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June 11, 2009

Still More EFP Nonsense

Some stupidities never di.

The NYT "reports":

Shortly before Mr. Maliki’s speech, a loud blast could be heard from the other side of the Tigris River. There were at least three other bombings in the capital as well on Thursday, including an explosively formed projectile, a particularly deadly type of roadside bomb made with Iranian technology.

What was the Iranian technology involved here? The hammer to form copper liner into a certain shape?

Shaped Charge History

Charles Edward Munroe was the inventor of "The Monroe Effect" in explosives in 1885. He noted that a high explosive with a cavity facing a target left an indentation. The earliest known reference to the effect appears to be 1792, and there is some indication that mining engineers may have exploited the phenomenon over 150 years ago. The Monroe Effect was rediscovered by Von Neumann in 1911, but no practical applications were developed.
The "shaped charge" was introduced to warfare as an anti-tank device in World War II after its re-discovery in the late 1930s. In 1935, Henry Mohaupt, a chemical engineer [and a machine gunner in the Swiss Army] established a laboratory in Zurich to develop an effective anti-tank weapon that could be used by infantry soldiers. Henry Mohaupt was the inventor of the lined shaped charge. Other accounts mention earlier work by R.W. Wood of the John Hopkins University Physics Department as the discoverer of the metal liner principle. After the war started, Mohaupt came to the United States, and in October 1940 he took over direction of the bazooka project.

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A funny story...

Years ago I got a shot at working on a geotech crew, high up in the mountains of Alaska, as their local-hire brush clearer and load carrier. The geotechs were up from California, and kind of gussied up for the bush, but hey, they had good grub!

The helicopter flew us out to the survey site, and a team set up the tents and the cookie started up the barbecue and began fixin' the vittles for supper. Then the heli flew a pair of us up the mountain to one of the survey sites, where I got to set out the geophones, while the junior geotech set the dynamite sounding charge to probe the layers of, hopefully petroleum filled, geology lay unseen under our feet.

We hooked up the geophones, and wired up the plunger, then we took cover and 'whump!', the half-stick dynamite charge shook the mountain, echoing down the canyons, geophones did their thing, and little squiggles danced on the paper.
And I was getting paid for this!

So we're done for the day, waiting for the heli to bring us back to camp, and the junior geotech has a half-stick of dynamite left. There's this gynormous boulder in the middle of the LZ, so that became our coda, "!Clear the LZ!" He showed me how to put a round rock on top of the boulder, shape the dynamite around the rock into a cup shaped charge, then 'mudcap' the charge with mud and sand over the boulder top.

We could here the heli coming, so we're hurrying, and 'whump-brannggg', gravel goes flying in every direction and the boulder cracks neatly in half! Wow! Shaped charge!

Now at this point, a lot of real human emotion came into play.

The heli pilot saw the shot, and we're both so excited telling him about it, that excitement grabs aholt of the pilot, former Nam vet, and so he tips the chopper off the edge of the LZ and freefalls down this 2000-foot cliff face, just to show us what he could do. We are FR-EAK-ing out! and he's bellowing yahoo! and we buzz the camp at 150 knots, flying so low the tents are flapping like crazy horses gone loco.

Anyway, that teen spirit excitement and emotion was like a champagne bottle, after dinner, it was still light out, in Alaska summertime, it's light for 20 hours way past midnight even, so we 'young folks' are sitting around the campfire after the cookie and the head geologist hit the sack, I'm telling the story of the shaped charge, and the junior geotech is noticing that we're out of fire wood, and there's this big down snag a few meters away, but it's too heavy to drag to the fire, so...

Imagine the Pied Piper leading dancing idiots back to his tent, sneaking a FULL STICK of dynamite from the munitions, then a conga line dancing back to the snag, he sets it and we all run for our lives and 'KAWHUMP-WHUMP' the entire snag goes airborne, I'm not a lyin', cartwheeling over and over TOWARDS THE CAMP, and it lands right on the head geologist's tent, KAWHAM!!

He comes out of his tent like a grizzly bear in spring, ho-man! we were all holding our zippers like kids that have to pee, jitterbuggin' not knowing where to run, and the cookie comes running out of his tent with his bear rifle, bellowing, and that poor junior geotech, you have to wonder about how goofy and stupit people can get with a little coaxing from the peanut gallery.

And maybe that's how Cheney was able to coax 350,000,000 solid Americans to part with over $1,000,000,000,000 of their hard-earned life savings to commit genocide in Irag and AfPak, where 5,300,000 poor civies are running around looking for food.

Ya' know?!

Posted by: Alton Elliot | Jun 11 2009 20:37 utc | 1

Boys with their toys, huh, Alton? Le's blow sompin' up reeeeal gud...

Another funny story, from a few years back: The Infamous Exploding Whale

Dave Barry:

The tape is from a local TV news show in Oregon, which sent a reporter out to cover the removal of a 45-foot, eight-ton dead whale that washed up on the beach. The responsibility for getting rid of the carcass was placed on the Oregon State Highway Division, apparently on the theory that highways and whales are very similar in the sense of being large objects.

Posted by: catlady | Jun 11 2009 22:40 utc | 2

Is this not just harnessing the power of parabolas? Let's see, that would date back to Ancient Sumeria, Egypt, most certainly Archimedes had figured out the basic properties. Channeling energy is channeling energy, be it light or an explosive blast.

I suppose the "shaped charge" would not be possible until the Chinese invented gunpowder in what 8th century? by the 11th century firearms and mortars were developed. Isn't a mortar a shaped charge?

Or, are we talking about something completely different?

Posted by: scott | Jun 11 2009 23:41 utc | 3

Um, I think we're talking about the media. Thanks catlady.

Posted by: beq | Jun 12 2009 1:35 utc | 4

Thank you, 1 & 2.

The biggest laughs i've had in six weeks.

Posted by: china_hand2 | Jun 12 2009 12:27 utc | 5

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