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January 07, 2009

Weapons And Iran Trained Fighters Smuggled Into Gaza

(RBN) - Hamas is smuggling ballistic missiles of possibly intercontinental range into Gaza.

Through tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border high capacity missiles are entering Gaza and are now readied to hit targets in central Europe and possibly even the United States. Due to high tech developments, stolen by Chinese spies from defense laboratories in western countries, these missile - while small - are capable of reaching extraordinary distances.

Additionally photographic evidence (below the fold) was acquired in dangerous clandestine operation by our resident journalists.

It shows highly capable Hezbollah trained engineers and fighters of likely Iranian origin now entering the Gaza strip.

Officials expect that these radical-Islamists will infiltrate from Gaza into European countries and from there into the United States with the ultimate aim of hitting local civilian and government areas like public parks, libraries and recreation establishments near you with devastating improvised weapons.

We advise every citizen to stay at home until your local officials announce that the have cleared your local area from any suspect. 

Climate changing poisoning gas is the deadly emission of this projectile being prepared for launch onto the United States and Israel

Hezbollah trained fighter (left) drags a gagged Bavarian hostage into Gaza in an attempt to blackmail a European government

Iranian Republican Guard Mullah, clad in black (right) , indoctrinating a moderate Fatah member to get rid of his life saving U.S. colored gas mask

The two 'horns' of what looks like a satanic beast were identified by experts as camouflaged nozzles of a newly developed four-dimensional missile. Notice the heavy and  deadly payload at the lower back end of this devastating vehicle.

Notice how very well nourished this capable Iran trained Hamas fighter looks compared to usual Gaza inhabitants. Hamas only serves its own nefarious aims by letting its fighters eat all available greens in Gaza and thereby denying basic food stuff like grass to its own people.

An Iranian trained Hezbollah member from Venezuela in a hardened missile silo prepares for the launch of an intercontinental nucleous armed rocket on the Obama inauguration ceremony.

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Aren't these classified as "fuel-air" devices? Also notice the military-grade Self Contained Apparatus for Respiratory Ventilation Exit Systems (SCARVES) the militants are equipped with, most likely provided by Iran as well.

This is a damning indictment and we should act on it with all due haste.

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Posted by: Loup | Jan 7 2009 21:30 utc | 2

Recommended: AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble background: The best reporter in Gaza

Posted by: b | Jan 7 2009 21:34 utc | 3


Launch preparations for an intercontinental missile aimed at the Obama inauguration ceremony.

Already launched! One can detect from the photo, evidently taken by the same Israeli secret agents who photographed the so-called Syrian nuclear reactor on the Euphrates, that the missile is half-way up the launch tube, driven by excretory methane gas. That is why the technician covers his face - to protect himself from the downwash. This type of missile normally takes 13 days to reach its target - you can look it up in Jane's All the World's Missiles.

Posted by: Alex | Jan 7 2009 22:03 utc | 4

That's an anti semitic goat if I ever saw one. Milk for the kiddies?

For shame, Palestinians!

Posted by: Thrasyboulos | Jan 7 2009 22:15 utc | 5

NYT correspondent David E. Sanger reports from Jerusalem "It's worth noting that Hamas has refused to release images of it's most lethal weapon a herd/squad/passle of Rhode Island Red chickens thoroughly indoctrinated in the techniques of spreading H5N1 the dreaded 'bird flu' virus.
US intelligence sources confirmed off the record that only males of the crazed suicide roosters species Gallus gallus are chosen because their natural male to female ratio of 15.7 hens to 1 rooster was judged to be easier to organise 70 virgins hens per suicide bird in chook heaven.

Suicide rooster wrangler Abu Doudle Dhu (who agreed to talk provided his remarks weren't published until the Martyrs of Jenin Fayoumi Brigade were in place and ready to attack) claimed that despite a number of negatives including the further enrichment of "war criminal" Rumsfeld by creating a run on TamiFlu (produced solely by Rumsfeld family business Gilead Corp) it was believed that this action by Iranian trained fowls would show the evil sons of satan in the west that their "empire" was doomed.

When asked to comment on where it said in the Koran that it was OK to murder civilians Doudle Dhu screeched "you cant make an omlette without breaking eggs"."

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jan 7 2009 22:16 utc | 6

B, thanks for the laugh. It's an acid laugh that leaves a bad taste, but never the less.

Are you sure its a "Bavarian" hostage? To me it looks more like a Schleswig Holsteiner hostage?

Posted by: sabine | Jan 7 2009 22:28 utc | 7

the other side

i have no words left, just sorrow

Posted by: sabine | Jan 7 2009 22:54 utc | 8

Slightly off topic, but Pat Lang's description of IDF as he saw over his career is curiously illuminating about the goings on in Gaza and IDF's role therein. In an odd way, its ground forces, especially in smaller units, strike me as a juvenile, undisciplined, and unprofessional organization--while I don't have much experience with military matters, it seems to me to be curiously analogous to the kind of ethnic militias responsible for so much atrocity in the Balkans in recent years.

