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October 16, 2008

Election Thread - Nasty Version

Any good caption for this one?


No, it is not photoshopped. Here is another angle.

And by the way - where is Palin? Still shooting that flic?

Oh no -  here she is. Thanks to Hamburger in comments:

turn up your sound, move the cursor around and click - gets better and better.

Posted by b on October 16, 2008 at 14:04 UTC | Permalink


"If I could just rip his balls off and eat them, I'd be young again..."

Posted by: Tantalus | Oct 16 2008 14:40 utc | 1

The Tortoise and the Hare

Posted by: tastesfunny | Oct 16 2008 14:42 utc | 2

Coke or Pepsi... Presidential Simulacrum

I wonder if anyone happen to listen to the KPFA pacifica after debate discussions? I am really hoping I can hunt down the commentary afterward's as they let third party contenders speak. Because, Ralph Nader --Eris love him--, just unloaded on what they, both Obomba and Mcpalin didn't broach. It was hot and heavy it was good, and then got better and then my jaw dropped. He was hot! In the short 7/10 minutes he spoke I was blown away by his command of issues and articulation and subjects that I was cheering him. He was hot after being ejected from the debates after 1) HAVING A TICKET TO ATTEND, 2) BEING ASKED BY FOX news to be interviewed. HE WAS STILL ESCORTED OUT. (SEE HEAR: ( HERE ) If I can hunt the kpfa rant down it is very worth posting. And I will. Needless to say he had more substance in his short rant than all four debates combined. Which isn't saying much as they, (the debates) all four seemed to center and the same three four, perhaps five issues drawn out over how many hours? But man, the issues that Nader brought up, post tonights event I hadn't even had on the front burner of my mind until he jarred me out of my debate trance on this, the third and final debate. One of many that was nothing (like the previous three) but signal noise.

It was like going from underfunded inner city 8th grade jr. high readers digest class room to an interesting 500/Graduate level university symposium on a topic you enjoy. One w/meat and gravy, and biscuit. lol.

Further, the part about the JFK and Dallas comment with regard to the ten debates of 10 Goldwater JFK town hall debates made by mcpalin I seriously suspect was a veiled threat, it was the epitome of aesopian language and concepts. Club code, indeed speaking to the base as mentioned above. Aesopian Language, is communications that conveys an innocent meaning to outsiders but holds a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement.

Everything 'they', do is methodically, meant to provoke, incite inflame and instigate, intimidate...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 16 2008 14:44 utc | 3

Can't help but be reminded of the Team America scene when Gary gives the signal.

Posted by: gus | Oct 16 2008 14:45 utc | 4

Personal anecdote... take for what it's worth.

Where I live in the south-eastern US I see almost no support for either candidate. For the past two elections almost every car would have a "W" or a Gore or Kerry bumper sticker, and every other house would have a sign in the yard for their candidate of choice. Now, only a month away from elections, I see maybe one or two bumper stickers a day for either Obama or McCain/Palin. There are probably more signs for Ron Paul than for either of them.

If this is the case in other parts of the country as well, does a third party candidate like Nader actually have a chance this election? Or perhaps Mickey Mouse will win the majority vote this year...

Posted by: Chemmett | Oct 16 2008 15:50 utc | 5

did you click the phone on palin's desk?

Posted by: annie | Oct 16 2008 15:51 utc | 6

the globe: "sumthinstan"


ok, how many times can i spit my coffee on the keyboard. this is cruel funny.

Posted by: annie | Oct 16 2008 15:59 utc | 7

Funny, but childish.

Posted by: emma | Oct 16 2008 16:18 utc | 8

Hamburger (from the US) or Uncle $cam (from Hamburg),

Your link to us clearly shows that both candidates don't care whether our troopers live or die. All they care about is making sure that our tax dollars keep flowing to the Blackwaters and Halliburtons of the World!

Posted by: Cynthia | Oct 16 2008 16:21 utc | 9

i've seen this one. it's from "akbar and jeff", isn't it?

Posted by: b real | Oct 16 2008 16:23 utc | 10

"Hamburger (from the US) or Uncle $cam (from Hamburg)"

Actually, the other way around.


Posted by: beq | Oct 16 2008 16:50 utc | 11

@Chemmmet - Where I live in the south-eastern US I see almost no support for either candidate. For the past two elections almost every car would have a "W" or a Gore or Kerry bumper sticker, and every other house would have a sign in the yard for their candidate of choice.

If your state is already more or less decided in the view of the pollsters and the parties, the will not invest a penny into election-marketing there. Only battleground states will get rallies and printed posters and bumper stickers.

Posted by: b | Oct 16 2008 17:11 utc | 12

In case you missed the debate, here's a

Posted by: catlady | Oct 16 2008 17:33 utc | 13


Looking at that point-n-click pic of Palin, I can't think of a more perfect bimbo to play the leading bimbo in the next great kiddie film "Barbie goes to DC."

