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May 05, 2011

U.S. To Rent New Home For Terrorists

As the AP reports:

An American diplomat says the U.S. will try to broker a deal to move a threatened Iranian opposition group away from its camp near Iraq's border with Iran.

The solution would be temporary, until the 3,400 members of the People's Mujahedeen can be resettled outside Iraq.

The Mujahedin-e-Khalq, a marxist cult which the U.S. rightly considers a terrorist group, will be moved in a deal (read: the U.S. will pay!) while at the same time the State Department says this about the MEK:

Activities: Worldwide campaign against the Iranian Government stresses propaganda and occasionally uses terrorist violence. During the 1970s the MEK staged terrorist attacks inside Iran and killed several US military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran. Supported the takeover in 1979 of the US Embassy in Tehran.[...]

As the AP report acknowledges, the U.S. in this doing this in rememberance of another of its dear friends:

Saddam Hussein gave the exiles refuge at Camp Ashraf, seeing them as an ally against Iran.

Update: I am told that the huge amount of data found on DVD disks and memory sticks during the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden contains proof of a railway plot and also reveals that:
a. Iran will have nuclear weapons within three years,
b. Iran's president Ahmedinejad uses sorcery,
c. Iran's supreme leader Khamenei has a chronic flatulence problem
, d. Iran has special trucks in which Khamenei produces those deadly islamist bio-weapons which makes him the world's greatest threat.
Other great, top secret facts from the found data will be revaled by the administration whenever it will fit its agenda.

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Far from the leftist claims that Obama will "draw down" in the wake of the "victory against al Qaeda with OBL's death", the US government announces it will REDOUBLE its war efforts to "fight terror" and that the fight has just begun83

USA, USA USA! Should be in the DSM-IV Codes as a soul sickness.

Bolton is proud..wait! is that him in that vid?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | May 5 2011 19:52 utc | 1

No the US wont be paying...the US TAX PAYER will be paying..did the US dictatorial elite ask the people if they want their money used for such a purpose? i doubt it

Posted by: brian | May 5 2011 21:30 utc | 2

U$ @ 1: Thanks for the link. Let's not all hold our breath til we depart Afghanistan.


Posted by: ben | May 6 2011 1:33 utc | 3

Main link not working (for me) - does it say who's going to take this nutball organization? This makes how many times they've been kicked out of Iraq? Obviously because no country wants to host them.

Posted by: anna missed | May 6 2011 2:11 utc | 4

yeah, something wrong with he 1st link in the article:
correct link to NYT article

Posted by: philippe | May 6 2011 3:15 utc | 5

brian [2]
*No the US wont be paying...the US TAX PAYER will be paying..did the US dictatorial elite ask the people if they want their money used for such a purpose? i doubt it*

+Did anyone ask us, the taxpayers, if we cared to fork over a ton of money to the Democrat and Republican parties so a pack of hacks could spend it to overthrow an elected president? Of course not. That's because this government assumes we work for it, and not the other way around.
we have a congress and a federal bureaucracy tossing around our money so some jerks can play at being power brokers around the world
this stuff happens because we let it happen. If we choose to be a nation of sheep, we have only ourselves to blame. +

Posted by: denk | May 6 2011 5:28 utc | 6

lets see,
a cool 13m per uighurs
coz , get this............ the yanks are worried that these exgitmo
detainees would be *persecuted* if sent back to china [sob sob]
when 99.99% of yanks cant even spell it's name right
u couldnt make this up !!

Posted by: denk | May 6 2011 5:56 utc | 7

the way to redemption
as per the guardian

Posted by: denk [banned by the guardian] | May 6 2011 8:56 utc | 8

some news say Ahmadinejad resigns .