Lang's description of the IDF

Posted by: kao_hsien_chih | Jan 7 2009 22:57 utc | 9

No more sighing. no more petitions
It is all you can do SO DO IT NOW OR FOREVER BE SILENT.
Boycott ALL shops , businesses, social functions.
It is all you can do . Do it.

Posted by: boindub | Jan 7 2009 23:21 utc | 10

As always, mighty Israel claims to be the victim of Palestinian aggression but the sheer asymmetry of power between the two sides leaves little room for doubt as to who is the real victim. This is indeed a conflict between David and Goliath but the Biblical image has been inverted - a small and defenceless Palestinian David faces a heavily armed, merciless and overbearing Israeli Goliath. The resort to brute military force is accompanied, as always, by the shrill rhetoric of victimhood and a farrago of self-pity overlaid with self-righteousness. In Hebrew this is known as the syndrome of bokhim ve-yorim, "crying and shooting". avi shlaim/guardianText

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jan 7 2009 23:46 utc | 11

Excellent b!

Sometimes it is only gallows humor that get's one through some harrowing events, I found it quite serendipitous too as I was at the moment reading your post and listening to my vinyl recording of Ascenseur pour L'échafaud (Elevator to the Gallow), by the magnificent Miles D.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 8 2009 1:14 utc | 12

Darn it, meant to add:

Ontario union wants ban on Israeli academics

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 8 2009 1:24 utc | 13

It would appear that the Hamas fighters are preparing to fight israeli's verbal attacks full of bovine excrement, with some heavy weapons of their own.

Amazing photos, the captions are great! Sometimes the best weapon you can have is a sense of humor, no matter how dark.

I hope if I am ever in the horrible situation where I'm looking down a rifle barrel of death I'm able to crack a big smile the executioner can see. I want that to be my killers last image of me, a big knowing smile laughing at the absurdity of the moment is more likely to haunt the sadistic bastard than the usual look of fear he normally sees...

I heard on the news there was talk of a daily three-hour seize fire (WTF?) What do the IDF want? A nap to split the day into morning killing and afternoon killing? Sick the horrors humans are capable of!


Posted by: David | Jan 8 2009 1:34 utc | 14

What happened to all the WMD shoes that Hamas has been stockpiling?

Rumor had it that Gaza was to be a distribution point for Iranian shoes being shipped to the United States for use in a terrorist attack against the President.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians decided they needed the shoes to wear themselves...

Posted by: JohnH | Jan 8 2009 2:43 utc | 15

Israelis Watch the Fighting in Gaza From a Hilly Vantage Point
They Come With Binoculars and Lawn Chairs; Nurse Znaty: 'I'm Sorry, but I'm Happy'

how sorry znaty?

Posted by: annie | Jan 8 2009 7:01 utc | 16

photo says it all

Posted by: annie | Jan 8 2009 7:04 utc | 17


No, that would be deeply wrong. Many Jews do NOT support Israel. Boycott products from Israel as much as you can (I do). But why hurt individuals who do not support it? Because of their heritage? Wrong!

Posted by: b | Jan 8 2009 7:15 utc | 18

Jimmy Carter on Gaza: An Unnecessary War

After about a month, the Egyptians and Hamas informed us that all military action by both sides and all rocket firing would stop on June 19, for a period of six months, and that humanitarian supplies would be restored to the normal level that had existed before Israel's withdrawal in 2005 (about 700 trucks daily).

We were unable to confirm this in Jerusalem because of Israel's unwillingness to admit to any negotiations with Hamas, but rocket firing was soon stopped and there was an increase in supplies of food, water, medicine and fuel. Yet the increase was to an average of about 20 percent of normal levels. And this fragile truce was partially broken on Nov. 4, when Israel launched an attack in Gaza to destroy a defensive tunnel being dug by Hamas inside the wall that encloses Gaza.

Posted by: b | Jan 8 2009 8:39 utc | 19

Actually, all snark aside, this is more serious than it seems, I just heard on the radio that some of these new, hi-tech delivery systems have sent missiles all the way to Northern Israel, near the Lebanon border -- you might think it was the Hizbollah, but they got their licking not so long ago and wouldn't stick their nose into this, would they?

A question, b, are those photos of the famous Gaza tunnels we've heard so much about? I ask, because one of the things I've read is that, for a ceasefire, the Israelis demand is that all these tunnels be destroyed. If this is so, then I understand why -- what's the use of blockading Gaza when they have this mass transport system for bringing in livestock?

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Jan 8 2009 8:39 utc | 20

mass transport? Huh? Oh, I get it - sorta like Red River.

Upthread or on another it was reported US troops/engineers were on the Gaza-Egyptian border, at Israel's request, to destroy the life-line tunnels into Gaza.

