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February 02, 2011

Various Secrecy Issues

1. A cable from the State Department to a delegation taking part in a meeting of the Australia group to discuss export controls on chemical weapon materials includes this order:

If AG participants raise the issue of Vils Mirazayonov's book "State Secrets: An Insider's View of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program," the Del should: -- Report any instances in which the book is raised. -- Not/not start or provoke conversations about the book or engage substantively if it comes up in conversation. -- Express a lack of familiarity with the issue. -- Quietly discourage substantive discussions by suggesting that the issue is 'best left to experts in capitals.' CLINTON

Hmm - why would the U.S. not want to talk about Mirazayonov's book, Russias chemical weapon programs and the Novichok agent?

2. This cable describes three additional 9/11 attackers that somehow didn't make it into their plane on 9/10 and then fled via London to Qatar.

3. Richard Sale, a journalist and author of Clinton’s Secret Wars, provides an account of the CIA and Saudi intelligence rivalry with regards to Lebanon and their agents Bashir Gemayel and Rafik Hariri. In three parts at Patrick Lang's blog: Bashir and Hariri (Part 1 and 2), Crisis and Death - Hariri (Part 3)

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Ha - uniformed police driving pro-mubaraks lauti...

Posted by: Lex | Feb 2 2011 12:43 utc | 1

Sale's work is indeed interesting, but the really striking aspect is found in "Sam Will"'s comments.
The tricky point is deciding on their credibility.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Feb 2 2011 13:28 utc | 2

@Hannah - "Sam Will" is a Lebanese, Lang seems to know and to agree with him

Posted by: b | Feb 2 2011 13:45 utc | 3

As a 9/11 nut - The three Quataris mentioned in the cable were written about in the press, and/or in public FBI bulletins. In 2002, maybe before. They were placed on the terrorist watch list and have been on it ever since. (Afaik)

They were of course not alone as ‘foreignors’ who did suspicious things on or around 9/11.

One ex. - there are dozens, literally! - from ewing:

“On the morning of September 11th, according to newspaper records, one of many planes were grounded in St.Louis, home of Boeing: Flight AA43. The FBI checked the passengers. Among them: Ayub Ali Khan aka Gul Mohammed Shah, 51, and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, two Indians. After doublechecking various reports, we have to assume, that the FBI followed both people.

One day later, on September 12th, Ali Khan and Azmath got "arrested on an Amtrak train to Texas from St. Louis", as "hijacker 20 and 21". The name of the FBI agents, who were in charge of that operation, remained unknown. FBI spokesman James Margolin, FBI Special Agent Lori Bailey and Mindy Tucker, former Justice Department spokeswoman (now Republican National Committee) confirmed the arrest. The NY Times revealed, that the train was stopped nearby Fort Worth....”

see link for news links etc.

Another ex., more mysterious: Flight UA23:

So this news isn’t new, and it isn’t significant.

The FBI was deluged with suspicious happenings and leads, and mostly didn’t follow up (the hapless Indians were perhaps an exception) either because they were called on to desist, ‘shut down’, or because they themselves perceived the silliness of it. In about mid-October, according to me, but that’s just my impression, the FBI stopped chasing up various suspected ‘terrorists’, ‘terrorist cells’, ‘terrorists on planes’, etc. Notably, they gave up on investigating the ‘Florida crowd’, but that is a long story.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 2 2011 15:45 utc | 4

So this news isn’t new, and it isn’t significant.

Thanks Noirette - I just stumbled about it in that cable and didn't know that some of those broke off and left before 9/11.

Posted by: b | Feb 2 2011 16:37 utc | 5

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