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August 09, 2008

OT 08-28

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However, the whole equation changes, once you include 'king alcohol' as every bit a drug as any of the others...

I grew up in the late eighties & onwards rave scene and it was a about evolving, mind, body and spirit, and getting away from the old patterns of dominator culture and it's main drug, alcohol, by all means including but not limited to mind expansion w/psychedelics, technoshamanism, primative dance, etc... Kids were asking questions and wanting better for humanity, and the "scene' was powerful, so powerful that the watchers and corps came in with MTV and bought it out and herded it back into the loving arms of the powers that be. As this link states, "Raves are like Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZs) - separate, selfgoverning events that take place between the cracks of society's fabric. But sometimes the rave community is forced to deal with the politics of a world in turmoil."

Outside of the man breathing down their necks... then like all forms of liberation, it had to go, as the late Carlin says, "can't have questioning, critical thinking peeps spoiling it for the status quo.

The Spirit of Raving

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Aug 24 2008 8:21 utc | 101

In the spirit of the above, here's some chill, but nonetheless, butt shaking muzack 4 ye...

akufen they'll be coming through town here in a few weeks, and I plan on forgetting our sorry lot of politics, country of disturbing killers & economy, and shaking my groove thang...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Aug 24 2008 8:33 utc | 102

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