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April 27, 2009

Links April 27 09

  • Industrial pork - Swine-flu outbreak linked to Smithfield factory farms - (Grist)
  • No intention to leave - Exceptions Are Proposed to Deadline of Pullout From Iraq Cities - (NYT)
  • Sadism: We don't care of 'results' - CIA reportedly declined to closely evaluate harsh interrogations - (LAT)
  • WTF - Appeals court rules Gitmo detainees are not 'persons' - (Raw Story)
  • Demanding a Palestinian state = Anti-semitism - Why should they get a state? - (Ynet via FLC)
  • Cohen: West Bank "a primer on colonialism" - Clinton’s Mideast Pirouette - (NYT)
  • Likely nonsense - 'Iranian arms ship destroyed near Sudan' - (JPost)

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Posted by b on April 27, 2009 at 5:22 UTC | Permalink


Lieberman says:

"We are not talking about a military attack. Israel cannot resolve militarily the entire world's problem. I propose that the United States, as the largest power in the world, take responsibility for resolving the Iranian question"

Now the whole world feels better, doesn't it?

Israeli say they've arrested a spy that passed informations to Iran, Iranians say they've arrested people connected to Israel that were going to carry out attempts in Iran.

Posted by: andrew | Apr 27 2009 10:16 utc | 1

Whose global food security.

From Asia Times, two articles about US energetic policies towards Iran: US promotes Iran in energy market and White House miscalculations linger.

Posted by: andrew | Apr 27 2009 10:30 utc | 2

Here is a good link to a pandemic map:

Pandemic map

Posted by: DavidS | Apr 27 2009 11:41 utc | 3

Hussein's people won, and the US lost. That's the history lesson for today.

Posted by: alabama | Apr 27 2009 12:37 utc | 4

b, do you agree with Roubini? If not, where is he specifically wrong?

Posted by: alabama | Apr 27 2009 12:44 utc | 5

It is not a Pandemic. Let's not play into their trap. It's biological and social engineering. It's a trial run. On the one hand, Homeland Security is declaring a medical state of emergency, yet the head of the CDC says on CNN that it would be foolish to allow this to prevent travel for purposes of commerce. Well, it really can't be a state of emergency then, can it, if intercountry and interstate travel isn't restricted? Also, whereas the "normal" flu has been resistant to Rumsfeld's Tamiflu, this bioengineered flu just so happens to respond to Tamiflu. Wow, what a coincidence. That dirty fu.....en bastard Rumsfeld should have been executed for war crimes. He's still on the loose, and up to his evil shit. He is Dr. Evil. Of course, Rumsfeld is just the face of an Evil malevolence known as the Military Industrial Complex, so prosecuting him would be meaningless. The entire system needs to be overthrown and dismantled. Good luck with that.

Posted by: Obamageddon | Apr 27 2009 13:30 utc | 6

@alabama - In my view Roubini is a tad bit too optimistic that we will get the right policies to clean up the banks. Otherwise he is spot on.

Posted by: b | Apr 27 2009 13:43 utc | 7

Obamageddon @6
Absolutely correct about not playing into their manipulating hands with the 'pandemic' meme.

There have been only three influenza pandemics in the past 100 years: 1918, 1957 and 1968. I had no problem living through the last two and don't know anyone of any age who was even hospitalized back then -- and I was a New Yorker and knew a LOT of people.

The panic button is taking hit after hit. The EU has recommended no travel to Mexico and the US. Now, according to DavidS's map, France has cases so I suppose Mexico and US will shortly recommend no travel to the EU either.

Truthfully, I have never seen such panic over a few cases of the flu. As to the Mexico City deaths, any of us would croak from the air pollution there; don't need the flu to take you out. And to put this all in perspective, on the average 39,000 Americans die each year from plain old influenza.

And don't forget how they have been pumping us for what, almost a decade, over avian flu and how it was/is going to kill us. I guess now it's just a race to see if we are going to die from the bird version or the pig version.

Posted by: Ensley | Apr 27 2009 14:18 utc | 8

This Kremlinological parsing of the NYTimes article on Geithner may be of interest.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Apr 27 2009 14:19 utc | 9

For anyone planning a vacation in Cuba, this DNI Open Source Center
Cuban Leadership Overview (made available through Steven Aftergood's Secrecy News) will help you to recognize the emerging biggies of the Cuban Nomenclatura. The photo-illustrated chart on the first page may be of interest in itself.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Apr 27 2009 14:31 utc | 10

Has anyone else run across indications that Obama may have been exposed to the "pig flu" while he was visiting mexico? i haven't had time to go fishing around the virtual ether, but according to one site i frequent, Obama was exposed at a museum, where the archaeologist he met died a few days later. sounds like a load of crap, but who knows. wouldn't it be convenient to have the new prez die from this fishy "outbreak", thus clearing the path for joe you-don't-have-to-be-a-jew-to-be-a-zionist biden to take over? so maybe this isn't a test run, but an assassination attempt.