The US-Israeli destruction of Gaza

This war on the people of Gaza isn’t really about rockets. Nor is it about “restoring Israel’s deterrence,” as the Israeli press might have you believe. Far more revealing are the words of Moshe Yaalon, then the Israeli Defense Forces chief of staff, in 2002: “The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people.”

Posted by: Hamburger | Jan 8 2009 11:12 utc | 21

Re 21 - This bears repeating, from ziz on the Chang of Shift in Gaza thread:

"US Engineering Corps officers have arrived in southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah to monitor the Egypt-Gaza border and unearth underground tunnels in the area, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi reported Wednesday."

More likely to evaluate the effect of the US$77Mn worth of 1,000 Bunker Busters GBU - 39 the US supplied in September.

Gaza is now CENTCOM (EAST) Bomb Proving Grounds.
Posted by: ziz | Jan 7, 2009 11:39:53 PM | 23

Posted by: Hamburger | Jan 8 2009 11:27 utc | 22

over 250 children murdered. Thousands of palestinians dead.Pictures of dead babies, arms , legs,etc.. Enough.
The US will do nothing as it thinks it needs Israel in place as a base to guarantee US oil supplies. The rest of he world is afraid of the US.
The jewish state will only respond to Jewish pressure. It has not happened. A boycott would work and is the only power everyone has.
I agree that a boycott is unjust. Is not Murder more unjust ?.
Please tell me what else We can do. Talk ? write letters to polititions? forget it? It is anti-Zionist/Israel not anti Jewish.

Would you agree that an unjust Boycott (killing no-one) that could work is better that letting unjust murder continue. It is the least worst solution. It is better than bleating impotently.
Why will Jews not pressure Isreal without being pressured to. Do enough really care to stop the murder.
We have no other weapon .

Posted by: boindub | Jan 8 2009 12:42 utc | 23

@boindub - just because Zionists in Israel claim they are a "Jewish state" does not make it so. The identity of a "Jew" be it as ethnic or religious is much more universal.

The majority of Jews lives outside of Israel and many, many of them do not support Israel in any way.

When you ask for boycott these Jews to put pressure on Israel you fall into a Zionist trap. It would certainly have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

Would you boycott all people of black color because the behavior of this or that dictatorship in Africa is not to your liking?

Posted by: b | Jan 8 2009 14:00 utc | 24

"The US will do nothing as it thinks it needs Israel in place as a base to guarantee US oil supplies. The rest of he world is afraid of the US."

Yes, the government of the U.S. is run by out of control sociopaths as you might have noticed now the past eight years. The U.S. gov't has a nice permanent base in Iraq as well as little Israel to help watch over the oil. Oh, and Saudi Arabia is also a U.S. colony along with Egypt. I think we have the middle east pretty much wrapped up, don't you think? What better way to test newly developed weapons than in real time in the Gaza Strip?

Posted by: James Crow | Jan 8 2009 14:51 utc | 25


You're hitting the nail on the head with this post. It is so easy to lump peoples together into a group to "punish" but we forget that it is individuals that have made bad choices.

The zionist love to hide behind their "jewishness" and this is what causes your average redneck to figure all those jews are to blame. Many people don't look any further than the first label they can give a problem and it is easy for these fellows to "blame the jews" when they should be blaming rich corporate fucks.

The real criminals are parasites hiding in the belly-fur of a porcupine. To remove the parasites we try and attack the porcupine, which naturally defends itself from the attack. To attack ethnic jews or religious jews will cause the quills to raise and further protect the parasites. This is what the real villains want.

If the peoples of the world could get past defining our differences and spend more time figuring out how much we have in common, we could stop some of this stupid hate and killing.

Like all small-minded people, I know the world would be so much better if everyone would just do what I say...

Dave (future dick-tator)

Posted by: David | Jan 8 2009 15:05 utc | 26

I forgot to add, that it seems that all the western religions; Christianity, Muslim, Jewish, all preach hate against nonbelievers. One theme I find in most religious-post are about the hate being preached by other religions, yet they ignore their own god's jealous hatefulness.

If you can get past your angry god, don't you think other freaks could maybe get past the anger of their god? Can't religious types get past this small-minded hate, published as god's words by small-minded men?

I think there is a lot of positive advice for living and getting along with your fellow man written in the holy books, you just have to get past all the drunken frat-boy parts to find it:)


Posted by: David | Jan 8 2009 15:17 utc | 27

a href="">The Courage To Resist short video

Posted by: b | Jan 8 2009 15:36 utc | 28

I suspect my cats are Islamic militants. I see them all the time burying explosives in the litter box. . . .

Posted by: Jimmy Montague | Jan 8 2009 16:02 utc | 29

The Courage To Resist

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 8 2009 16:34 utc | 30

Udderly devastating critique. Two thumbs up (I can't say up what for fear of revealing military secrets....)