[BTW, forgive me for confusing you with $cam. I couldn't tell whether b was linking us to your comment or his. And before you cast me in the worst possible light, please know I'm not a bimbo.]

Posted by: Cynthia | Oct 16 2008 17:40 utc | 14


Posted by: Lizard | Oct 16 2008 18:02 utc | 15


debate replay

Posted by: catlady | Oct 16 2008 18:16 utc | 16

borev - Oh Jeez Watch McCain Roll His Eyes at Dead Colombians

Posted by: b real | Oct 16 2008 18:23 utc | 17

OMG, I touched a black man!

Posted by: vetinla | Oct 16 2008 19:26 utc | 19

@vetlina OMG, I touched a black man!

Yep - says it all ...

Posted by: b | Oct 16 2008 19:40 utc | 20

Not nasty not really just fun. (Though it is getting hard to tell satire from the real thing.)

Takes a min to load, then click here or there like in a game> palin as pres

Posted by: Tangerine | Oct 16 2008 20:29 utc | 21

god their narratives are so piis poor

joe the fucking plumber - gimme a fuckin' break

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 16 2008 22:05 utc | 22

& christ i hope the gonnoreah-ridden-golem wolf blitzer will soon go back to his work for the likud - he is such a useful servant of the lobby & of the rnc - though practically he seems as dumb as fuck to me - tho he doesn't have one of those portentous voices so beloved of the america media. they should have gone the whole hog & used barry white's voice

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 16 2008 22:13 utc | 23

A funny thing about Joe the Plumber. CNN tracked him down after debates. "No, [he] did not mind being used to make what [he] thinks is a valid point."

CNN: So you can't afford to start this business under Obama's plan because your income would be above $250,000?

JoetP: Well, no, My income from the business would not be above $250,000 now. But I hope in the future that the business would grow.

Hhhhmmm. Something a little fishy about Joe's complaint? Or is Joe just saying that, he doesn't want to go to the trouble of starting a business, because if he makes as much as he hopes to make some day, then he would have to pay taxes at a higher rate?

A little common sense and communal interest and less avarice would go a long way to mending what is wrong with this country.

Posted by: small coke | Oct 16 2008 23:05 utc | 24

Small coke

I'm sure you know, "Joe the Plumber" is 1) not a , licensed plumber 2) IS a registered republican , and 3) the grandson-in-law of Charles Keating.

What is it with republicans and plumbers?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 17 2008 0:06 utc | 25

heh. at that wapo link, i'm not sure if this comment is satire, some type of psyop plant, or a sadist...

The point is: it doesn't matter who Joe the plumber is, it's who he stands for, normal down to earth, hardworking Americans across the country. He's not rich, but he's not EXPECTING others to share their wealth with him because he set his goals to be OBAMA RICH someday. We are in our 40's and have finally made it to where we are comfortable, yet we fall in the OBAMA RICH category, so we'll have to sacrifice 3% of our income in addition to the 36% we already pay so that some low-income can have better things in life. Excuse me, but my parents taught me as I will teach my children, if you want better things in life, work hard for it and earn it. Work one job for what you need AND work two jobs for what you want! That's is what is great about this country. Have you been to Europe? People don't work past 6 PM there, stores are not open late cos the GOVERNMENT set the hours! They get 6 weeks of vacations annually because the GOVERNMENT mandates it. College students gets 5 years GOVERNMENT help to stay in school and guess what, they have always had higher Unemployment rate than we do. Why? It's because Americans work harder than anyone else because we are all given the freedom to do so

Posted by: b real | Oct 17 2008 3:37 utc | 26

b real,

It has to be satire, doesn't it? But I bet it isn't. Freedom to be a slave - oh, life is indeed beautiful!

Posted by: Tantalus | Oct 17 2008 4:46 utc | 27

Obama is freedom.
First the presidency then the rest.

Posted by: waldo | Oct 17 2008 8:31 utc | 28

Hey b real,

Kudos for linking to that BoRev post about McCain shrugging his soul at the thought of dead Colombian leftists.
Eric at BoRev is my hero. He's always on top of the latest LatAm stuff.

While we're pinching links found by Mr. Wingerter, we mustn't pass by the following gem;

La Pequeña Sarah Palin.

It's wrong for all the right reasons.
BTW, it all happens for me at the 55 second mark.


Posted by: Marek Bage | Oct 17 2008 11:13 utc | 29

This is for Uncle $cam.

[p.s. I love you Uncle]

Posted by: beq | Oct 17 2008 12:50 utc | 30

paul street: Proto-Fascism in the United States: Campaign Reflections

..the McCain-Palin campaign and the broader GOP assault structure are about more than racism. Their racism is part of a larger ideological position that I will clumsily call pseudo-populist messianic-militarist white-nationalist neo-McCarthyite hyper-masculinist proto-fascism. Let's just label it proto-fascism for short.

