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July 11, 2009


This waterhole is now closed.

Final remarks:

  • b real's 'Africa Comments' now have their own site. Please visit and bookmark
  • Some regular MoA commentators have moved on and found a new home at
  • A few Moon of Alabama and Whiskey Bar archive CDs are still available. Let me know if you want one.

Thanks and goodbye

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July 07, 2009

A Billmon And MoA Archive CD is Now Available

These CDs are now available.


Learn what's on each of them and how to get one below the fold.

What is the content of these CDs?

Each CD includes the nearly complete archive of Billmon's Whiskey Bar website from his first post on April 10 2003 until The Bar closed on December 28 2006. It is only 'nearly' complete as 22 pictures from early Billmon posts, despite best efforts, are still missing. Over 780 pictures are included though. This is, I believe, the most complete Billmon archive available anywhere.

Also on the CD is the complete archive of Moon of Alabama from its launch on June 30 2004 up to July 2 2009. All posts, media and comments are included.

A search index is provided on the CD that covers both archives. For Windows users a free software to use the search index is included too. Mac and Unix users will have to download their (free) version from the net (link provided on the CD). The search engine allows google and yahoo like searches through both archives.

The two archives are interlinked. Links from the Moon of Alabama archive which originally pointed to the website now point to the Whiskey Bar archive on the CD and vice versa. One can search and surf through and in between both archives without an active internet connection.

While I have been careful in preparing and verifying the archives and each CD I can not give any guarantees. In total there are 9,100 files on each CD which together take up some 527 megabyte. I have not reviewed each of these files on each CD I will send out. Still - if your copy does not work at all you will of course get a new one.

How to get one?

Send an email to MoonofA_at_aol_dot_com and include your postal address. I will send back an email with information on how you may contribute you fair share to the costs involved. Please allow me a day or two for responding to requests.

If you are not able to pay anything for a CD please let me know. Moon of Alabama barflies who can not pay will get a CD for free. More generally - everyone decides for themselves what s/he wants to contribute for a CD.

What is my 'fair share'?

The pure material costs  - high quality raw CD-R, self adhesive label, label printing, jacket, envelope and postage (international airmail) is about € 5.00 or US$ 7.00 per CD.

The process of retrieving the data, providing inter-linkage, cleaning up inconsistencies, verifying the archives, search implementation, testing, documentation, label design, CD-burning and verifying, general handling etc will have taken up some 50+ hours of my time when this project is finished. I expect the total edition of this CD to be around 50 copies or less.

Whatever you are willing to pay above the material costs will first finance CDs for people who can not pay and second to keep the Moon of Alabama website available on the net for linking and reference. The cost for that alone is $180.00 per year. Parts of outrageously generous contributions may also be used to provide me a shot of Lagavulin. I haven't had one for quite a long time.

As paypal screwed up my account I can currently not accept any credit card payment. You will have to do a bank transfer or send a check or cash to the account and address I will provide in my email to you.

Other issues:

The comments to this post are open for questions and remarks on the CD.

Parts of the Moon of Alabama community are now taking refuge at Le Speakeasy. There are still some problems with that site. For discussing those please use the Open Thread

My best wishes and regards to all of you.

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