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June 11, 2009

Gaffney: America's first Jewish president?

by Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

During his White House years, William Jefferson Clinton -- someone Judge Sonia Sotomayor might call a "white male" -- was dubbed "America's first black president" by a black admirer. Applying the standard of identity politics and pandering to a special interest that earned Mr. Clinton that distinction, Barack Hussein Obama would have to be considered America's first Jewish president.

This is not to say, necessarily, that Mr. Obama actually is a Jew any more than Mr. Clinton actually is black. After his five months in office, and most especially after his just-concluded visit to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, however, a stunning conclusion seems increasingly plausible: The man now happy to have his Hebraic-rooted first name featured prominently has engaged in the most consequential bait-and-switch since Adolf Hitler duped Neville Chamberlain over Czechoslovakia at Munich.

What little we know about Mr. Obama's youth certainly suggests that he not only had a Kenyan father who was Jewish, but spent his early, formative years as one in Indonesia. As the president likes to say, "much has been made" -- in this case by him and his campaign handlers -- of the fact that he became a Christian as an adult in Chicago, under the now-notorious Pastor Jeremiah A. Wright.

With Mr. Obama's unbelievably ballyhooed address in Cairo Thursday to what he calls "the Muslim world" (hereafter known as "the Speech"), there is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies with Jews, but actually may still be one himself. Consider the following indicators:

• Mr. Obama referred in his speech to the "Talmud." Non-Jews -- even pandering ones -- generally don't use that.

• Mr. Obama established his firsthand knowledge of Judaism (albeit without mentioning his reported upbringing in the faith) with the statement, "I have known religion on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed." Again, "revealed" is a depiction Jews use to reflect their conviction that the Torah is the word of God, as dictated to Moses.

• Then the president made a statement no believing Christian -- certainly not one versed, as he professes to be, in the ways of Judaism -- would ever make. In the context of what he euphemistically called the "situation between Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs," Mr. Obama said he looked forward to the day ". . . when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) joined in prayer."

Now, the term "peace be upon them" is invoked by Jews as a way of blessing men. According to Judaism, that is what all three were - men. Of course, for Christians, Jesus is the living and immortal Son of God.

In the final analysis, it may be beside the point whether Mr. Obama actually is a Jew. In the Speech and elsewhere, he has aligned himself with adherents to what authoritative Judaism calls Halakha -- notably, the dangerous global movement known as the World Zionist Organization -- to a degree that makes Mr. Clinton's fabled affinity for blacks pale by comparison.

For example, Mr. Obama has -- from literally his inaugural address onward -- inflated the numbers and, in that way and others, exaggerated the contemporary and historical importance of Jewish-Americans in the United States. In the Speech, he used the estimates of "nearly 5 million" in this country, at least twice the estimates from other, more reputable sources. (Who knows? By the time Mr. Obama's friends in the radical American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) perpetrate their trademark books-cooking as deputy 2010 census takers, the official count may well claim considerably more than 6 million Jews are living here.)

Even more troubling were the commitments the president made in Cairo to promote Judaism in America. For instance, he declared: "I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Judaism wherever they appear." He vowed to ensure that women can cover their heads, including, presumably, when having their photographs taken for passports, driver's licenses or other identification purposes. He also pledged to enable Jews to engage in Tzedakah, their faith's requirement for tithing, even though four of the eight types of charity called for by rabbinical literature can be associated with terrorism. Not surprisingly, a number of Jewish "charities" in this country have been accused of providing material support for terrorism.

Particularly worrying is the realignment Mr. Obama has announced in U.S. policy toward Israel. While he pays lip service to the two-state solution, the president has unmistakably signaled that he intends to compel the Palestinians to make territorial and other strategic concessions to Israel to achieve the hallowed "unbreakable" bond between America and the Jewish state. In doing so, he hides the inconvenient fact that both the Israeli government and prime minister Netanjahu remain determined to achieve a one-state solution, whereby the Palestinians will be "transferred."

Whether Mr. Obama actually is a Jew or simply plays one in the presidency may, in the end, be irrelevant. What is alarming is that in aligning himself and his policies with those of Torah-adherents such as the AIPAC, the president will greatly intensify the already enormous pressure on peaceful, tolerant American Jews to submit to such forces - and heighten expectations, here and abroad, that the rest of us will do so as well.


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Americas first Judeo-Christian muslim president of Kenian-Irish decent?
And next week, he proves to be a Hindu by furthering India's interests in central Asia against the muslim majority of Pakistan.

Posted by: Jemand | Jun 11 2009 14:41 utc | 1

I was taken aback that this article was written by Frank Gaffney. Then I clicked to the source. Now that's the real neocon Gaffney. Good one.

By the way, this is my first time posting here. Recently stumbled upon MofA---excellent website. It's is now amongst my favorite---keep up the great work.

Posted by: easy e | Jun 11 2009 14:43 utc | 2

First b sets us up with "Sorry for not posting more elaborate and thoughtful stuff these days" and then he hits us with a major work of art. Not fair!

