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March 23, 2009

Links March 23 09

Krugman really hates the 'new Paulson plan'.

Pimco wants to be one of the 'investors' in 'bad assets' under Geithner's plan. They already own lots of 'bad assets' so artificially lifting their prices with taxpayer money will let them show great artificial profits which in turn will deliver big bonuses to their management.

Cohen likes Obama's Iran approach and says U.S. relations with Israel must change.

Strategy of tension?  A car bomb was found next to a mall in Haifa, Israel. Some in the Palestinian Authority (i.e. Dahlan) say its from Hezbollah and Iran!

Exporting Democracy: The U.S. plans to appoint a Prime Minister in Afghanistan to get around Karzai.

Puppets: The Spanish Defense Minister wants Spanish troops out of Kosovo. The U.S. says no so the troops will stay.

Slobodan Milosevic's intelligence chief was a CIA agent. Lenin has more on this.

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All I can say is that it seems that the CIA is involved anywhere one finds evil in the world. I am ready to believe that the local gang shootings over territory is somehow related to the CIA.

The problem is, they seem to start the problems rather than stop them.

Posted by: Buckaroo | Mar 23 2009 9:41 utc | 1

olmert "A huge disaster was prevented by a miracle."

israel is one big miracle.

Posted by: annie | Mar 23 2009 14:18 utc | 2

Apparently "investors" don't read Krugman or MOA: as I write the Dow is up over 3% today, the S&P 500 almost 4% and the Nasdaq about 3.5%. European markets are also doing very well, rising at the open and again after Wall Street opened. The "usual suspects" are leading the charge: Citigroup up over 14%, Bank of America almost 14%, and even AIG about 14%. This will obviously change from minute to minute, but in some sense defies comprehension. Well,maybe">">maybe not completely.

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Mar 23 2009 15:13 utc | 3

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