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December 29, 2008

Israel "Absorbs" Bombs

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to Israel of GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs as well as associated equipment and services. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $77 million.
Israel will have no difficulty absorbing these additional bombs into its armed forces. The proposed sale will not affect the basic military balance in the region.
Defense Security Cooperation Agency - Israel - GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, Sept. 9, 2008

The bombs now get "absorbed" by people in Gaza.

The Israel Air Force used a new bunker-buster missile that it received recently from the United States in strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, The Jerusalem Post learned on Sunday.

The missile, called GBU-39, was developed in recent years by the US as a small-diameter bomb for low-cost, high-precision and low collateral damage strikes.

Israel received approval from Congress to purchase 1,000 units in September and defense officials said on Sunday that the first shipment had arrived earlier this month ...
IAF uses new US-supplied smart bomb, Dec. 29, 2008

Notice the fast, just in time, delivery ...

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i do not possess malooga's generosity of spirit

the harry munzburg - who is quite clearly follwing talking points without an ounce of humanity gets on my nerves, it is not as if i don't have enough of this shit to listen to

tonight working in a shelter - television on & the first thing is propaganda against hamas - completely constructed by israels interior ministry while on this same day a valued hostorian has taken dr kouchner down - showed that he is an "affairiste" not so different from the monstrous pasqua & some very substantial revelations - silence radio

perhaps it is shaeful that i want the munzburg & the birds to just shut up

& he does dishonour to the name of history's greatest internationalist

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 4 2009 21:00 utc | 101

@ R'Giap, agreed indeed !

re HG, glad to be proven wrong, however ...

I perceive no depth, little consistency or sincerity, basic courtesy or even simple respect in HG's discourse ... interwoven with inflammatory, provocatively patent falsehoods and unsubtantiated propaganda meme's demonstrating, 'intent' ... generalised as well as broad-brush and individual, utterly unnecessary repeated attacks ...

Somewhat more sophisticated than the amatuerish Abe Bird and similar, because there are superficial attempts to create some degree of a 'credible' persona and a 'patchy', disjointed 'back-story' to create an element of 'depth' and association by vague implied and inferred 'linkage'. Also misdirection and distraction as well as crudely structured 'hooks' to seek empathy and sympathy as an individual whilst still grandly and pompously hurling rhetorical fecal matter from the roof tops ...

This HG, as R'Giap incisively states, demonstrates no humanity in his discourse, especially when one reviews his posts in thier entirety ... he cares nothing and is peremptorally casually dismissive of the human costs referred in this thread ... with the exclusive exception of one tribe of man, Israelis ...

Hundreds upon hundreds of innocent children and women simply butchered and murdered by the most 'moral', sophisticated and comparatively extraordinarily, overwhelmingly, militarily powerful Goliath, the IDF ... yes, the hundreds of DEAD and the thousands of mutilated and maimed, physically and mentally scarred for life, disposessed refugee children, women and men, trapped without recourse and little hope for thier futures within the concertina wire, walls and gaurd towers of the Israeli open air concentration camp that is, the Gaza Strip ... HG would have us believe they are deserving Hamas terrorists one and all, no doubt ... yet in the next breath, HG seeks sympathy for his own personal circumstances and situation as an individual ? An irreconcilable disconnect and sociopathic contradiction.

HG hath greater intelligence, certainly more sophistication, a degree of 'depth', 'on the fly' to the 'persona', compared to others of his kind, yet I would suggest no more than a simulacra, a disjointed construct ... a provocateur ... an amateur with some potential or a semi-professional in development ... regardless, a T---l

An online instance of a mythical 'Golem' of legend, in this case a virtual construct(?) of electrons, bits, pixels, text ... created by ?

If HG is a real person and not an online construct, given the views and beliefs expressed and apparently firmly held dear, having declaratively come forth to enlighten the summarily adjudged anti-semitic 'scum' hereabouts at MOA ... then he is, as mon ami divined ... without simple humanity ... willingly and determinedly blind, utterly contemptuos of historical fact and context ... nay, actively distorting or blithely ignoring such ... in either instance ... deserving of pity ?

Not my intention to insult, inflame, distract or offend, in any way whatsoever. Though cannot see what positive result can come from feeding and encouraging HG and his ilk ...

@b A sincerely heartfelt Thank You for your remarkably tireless work and magnanimous spirit, b.

Perhaps MOA attracting more of the likes of HG is an acknowledgement, a back-handed compliment ? ;)

Salut Annie, R'Giap, Uncle $cam, DoS, et al ... never enough hours in the day ... so little time ...

My 2c are up and I'm all outta change, so the soapbox is free

Peace, Salaam, Shalom.

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 5 2009 11:38 utc | 103

here's peace back atcha outraged, always good to have you around.

Posted by: annie | Feb 5 2009 13:29 utc | 104

am heartend always to hear the voice of outraged

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 5 2009 14:28 utc | 105


I agree and disagree :) Damn that crazy split personality.