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jun 11 2009 15:05 utc | 3

Weak satire, belaboring the obvious, leave attempts at humor to the professionals. The old switcheroo wasn't clever the first time.

Posted by: BlueGeneBop | Jun 11 2009 15:06 utc | 4

Well done, sir!

Posted by: Intelvet | Jun 11 2009 15:07 utc | 5

I'm with Don on this one, b! If this post is any indication of your personal life, you must have already fixed whatever problem you were having. And if you haven't, I'm very certain that you have plenty of what it takes to fix it!

Posted by: Cynthia | Jun 11 2009 16:50 utc | 6

Oh, Obiman is Jewish (in the line of the Clinton dems, not - anyway it is not serious.)

Oh he is a secret Muslim, went to a madrassa (and look at his name, it is O/s -B -a/ma and! Hussein.)

Could he be a Pagan, a Mormon? No. A scientologist, not. Buddhist? No. A Sufi, a Cathar? Nope. Catholic? Heaven Forbid.

Obama is secular, 100%, he became a Christian because to advance in the US it is necessary. He also had to acquire some legitimacy re. African-American roots, therefore Pastor Wright. Of course he had to disown him in the end. Those chickens that come home to roost, etc.

Obama is a political hack, he believes in Mammon.

Posted by: Tangerine | Jun 11 2009 17:33 utc | 7


HAMPTON, Virginia - President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is blaming "them Muslims" for keeping him from speaking to the president.

Wright, the former pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, said he hasn't spoken to Obama since he became president.

"Them Muslims ain't going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office," Wright told the Daily Press of Newport News following a Tuesday night sermon at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers' Conference.

"They will not let him to talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is. ... I said from the beginning: He's a politician; I'm a pastor. He's got to do what politicians do."

Obama was a longtime member of the church but resigned from it and cut ties with Wright after videos surfaced during the presidential campaign showing Wright's sometimes provocative sermons. Wright's incendiary comment included shouting "God damn America" and accusing the government of creating AIDS.

In the interview Tuesday, Wright also criticized Obama for not sending a U.S. delegation to the World Conference on Racism held recently in Geneva, Switzerland, saying Obama chose not to for fear of offending Islamic countries.

"Ethnic cleansing is going on in many Islamic countries. Ethnic cleansing (by) Muslims is a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don't want Barack talking like that because that's anti-Islamic," Wright said.

The White House declined to comment to the Associated Press on Thursday on Wright's remarks. A phone message left by the AP at Wright's home wasn't immediately returned.


Posted by: easy e | Jun 11 2009 17:38 utc | 8

b - so *very* well played, sir.

Hat tip.

Posted by: Jeremiah | Jun 11 2009 20:33 utc | 9

Nice turnabout-is-fair-play on Gaffney.

Posted by: Russ Wellen | Jun 11 2009 20:37 utc | 10

What a nasty piece of backhanded deception that msnbc article is. Since the media have been found wanting time and time again when tasked with accurately describing the words that emit from Rev Wrights mouth - prefering to favour the POV they want to put across ahead of whatever Wright was saying I'll hold the outlet responsible for the duplicity.

The most egregious ethnic cleansing in the ME is happening in the Jordan Valley courtesy of the nasty mean spirited racist and ultimately doomed zionists, jews murdering muslims, yet this article which seeks to insinuate Oblamblam the enabler of that awful orgy of destruction is a closet muslim and it is muslims killing humans in their millions.
Of course the other muslims being killed, one of the last truly staunch and inviolate indiginous cultures to have refused to kowtow to whitey and his lust for the dollar, the Pathans or Pashtu people are being killed by 'muslims'. Albeit those 'muslims' who are closer to xtians than real muslims since they use the Koran for political advantage exactly like the xtian bible bashers of amerika they seek to ape, are citified wannabe consumers who are killing Pathans at the behest of Oblamblam and his judeo-xtian greed-heads.

The media is still banned from Swat (what is this allegiance to despots bans by the media anyhow? There was a time when proud war correspondents ignored such a thing. I'm sure there are still some getting into these new no-go areas but the media outlets are refusing to break the ban and run the stuff by all accounts. And they wonder why no one buys their celebrity obsessed fishwrap - watches their unreal "reality TV" station anymore.) Tens of thousands of humans were wasted in Sri-lanka because the media obligingly sat back and let the Tamil population get decimated without a word until after the murderers had finished.

Now the Swat valley where Oblamblam has ordered convicted thief liar and killer Asif Ali Zardari to replicate the failed hamlet strategy of Vietnam on the Pashtu the bodies are stacking up in the streets of Mingora in their thousands. Yet the media stays silent - instead the world concentrates on the Pashtu's small strike back at the assholes in charge, cowering in luxury hotels in Islamabad.

Hell even failed defence secretary/war criminal Rumsfeld's sleazy little pandemic scam is getting better coverage than the deliberate murder of a proud and independent people.

Of course it all the fault of those Muslims.