Posted by: Lizard | Apr 27 2009 14:58 utc | 11

Ensley and Obamageddon-

You both are right – as someone pointed-out yesterday; notice the conversations regarding torture have all but been dropped in the MSM? Torture is far more damaging to the american administration than a few runny noses.

That said, did any of you check-out this link Pandemic planned? which I linked to yesterday?

This guy has pieced together a interesting bunch of recent "discoveries" (from the past year) and put them together into a fascinating read... I treat this like most of the kooky crap I read, with a heavy does of Hmmm, but the dude has done a good job of linking all these separate pieces of weird into what is almost a believable "what if?"

Otherwise It's a beautiful spring day in my neck of the woods, if only I could filter out the bull feces from the governments and enjoy the warm sunshine and green grass.

Posted by: DavidS | Apr 27 2009 15:32 utc | 12

And a link to what is probably gonna be a popular wiki: Link to dickipedia

Posted by: DavidS | Apr 27 2009 15:41 utc | 13

The natural world, or links between it and us... (tried to post before but didn’t come up or I can’t find it so if repetitive scusi.)

Crossed my mind as I was eating breakfast: An article I skimmed thru some months back in a Nature type J reported a simple study, an analysis of a collection of data over time concerning the size + weight of some of the animals that man hunts, fishes, kills, in the wild. These have progressively grown smaller and smaller. One reason is obvious; we prefer to kill big beasts, because one gets more buck for one’s bang, plus, oh the prestige. The punch line, however, was that our rules for preserving ‘nature’ are way wacky; younger, smaller animals must be left alive, only organisms of size, age / weight X - often mature adults only, are retained/killed. The unnatural selection thus ends up favoring smaller size. If, say, herrings could stay tiny, we wouldn’t get them on our plate at all. Inexorably, they are pursuing that path. All those bio type legislators haven’t read Darwin.

I wasn’t aware that nature was shrinking in this particular way.

Meanwhile, humans continue to sprout upwards and sideways. In the past (about) 20 years Americans have managed to absorb 10% more calories per cap., mostly processed corn. Big Agri on the rampage. If food is a weapon, it is killing Americans in first place. It is hard to call this ironical, it seems flat-out suicidal. An ideology of social darwinism in the hands of humans, because of their powerful tools, will leave only a very few, lonely, winners in the field.

Animals bred for slaughter are not bred for size, but for rapid growth in a short time span. The science of feeding pigs for slaughter is quite advanced. The hogs do react by copping out - getting ill, depressed, giving up, being stressed out and so thwarting their keeper’s plans. Industrial pig farms are a stew of bacteria, sick animals, and tons of antibiotics. Reading even a little about what goes on there can make you sick.

Posted by: Tangerine | Apr 27 2009 16:07 utc | 14

About the swine flu ‘pandemic’. First, the CDC has no head, only an acting head, Obama hasn’t managed to nominate one. CDC is under the umbrella of Homeland Security (bad mistake, sanitary/public health need to be independent and have wide powers) and the reputation of the head of that is poor; deserved or not I can’t say. The pandemic level is set (and followed by everyone) by WHO, it is at present 3 - out of 6.

The difficulty is the same as for SARS and bird flu. The possibility of a serious pandemic exists, it cannot be ruled out. But it can’t be estimated either. Nobody knows. The media and the PTB greet disease scares with a mixture of febrile joy (natural terrorism attack!) and great trepidation - it just might end up affecting their world seriously, if only financially, as they tend to be very uneducated in medical stuff and generally consider themselves above risk. That is the reason I don’t believe conspiracy theories in the area of the flu viruses. Also, the existing Science, while it can’t predict an epidemic, explains the functioning of these viruses well.

Posted by: Tangerine | Apr 27 2009 16:15 utc | 15

First it's chickens, now pigs. Another good reason why vegetarianism might not be such a bad thing in today's world.

Posted by: Obelix | Apr 27 2009 16:51 utc | 16

second history lesson. the war on tewwah lost & was from the beginning. given that u s imperialism is the principal producer of tewowism(as israeli 'leaders' call it) - perhaps that is not too surprising

unfortanately, the people too,have lost

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Apr 27 2009 17:10 utc | 17

PL keeps beating the Harman Drum

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Apr 27 2009 18:50 utc | 18

David Kirby at HuffPo adds some info to the possible hog COFAs (confined animal feeding operations) as source of the new swine flu in Mexico.

Posted by: jawbone | Apr 27 2009 22:40 utc | 19

US senator to push 'tough dialogue' law (Essentially an act of war)

Posted by: Anthony | Apr 27 2009 23:55 utc | 20

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