Again, this recalls the scene in 1900 when the communists are reduced to throwing cow dung -- quite successfully -- at the fascists, esp. Donald Sutherland's character.

I do not have a problem with boindub's path. It behooves all Jews to either come out against this atrocity or share in the complicity. Ya can't claim ignorance or equivalence anymore.

Posted by: Malooga | Jan 8 2009 18:15 utc | 31

The fascist general @21 is pissing in his jackboots.

Posted by: Thrasyboulos | Jan 8 2009 19:03 utc | 32

@Chuck @ 20 A question, b, are those photos of the famous Gaza tunnels we've heard so much about?

Yes, all are from Gaza tunnels. And to close them off would give Israel the ability to totally blockade Gaza.

It is (on of) the intents of the whole war we see right now. The tunnels are the only thing that keep the people in Gaza alive.

Posted by: b | Jan 8 2009 19:27 utc | 33

So in what way have the Gazans not been ghettoized?

By the way, not to dwell in the etymololgy of the word, once ingress and egress, foreign aid, job prospects, access to natural resources, political affiliation, etc. has been circumscribed, what is left to national autonomy besides some graphic designer's vision of what your flag should look like?

Posted by: Malooga | Jan 8 2009 19:49 utc | 34

Udderly devastating critique?

Sorry Malooga, I don't get the bovine reference.

Posted by: dan of steele | Jan 8 2009 20:33 utc | 35

crap, I really didn't. now I see how it fits in with the rest of the thread. please disregard this comment and the one immediately before it.

Posted by: dan of steele | Jan 8 2009 20:35 utc | 36

@ Malooga I understand where you are coming from when you argue in favour of a boycott of jewish businesses to force jews to "stand up and be counted", but I'm afraid I must argue against such a proposition. w

The reason I oppose this strategy is because it wouldn't achieve it's aims. The media would use it as a cudgel against all who are expressing opposition to the crimes of Israel by repeatedly calling it 'racist' which it isn't, call and any jews involved as 'self-hating' which they aren't.

What is proposed is not new by any means. At the height of the 'war against apartheid' in the 1970's, NZ remained one of the few nations which still had sporting contact with racist South Africa. The reasons are complex but mainly boil down to the fact that NZ and South Africa (then not as much now) were the only two countries whose national sport was rugby union.
Anyway it occurred to quite a few of us that the increasingly large segment of the western community who were prepared to express their dislike of apartheid with their wallet (nice and safe, and keeps one from being distracted by injustices in yer local community) should know that NZ's stance was providing material aid and comfort to the evil assholes oppressing unwhite South Africans. Therefore we should encourage people overseas to boycott NZ products too.
Firstly the NZ media twisted what we were doing until the usual bile spewing right wing media identities were demanding we be tried for treason, something we were sort of prepared for (not for an actual trial but for the venom) but what we weren't prepared for was that those who stood to lose from this but who were opposed to contact with South Africa, didn't stand up and be counted on our side, they joined the nasties who wanted us lynched. Some soon began preaching the racist filth they had been opposed to before.

I believe the same thing would happen with jews who aren't zionists. An action such as this would encourage them to shift their position to one in favour of Israel's crimes. If the boycott got up and actually did have a deleterious effect on jewish businesses, amerika's aipac owned pols would find a way to bail the losers out, as long as proprietors preached in favour of continuing the genocide.

It's simple human nature, most people take abstract principles extremely personally when others' acting out of principle effects them personally. Never mind if they had once been at the leading edge of opinion in favour of that principle, in many cases they will become the most outspoken proponents of that which they had previously opposed as they feel a sense of betrayal eg "I cared about the children of Gaza, yet this is how the ragheads treat me".

I saw this phenomenon time and time again when I was a union organiser. This is one reason why secondary boycott type union action must be approached really carefully, it can cost lots of members for little or no long term advantage. Yeah I know that is wrong and people especially leaders shouldn't compromise so readily, but no one/thing can change every one/thing at once.

I would say that this phenomenon of 'selfish altruism' as expressed by most humans (although thankfully few here at MoA) is the leading cause of activist pols losing their spine and becoming just another Joe Biden or Barak Obama. It is too hard or time consuming to calculate the effects of a stance that may lose them support - so instead of working their way through the minefield, educating, supporting and minimising collateral damage, successful pols become successful by being all things for all people.
Now that is an area worth time and energy. Developing strategies which would permit a pol to take seemingly unpopular stances yet still remaining successful.

I hasten to add that isn't the case here - there probably isn't a way to finesse a boycott of jewish businesses - this issue is so simple yet broad and so able to be exploited by the sickos given opinion columns in the mainstream media, that education simply wouldn't be possible.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jan 8 2009 21:31 utc | 37

@ Malooga's statement that a boycott of Jewish businesses is okay because everyone must take a stand...

I don't see how Jews are more obligated than any other people to take a stand on Israeli tactics in Gaza. So it would be more logical and fair to boycott ALL businesses until they declare whom they support in Gaza, and then drop the boycott if they support the Gaza occupants over the murderous forces of hawkish Zionism.