Part of me wants to lash-out at all the HG's in the world, shake them until they see the world from my perspective, but that isn't helpful and is a simplified version of what's got the world all screwed-up.

I live in what is a weird sort of redneck country, you'll hear some awful things said publicly, but most of it is done with out any true animosity, just the kind of unthinking, off-the-cuff, trying to be funny crap, blue-collar budweiser swilling fools say. If you take the time to separate one of them from their herd, you can get them to talk sense and most really don't dislike anyone else just because of race, religion, ect... It is just the damn herd mentality trapping their thinking.

So I look at a guy like HG, who to his credit has been sticking with us and maybe some of what is said here is sinking in. He may be at a time and place in his life where he is searching for answers himself, and as I know, (as probably many here do) it is hard to change your beliefs. Especially with beliefs that have become your definition of self for many years.

I had to overcome several of my beliefs before I could get to the place I am now. I imagine if I continue to live, I will probably refine and even change many of the beliefs I now hold as being true.

HG is a benefit to us. I know that his arguments are old and tired, they don't stand up to facts and it becomes boring re-hashing the same histories over and over. But there are a couple of things we should keep in mind; the first is it is nice to know what the propagandist are up to, guys like bird and HG keep us up to date on the reasons israel uses to excuse its horrors. And for those who happen by this site and read a bit, one of our replies could be what changes how they think.

We need to become comfortable regurgitating the same information, the same facts, day after day just as the propagandist are doing. This is why they could eventually win the battle for people's minds, their constant message always there waiting to catch an unaware mind. They say the same things over and over and over until the drone from their buzz is un-noticed, but still is there.

I started down the road to MoA at 911 sites, which led all over the place. A few sites I visited were full of the typical "white is right" shit, some of it perfumed-up trying to keep it from smelling like ignorant racist shit. And if I was a guy like HG, those people would've pissed me off, hell they did piss me off, and I'm not a guy like HG. There is some really stupid, ignorant shit out on the Net. And on some searches this site probably gets lumped together with some of those... Well, it might be understandable that some people don't understand what's happening here and take a knee-jerk response, using the words they have.

I have to admit, there are times I feel like I must be wrong being here and reading these post; I've been trained that these are not the sort of conversations intelligent people have. To question anything about israel is blasphemy and I've been trained well. Thankfully there is enough weirdo inside, I've been able to grow beyond these restraints and try to think for myself.

But it is by being able to have an intelligent discourse about these forbidden subjects that allows me to broaden my outlook and maybe help other do so to.

I want to thank all of you who are helping me to grow, and especially Malooga whose response earlier in this thread made me examine and re-think how I respond to people who have different views than mine.

Posted by: David | Feb 5 2009 15:01 utc | 106

P.S. Double JB Black with sides of Percocets in honor of HG, hopefully you mend quick,

Posted by: David | Feb 5 2009 15:03 utc | 107

good to see you more active(!) outraged

concur w/ yr & r'giap's reading

Posted by: b real | Feb 5 2009 15:35 utc | 108


I admire your big heart, mate.

HG did me a big, backhanded favour because finding a reasoned way to refute him led me to a couple of very enlightening sites, especially the Magnes Zionist I linked to above.

Malooga, as he often does, gave me hope. But Outraged fired up my blood. Anger tempered with hope. How else do we face all this?

If HG's humanity conquers his prejudice, then that is significant, but really, the times are too dreadful to give inhuman mindsets the benefit of the doubt. To (badly) paraphrase someone famous, everyone might be entitled to their own opinion, but no-one's entitled to their own truth.

Posted by: Tantalus | Feb 5 2009 17:04 utc | 109

David, since you began posting here you have contributed greatly. just wanted to let you know.

Outraged, sure is good to hear from you again. I hope things are working out for you.

Malooga who has shown me more than any other in this forum and many others, thanks for reminding us all that people hold their beliefs for what they often consider very good reasons. sometimes a nudge is all that is needed to get them to re-evaluate those beliefs.

Harry, I do hope you have a speedy recovery. I actually hope you return and engage us in reasoned debate and leave the talking points you get from behind.

to everyone else and especially b, thanks for making this place special. there is nothing else like it. it really is as good the whiskey bar was, and often better because there is more freedom of expression.

Posted by: dan of steele | Feb 5 2009 20:29 utc | 110

I'll buy a round. To b or not to b/not.

:) Okay, I've had a head start...

Posted by: beq | Feb 6 2009 0:27 utc | 111

Hmmm... This thread seems to have taken on a second life of its own. Thanks, Harry. And so a few more comments are in order to clarify my former post.

Yes, I appreciate your voice too, David. And I also miss many former posters: jj and deanander, stoy, Colman, onzaga, fauxreal, Kate Storm, SusanG, lonesomeG, Pat, RossK, among many others, come to mind. And also others who are still here, but much less: mistah charley, jonku, Conchita/Sharon, etc.