Posted by: an idiot | May 6 2011 10:25 utc | 9

ben @3, yes, that video is ridiculous, but I'm not taking the bait. That video has been making the rounds at all the liberal sites, and its purpose is to detract from the equally ridiculous display outside the Red House and Less Than Ground Zero by the Brain-Dead Obamaphiles who are likened to Nazi Youth absent the superficial homegeneity and discipline, but just as Brain-Washed and Social Engineered.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | May 6 2011 10:42 utc | 10

MB @ 10: The Kabuki is endless. Mr. Obama is guilty of the same kind of distraction as all the Neocons(neoliberals to some) provide for our Corporate media. Anything to distract from the attack on the working classes from the malignant 1%ers. I really believe that if the workers get no traction in places like Mich. and Wisc., the battle here in the US, is basically over. For those of you in the more enlightened places around the globe, this strategy is coming to a neighborhood near you. Corporate greed knows no borders, and sycophants that enable them are in endless supply.

Posted by: ben | May 6 2011 15:17 utc | 11

ben @11

For those of you in the more enlightened places around the globe, this strategy is coming to a neighborhood near you

sarcastic, right? the west is under the spell of the Us superiory myth and blinded by the refusal to acknowledge its collective decline;

Posted by: claudio | May 6 2011 15:44 utc | 12

claudio @ 12: sarcastic, right? Nope, just a fear that the war on workers waged by our trans-national corporate over-lords will be exported around the globe. Here in the U.S., there has been a thirty year war conducted against labor, and our social programs, that is very close to fruition. This ideology, which favors profits over people, has the very distinct possibility of being exported off our shores. As I've postulated before, greed and avarice know no borders.

Posted by: ben | May 6 2011 18:04 utc | 13

ben @ 13

just a fear that the war on workers waged by our trans-national corporate over-lords will be exported around the globe

no need to worry any longer, then, it's already happening here, too;

Posted by: claudio | May 6 2011 19:23 utc | 14

The US has supported the MEK since the fall of the Shah, it’s marxist tinge and semi or vaguely heartfelt religious bent overridden by its opposition to the present Iranian Gvmt.

Originally, the MEK fought the Shah, from the mid 60’s on. They were super keen on Khomeini (iirc).

Just one more example of US expediency, ad hoc policies, getting other enemies of my enemy on board and then forgetting all about them. Or when they shift sides, with events going forward, keeping them gingerly on, or taking them up again, on and off the terrorist list, the MEK must be the number one example of that.

The MEK is very closed off, radical, extremely strict, and functions, and survives, in a purely oppositional mode. That is its bread and butter, it has worked for them...They survive!

Saddam Hussein supported the MEK, big time.

In Europe, though such orgs. get no PTB support, maybe something marginally comparable just for flavor might be the anarchist / post communist / now ‘green’ violent revolutionaries. (They are mostly Italian, and French.)

Hmm.. re-reading I realize I don’t know much about the MEK. They are secretive as they have no platform, no public presence to speak of, are tiny in number and sway with the wind....

Posted by: Noirette | May 6 2011 20:18 utc | 15

"proof of a railway plot"

ominous; trains are the next frontier of the ever-growing police state

Posted by: claudio | May 7 2011 10:45 utc | 16

networks of people skilled with weapons, brave, conspiratorial, are in high demand for the Us's clandestine operations

transfer of the MEK outside Iraq maybe is a step towards their utilization as provocateurs elsewhere in the middle east or beyond

the Us has big problems with clandestine ops in that area: their agents can't "blend" with the crowd, are costly to train

or maybe the MEK will used for security of poppy fields in the Us area of influence in Afghanistan, or as firepower for separatists in Beluchistan, who knows? certainly the Us won't spend money for relocating them just for humanitarian reasons

I have the impression that, rhetoric aside, the Us is acting as to lessen the tension with Iran

Posted by: claudio | May 7 2011 11:03 utc | 17

speaking of nurturing terrorists:

Posted by: brian | May 7 2011 14:06 utc | 18

Another excellent link by Brian @18.

Posted by: Morocco Bama | May 7 2011 18:09 utc | 19

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