As a people Jews are not responsible for the acts of Israel. Thus they aren't responsible as a people for the current drift toward murderous imperial tactics used by the Israeli govt against its neighbors. The ones responsible are Israelis who openly support these murderous tactics used by the Israeli government.

I know I wouldn't want someone to banish me for what Bush/Cheney have done, what Obama/Biden will do. I didn't vote for Bush, didn't vote for Obama. Haven't supported either with any other actions outside voting. Don't approve of either.

I think this line of reasoning is what underlays what Debs is dead said immediately above. I agree with Debs that it will only backfire, to boycott Jewish businesses. It will backfire because Jews are not, as an entire group of people, directly responsible for what Israel is doing right now in Gaza.

Posted by: micah pyre | Jan 8 2009 22:03 utc | 38


With all due respect -- because we have a lot of years of history between us and because I have learned so much from you over that period of time -- that is the stupidest comment you have ever written, and I disagree with you vehemently.


The reason I oppose this strategy is because it wouldn't achieve it's aims. The media would use it as a cudgel

Personally, I believe that the Palestinians are doomed,doomed, doomed. Their status doesn't even rise to the level of pawn betweeen the US and the Soviet Union. This time around, all the so-called "International community" does not give a fuck, because they do not have a personal iron in the fire.

But that doesn't mean that we should not continue to support them in every way possible. If you have a winning strategy that you've been saving up for your turn at the wicket, I for one would like to hear it.

The media is owned by Zionists and uses everything as a cudgel......good, bad, and indifferent. Attempting to curry favor with the complicit media is even more self-defeating than my proposal.

2) To my mind there can be no comparisons between South African Apartheid and Zionism for the following reason: I believe that the resolution of the SA conflict was (perhaps reluctantly) agreed to by the larger Imperial powers (Anglo/American interests) in order to preserve Capitalism. ('OK, we give blacks their rights and we make a few blacks into Billionaires and we can continue to oppress everyone else, and keep the resource extraction machine humming along.') The terms of the agreement meant demoting SA from an outpost of Imperialism to a client state, e.g. de-nuclearizing. In a small sense, it was a victory for the core of Imperialism because it increased its concentration, rather than diluting it for control purposes.

The Palestinian question, to my mind, bears far more similarities to Vietnam. That is to say, Vietnam was not directly instrumental to Imperial ambitions. Similarly, Palestinians would jump at the chance to compete in the Imperial race to the bottom. But they will not be given even that chance. Why? Because both Pal and VN are seen by the Imperial powers as a test case to impress upon other nations just what the cost of resistance is. If their were to be a "domino-effect" in the Arab world, it would start with Palestine first, and the Brezinski's of the world understand this.

Every fucking liberal always screams about "the Arab street" growing restive -- as if they ever cared about working class Arabs in the least. The truth is that Isr/US (not sure of the proper order) are more worried about the "Arab street" taking the example of Palestinian success to heart, than the restiveness caused by their failure and decimation. And in this respect, as I am sure r'giap will concur, Imperialism has remained true to its inhuman founding postulates.

It is always better for the Imperialists to crush all resistance rather than to seem to capitulate to what seem to be rather ordinary and just demands. The sad case of Mikael Gorbachev in this regard is not lost on the remaining power, nor was it lost on Putin when Chechnya, for whatever reason (I wont get into Soros'/CIA complicity here), became restive. I believe that Ozian/NZ gov't actions towards Aboriginal/Maori demands run along the same grain, although I'm sure that you will correct me here if I am wrong.

Even worse than collaborating with the Nazis for the Imperial powers would be the accusation of colaborating with the powerless of the world, the wretched of the earth. Chamberlain would have been erased from the pages of Imperial history had he stooped as low as that.

2b) There is also the case of Gazan gas resources in their sector of the Meditteranean, similar to West Bank/Hezbollah/Syrian water resource claims.


most people take abstract principles extremely personally when others' acting out of principle effects them personally.

I believe that Bernard Lewis, Christopher Hitchens, and all the other orientalist liberal interventionists put it this way, "The only thing the Arab mind understands is force."

This is a classic instance of projection which could be turned on its head: "The only thing the Israelis would actually understand is force: The ability to bankrupt their "worthwhile project" (don't say I never quote you, slothrop), or the ability to existentially destroy them. That, and that alone, would force them to capitulate and accept a more egalitarian, less domineering stance.

In the meantime, they can continue to run roughshod over these whose wealth or weapons don't compare to theirs. World opinion be damned. There is not a dime of difference between the elite-run world presses, the Israeli Hasbara, and Joseph Goebbels. Dissent is safely vented -- as in a retort upon a burner in chem lab, the principles and limits of such venting are well known and understood.