When we talk of the "Peace Process" we must acknowledge that a "process" implies two parties coming together through mediation, each getting some of what they want. But when we look at the reality of the present situation honestly, we must admit that the Israelis have gotten some of what they want (settlers, resources), while the Palestinian situation has actually deteriorated (security, poverty, etc.) since Camp David. Any disspassionate observer would admit that there has been no mediation process -- no coming together -- whatsoever. This is why we must follow the Palestinian lead in declaring the "Peace Process" dead: There has been neither peace nor process. It exists only as an Orwellian subterfuge, or at best, as a jobs program for unemployed "Diplomats."

Hillel, one of the most important figures in Jewish history, when asked for a concise summary of the Jewish religion said: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Law; the rest is the explanation; go and learn." We would do well as a society to remember this, and hold it close, as we are increasingly led by fear and crisis.

"Tikkun olam," meaning healing/repairing/perfecting the world, is sort of a trendy phrase these days -- and open enough in interpretation to be used by many different groups for many purposes. Still, its simplicity of vision resonates with me.

Posted by: Malooga | Feb 6 2009 3:05 utc | 112


Thank you and everyone for making the bar a good place to flush my brain.

The problem (or maybe the benefit) from our multicultural world is there are so many different ways of living, doing, thinking, feeling, that it is inevitable for some people to cause others angst from what they believe are acceptable activities. And then there are those people who just like to complain...

There are a lot of good saying about how to live, it is hard to live up to them in practice. I think the world will always be a place where humans will rub each other wrong, and unfortunately, cause one another to hate or hurt because of disagreements.

What we need to find is a way to keep these traits out of our government. Figure a system of governance that benevolently and weakly keeps the peace between the many different points of view humans have.

I'm not so foolish as to believe things would be better if everyone always agreed about everything... there would be as many problems in this sort of society. No, we just need to find a way to agree to disagree and come to a solution that leaves both parties feeling satisfied by the outcome. Get past the winners and loser mentality and more into a mindset of: I gave a bit and they gave a bit. I recognize the other party is equal to me, and vice versa, so that we actually solve problems and not create new ones as solutions to old ones.

Posted by: David | Feb 6 2009 4:28 utc | 113

Most of you will be delighted to hear that this is my last posting...particularly b.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going into hospital for some rather ghastly tests and the results are back. Cancer I contracted 3 years ago & was thought to be in remission, has done the dirty on me & spread suddenly from my spleen (which has been removed)area to even my pancreas.

I'm no hero and refuse to prolong my life by a few months with chemo or radiation. Really, life can sometimes be a bugger. My spleen was damaged in my LAST game of Australian Rules Football (I was 36) with a nasty kick from an opponent, half my size, with only 5 minutes of play remaining.(We wear no protective gear in Aussie Rules as is worn in gridiron. It would slow up the game.)

I've already arranged to drive down to the magnificent wine areas of Western Australia for 2 weeks, then fly to the magnificent wine areas of South Australia, then fly to the magnificent wine areas of Victoria. (Never spoil life by drinking a bad wine).

We will then take a 60 day cruise on the "Silver Shadow" or another Silversea ship (easily the best shipping line in the world & it's US) where the drinks are free & the wines come from France, Australia, USA & Chile.

I might even visit Israel & join the army and fight Hamas (no children or ladies). They must accept me because I am expendable.

Really, I have abused my body so badly since the age of 12 when I went to gym, started boxing, played soccer, rugby & Aussie Rules, running marathons,lifting ridiculous weights etc.

Juannie, I know that you have no time for Sam Walton because of WalMart. As you know he came from Oklahoma, and although he worked very hard at school was not all that academically gifted. However,he was very street smart. I had quite a few meals with him at very expensive restaurants and I always paid the bill and the tip. He was quite a bit older & taller than I but in frustration one day I said "Sam, you have the most wonderful uneducated brain I have come across". For a moment I thought he was going to belt me, but he finally smiled and said, " are paying for your lessons".

Anyway, sorry for this epistle. I apologise to all I have offended and thank many of you for teaching me "the facts of life". Naturally I will not totally change my way of thinking but I have learned to be far more tolerant & understanding.

Posted by: Harry Gunzburg | Feb 7 2009 7:04 utc | 114

MoA et al should feel blessed, for Harry Gunz is a true talent.

if you are real, Harry, then I offer you this small consolation: at least you won't expire as white phosphorous burns you to your core.


Posted by: Lizard | Feb 7 2009 7:25 utc | 115

Oh sure, there's something about Harry.

Don't forget the Updike novels, for some light reading on your travels.

Posted by: anna missed | Feb 7 2009 10:18 utc | 116

reading this opinion piece in the J Post written by a US lawyer, it is easy to see how people like Harry and Abe come to their BizzaroWorld™ views.

Here the writer accuses Hamas of diverting medical supplies for terrorist use and even more incredibly that they are responsible for the destruction of Gaza. You sometimes hear this defense from small children, "she made me hit her".

you all have seen this stuff before but I am always surprised at the ease these distortions and outright lies are presented as rational thought.

Posted by: dan of steele | Feb 8 2009 10:31 utc | 117

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