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October 18, 2008

Post Card from a Vandal

Beq sent this one.


Beq writes:

This isn't new but when I came across it recently I reconnected.

It's called "Post Card from a Vandal".

It's my acrylic paint over found "living room" landscape art from a local thrift store.

Posted by b on October 18, 2008 at 19:51 UTC | Permalink


gorgeous beq. sort of reminds me of one of b reals dreamy photos. not sure why. the mood perhaps.

i was just thinking of you a second ago.. leaving you a photo on OT.

Posted by: annie | Oct 18 2008 20:02 utc | 1

The perfect flaw.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 18 2008 20:05 utc | 2

Ever so slightly OT.

In Danish the word for "vandalism" is "haervaerk" -- literally, "army work", which is a pretty close description of what armies do.

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Oct 18 2008 20:21 utc | 3

wonderful beq

i don't know whether it is or it is the times but the work that is contributed here - is nearly always ethereal but in a very materialist sort of way.

i do not find it all odd that the work begins from something 'found' as in a sense anna missed work does - but the found part is actually the memory

memory goes to the ethereal not for pleasure but for the faits

it is not only in the art that is presented here & i would include the tatlin like cranes & windmills of b - but the commentary is also at it"s best when its ethereal in the midst of the terrible knowledge we must live

i think that is also why i get pissed off at the commentary of the 'derviaatives' 'expert' where the abstraction (something i am normally very attracted to) is reduced to the simple sordid. i have never been much impressed with the theory of institutions, game theory, theory of chance etc etc etc because in part i do not find them beautiful, conceptually

i imagine it is one of the reasons i have remained a marxist - simply because the conceptually it is amongst the most beautiful things a human mind has constructed & slothrop is always right to point to the grandeur of the grundrisse

zizek has some of it too - the fury & the frailty but above all - a level of ethereality which correspond with the facts

as uncle has just suggested it is the flaws which are interesting & that is something these trolls will never understand & i would not worry as some have done here yesterday - that there is not the same intensity as in the past.

one, i do not find that to be true - for me all here is passage - passages. from one idea to the next. from one context to the next. from one continent to the next. from one thing to the next. passages

passages to this present. & we are all present in the passage

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 18 2008 21:05 utc | 4

mmmm, nice beq. i could live with that.

how lovely to come to the moon and find a painting by beq. :-)

Posted by: sharon | Oct 18 2008 23:23 utc | 5

Nice Beq. Now it's my screen background. Real nice.

Posted by: Diogenes | Oct 19 2008 2:21 utc | 6

Nice Beq. Now it's my screen background. Real nice.

Posted by: Diogenes | Oct 19 2008 2:21 utc | 7

Last night, watched the "director's cut" of Dark City. Beq's image is a view of the city from its sunlit surrounding sea, after "the strangers" have been defeated, after its long night has ended...

Posted by: Frank | Oct 19 2008 2:49 utc | 8

Reminds me of Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Posted by: anna missed | Oct 19 2008 2:58 utc | 9

Indeed, anna missed, that was one my impressions too; seeing things through a funeral veil or a widows mask to help contain the emotions and pain or perhaps even the view through a Burqa in the mountains of Afghanistan as we deal with so much life and death here in this harbor.

The 'perfect flaw', comment was w/regards the text of beq's paint over.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 19 2008 3:41 utc | 10

Oh, yeah. Reflections. Ripples. Waves.

Who was it that sent several photographs of trees reflected in swamp water a couple of years ago? This has the same feel of familiar made strange.

Posted by: catlady | Oct 19 2008 4:03 utc | 11

Aha! It was Swamp dreams by b real.

Posted by: catlady | Oct 19 2008 4:56 utc | 12

Aha! It was Swamp dreams by b real.

Posted by: catlady | Oct 19 2008 4:59 utc | 13

exactly, catlady. isn't that a trip. this one and the artists view. how's that for wave lengths. it's amazing because the feeling from beq's lines creates the same hypnotizing enclosure.

nice catch anna missed.

Posted by: annie | Oct 19 2008 5:18 utc | 14

catlady, #11. did you read my first response @ 1?

Posted by: annie | Oct 19 2008 5:21 utc | 15

scanned by #1 too quickly for it to register, because I remembered the images, and the swamp, more clearly than who sent them.

Posted on the swamp dreams thread, some 2-year old predictions by Roubini. He had the crash coming a little earlier...

Posted by: catlady | Oct 19 2008 5:57 utc | 16

i like this very much beq

Posted by: Tangerine | Oct 19 2008 7:57 utc | 17

very cool, beq

a consciousness of the various threads through which we interpret wilderness (or, wild-ness)?

imprisoned by our own ideas of what is natural?

the early morning view from a dilapidated trailer?

Posted by: b real | Oct 19 2008 16:51 utc | 18

The swamp dreams photos--beautiful.

And this thread's art--wonderful.

Thank goodness for the arts. And the artists.

Posted by: jawbone | Oct 19 2008 23:58 utc | 19

Thank you everyone.

Posted by: beq | Oct 20 2008 2:14 utc | 20

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