4) The principles of "selfish altruism" have been fully explored by John Nash et. al., all funded and working for the CIA directed RAND foundation, which was very interested in human motivation as explained by game theory in seeking to develop a praxis for world-domination. What they found was troubling: people have an inherent sense of justice, democracy, and respect for others. Those values have never represented "unpopular stances" despite they best effort of the Orwellian press. (Kudos to Angry Arab and LeftI for their deconstructions of corporate media technique and lies.) The issue for them, is how to, through NLP and other image techniques, find ways to subvert essentially humane popular impulses, through threat and fear (Bush: "We are being attacked." Obama: "We can no longer afford it.") and appeals to the low fascism of Patriotism.

By no means have Biden or even Obama ever been "activist" politicians." Obama has never taken a controversial stance unless it benefitted the rich. Biden, whose state's corporate laws more closely resembles the Cayman Islands than other states, is the Senator owned by credit cards (Not his own).

Posted by: Malooga | Jan 8 2009 23:11 utc | 39

@Micah Pyre:

When democracy is watered down to mean "voting," then no one is responsible. The same could be said of the Nazis, who garnered a decidedly small minority of the votes in ascending to power and then proceeded to create a culture of vast complicity.

The issue of guilt/innocence; responsibility, etc. for anti-human acts is a vast, morally complicated, and nuanced area, which we have never really discussed at this bar. Reading philosophers lately, I'm not sure most of us even have the language or critical skills to discuss it.

Posted by: Malooga | Jan 8 2009 23:17 utc | 40

& today my friend malooga is yet one more fucking day that will live in infamy

it is clear today that the american, the french & the british performed a dance to stop the general assembly from meeting - where at least there would have been some voice to the worlds oppositions to israels crimes

like lebanon in 2006 - these fucking aniimals are buying the state of israel time to murder in even greater numbers, to giver it time to bomb more un schools, to bomb more hospitals - to abandon people fo four day with their wounds & dying - they are animals being fed by animals




& today they perform these ticks at the un to make a burlesque of their barbarity

i can not forgive them

they should not be forgiven

fuck them to eternity

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jan 9 2009 0:03 utc | 41

Micah Pyre:
does that mean my grand parents can not be hold accountable for the deeds of the german government at their time? Me thinks not, at least i was told that not only were my GP accountable, but that i have a duty/responsability to make sure it never ever happens again.

it was in nz that i heard first, by local and support local. i have been doing ever since and do it everywhere vacation in france, buy local, in germany, buy local)etc.
i have been "boycotting" this way pretty much anyone who imports goods made cheaply and without oversight.
Do i expect a shift of change in the politics that are, no!, but i know the people that make my clothes, grow my veggies and meat.
Furniture - second hand, lots of make my own.etc

As the politics of today have reduced me to a wage slave/consumer being, my only weapon is the purse. And so i don't by Made in US, Made in China, Made in Israel etc. until conditions for people like me change.

If i can trade goods for services i will, in fact i consider it my duty to pay the least amount of tax possible to starve the beast that is gnawing on my still living body. GST, nope i trade, Income Tax, i work for a very small declared amount of money, Global companies only if i can not prevent it (water, phone, electricity).

eventually i hope to lease/buy some land and get as self sufficient as possible.

Its not easy, but rewarding. I know as well as you know, that the fat cats will always see us as have nots, dirt bags etc. It matters not our colour of skin, our religion etc. The idea of being free and democratic is nothing but an illusion. So let them scream, Hippie, Commie, Socialist etc. I will wear that badge with pride and honour, for i have nothing to loose, i never had anything to begin with.

Ps. Thanks to B, and all others here, it is my most preferred watering hole in the world. Love ya all, for you keep me sane.

Posted by: sabine | Jan 9 2009 0:13 utc | 42

the cows the goats the chickens in b photographs are mory holy more meaningful than a milliband, than a kouchner, than a rice

milliband, kouchner & rice are a breed of animals only a crimin al capitalism conceives - they make me ashamed of my own humanity

in fact they fill me with dread

because in the world we are all going to be or already are the people of gaza. capitalism in crisis will treat us with the very same cynicism & brutality

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jan 9 2009 0:22 utc | 43


Your eyes

A thorn in my heart
Painful yet adorable
I shield it from the wind
And stab it deep through the night
Through pain
Its wound illuminates the darkness
Transforms my present into future
Dearer than my soul
And I shall forget as our eyes meet
That once we were together behind the gate


Your words were my song
I tried singing
But winter replaced the spring
Your words, like the sparrow, flew away
Like the sparrow who left our doors
After you
Our mirrors broke-sorrows engulfed us
We picked the splinters of sound
And only learned to lament the Fatherland


We shall plant it together
Over the breast of a guitar
Play it over the roofs of our tragedy
To disfigured moons and rocks
But I have forgotten
I have forgotten your voice
Was it my silence
Was it my silence or
Your departure
That rusted my guitar?


