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July 13, 2011

More Pressure On Pakistan

Terror Strikes Mumbai, 3 blasts, 10 reported dead

Three explosions have taken place in Mumbai on Wednesday evening - two in South Mumbai at Opera House and in Zaveri Bazar and one at Dadar West, in central Mumbai. The Home Ministry has confirmed a terrorist attack and Mumbai is on high alert.

All blasts took place during rush hour and in crowded places.

Eyewitnesses said about 15 to 20 people have taken to hospital in Zaveri Bazar. Reports said six people had died in the Dadar blast, four in the Zaveri Bazaar blast. Government sources put the number of injured at 60.

Who was it?

It is likely that this or that Pakistani group will be blamed and with it the Pakistani government. That is about the last thing that country needs right now.

Then again - it could be a diversion from the serious pressure the Pakistani military is under. From its own people for the CIA Abootabad raid and the continuous drone war the U.S. is waging on Pakistan and from the U.S. which demands servile cooperation with its schemes.

BTW: What happened to the U.S. national Matthew Craig Barrett, the possible CIA agent who was very publicly arrested in Pakistan four weeks ago and was supposed to be deported two weeks ago. There is not one bit of news on him since his arrest.

With so much pressure on Pakistan one wonders not if, but when the political system will break and a new government or a new dictator be swept in.  Any ideas if/when/what might happen?

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Is it possible that these bombings are intended to put added pressure on the Pakistan government, and if so one can speculate as to who is behind them. Cui bono?

Posted by: Bernie | Jul 13 2011 15:42 utc | 1

I found it interesting that the first comments out of BBC and NPR were that there had been many similar bombings in other cities, and, while this was unique in have three bombgings, it was thought to be an Indian insurgent group doing it.

Then, more talk about Pakistan began. I think the US wants that in the mix, for sure.

Posted by: jawbone | Jul 15 2011 0:31 utc | 2

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