis were killed and other Israeli citizens fled the country.

He said he was satisfied there had been no misuse of the police computer. But when asked repeatedly if there had been an investigation by the SIS he refused to answer because it was not in the national interest.

Key also insisted there had been no misuse of New Zealand passports but when asked to confirm one Israeli had five passports he would only say he was aware they had several in their possession but refused to elaborate.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Key four times on the day of the earthquake but Key would only discuss part of those phone calls, which he said were to offer help and advice.

He would not discuss other aspects of the calls.

But when asked repeatedly if the Israeli government had done anything wrong he would not answer, saying it was not in the national interest for him to do so.

Key was also asked about an Israeli search and rescue team being escorted from the Red Zone by armed guards after being found there without permission.

He confirmed he was aware of an incident but "can't confirm all of the details in the way you've presented them".

When asked to give a correct portrayal of the incident he refused. And when asked why it was not in the national interest to talk about the matters raised in a Fairfax story today Key said it was because he "deemed" that to be the case. . . "

It is the bit about sleazy Benyi calling Key 4 times on the day of NZ's worst national disaster to hassle him about some dodgy business the israelis had been up to which grates the most.

Key appears to have cut himself loose from zionist 'handlers' quite soon after his election. Most likely because of the way the Israeli government made a big deal about NZ's new prime Minister being jewish.
John Key is the worst type of sociopath and once he saw that any overt favours to aid israel's thuggery would cost him electorally he pulled his head in. Plus the very section of the NZ voters the israelis were trying to woo got turned off by the carry on in the Jerusalem Post etc, cause John Key is the 3rd or 4th NZ Prime Minister who happens to be jewish and many felt the way that the israeli media performance indicating they believed some corner had been turned against 'anti-semitism' in NZ, was yet another example of israeli 'spin' to cast that despicable society as noble when anyone who bothers to look properly sees a corrupt self serving oligarchy bent on theft and murder. The alleged anti-semitism was nothing more than the previous government's refusal to take sides on the ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley. Israel in 2011: objectivity = naziism.
The whining and bleating was exacerbated by NZ having 'the cheek' the unmitigated gall to arrest, jail, then expel a cabal of israeli intelligence agents that were caught illegally obtaining NZ passports.

So Binyi's bullying fucked up - what else is new?

Well if the israelis did manage to stuff NZ's 'secret citizen database' few will cry but one thing that has become apparent during all this is that as always happens when intelligence agencies are allowed too much unsupervised banditry, israel's intelligence services seem to have become involved in all manner of criminal activity.

For example Zev Barkan the organiser of the failed passport racket and the person one of the passports was meant for, has been reported to be the ringleader of a series of depraved snuff and torture movies that were made in Cambodia in 2006.
What started as drugging and filming young backpackers became twisted 'executions' of Phnom Penh vagrants - the lost souls who inhabit all major cities which embrace the globalist order.

As well as Cambodian newspaper reports allegedly much of this stuff has surfaced in Pravda.

Key is obfuscating something a permanent condition for him. However as staunch as he appears in public he has probably given something back for the mysterious funding his party picked up before te last election. Much digging is going on, aided by the growing public anger over NZ being dragged into the dodgiest piece of war criminality be committed anywhere.

police & intelligence services appear to be leaking like sieves at the moment.

Posted by: Did | Jul 19, 2011 9:08:56 PM | 7

Gem of a story in Private Eye.
A few weeks ago, it would appear that Rupe arranged a meeeting with the owners of The Independent (UK) to complain about their coverage of the current crisis afflicting NI, point out the story was going nowhere and request that they ask their editors to focus on other stories. Did the editorial policy of The Independent change? Nope, because Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev as ex-KGB have been threatened by people a lot "more unpleasant than Rupert Murdoch".

Posted by: blowback | Jul 20, 2011 9:12:25 AM | 8

means "Call me Dave" is toast

As for Dave, he was never in danger as it requires a vote of no confidence or impeachment to take him out.

"Dave" is still in danger. He is damaged. The affair may go further.

Formally speaking, a vote of no confidence would be required to take him out. Impeachment may exist, but it is unknown in recent times. In either case, things would not go so far. If he were seriously damaged, there would be a vote in the Tory party for the leader, as happened with Thatcher. If that vote were not wholly supportive, he would resign.

We are not there yet. More could come out.

Posted by: alexno | Jul 20, 2011 3:47:37 PM | 9

OT, but very interesting: Drones over Iran shot down -- Iran giving Russians a look at the remains.... Note the plural.

Uh, is this an act of war on the part of President Nobel Peace Prize (and Destroyer of Social Safety Net Programs)? Or...? Just a screw up?

How would the US react to foreign drones over our airspace?

"Russian experts requested to see these drones and they looked at both the downed drones and the models made by the guards through reverse engineering," the official IRNA news agency quoted General Hajizadeh as saying.

General Hajizadeh did not elaborate on the number or type of unmanned US aircraft it had shot down, or when or where it had done so.

Iran had announced on January 2 that its forces had downed two US drones after they "violated" Iranian-controlled territory.

It later said it would put the aircraft on public display.

"The planes that were shot down are among the most modern US navy drones and have a long-range capability," the Fars news agency quoted the commander of the guards' naval forces, Ali Fadavi, as saying at the time.

Posted by: jawbone | Jul 20, 2011 5:14:26 PM | 10

Comparing Hackgate to a Shakespearean tragedy because of all the bodies has been quite often used in the British media for several days and I don't think anyone has copyright on it.

Posted by: johnf | Jul 20, 2011 5:23:11 PM | 11

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