I saw you last at the port
A lonely traveler without luggage
I ran to you like an orphan, a child
Seeking answers in ancestral wisdom:
How could the green orchard be imprisoned
Exiled, banished to a port
And still remain green


I entered in my diary
I love oranges
And hate the port
Where I stood
As torrents of rain poured down
We only had the orange peels
And behind us stretched the endless desert


I saw you on thorny hills
A sheepless shepherd-chased
I saw you on the ruins and once
You were a green orchard
I stood a stranger
Knocking at your door
The doors, the windows, the cemented stone


I saw your face in the wells
In the granaries-torn
I saw you a waitress in the night cafes
I saw through the tears and wounds
And you are the words on my lips
You are the fire
And the water


I saw you at the mouth of a cave
Hanging your orphan's rags
I saw you in the stalls, in the streets
Warming yourself by the fire
I saw you in the lamentations of misery
In blood dripping from the sun
In the salt of the sea and the sand
And yet
You were as beautiful as the earth
As children


I swear
From my eyelashes I shall weave you
A kerchief
with words sweeter than honey
And kisses I shall write:
And kisses you were
And so you will remain


I opened my doors to the night storm
On a bronzy moon
I wandered the back streets in the darkness
And I have a date with words
With the dawn of light
You are my virgin garden as
Faithful as the wheat
With our songs we shall pierce the air
And plant fertility in the dormant earth
And you like the braided palm tree
Unbending to the storm
Heedless of the hewer's blows
Beyond the claw and the fangs of the jungle beasts


Come to me wherever you are
Whatever you have become
And return color to my cheeks
And meaning to my being
Return and take me into your eyes
Take an olive branch
Take a verse of my tragedy
A toy
Take a stone from our house
So that our descendants
Will remember their way home


Palestinian are your eyes
Palestinian is your name
Palestinian your thoughts-dreams
Palestinian your mantilla, your body
Your feet
Palestinian the words-the silence
Palestinian the voice
Palestinian in life
Palestinian in death


I carried you in my diaries
Inspiration for the fire of my words
The food for my thoughts
And in your name I shout in the valleys:
Invaders' horses!-I met them
Though the times have changed
Beware-beware hooves and stones
I destroyed the big idols
The thunderbolt has struck the flint
I shall fill the expanses of Sham
With my songs


In your name I have shouted to the enemy:
If I sleep
Let maggots eat my flesh
Ants cannot breed eagles
And the snake hatches only snakes
Long ago
I turned away the invaders' horses
Deep in my soul!
I know
I will turn them away again

Mahmoud Darwish

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jan 9 2009 1:22 utc | 44

the supine servants of capital continue their criminal deeds at the security council

they want to lay another diplomatic humiliation before the arab people, again. history tells us that from such humiliation catastrophe's are made

i do not believe capital can escape its current crisis, indeed i think it is fatal & there will have to be changes that in essence will be revolutionary. in the first instance the world is really going ro be split between those who posses & those who do not. the dispossessed will grow exponentially & especially those in the west. we will go through something more profound than the greatest depression

the repression & the murder that are taking place in gaza will be repeated, in one way or another, in one country after another

as dr thompson would have sd - the near future promises to be exceedingly ugly for the majority of us

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jan 9 2009 1:54 utc | 45

The Pals are getting the David Koresh treatment. You just can't "opt-out" of the neo-liberal global economy.

I don't think the economic issue is the only point of contest, but it is the basic arena of struggle.

It's too bad that the islamist movements don't emphasize this struggle. Instead it's all dreamland "destroy Israel, destroy Jews."

And the West is culpable for this vain, useless ideology. The dimensions of struggle were once defined by pan-arab socialism. Good old days. Until we crushed Nassar and the secular nationalisms of the Lebanese communists and secular PLO.

Posted by: slothrop | Jan 9 2009 2:41 utc | 46


When entire nations are being wiped out with an offhand swipe of the Imperial hand, I do not consider the means of production to be paramount.


The crisis you describe, which I know to be true, makes Obama into a ridiculous figure, a denier of reality, before he even gets up on his wonderous tricycle.

Posted by: Malooga | Jan 9 2009 6:51 utc | 47


I don't understand what you were saying about your grandparents. What I'm saying is that YOU are not responsible for the acts of your grandparents, or their generational cohort.

I am not responsible for Obama, for Biden, for Cheney, for Bush43. I did nothing to install them. I have spent the past 8 years writing political and social observation essays regarding the perils of Bush/Cheney, and of Obama/Biden. Whatever "moral" calculus you might employ to find me guilty of the deeds of the US federal govt, they're not working for me. I don't agree to them, I don't understand them. I do not make enough $$$ to pay federal taxes, so I don't even fund them.

A Jewish person who operates a business is not under a special obligation to declare his/her stance on Israel v Gaza. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what creates such an obligation.

And before any of you tries to say that I'm a "hasbara" or an emissary of Zionism, please visit my blog first.

