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October 23, 2008

Election Results - Rightwing View

While the election race is on it is important to keep up on how the wingnuts see it. You'll have to live with them no matter what's the outcome.

Washington Times did an interview with the now again maverick John McCain:

Sen. John McCain on Wednesday blasted President Bush for building a mountain of debt for future generations, failing to pay for expanding Medicare and abusing executive powers, leveling his strongest criticism to date of an administration whose unpopularity may be dragging the Republican Party to the brink of a massive electoral defeat.

"We just let things get completely out of hand," he said of his own party's rule in the past eight years.

In an interview with The Washington Times, Mr. McCain lashed out at a litany of Bush policies and issues that he said he would have handled differently as president, days after a poll showed that he began making up ground on Sen. Barack Obama since he emphatically sought to distance himself from Mr. Bush in the final debate.

The return of the maverick in the public mind?

That highlighted poll reference may be caused by the IBD/Tipp poll, a seemingly conservative view prefered by freepers because(?) it doesn't go into electoral votes, the only measurement that counts in the end. But that 'poll' caught this:

The Republican is making headway with middle- and working- class voters, and has surged 10 points in two days among those earning between $30,000 and $75,000.


What would have cause that? Palin's wardrobe bill that was, in 60 days, twice the yearly income of the top income families asked in that poll? That is somewhat implausible to me.

But then. Who knows?

Democracy does not mean that people vote their interest.

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Nate Silver at notes that there seems to be some serious sampling problems with the IPD/TIPP poll.

Link to the post

Posted by: kao_hsien_chih | Oct 23 2008 21:50 utc | 1

that's funny kao

IBD/TIPP has John McCain ahead 74-22 among 18-24 year olds.


Posted by: annie | Oct 23 2008 22:01 utc | 2

even with a pefrunctory knowledge of polls it is clear that the ibd/tipp is plain bullshit

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 23 2008 22:09 utc | 3

& the korean crank who runs the washingtom times ought to be behind bars himself

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 23 2008 22:11 utc | 4

McCain is toast. A plan fact. No more to say.

Posted by: jdp | Oct 24 2008 1:11 utc | 5

and yet sober McClatchy is broaching the possibility of a landslide and not for the old codger.

Posted by: ran | Oct 24 2008 2:19 utc | 6

You guys are deluded. Those seemingly nonsensical polls that show the race in a dead heat are in fact laying a smokescreen for massive, oncoming electoral fraud. When McCain pulls off a miracle, come-from-behind win, the GOP doesn't want the "miracle" to be utterly impausible, and so the powers that be are paying for these bogus polls -- polls which will make a McCain win seem not-too preposterous when, at the end of election day, they spring it on us.

See here

and especially here

Posted by: Jimmy Montague | Oct 24 2008 3:11 utc | 7

so we're gonna see crappy b-movie Steal Hard 3: Steal Harder followed by martial law to deal with the inevitable unrest, filling Halliburton's re-education camps and fattening Cheney's portfolio one final time...

sounds plausible. wouldn't put anything past these murderous thugs.

Posted by: ran | Oct 24 2008 3:56 utc | 8

of course jimmy!

Posted by: annie | Oct 24 2008 4:08 utc | 9

I think McCain's self-destruction has diminished the possibility of an October surprise. His behavior will have people more likely to vote for Obama in the case of an international crisis.

Also, I don't think Chicago would survive election night if McCain is declared the winner and 250,000 people are gathered in the park. Smart move by Obama.

Whoever wins or is declared the winner, waiting for the election is probably holding a lot of people together temporarily. All the people who just lost half their 401 savings are still in shock. They'll be going postal well before the Christmas rush.

Posted by: biklett | Oct 24 2008 6:55 utc | 10

If you think McCain is gonna get creamed now, wait until the GNP figures come out next week. I think the only thing that the Republicans can do is to come up with something to distract voters.

A terrorist attack would be too wag-the-dog for most voters, but I imagine that they will arrange some sort of crisis to play on America's security fears and highlight the virtues of stodgy-but-resolute McCain vs. slick-but-vacillating Obama.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Oct 24 2008 8:39 utc | 11

To win, McCain needed to grab votes from the undecided, the timid, Hillary supporters, the young.

To accomplish this, he should have to moved to the center a bit. This would have been difficult as Obama has upstaged him here. This topic is hard to discuss as it is about ‘the issues’.

Second, a younger woman, solidly and conventionally conservative, would have been a good pick.

Third, he should have stayed above Obama in an avuncular way.

Fourth, he should have somehow forged a new vision, I don’t quite know what, anything really, some slogans, and spoken more about some issues.

So what does he do? He picks a poisonous debilic rodent like creature with skeletons in every one of her cupboards, and proceeds to attack Obama. He fires up his base (who will vote for him anyway) and alienates the hesitant who quite like Obama (who might have voted McC) not to mention pissing off huge numbers of Proud Americans who believe in Dignity and Fair Fights. Idiotic.

He is either throwing the election or utterly witless.

Now Colin Powell has come out to support his opponent; Buckley Junior as well. David Brooks called the Palin pick a ‘cancer’, Bill Kristol used the word ‘toxic’ about the campaign (from my paper.) Ouch.

So the dark horse will be the US president. I don’t think Diebold can handle the difference in % - it will be less than predicted, still it is too large.

Posted by: Tangerine | Oct 24 2008 16:40 utc | 12

One possible scenario - Republicans site voter registration fraud, massive breakdowns in voting machines and toss the election results to the courts for resolution - and never underestimate Cheney

Posted by: whimsy mugwump | Oct 24 2008 20:56 utc | 13

I think it most probable that Cheney et al. are fine with Dems winning though — I estimate they know better than I do that the winner now stands no chance in four years.

This is the simplest way to explain the selection of McCain/Palin in my opinion - Occam's razor...

Posted by: Cloud | Oct 25 2008 3:13 utc | 14

Obama will win the election in a landslide. It's up to to help him fight the real battle over the next four years.

Posted by: waldo | Oct 25 2008 12:51 utc | 15

It's up to us to help him fight the real battle over the next four years.

Posted by: waldo | Oct 25 2008 12:53 utc | 16

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