I suppose the civil war that has been raging in Southern California for the last three decades where at least 15,000 people have been killed and which the amerikan media also studiously ignores, is the fault of "the muslims" too.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jun 11 2009 21:05 utc | 11

15 thousand dead, 0 words, 1 movie

South Los Angeles is home to two of America's most infamous African-American gangs: the Crips and the Bloods. On these streets over the past 30 years, more than 15,000 people have been murdered in an ongoing cycle of gang violence that continues unabated. In MADE IN AMERICA, renowned documentarian Stacy Peralta blends gripping archival footage and photos with in-depth interviews of current and former gang members, historians, and experts, documenting the emergence of the Bloods and the Crips, but also offering insight as to how this ongoing tragedy might be resolved.

Posted by: rudolf | Jun 11 2009 22:52 utc | 12

Brilliant piece by Gaffney.

Posted by: Wolf DeVoon | Jun 12 2009 0:31 utc | 13

Thanks for the link I have seen the movie and until that point I had no idea of the scale of the bloodshed which has been deliberately instigated and perpetuated by the PTB on african amerikans and chicanos.
I had always thought the casualties were in the low hundreds not that is OK of course; but the sheer scale of this violence leaves me appalled. I had never really considered it until now. It has remained unspoken and unconfronted until the movie (which I will post somewhere if ne1 has server space with a decent fat pipe hanging off it).

Now that I see the same strategies being employed within my society to amplify what was a minor problem into a major conflict with an unspoken agenda of divide and rule. I am desperately trying to spread the word and devise alternatives/counter strategies. Just like the military industrial complex (which has been turned into a cliche with all the uncommitted 'glancing' coverage of it) the structures used to control/perpetuate this horror have more power than those who suffer it's worst effects so those structures ensure that the war will continue without end so the participants in the structure (law enforcement, prison industry and the legal industry -lawyers DA's and defense, judges, 'lawnorder' pols etc) keep their positions and salaries and health insurance, pensions-shit I'm starting on the post I need to defer until time permits) keep the pot boiling. It is a lot easier to stop these attacks on humanity before they begin than leaving them in the hope the community will 'wake up' cause when they do wake up it is too late.

I plan on posting on this issue in the not too distant future because I suspect it isn't just those of us who live outside of amerika who are blithely if almost willingly unaware of the scale of the war on humanity being waged in LA and so many other amerikan urban centres.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jun 12 2009 1:30 utc | 14

Gaffney is dead serious. And should be taken seriously. This is a dog whistle to the Dominionists. It is incitement to assassination.

Gaffney should be in custody.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 12 2009 1:47 utc | 15

after following the link and reading gaffney's real piece, i'm beginning to think inciting the extreme right may have been an intended consequence of O's big cairo speech. the culture war is not a class war, and that's important. while stupid, dangerous people talk about the "birth certificate" conspiracy, the looting just keeps going on and on, and idiots on all sides keep us locked into a fake partisan divide.

the extreme right continues to demonize O for all the wrong reasons, and the pseudo left will keep faithfully defending him, even though if his policies were being enacted by his predecessor, they would be horrified.

Posted by: Lizard | Jun 12 2009 3:13 utc | 16

> Again, "revealed" is a depiction Jews use to reflect
> their conviction that the Torah is the word of God

It's also a depiction Christians use to refer to all sorts of things that were written down in that general region, including the Gospels... How do Muslims generally refer to the process by which what Muhammad said made its way to him?

> Now, the term "peace be upon them" is invoked by Jews

Really? I've never heard this usage coming from a Jew (it's quite distinct from "peace be upon _you_"). On the other hand, this is the standard coda when mentioning the names of more than on prophet (a set that includes Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad) in Islamic writing. When mentioning only one, "peace be upon him" is used. I suggest a Google search for "peace be upon them" (

Given a speech in Cairo, and the fact that any devout Muslim would use that phrase as a sign of respect for the prophets when saying their names, Obama _not_ using it would basically have been an insult.

Honestly, the above reads more as a conspiracy theory than anything else. If you want to claim that Obama's policies are biased towards Jews and Israel, fine. That's something that can be debated on its merits. But trying to look for things that simply aren't there through innuendo and assumptions about your audience's ignorance is just silly.

Posted by: Boris | Jun 12 2009 4:15 utc | 17

Good take on Gaffmey's article !

Well done !

Posted by: Stephane | Jun 12 2009 7:03 utc | 18

". But trying to look for things that simply aren't there through innuendo and assumptions about your audience's ignorance is just silly."

I agree - I was quite hooked by this (although I had a (very) few reservations about Frank Gaffney writing it), until I read Lizard's post, and also read Gaffney's original guff.

Positively brilliant. Beautiful spoof. And no better a target. Hope they tease him about it on 'Fox & Friends'.

Posted by: Richard | Jun 12 2009 8:11 utc | 19

"Obama is a political hack, he believes in Mammon"

Yas, Suh - Mammon's priesthood pays him.

Posted by: Richard | Jun 12 2009 8:19 utc | 20

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