Posted by: micah pyre | Jan 9 2009 19:28 utc | 48


Guilt and complicity aren't complex. You are guilty if you support the thing. What might be "complex" is the question of what is support. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing further that I could do to demonstrate that I do NOT support Bush/Cheney, or Obama/Biden, would be for me to be an assassin who kills all 4 of those "leaders".

But then we have the question of who are those "leaders" working for, and will the work goals end with the death of the "leaders." I tend to side with what Nick Baker wrote in his brief novel "Counterpoint" -- I think that killing the "leaders" results only in a symbolic killing, and what is truly driving these problems, these moral horrors, is the whole system of American government, politics, society, and economy. More simply, the fault lays at the feet of capitalism, American style.

And unless you know me, and how I live, and how I work, you can't really honestly implicate me personally here. Though I'm sure with some imagination you could create and describe a hypothetical straw-man whom you label as me!

Posted by: micah pyre | Jan 9 2009 19:35 utc | 49


when i speak about the guilt of my GP, i do not know if they supported the regime or if they were to cowerd into not saying anything. All i know is that collective guilt, was something we germans grew up with. Neo Nazis buring houses in East Germany, my Corsican friends asked me: How come!
Old french people, Germans killed my son, my cousins etc.
You can not walk away from it not touched, saddened and sometimes really angry.

Are the jewish people of the world guilty of the crimes in Gaza, NO, i agree with you.
Are the Israelis all guilty? again No, as they did not directly vote to attack.
But, Israelis have choices to, and they have to start making them.

But, i can't vote in israel as i am not a national. I have no say other than by coin, by word, by action.

I don't speak about guilt, i speak about personal indispensability.
As i know my limitations, i withhold my pennies. Israeli Kiwis? Not in my house, MacDo, Nike n'stuff and chinees made plastic again not in my house.
Travel to the US/Israel. No.
But i did travel to Bali right after the bombing. I figured that if anyone needs my money now it is the balinese, Heck i refuse to fly over the US (because i consider them pretty much insane (DHS - shudder) and fly only over Asia. It is not much, and maybe it is more for my wellbeing that i do it. Writing letters, i doubt any pol will actually read them, but withholding money now this is something that politians of all stripes understand. that cuts into their livelyhood. And if more people would do it, maybe just maybe.....

I honestly don't see schmucks like me guilty unless they are rabid/active supporters, and again i have to ask why they are supporters of regimes, why they need someone to beat up. maybe it is because they have nothing, and it gives them some feeling of superiority.
But as i said above, i can starve the beast that wants me for fodder by non compliance.

And people like me would like to hear Israelis speak out against the crime in Gaza, not because it would change the situation, but to counteract the propaganda, to humanize the victims, and to separate them from those that are ok with the killing.
But Israelis, and the jewish population of the world has to decide this for themselves, whether they want the actions of Gaza be the words spoken for them, or whether they want to speak their own words and action.
As for accusing anyone of anything, i hope i have not done so.
I don't come to the moon to accuse, i come to find friends, and kinship.

It is early morning, i have only had one coffee, and all my english error are due to coffein shortage.

Posted by: sabine | Jan 9 2009 20:37 utc | 50

I don't speak about guilt, i speak about personal indispensability

should be

personal responsibility, more coffee.......

Posted by: sabine | Jan 9 2009 20:39 utc | 51


I agree that people should take stands. Note my earlier response to Malooga in which I said that it would be wise to boycott ALL businesses until their individual support or position re Israel v Gaza is on the record, demonstrated, and clarified.

If I were a Jewish man (I'm not; I was baptised Roman Catholic and I am an atheist) I would find it obnoxious for someone to tell me that, as a Jew, I was bound by my Judaism to take a stand on Israel. What logic compels this? Israel is a Jewish state, that much is true. But where is the connection between a random American Jew, and the acts of Israel, such that only Jews should be required to opine on Israel v Gaza and not non-Jews?

To me it looks like targeting Jews as disfavored, merely because of Israel. I don't see the logic, nor the morality, behind such a perspective.

While I'm on the subject -- why must Jews opine on Israel v Gaza, but Americans are exempt from opining on Obama the Warlord?

I'd like to hear annie explain her frequent defenses of Obama and the Donkeys, who are largely responsible for what happens at the hands of the Fed Govt in the USA and abroad.

Posted by: micah pyre | Jan 9 2009 20:53 utc | 52

Wait till you see the latest weaponry - the HOG/SSS. I have it from an unnamed but reliable source that Hamas are working on smuggling in a sow about to farrow. They intend letting the piglets loose through a tunnel they've dug under the Synagogue in Sderot on the Sabbath. Codenamed operation sending home the Bacon, Hamas spokesman Raiser al Boars commented that it was likely to do at least 100 times the damage of all previous rocket attacks combined.

Posted by: Spoff | Jan 24 2009 23:49 utc | 53

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