This proto-fascism is evident in the following terrible tendencies and characteristics:

* Regular false conflation of centrist business and imperial liberalism with "extreme leftism." This seen in the repeated absurd charge that the corporate- and military-friendly Obama is some kind of "hard left" "radical." The same "charge" (I use quote marks because I like hard left radicals and happen to be one myself) has also long been leveled at Hillary Clinton and other center-neoliberal Democrats by proto-fascist Republicans).

* A militarized hyper-nationalism that glorifies imperial war and insists on martial victory and unquestioning loyalty to "Country First." According to McCain, the Iraq "war" (really a one-sided imperial occupation perpetrated by the most powerful military state ever on a poor and defenseless nation) must be "won," meaning that all meaningful resistance to the illegal invasion (understandably hated by the great majority of Iraqis for many years) must be crushed once and for all.

* The preposterous inflation of supposed threats to the Virtuous Nation and established order posed by purported left radicals (absurdly conflated with liberals and centrists) in the "God-blessed" "homeland." The Republican machine's obsession with Obama's connection (quite mild) to William Ayers - a youthful ultra-leftist turned middle-aged education professor and charter-school advocate - is an almost laughable case in point.

* Dissemination of the classic fascist narrative claiming that the Noble Nation of Exceptional Greatness has seen its intrinsically righteous military crusades "stabbed in the back" by dastardly, "defeatist," "cowardly," and insufficiently "patriotic" liberals, radicals, and minorities. This was young Hitler's lovely narrative on Glorious Germany's defeat in World War I (see Mein Kampf). It is also the supposed "war hero" McCain's narrative on what went wrong in (the U.S. Empire's vicious assault on) Vietnam (1961-1975) and on what could go wrong in (the same Empire's current vicious assault on) Iraq if Americans let supposed "leftists" like Obama into the White House.

* A dangerous disrespect for civilized norms and international law reflecting a determination to rule the world by sheer force, including torture, colonial occupation, and repeated assaults on nameless foreign civilians. (Proto-fascists call dissent from such practices "anti-Americanism").

* An exaggerated and self-fulfilling sense of the world as "a dangerous place," with evil, typically non-white others waiting behind every corner to senselessly attack inherently good and benevolent America, whose homeland subjects are strongly encouraged to cower under the umbrella of the Big Brother National Security State.

* A toxic anti-intellectualism that proclaims peoples' right to be deeply ignorant and obtuse and identifies as a sneering "elitist" anyone who dares to mention numerous basic troubling facts about U.S. society, history, and policy.

* The preposterous blaming of racial and ethnic minorities for problems created by wealthy elites at the top of the power structure.

i disagree w/ the "proto" part, but otherwise...

Posted by: b real | Oct 17 2008 14:49 utc | 31

Thanks beq...

But unlike Lindorff, I don't expect anything out of an Obama presidency, but politics as usual, meanwhile a slower decay. I welcome being wrong, but don't see it. It's the system, not the human agency that needs change. Obama is no FDR.

I'll answer back with this.

And I love and appreciate you and all MOA's too.

Bonus: (This is for our new trolls and made me smile ;-)

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 17 2008 15:33 utc | 32

Come on, change the subject. Get a new thread going. This one's f**king dead for Christ's sake. Who gives a s**t what most of these a**holes think anyway

Posted by: emma | Oct 17 2008 16:28 utc | 33

Uncle #32, thanks links, ist 1:

Let me confess that, as an aging socialist, I suddenly find myself like the Jehovah's Witness who opens his window to see the stars actually falling out of the sky. Although I've been studying Marxist crisis theory for decades, I never believed I'd actually live to see financial capitalism commit suicide. Or hear the International Monetary Fund warn of imminent "systemic meltdown."

Thus, my initial reaction to Wall Street's infamous 777.7 point plunge a few weeks ago was a very sixties retro elation. "Right on, Karl!" I shouted. "Eat your derivatives and die, Wall Street swine!" Like the Grand Canyon, the fall of the banks can be a terrifying but sublime spectacle.

But the real culprits, of course, are not being trundled off to the guillotine; they're gently floating to earth in golden parachutes.

Hadn't noticed that # before, as good as London burning in 1666 to increase anti-Semitism and build a modern city, googled it, found it's also a 7% decline and 777.7 points if in 4 digits, 778 if in 3.>777.68 points, 7% drop

Wow. Awesome profit taking (no suicide, only losers are suicided) by those who funded Marx These boys do like #'s/geometry/limited hangouts.

Posted by: plushtown | Oct 17 2008 16:29 utc | 34

"emma" #34, there are several other threads now. Who/what are you trying to unravel? And s**ts are not given so much as received.

Posted by: plushtown | Oct 17 2008 16:37 utc | 35

joe the plumber looks like odierno.

coincidence? this is our US warrior archetype. hulk.

Posted by: annie | Oct 17 2008 17:18 utc | 36

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