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June 11, 2011

Dana Rohrabacher: "Fighting For Freedom" - But Only If You Pay

It would seem to me that Rep. Rohrabacher's visit to Iraq did not increase the chance for any future stationing of U.S. soldiers there:

The Iraqi government also rejected Rohrabacher's other request during the meeting that "once Iraq becomes a very rich and prosperous country" it would give "some consideration" to "repaying the United States some of the mega-dollars we spent here the last eight years."

Iraqi spokesman Dabbagh said: "Thank you very much for liberating Iraq, but sorry, you're not going to get a cent."

For Rohrabacher "liberation" and "freedom" is obviously all about getting paid. Earlier this week he demand money from the rebels in Libya:

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher yesterday announced his withdrawal of support for the Libyan opposition movement on the grounds that the National Transition Council based in Benghazi has not agreed to repay the US for the cost of the anti-Gaddafi campaign.
After meeting the opposition council’s delegation, Rohrabacher gave them an ultimatum that if he was not provided with assurances regarding costs that the US has already paid and will continue to pay by the time he arrived in Doha, he would withdraw his support for their resistance movement. The opposition delegation then returned to Benghazi to deliberate, but have not yet made a statement either approving or rejecting his proposal, which Rohrabacher has taken to be a sign of rejection.

One might even admire that Rohrabacher is open and honest about what it is all about - money. But this comes from a man who on his website pretends to be "Fighting for Freedom."


Is pimping out U.S. forces as mercenaries for rebels part of "Fighting for Freedom" or is it Rohrabacher's idea of "Having Fun"?

Posted by b on June 11, 2011 at 13:59 UTC | Permalink


"Is pimping out U.S. forces as mercenaries for rebels part of "Fighting for Freedom" or is it Rohrabacher's idea of "Having Fun"?

Actually, both. Rohrabacher is a giant, first-class asshole. Typical, of the kind of people who represent fully one third of the U.S. population. Backed by the corporatocracy, and a legion of morons here in Orange county Calif., he's one of the chief spokesmen for the "America can do no wrong" crowd.

Posted by: ben | Jun 11 2011 14:36 utc | 1

The demand for monetary tribute is characteristic of feudal monarchs and gangster protection schemes. And it's obvious that the US has been in the protection racket for quite a while now...

Posted by: JohnH | Jun 11 2011 15:30 utc | 2

Here is another guy who is fighting for freedom.

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott (Tea Party) is refusing, for reasons of cost, to set up a data base to track ‘legal’ drug prescriptions which would aid the closing down of pill mills - for profit ‘legal’ sale of drugs.

According to the linked article (Guardian) about 30K ppl died (died!) from OD-ing on prescription drugs last year. Imho, an underestimate.

Apologies for the derail, but this just sends me into a fury.

Most of course are young ppl who believe ‘legal’ drugs are safe.

Adverse effects from prescription drugs 2000 - 2009 from Drug War Facts, based on official stats, lists 370K plus deaths in that time, with 2,345,006 “serious outcomes”. (The serious outcomes are indeed horrendous.) -> see the rising numbers

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 11 2011 16:17 utc | 3

I find Dana's comment to be refreshingly honest.., since both major US party's govern/wage war in the precise manner of thinking (looting, control of natural resources and maintaining a dollar pegged to oil) he so openly expresses.

It is rather amazing he survived another ten minutes after saying that to a bunch of Iraqi's face.

Posted by: Eureka Springs | Jun 11 2011 16:21 utc | 4

Rohrabacher's remarks were certainly extremely offensive for Iraqis, and Maliki rightly threw him out.

If the story gets out in the Arabic press, could be difficult for the Pentagon project for US troops to stay in Iraq. After all, Iraqis don't distinguish between what a Representative says, and what the US as a whole says. Depends how the publicity goes.

Posted by: alexno | Jun 11 2011 19:52 utc | 5

I am hoping that alexno is totally correct!

Posted by: Susan | Jun 11 2011 22:42 utc | 6

This is indeed extremely funny on several levels.

I am quite sure that Iraqui oil/national wealth has been sold out to international oil companies via kick backs / bribes. None of the oil company representatives will have encountered personal problems in Iraq. None of them had any problems talking to Benghazi Council.

But Rorabacher now asks for a bail out to the US tax payer and there is nothing in it for Iraqui policians but a chance to show their electorate how much they protect their public money :-))

Remember, all the bourgeois revolutions were started because of taxation.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 12 2011 7:52 utc | 7

Meanwhile, somewhere, Muqtada al-Sadr smiles.

This guy is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee?

Perfect idiot, perfect timing.

And the cherry on top was his insistence that there's going to be an official congressional investigation into the Iraqi raid on MEK headquarters. Like Maliki isn't following the how to smoke out the terrorist organization and bring justice guidebook properly.

Posted by: anna missed | Jun 12 2011 8:44 utc | 8

it is the sublime fun of globalization that local politicians get translated.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 12 2011 9:42 utc | 9

@Eureka Springs, the dollar isn't pegged to the price of oil. Whenever the U.S. government prints more money the oil producing nations raise the price.

Posted by: par4 | Jun 12 2011 12:53 utc | 10

Fair enough, par4. I was thinking in terms of the currency alone - shouldn't have said price.

Posted by: Eureka Springs | Jun 12 2011 17:28 utc | 11

more fun from Al Jazeera, so there must be a somehow a deal:

"President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said Gaddafi told him over a game of chess in Tripoli on Sunday he had no plans to stand down or leave his country.

"The meeting lasted around two hours, we played some chess with Gaddafi," Ilyumzhinov, who is on a visit to Tripoli in his capacity as FIDE president, told Russia's Interfax news agency.

"Gaddafi stated that he is not going to leave Libya, stressing that it is his motherland and a land where his children and grandchildren died. He also said that he does not understand which post he needs to step down from."

"I am neither premier nor president nor king. I do not hold any post in Libya and therefore I have no position which I should give up," Ilyumzhinov quoted Gaddafi as telling him.

Ilyumzhinov was the head of Russia's Buddhist region of Kalmykia between 1993 and 2010. "

Posted by: somebody | Jun 12 2011 20:32 utc | 12

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